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# convert_to_f2c [g2c-dir]
# Renames certain files in a g2c (libg2c) directory so they no longer have the
# `.netlib' suffix, a la netlib's f2c distribution. If `g2c-dir' is not
# specified, `g2c-YYYYMMDD' is the default, where YYYYMMDD is the current
# date. The directory is renamed such that the first `g' becomes an `f',
# usually `g2c-YYYYMMDD' -> `f2c-YYYYMMDD'.
# (C) 1999 Free Software Foundation
# Originally by James Craig Burley <>, September 1999.
# This script is Free Software, and it can be copied, distributed and
# modified as defined in the GNU General Public License. A copy of
# its license can be downloaded from
set -e
if [ x$1 = x ]
dir=g2c-`date +%Y%m%d`
newdir=`echo $dir | sed -e "s:g:f:"`
cd $dir
set +e
mv -i changes.netlib changes
mv -i disclaimer.netlib disclaimer
mv -i g2c.hin f2c.h
mv -i permission.netlib permission
mv -i readme.netlib readme
cd libF77
mv -i README.netlib README
mv -i makefile.netlib makefile
cd ../libI77
mv -i README.netlib README
mv -i makefile.netlib makefile
cd ..
cd ..
mv -iv $dir $newdir