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2004-11-04 Release Manager
* GCC 3.4.3 released.
2004-09-06 Release Manager
* GCC 3.4.2 released.
2004-09-01 Laurent GUERBY <>
* (bldtools): revert previous commit since
it breaks parallel builds.
2004-09-01 Laurent GUERBY <>
* (bldtools): force rebuild of
runtime with no optimization for bltools to workaround
a code generation bug in 3.4.2.
2004-07-07 Kelley Cook <>
PR bootstrap/16250
* (doc/gnat_ugn_unw.texi): Eliminate explicit
dependency on xgnatugn, instead build it via a submake.
(ADA_INFOFILES): Add doc/gnat_ugn_unw.texi.
2004-07-01 Release Manager
* GCC 3.4.1 released.
2004-06-09 Arnaud Charlet <>
PR ada/14150
* Clean up generation of documentation
* gnat-style.texi, gnat_rm.texi, ug_words: Resync with AdaCore version
* xgnatug.adb: Removed, replaced by xgnatugn.adb
* xgnatugn.adb: Replaces xgnatug.adb
* gnat_ug.texi: Removed, replaced by gnat_ugn.texi
* gnat_ugn.texi: Replaces gnat_ug.texi. Resync with AdaCore version
* gnat_ug_unx.texi, gnat_ug_vms.texi, gnat_ug_vxw.texi,
gnat_ug_wnt.texi: Removed.
2004-05-12 Richard Sandiford <>
PR target/15331
* 5gmastop.adb (Roff): Choose between '4' and '0', not '4' and ' '.
2004-04-18 Release Manager
* GCC 3.4.0 released.
2004-03-20 Joseph S. Myers <>
PR other/14630
* gnat_ug.texi: Add info directory category and entry.
* gnat_ug_unx.texi, gnat_ug_vms.texi, gnat_ug_vxw.texi,
gnat_ug_wnt.texi: Regenerate.
2004-03-19 Laurent GUERBY <>
* sem_prag.adb (Suppress_Unsuppress_Echeck): use loop instead of
aggregate, allows bootstrap from 3.3 on powerpc-darwin.
2004-03-09 Alan Modra <>
* misc.c (default_pass_by_ref): Update INIT_CUMULATIVE_ARGS call.
2004-01-30 Kelley Cook <>
* (doc/gnat_ug_unx.dvi): Use $(abs_docdir).
(doc/gnat_ug_vms.dvi, doc/gnat_ug_unx.dvi): Likewise.
(doc/gnat_ug_unx.dvi, doc/gnat-style.dvi): Likewise.
2004-01-26 Rainer Orth <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
* (mips-sgi-irix5): Remove -lathread from THREADSLIB.
* (Functions_Return_By_DSP): Set to False.
(ZCX_By_Default): Likewise.
(Front_End_ZCX_Support): Likewise.
* 5gtaprop.adb (Stack_Guard): Mark T, On unreferenced.
(Initialize_Lock): Mark Level unreferenced.
(Sleep): Mark Reason unreferenced.
(Timed_Sleep): Likewise.
(Wakeup): Likewise.
(Exit_Task): Use Result.
(Check_No_Locks): Mark Self_ID unreferenced.
* 5gtasinf.adb (New_Sproc): Make Attr constant.
(Bound_Thread_Attributes): Make Sproc constant.
(New_Bound_Thread_Attributes): Likewise.
2004-01-20 Kelley Cook <>
* Replace $(docdir) with doc.
(doc/, doc/, doc/
doc/, doc/, doc/ Update
to use consistent MAKEINFO rule.
(, ada.srcman): Dummy entry.
(, ada.srcinfo): New rules.
2004-01-16 Andreas Jaeger <>
* Add $(DESTDIR).
2004-01-15 Olivier Hainque <>
* decl.c (gnat_to_gnu_entity, E_Variable): Retrieve the object size
also when not defining if a Size clause applies. That information is
not to be ignored.
2004-01-15 Arnaud Charlet <>
* (install-gnatlib, gnatlib-shared-default): Set up
symbolic links for the shared gnat run time when needed.
2004-01-15 Vasiliy Fofanov <>
* memtrack.adb (Gmem_Initialize): check that gmem.out could be opened
for writing, and terminate with an error message if not.
2004-01-15 Ed Schonberg <>
* sem_attr.adb (Resolve_Attribute, case 'Access): Remove spurious
warning on an access to subprogram in an instance, when the target
type is declared in the same generic unit.
(Eval_Attribute): If 'access is known to fail accessibility check,
rewrite as a raise statement.
2004-01-15 GNAT Script <>
* Makefile automatically updated
2004-01-15 Kelley Cook <>
* (ada.srcextra): Dummy entry.
2004-01-14 Kelley Cook <>
* Only regenerate texi files if --enable-maintainer-mode.
2004-01-13 Ed Schonberg <>
* exp_ch3.adb (Build_Assignment): Fix bug in handling of controlled
components that are initialized with aggregates.
2004-01-13 Vincent Celier <>
* gnatlink.adb (Process_Binder_File): To find directory of shared
libgcc, if "gcc-lib" is not a subdirectory, look for the last
subdirectory "lib" in the path of the shared libgnat or libgnarl.
* make.adb (Gnatmake): If GCC version is at least 3, link with
-shared-libgcc, when there is at least one shared library project.
* (GCC_Version): New integer constant.
* adaint.c (get_gcc_version): New function.
2004-01-13 Robert Dewar <>
* sem_dist.adb, sem_res.adb, sem_util.adb,
sprint.adb, 3zsocthi.adb, einfo.adb, cstand.adb,
exp_ch4.adb, exp_ch9.adb, exp_dist.adb: Minor reformatting
2004-01-13 Thomas Quinot <>
* s-interr.adb, s-stache.adb, s-taenca.adb, g-regpat.adb,
g-spitbo.adb, 5itaprop.adb: Add missing 'constant' keywords in object
2004-01-12 Arnaud Charlet <>
* misc.c: Remove trailing spaces.
Update copyright notice missed in previous change.
PR ada/13572
* bld.adb (Recursive_Process): Reference prefix/share/gnat instead of
* Makefile.generic: Update copyright.
Add license notice.
* (ADA_SHARE_MAKE_DIR): Set to prefix/share/gnat instead
of prefix/share/make.
* Makefile.prolog: Update copyright.
Add license notice.
2004-01-12 Laurent Pautet <>
* 3vsocthi.adb,, 3wsocthi.adb,, 3zsocthi.adb,, g-socthi.adb, (Socket_Error_Message): Return C.Strings.chars_ptr
instead of String.
* g-socket.adb (Raise_Socket_Error): Use new Socket_Error_Message
2004-01-12 Javier Miranda <>
* cstand.adb, exp_aggr.adb, exp_ch3.adb, exp_ch9.adb, exp_dist.adb,
exp_imgv.adb, exp_pakd.adb, exp_util.adb, par-ch3.adb, sem.adb,
sem_ch12.adb, sem_ch3.adb, sem_dist.adb, sem_prag.adb, sem_res.adb,
sem_util.adb, sinfo.adb,, sprint.adb: Addition of
Component_Definition node.
2004-01-12 Ed Falis <>
* impunit.adb: Add GNAT.Secondary_Stack_Info as user-visible unit
2004-01-12 Thomas Quinot <>
* link.c: Change default libgnat kind to STATIC for FreeBSD.
2004-01-12 Bernard Banner <>
* map 86numaux to a-numaux for x86_64
2004-01-12 Ed Schonberg <>
* lib-xref.adb (Get_Type_Reference): If the type is the subtype entity
generated to rename a generic actual, go to the actual itself, the
subtype is not a user-visible entity.
* sem_ch7.adb (Uninstall_Declarations): If an entity in the visible
part is a private subtype, reset the visibility of its full view, if
any, to be consistent.
PR ada/13417
* sem_ch12.adb (Analyze_Formal_Package): Diagnose properly an attempt
to use a generic package G as a formal package for another generic
declared within G.
2004-01-12 Robert Dewar <>
* trans.c (Eliminate_Error_Msg): New procedure called to generate msg
* usage.adb: Remove mention of obsolete -gnatwb switch
Noticed during code reading
2004-01-12 Jerome Guitton <>
* 1ssecsta.adb: Minor changes for -gnatwa warnings
2004-01-12 GNAT Script <>
* Makefile automatically updated
2004-01-09 Mark Mitchell <>
* misc.c (gnat_expand_expr): Add alt_rtl parameter.
2004-01-07 Rainer Orth <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
* link.c [sgi] (shared_libgnat_default): Change to STATIC.
2004-01-05 Kelley Cook <>
* Revert stamp-xgnatug change from 2003-12-18.
Update comment and copyright date.
* stamp-xgnatug: Delete.
2004-01-05 Robert Dewar <>
* Default_Secondary_Stack is not a constant since it may
be modified by the binder generated main program if the -D switch is
*, Add Pure_Function pragmas for all
imported functions (since now we expect this to be done for imported
* 5vtaprop.adb: Add several ??? for sections requiring more comments
Minor reformatting throughout
* 5zinit.adb: Minor reformatting
Add 2004 to copyright date
Minor changes to avoid -gnatwa warnings
Correct some instances of using OR instead of OR ELSE (noted while
doing reformatting)
* sprint.adb: Minor updates to avoid -gnatwa warnings
*, s-secsta.adb:
(SS_Get_Max): New function to obtain high water mark for ss stack
Default_Secondary_Stack is not a constant since it may be modified by
the binder generated main program if the -D switch is used.
* switch-b.adb: New -Dnnn switch for binder
* switch-c.adb:
Make -gnatg imply all warnings currently in -gnatwa
* vms_conv.adb: Minor reformatting
Add 2004 to copyright notice
Add 2004 to printed copyright notice
* 3vexpect.adb, 4zsytaco.adb, 3wsocthi.adb, 3zsocthi.adb,
3zsocthi.adb, 56taprop.adb, 56tpopsp.adb, 5amastop.adb,
5aml-tgt.adb, 5ataprop.adb, 5ataprop.adb, 5atpopsp.adb,
5ftaprop.adb, 5ginterr.adb, 5gmastop.adb, 5gml-tgt.adb,
5gtaprop.adb, 5hml-tgt.adb, 5hml-tgt.adb, 5hml-tgt.adb,
5htaprop.adb, 5htraceb.adb, 5itaprop.adb, 5lml-tgt.adb,
5sml-tgt.adb, 5staprop.adb, 5staprop.adb, 5stpopsp.adb,
5vasthan.adb, 5vinmaop.adb, 5vinterr.adb, 5vtaprop.adb,
5vml-tgt.adb, 5vtaprop.adb, 5wosprim.adb, 5wtaprop.adb,
5zinterr.adb, 5zintman.adb, 5zml-tgt.adb, 5ztaprop.adb,
6vcpp.adb, 6vcstrea.adb, 7staprop.adb, 7stpopsp.adb,
vxaddr2line.adb, vxaddr2line.adb, xref_lib.adb, xr_tabls.adb,, s-tasdeb.adb, s-tasdeb.adb,,
sem_util.adb, sem_util.adb,, s-interr.adb,
checks.adb, clean.adb, cstand.adb,,
einfo.adb, exp_aggr.adb, exp_ch11.adb, exp_ch3.adb,
exp_ch4.adb, exp_ch5.adb, exp_ch7.adb, exp_ch9.adb,
prj-nmsc.adb, prj-pp.adb, prj-util.adb, sem_attr.adb,
sem_ch10.adb, sem_ch12.adb, sem_ch4.adb, g-dirope.adb,, gnatlbr.adb, i-cstrea.adb, inline.adb,
lib-xref.adb, sem_ch5.adb, sem_ch7.adb, sem_ch8.adb:
Minor reformatting and code clean ups.
Minor changes to prevent -gnatwa warnings
* ali.adb: Minor reformatting and cleanup of code
Acquire new SS indication of secondary stack use from ali files
* Add Pure_Function pragmas for all imported functions
(since now we expect this to be done for imported functions)
* bindgen.adb: Generate call to modify default secondary stack size if
-Dnnn switch given
* bindusg.adb: Add line for new -D switch
* exp_aggr.adb (Type_May_Have_Bit_Aligned_Components): More appropriate
replacement name for Type_May_Have_Non_Bit_Aligned_Components!
Add circuitry for both records and arrays to avoid gigi
processing if the type involved has non-bit-aligned components
* exp_ch5.adb (Expand_Assign_Array): Avoid assumption that
N_String_Literal node always references an E_String_Literal_Subtype
entity. This may not be true in the future.
(Possible_Bit_Aligned_Component): Move processing of
Component_May_Be_Bit_Aligned from exp_ch5 to exp_util
* exp_ch6.adb (Expand_Thread_Body): Pick up
Default_Secondary_Stack_Size as variable so that we get value modified
by possible -Dnnn binder parameter.
* exp_util.adb (Component_May_Be_Bit_Aligned): New function.
(Type_May_Have_Bit_Aligned_Components): New function.
* (Component_May_Be_Bit_Aligned): New function.
(Type_May_Have_Bit_Aligned_Components): New function.
* fe.h: (Set_Identifier_Casing): Fix prototype.
Add declaration for Sem_Elim.Eliminate_Error_Msg.
Minor reformatting.
* freeze.adb (Freeze_Entity): Add RM reference to error message about
importing constant atomic/volatile objects.
(Freeze_Subprogram): Reset Is_Pure indication for imported subprogram
unless explicit Pure_Function pragma given, to avoid insidious bug of
call to non-pure imported function getting eliminated.
* gnat1drv.adb, gnatbind.adb, gnatchop.adb, gnatfind.adb,
gnatls.adb, gnatlink.adb, gnatmem.adb, gnatname.adb, gnatsym.adb,
gnatxref.adb, gprcmd.adb, gprep.adb, make.adb: Minor reformatting
Add 2004 to printed copyright notice
*, lib-writ.adb: Put new SS flag in ali file if secondary
stack used.
* Makefile.rtl: Add entry for g-sestin.o New file.
* mdll.adb: Minor changes to avoid -gnatwa warnings
* mlib-tgt.adb: Minor reformatting
* New parameter Default_Secondary_Stack_Size (GNATBIND)
New switch Sec_Stack_Used (GNAT, GNATBIND)
Make Default_Secondary_Stack_Size a variable instead of a constant,
so that it can be modified by the new -Dnnn bind switch.
* rtsfind.adb (Load_Fail): Give full error message in configurable
run-time mode if all_errors mode is set. This was not done in the case
of a file not found, which was an oversight.
Note if secondary stack unit is used by compiler.
* sem_elab.adb (Check_A_Call): Rewrite to avoid trying to put
ineffective elaborate all pragmas on non-visible packages (this
happened when a renamed subprogram was called). Now the elaborate all
always goes on the package containing the renaming rather than the one
containing the renamed subprogram.
*, sem_elim.adb (Eliminate_Error_Msg): New procedure
(Process_Eliminate_Pragma): Add parameter to capture pragma location.
* sem_eval.adb (Eval_String_Literal): Do not assume that string literal
has an Etype that references an E_String_Literal.
(Eval_String_Literal): Avoid assumption that N_String_Literal node
always references an E_String_Literal_Subtype entity. This may not
be true in the future.
* sem_prag.adb (Process_Eliminate_Pragma): Add parameter to capture
pragma location.
* sem_res.adb (Resolve): Specialize msg for function name used in proc
2004-01-05 Ed Falis <>
* g-debuti.adb: Replaced direct boolean operator with short-circuit
2004-01-05 Vincent Celier <>
* bld.adb: Minor comment updates
(Process_Declarative_Items): Correct incorrect name (Index_Name instead
of Item_Name).
* make.adb (Gnatmake): Special process for files to compile/check when
-B is specified. Fail when there are only foreign mains in attribute
Main of the project file and -B is not specified. Do not skip bind/link
steps when -B is specified.
* makeusg.adb: Document new switch -B
* (Build_Bind_And_Link_Full_Project): New Boolean flag
* switch-m.adb: (Scan_Make_Switches): Process -B switch
* Add new GNAT PRETTY qualifier
2004-01-05 Richard Kenner <>
* trans.c (tree_transform, case N_Free_Statement): Handle thin pointer
* misc.c (gnat_printable_name): If VERBOSITY is 2, call
* decl.c (gnat_to_gnu_entity, E_Function): Give error if return type
has size that overflows.
2004-01-05 Gary Dismukes <>
* exp_ch4.adb (Expand_Array_Comparison): Add Boolean constant to avoid
-gnatwa warning on static condition.
2004-01-05 Doug Rupp <>
* link.c: (shared_libgnat_default) [VMS]: Change to STATIC.
2004-01-05 Arnaud Charlet <>
* Install ali files using INSTALL_DATA_DATE to preserve
all attributes, including read-only attribute.
2004-01-05 Pascal Obry <>
* bindgen.adb (Gen_Object_Files_Options): Generate the new shared
library naming scheme.
* mlib-prj.adb (Build_Library): Generate different names for the static
or dynamic version of the GNAT runtime. This is needed to support the
new shared library naming scheme.
(Process_Binder_File): Add detection of shared library in binder file
based on the new naming scheme.
* gnatlink.adb (Process_Binder_File): Properly detect the new naming
scheme for the shared runtime libraries.
(LIBRARY_VERSION) [VMS]: Convert all . to _ to conform to new naming
(install-gnatlib): Do not create symlinks for shared libraries.
(gnatlib-shared-default): Idem.
(gnatlib-shared-dual-win32): New target. Not used for now as the
auto-import feature does not support arrays/records.
(gnatlib-shared-win32): Do not create copy for the shared libraries.
(gnatlib-shared-vms): Fix shared runtime libraries names.
*, osint.adb (Shared_Lib): New routine, returns the target
dependent runtime shared library name.
2004-01-05 Vasiliy Fofanov <>
* osint.adb (Read_Library_Info): Remove bogus check if ALI is older
than the object.
2004-01-05 Ed Schonberg <>
* sem_ch4.adb (Analyze_Allocator): Check restriction on dynamic
protected objects when allocator has a subtype indication, not a
qualified expression. Note that qualified expressions may have to be
checked when limited aggregates are implemented.
* sem_prag.adb (Analyze_Pragma, case Import): If enclosing package is
pure, emit warning.
(Analyze_Pragma, case Pure_Function): If enclosing package is pure and
subprogram is imported, remove warning.
2004-01-05 Geert Bosch <>
* s-poosiz.adb: Update copyright notice.
(Allocate): Use Task_Lock to protect against concurrent access.
(Deallocate): Likewise.
2004-01-05 Joel Brobecker <>
* s-stalib.adb (Elab_Final_Code): Add missing year in date inside ???
2003-12-23 Kelley Cook <>
* gnat_ug.texi: Force a CVS commit by updating copyright.
* gnat_ug_vxw.texi: Regenerate.
* gnat_ug_wnt.texi: Regenerate.
* gnat_ug_vms.texi: Regenerate.
* gnat_ug_unx.texi: Regenerate.
2003-12-20 Kazu Hirata <>
* trans.c: Remove uses of "register" specifier in
declarations of local variables.
2003-12-18 Kelley Cook <>
* stamp-xgnatug: New stamp file.
* (stamp-xgnatug): New stamp file and comment.
(ada/doctools/xgnatug): Add $(build_exeext).
(ada/gnat_ug_unx.texi, ada/gnat_ug_vwx.texi, ada/gnat_ug_vms.texi
ada/gnat_ug_wnt.texi): Update to depend on stamp-xgnatug.
2003-12-17 Ed Falis <>
* a-elchha.adb (Tailored_Exception_Information): made Info constant to
eliminate warning.
* a-exextr.adb: Add context clause for
2003-12-17 Sergey Rybin <>
* cstand.adb (Create_Standard): Change the way how the declaration of
the Duration type is created (making it the same way as it is for all
the other standard types).
2003-12-17 Robert Dewar <>
* Fix header format
Change Pure to Preelaborate
2003-12-17 Ed Schonberg <>
* checks.adb (Selected_Length_Checks): Generate an Itype reference for
the expression type only if it is declared in the current unit.
* sem_ch3.adb (Constrain_Index): Handle properly a range whose bounds
are universal and already analyzed, as can occur in constrained
subcomponents that depend on discriminants, when one constraint is a
subtype mark.
* sem_res.adb (Resolve_Type_Conversion): Any arithmetic expression of
type Any_Fixed is legal as the argument of a conversion, if only one
fixed-point type is in context.
2003-12-17 GNAT Script <>
* Makefile automatically updated
2003-12-15 Robert Dewar <>
* exp_ch6.adb (Expand_Thread_Body): Fix error in picking up default
sec stack size.
2003-12-15 Vincent Celier <>
* gnatchop.adb: (Error_Msg): Do not exit on error for a warning
(Gnatchop): Do not set failure status when reporting the number of
2003-12-15 Doug Rupp <>
* New file.
* Makefile.rtl (GNAT_RTL_NONTASKING_OBJS): Add s-crtl$(objext).
* (GNAT_ADA_OBJS): Add ada/s-crtl.o.
(GNATBIND_OBJS): Add ada/s-crtl.o.
* [VMS]: Clean up ifeq rules.
* gnatlink.adb, 6vcstrea.adb, a-direio.adb, a-sequio.adb,
a-ststio.adb, a-textio.adb, g-os_lib.adb, a-witeio.adb,, i-cstrea.adb,, s-direio.adb,
s-fileio.adb,, s-memory.adb, s-stache.adb,
s-tasdeb.adb: Update copyright.
Import System.CRTL.
Make minor modifications to use System.CRTL declared functions instead
of importing locally.
2003-12-15 GNAT Script <>
* Makefile automatically updated
2003-12-11 Ed Falis <>
* 5zinit.adb: Clean up.
* 5zintman.adb (Notify_Exception): replaced case statement with a call
to __gnat_map_signal, imported from init.c to support
signal -> exception mappings that depend on the vxWorks version.
* init.c:
Created and exported __gnat_map_signal to support signal -> exception
mapping that is dependent on the VxWorks version.
Change mapping of SIGBUS from Program_Error to Storage_Error on VxWorks
2003-12-11 Vasiliy Fofanv <>
* Link with -mthreads switch.
2003-12-11 Arnaud Charlet <>
* init.c (__gnat_install_handler [NetBSD]): Set
__gnat_handler_installed, as done on all other platforms.
Remove duplicated code.
2003-12-11 Jerome Guitton <>
* (rts-zfp, rts-ravenscar): Create libgnat.a.
2003-12-11 Thomas Quinot <>
* Fix inconsistent example code in comment.
2003-12-11 Robert Dewar <>
* a-tiinau.adb: Add a couple of comments
* sem_ch3.adb: Minor reformatting
* sem_prag.adb:
Fix bad prototype of Same_Base_Type in body (code reading cleanup)
Minor reformatting throughout
2003-12-11 Ed Schonberg <>
* exp_ch7.adb (Establish_Transient_Scope): If the call is within the
bounds of a loop, create a separate block in order to generate proper
cleanup actions to prevent memory leaks.
* sem_res.adb (Resolve_Call): After a call to
Establish_Transient_Scope, the call may be rewritten and relocated, in
which case no further processing is needed.
* sem_util.adb: (Wrong_Type): Refine previous fix.
Fixes ACATS regressions.
PR ada/13353
* sem_prag.adb (Back_End_Cannot_Inline): A renaming_as_body can always
be inlined.
2003-12-08 Jerome Guitton <>
* 5ytiitho.adb, 5zthrini.adb, 5ztiitho.adb, i-vthrea.adb,, s-tpae65.adb, Cleanup: Remove a bunch of
obsolete files.
* (rts-ravenscar): Generate an empty libgnat.a.
(rts-zfp): Ditto.
2003-12-08 Robert Dewar <>
* 7sintman.adb: Minor reformatting
* bindgen.adb: Configurable_Run_Time mode no longer suppresses the
standard linker options to get standard libraries linked. We now plan
to provide dummy versions of these libraries to match the appropriate
configurable run-time (e.g. if a library is not needed at all, provide
a dummy empty library).
* Configurable_Run_Time mode no longer affects linker
options (-L parameters and standard libraries). What we plan to do is
to provide dummy libraries where the libraries are not required.
* gnatbind.adb: Minor comment improvement
2003-12-08 Javier Miranda <>
* exp_aggr.adb (Build_Record_Aggr_Code): Do not remove the expanded
aggregate in the parent. Otherwise constants with limited aggregates
are not supported. Add new formal to pass the component type (Ctype).
It is required to call the corresponding IP subprogram in case of
default initialized components.
(Gen_Assign): In case of default-initialized component, generate a
call to the IP subprogram associated with the component.
(Build_Record_Aggr_Code): Remove the aggregate from the parent in case
of aggregate with default initialized components.
(Has_Default_Init_Comps): Improve implementation to recursively check
all the present expressions.
*, exp_ch3.adb (Build_Initialization_Call): Add new formal
to indicate that the initialization call corresponds to a
default-initialized component of an aggregate.
In case of default initialized aggregate with tasks this parameter is
used to generate a null string (this is just a workaround that must be
improved later). In case of discriminants, this parameter is used to
generate a selected component node that gives access to the discriminant
*, exp_ch9.adb (Build_Task_Allocate_Block_With_Stmts): New
subprogram, based on Build_Task_Allocate_Block, but adapted to expand
allocated aggregates with default-initialized components.
* par-ch4.adb (P_Aggregate_Or_Paren_Expr): Improve error message if
the box notation is used in positional aggregates.
2003-12-08 Samuel Tardieu <>
* Fix typo in comment
2003-12-08 Vincent Celier <>
* prj.adb (Project_Empty): New component Unkept_Comments
(Scan): Remove procedure; moved to Prj.Err.
* (Project_Data): New Boolean component Unkept_Comments
(Scan): Remove procedure; moved to Prj.Err.
* prj-dect.adb: Manage comments for the different declarations.
* prj-part.adb (With_Record): New component Node
(Parse): New Boolean parameter Store_Comments, defaulted to False.
Set the scanner to return ends of line and comments as tokens, if
Store_Comments is True.
(Pre_Parse_Context_Clause): Create the N_With_Clause nodes so that
comments are associated with these nodes. Store the node IDs in the
(Post_Parse_Context_Clause): Use the N_With_Clause nodes stored in the
(Parse_Single_Project): Call Pre_Parse_Context_Clause before creating
the N_Project node. Call Tree.Save and Tree.Reset before scanning the
current project. Call Tree.Restore afterwards. Set the various nodes
for comment storage (Next_End, End_Of_Line, Previous_Line,
* (Parse): New Boolean parameter Store_Comments,
defaulted to False.
* prj-pp.adb (Write_String): New Boolean parameter Truncated, defaulted
to False. When Truncated is True, truncate the string, never go to the
next line.
(Write_End_Of_Line_Comment): New procedure
(Print): Process comments for nodes N_With_Clause,
N_Package_Declaration, N_String_Type_Declaration,
N_Attribute_Declaration, N_Typed_Variable_Declaration,
N_Variable_Declaration, N_Case_Construction, N_Case_Item.
Process nodes N_Comment.
*, prj-tree.adb (Default_Project_Node): If it is a node
without comments and there are some comments, set the flag
Unkept_Comments to True.
(Scan): If there are comments, set the flag Unkept_Comments to True and
clear the comments.
(Project_Node_Kind): Add enum values N_Comment_Zones, N_Comment
(Next_End_Nodes: New table
(Comment_Zones_Of): New function
(Scan): New procedure; moved from Prj. Accumulate comments in the
Comments table and set end of line comments, comments after, after end
and before end.
(Add_Comments): New procedure
(Save, Restore, Seset_State): New procedures
(There_Are_Unkept_Comments): New function
(Set_Previous_Line_Node, Set_Previous_End_Node): New procedures
(Set_End_Of_Line, Set_Next_End_Node, Remove_Next_End_Node): New
(First_Comment_After, First_Comment_After_End): New functions
(First_Comment_Before, First_Comment_Before_End): New functions
(Next_Comment): New function
(End_Of_Line_Comment, Follows_Empty_Line,
Is_Followed_By_Empty_Line): New functions
(Set_First_Comment_After, Set_First_Comment_After_End): New procedures
(Set_First_Comment_Before, Set_First_Comment_Before_End): New procedures
(Set_Next_Comment): New procedure
(Default_Project_Node): Associate comment before if the node can store
* (Token_Type): New enumeration value Tok_Comment
(Comment_Id): New global variable
*, scng.adb (Comment_Is_Token): New Boolean global variable,
defaulted to False.
(Scan): Store position of start of comment. If comments are tokens, set
Comment_Id and set Token to Tok_Comment when scanning a comment.
(Set_Comment_As_Token): New procedure
* sinput-p.adb: Update Copyright notice
(Source_File_Is_Subunit): Call Prj.Err.Scanner.Scan instead of Prj.Scan
that no longer exists.
2003-12-08 Javier Miranda <>
* sem_aggr.adb: Add dependence on Exp_Tss package
Correct typo in comment
(Resolve_Aggregate): In case of array aggregates set the estimated
type of the aggregate before calling resolve. This is needed to know
the name of the corresponding IP in case of limited array aggregates.
(Resolve_Array_Aggregate): Delay the resolution to the expansion phase
in case of default initialized array components.
* sem_ch12.adb (Analyze_Formal_Object_Declaration): Allow limited
types. Required to give support to limited aggregates in generic
2003-12-08 Ed Schonberg <>
* sem_ch3.adb (Check_Initialization): For legality purposes, an
inlined body functions like an instantiation.
(Decimal_Fixed_Point_Declaration): Do not set kind of first subtype
until bounds are analyzed, to diagnose premature use of type.
* sem_util.adb (Wrong_Type): Improve error message when the type of
the expression is used prematurely.
2003-12-08 GNAT Script <>
* Makefile automatically updated
2003-12-08 Arnaud Charlet <>
* sinfo.h, einfo.h,, nmake.adb, Removed, since
they are automatically generated by and cause nothing but
maintenance troubles.
2003-12-05 Thomas Quinot <>
* Fix comment (this is the Solaris, not the UnixWare,
version of this unit).
2003-12-05 Olivier Hainque <>
*,,,,,,,,, Define the SA_SIGINFO constant, to allow references from
the body of System.Interrupt_Management common to several targets.
Update copyright notice when appropriate.
*, Define a dummy value for the SA_SIGINFO
* 7sintman.adb (elaboration): Set SA_SIGINFO in the sigaction flags,
to ensure that the kernel fills in the interrupted context structure
before calling a signal handler, which is necessary to be able to
unwind past it. Update the copyright notice.
2003-12-05 Jerome Guitton <>
* New file.
* a-elchha.adb: New default last chance handler. Contents taken from
* a-exextr.adb (Unhandled_Exception_Terminate): Most of this routine
is moved to a-elchha.adb to provide a target-independent default last
chance handler.
* Makefile.rtl: Add a-elchha.o
* (GNAT_ADA_OBJS, GNATBIND_OBJS): Add a-elchha.o.
2003-12-05 Ed Schonberg <>
* exp_ch6.adb (Expand_Call): If the subprogram is inlined and is
declared in an instance, do not inline the call if the instance is not
frozen yet, to prevent order of elaboration problems.
* sem_prag.adb: Add comments for previous fix.
2003-12-05 Samuel Tardieu <>
* g-table.adb: Use the right variable in Set_Item.
Update copyright notice.
2003-12-05 Arnaud Charlet <>
* Remove unused rules.
2003-12-05 Vincent Celier <>
* switch-c.adb (Scan_Front_End_Switches): Remove processing of
-nostdlib. Not needed here after all.
2003-12-03 Thomas Quinot <>
PR ada/11724
* adaint.h, adaint.c,
Do not assume that the offset argument to lseek(2) is a 32 bit integer,
on some platforms (including FreeBSD), it is a 64 bit value.
Introduce a __gnat_lseek wrapper in adaint.c to allow for portability.
2003-12-03 Arnaud Charlet <>
* (Library_Version): Now contain only the relevant
version info.
(Verbose_Library_Version): New constant.
* g-spipat.adb, g-awk.adb, g-debpoo.adb,
g-memdum.adb, g-thread.adb, s-geveop.adb, s-interr.adb,
s-taskin.adb, s-tassta.adb: Make code compile with -gnatwa.
* gnatlbr.adb: Clean up: replace Library_Version by
* make.adb, lib-writ.adb, exp_attr.adb:
Clean up: replace Library_Version by Verbose_Library_Version.
* 5lintman.adb: Removed.
Update and simplify computation of LIBRARY_VERSION.
Fix computation of GSMATCH_VERSION.
5lintman.adb is no longer used: replaced by 7sintman.adb.
2003-12-03 Robert Dewar <>
* exp_ch5.adb:
(Possible_Bit_Aligned_Component): Maybe_Bit_Aligned_Large_Component new
name. Modified to consider small non-bit-packed arrays as troublesome
and in need of component-by-component assigment expansion.
2003-12-03 Vincent Celier <>
* lang-specs.h: Process nostdlib as nostdinc
* back_end.adb: Update Copyright notice
(Scan_Compiler_Arguments): Process -nostdlib directly.
2003-12-03 Jose Ruiz <>
When defining LIBGNAT_TARGET_PAIRS for bare board targets, remove the
redundant inclusion of EXTRA_HIE_NONE_TARGET_PAIRS, which is always
2003-12-03 Ed Schonberg <>
* sem_attr.adb:
(Legal_Formal_Attribute): Attribute is legal in an inlined body, as it
is legal in an instance, because legality is cheched in the template.
* sem_prag.adb:
(Analyze_Pragma, case Warnings): In an inlined body, the pragma may be
appplied to an unchecked conversion of a formal parameter.
* sem_warn.adb:
(Output_Unreferenced_Messages): Suppress "not read" warnings on imported
2003-12-03 Olivier Hainque <>
* tb-alvms.c (unwind_regular_code, unwind_kernel_handler): New
routines. The second one is new functionality to deal with backtracing
through signal handlers.
(unwind): Split into the two separate subroutines above.
Update the documentation, and deal properly with sizeof (REG) different
from sizeof (void*).
2003-12-01 Nicolas Setton <>
* a-except.adb (Raise_Current_Excep): Add a pragma Inspection_Point,
so that the debugger can reliably access the value of the parameter,
and therefore is able to display the exception name when an exception
breakpoint is reached.
2003-12-01 Thomas Quinot <>
* fmap.adb: Fix typo in warning message.
*, g-socket.adb: Make Free a visible instance of
Ada.Unchecked_Deallocation (no need to wrap it in a subprogram).
2003-12-01 Vincent Celier <>
* mlib-prj.adb (Build_Library.Process): Do not check a withed unit if
ther is no Afile.
(Build_Library): Get the switches only if Default_Switches is declared
in package Binder.
2003-12-01 Ed Schonberg <>
* exp_ch6.adb (Expand_Actuals): When applying validity checks to
actuals that are indexed components, reanalyze actual to ensure that
packed array references are properly expanded.
* sem_ch5.adb (Diagnose_Non_Variable_Lhs): Add special case for
attempted assignment to a discriminant.
2003-12-01 Robert Dewar <>
* rtsfind.adb, exp_ch4.adb,, s-exnint.adb: Minor
* switch-c.adb: Minor reformatting of comments
2003-12-01 Arnaud Charlet <>
* Clean ups.
2003-12-01 GNAT Script <>
* Makefile automatically updated
2003-12-01 Arnaud Charlet <>
* Disable zero cost exception, not ready yet.
2003-11-29 Ulrich Weigand <>
* ( Add dependency on ada/nmake.adb
to force serialization.
2003-11-26 Thomas Quinot <>
*, g-socket.adb:
Clarify documentation of function Stream. Introduce a Free procedure
to release the returned Stream once it becomes unused.
* For Alpha Tru64, enable ZCX by default.
2003-11-26 Arnaud Charlet <>
(Cond_Timed_Wait): Introduce new constant Time_Out_Max,
since NT 4 cannot handle timeout values that are too large,
e.g. DWORD'Last - 1.
2003-11-26 Ed Schonberg <>
* exp_ch4.adb:
(Expand_N_Slice): Recognize all cases of slices that appear as actuals
in procedure calls and whose expansion must be deferred.
* exp_ch6.adb (Add_Call_By_Copy_Node): Remove previous fix. Proper fix
is in exp_ch4.
* sem_ch3.adb:
(Build_Derived_Array_Type): Create operator for unconstrained type
if ancestor is unconstrained.
2003-11-26 Vincent Celier <>
* make.adb (Project_Object_Directory): New global variable
(Change_To_Object_Directory): New procedure
(Collect_Arguments_And_Compile): Call Change_To_Object_Directory instead
of Change_Dir directly. Do not change working directory to object
directory of main project after each compilation.
(Gnatmake): Use Change_To_Object_Directory instead of Change_Dir
Change to object directory of main project before binding step.
(Initialize): Initialize Project_Object_Directory to No_Project
* mlib-prj.adb:
(Build_Library): Take into account Builder'Default_Switches ("Ada") when
binding a Stand-Alone Library.
* output.adb: Update Copyright notice
(Write_Char): Output buffer when full
2003-11-26 Robert Dewar <>
* sem_ch13.adb: (Check_Size): Reset size if size is too small
(Check_Size): Fix documentation to include bit-packed array case
* sem_res.adb: Implement restriction No_Direct_Boolean_Operators
* Put No_Direct_Boolean_Operators in proper order
* Add new restriction No_Direct_Boolean_Operators
2003-11-24 Arnaud Charlet <>
PR ada/13142
* utils.c (init_gigi_decls): Change name of built-in setjmp to
__builtin_setjmp, since this is apparently needed by recent
non Ada changes.
2003-11-24 Rainer Orth <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
* adadecode.c: Only include ctype.h if not IN_GCC.
(__gnat_decode): Use ISDIGIT from safe-ctype.h.
2003-11-24 Jose Ruiz <>
Use for VxWorks targets. This file avoid confusion between
signals and interrupts.
* New File.
* 5zintman.adb: Replace Exception_Interrupts by Exception_Signals, and
add exception signals to the set of unmasked signals.
* 5ztaprop.adb:
Use Abort_Task_Signal instead of Abort_Task_Interrupt to avoid confusion
between signals and interrupts.
Add to Unblocked_Signal_Mask the set of signals that are in
* 7sinmaop.adb:
Adding a check to see whether the Interrupt_ID we want to unmask is in
the range of Keep_Unmasked (in procedure Interrupt_Self_Process). The
reason is that the index type of the Keep_Unmasked array is not always
Interrupt_ID; it may be a subtype of Interrupt_ID.
2003-11-24 Gary Dismukes <>
* exp_util.adb:
(Remove_Side_Effects): Condition constantness of object created for a
an unchecked type conversion on the constantness of the expression
to ensure the correct value for 'Constrained when passing components
of view-converted class-wide objects.
2003-11-24 Robert Dewar <>
* par-load.adb (Load): Improve handling of misspelled and missing units
Removes several cases of compilation abandoned messages
* lib.adb: (Remove_Unit): New procedure
* (Remove_Unit): New procedure
* lib-load.adb: Minor reformatting
2003-11-24 Vincent Celier <>
* make.adb:
(Gnatmake, Initialize): Call Usage instead of Makeusg directly
(Marking_Label): Label to mark processed source files. Incremented for
each executable.
(Gnatmake): Increase Marking_Labet for each executable
(Is_Marked): Compare against marking label
(Mark): Mark with marking label
2003-11-24 Jerome Guitton <>
Move the declaration of the TSD for System.Threads to System.Soft_Links.
Add some comments.
* Added target pair for s-thread.adb for cert runtime.
(rts-cert): build a single relocatable object for the run-time lib.
Fix perms.
2003-11-24 Vasiliy Fofanov <>
Use gnatls rather than gcc to obtain the location of GNAT RTL for
crosstools build.
2003-11-24 Sergey Rybin <>
* opt.adb (Tree_Write): Gnat_Version_String is now a function, so we
can not use it as before (that is, as a variable) when dumping it into
the tree file. Add a local variable to store the result of this
function and to be used as the string to be written into the tree.
* scn.adb (Initialize_Scanner): Add comments explaining the recent
* sinput.adb (Source_First, Source_Last): In case of
Internal_Source_File, replace returning attributes of
Internal_Source_Ptr (which is wrong) with returning attributes of
2003-11-24 Ed Schonberg <>
* sem_ch3.adb:
(New_Concatenation_Op): Proper name for New_Binary_Operator, only
used for implicit concatenation operators.
Code cleanup.
* sem_elab.adb:
(Check_Elab_Call): Set No_Elaboration_Check appropriately on calls in
task bodies that are in the scope of a Suppress pragma.
(Check_A Call): Use the flag to prevent spurious elaboration checks.
*, sinfo.adb:
New flag No_Elaboration_Check on function/procedure calls, to properly
suppress checks on calls in task bodies that are within a local suppress
* exp_ch4.adb:
(Expand_Concatenate_Other): Use the proper integer type for the
expression for the upper bound, to avoid universal_integer computations
when possible.
2003-11-21 Kelley Cook <>
* .cvsignore: Delete.
2003-11-21 Andreas Schwab <>
* Set ZCX_By_Default and GCC_ZCX_Support to True.
2003-11-21 Vasiliy Fofanov <>
* Enable zero cost exception.
2003-11-21 Jerome Guitton <>
* 5ztiitho.adb: Remove an unreferenced variable.
2003-11-21 Thomas Quinot <>
* adaint.c: For FreeBSD, use mkstemp.
2003-11-21 Arnaud Charlet <>
* gnatlbr.adb: Now reference Gnat_Static_Version_String.
2003-11-21 Robert Dewar <>
* bld.adb: Remove useless USE of gnatvsn
* gnatchop.adb: Minor reformatting
Clean up version handling to be more consistent
* gnatxref.adb: Minor reformatting
* gprcmd.adb: Minor reformatting
Fix output of copyright to be more consistent with other tools
2003-11-21 Vincent Celier <>
* make.adb (Scan_Make_Args): Do not transmit --RTS= to gnatlink
2003-11-21 Sergey Rybin <>
* atree.adb (Initialize): Add initializations for global variables
used in New_Copy_Tree.
* cstand.adb (Create_Standard): Add call to Initialize_Scanner (with
Internal_Source_File as the actual).
Put the set of statements creating Any_Character before the set of
statements creating Any_Array to have Any_Character fully initialized
when it is used in creating Any_Array.
* scn.adb (Initialize_Scanner): Do not set Comes_From_Source ON and do
not call Scan in case if the actual is Internal_Source_File
Add 2003 to copyright note.
* sinput.adb (Source_First, Source_Last, Source_Text): Add code for
processing Internal_Source_File.
* Add the constant Internal_Source_File representing the
source buffer for artificial source-code-like strings created within
the compiler (the definition of Source_File_Index is changed).
2003-11-20 Arnaud Charlet <>
*,, 55osinte.adb,, New file, FreeBSD version.
2003-11-20 Joseph S. Myers <>
* (ada.extraclean): Delete.
2003-11-19 Arnaud Charlet <>
* gnatmem.adb: Clean up verbose output.
* gprcmd.adb: Change copyright to FSF.
2003-11-19 Vincent Celier <>
* symbols.adb: (Initialize): New parameters Reference, Symbol_Policy
and Version (ignored).
* (Policy): New type
(Initialize): New parameter Reference, Symbol_Policy and
Remove parameter Force.
Minor reformatting.
*, snames.adbadb: New standard names
Library_Reference_Symbol_File and Library_Symbol_Policy
* mlib-prj.adb:
(Build_Library): Call Build_Dinamic_Library with the Symbol_Data of the
* mlib-tgt.adb:
(Build_Dynamic_Library): New parameter Symbol_Data (ignored)
* (Build_Dynamic_Library): New parameter Symbol_Data
* prj.adb: (Project_Empty): New component Symbol_Data
* (Policy, Symbol_Record): New types
(Project_Data): New component Symbol_Data
* prj-attr.adb:
New attributes Library_Symbol_File, Library_Symbol_Policy and
* prj-nmsc.adb:
(Ada_Check): When project is a Stand-Alone library project, process
attribute Library_Symbol_File, Library_Symbol_Policy and
* 5aml-tgt.adb, 5bml-tgt.adb, 5gml-tgt.adb, 5hml-tgt.adb,
5wml-tgt.adb, 5zml-tgt.adb, 5lml-tgt.adb,
5sml-tgt.adb (Build_Dynamic_Library): New parameter
Symbol_Data (ignored).
* 5vml-tgt.adb (VMS_Options): Remove --for-linker=gsmatch=equal,1,0
(Build_Dynamic_Library): New parameter Symbol_Data. New internal
functions Option_File_Name and Version_String. Set new options of
gnatsym related to symbol file, symbol policy and reference symbol
* 5vsymbol.adb:
Extensive modifications to take into account the reference symbol file,
the symbol policy, the library version and to put in the symbol file the
minor and major IDs.
* bld.adb (Process_Declarative_Items): Put second argument of
gprcmd to_absolute between single quotes, to avoid problems with
* bld-io.adb: Update Copyright notice.
(Flush): Remove last character of a line, if it is a back slash, to
avoid make problems.
* gnatsym.adb:
Implement new scheme with reference symbol file and symbol policy.
* (Is_Directory): Clarify comment
2003-11-19 Robert Dewar <>
* atree.adb: Move New_Copy_Tree global variables to head of package
* errout.adb: Minor reformatting
2003-11-19 Javier Miranda <>
* sem_ch4.adb: (Diagnose_Call): Improve error message.
Add reference to Ada0Y (AI-50217)
* sem_ch6.adb, sem_ch8.adb, sem_type.adb,
sem_util.adb: Add reference to AI-50217
* (N_With_Clause): Document fields referred to AI-50217
* sprint.adb: Add reference to Ada0Y (AI-50217, AI-287)
* sem_aggr.adb: Complete documentation of AI-287 changes
* par-ch4.adb: Document previous changes.
* lib-load.adb, lib-writ.adb,, par-ch10.adb,
sem_cat.adb, sem_ch3.adb, sem_ch10.adb, sem_ch12.adb: Add references to
Ada0Y (AI-50217)
* exp_aggr.adb: Add references to AI-287 in previous changes
2003-11-19 Ed Schonberg <>
* exp_ch6.adb:
(Add_Call_By_Copy_Node): Do not original node of rewritten expression
in the rewriting is the result of an inlined call.
* exp_ch6.adb (Add_Call_By_Copy_Node): If actual for (in-)out
parameter is a type conversion, use original node to construct the
post-call assignment, because expression may have been rewritten, e.g.
if it is a packed array.
* sem_attr.adb:
(Resolve_Attribute, case 'Constrained): Attribute is legal in an inlined
body, just as it is in an instance.
Categorization routines
* sem_ch12.adb (Analyze_Association, Instantiate_Formal_Subprogram,
Instantiate_Object): Set proper sloc reference for message on missing
2003-11-19 Thomas Quinot <>
* Add FreeBSD libgnat pairs.
* usage.adb: Fix typo in usage message.
2003-11-19 Jerome Guitton <>
* On powerpc-wrs-vxworksae: Add, and s-tiitho.adb to the full runtime, to support the
pragma Thread_Body.
Remove and, not needed anymore.
* s-thread.adb: This file is now a dummy implementation of
2003-11-19 Sergey Rybin <>
* rtsfind.adb (Initialize): Add initialization for RTE_Is_Available
2003-11-19 Emmanuel Briot <>
* xref_lib.adb (Parse_Identifier_Info): Add handling of generic
instanciation references in the parent type description.
2003-11-18 Richard Kenner <>
* ada-tree.def: (ALLOCATE_EXPR): Class is "2", not "s".
* decl.c (gnat_to_gnu_entity, case E_Floating_Point_Subtype): Set
TYPE_PRECISION directly from esize.
2003-11-18 Thomas Quinot <>
* cstreams.c:
Use realpath(3) on FreeBSD. Fix typo in comment while we are at it.
* init.c: Initialization routines for FreeBSD
* link.c: Link info for FreeBSD
* sysdep.c: Add the case of FreeBSD
2003-11-17 Jerome Guitton <>
* 5zthrini.adb: Remove the call to Init_RTS at elaboration, as it is
already called in System.Threads.
* 5ztiitho.adb (Initialize_Task_Hooks): Remove the registration of the
environment task, as it has been moved to System.Threads.Initialization.
2003-11-17 Arnaud Charlet <>
* adaint.c (__gnatlib_install_locks): Only reference
__gnat_install_locks on VMS, since other platforms can avoid using
2003-11-17 Richard Kenner <>
* ada-tree.h: (TYPE_IS_PACKED_ARRAY_TYPE_P): New macro.
* decl.c (gnat_to_gnu_entity, case E_Array_Subtype): Set
(validate_size): Do not verify size if TYPE_IS_PACKED_ARRAY_TYPE_P.
Part of PR ada/12806
* utils.c (float_type_for_precision): Renamed from float_type_for_size.
2003-11-17 Vincent Celier <>
* gnatchop.adb (Error_Msg): New Boolean parameter Warning, defaulted
to False.
Do not set exit status to Failure when Warning is True.
(Gnatchop): Make errors "no compilation units found" and
"no source files written" warnings only.
* make.adb (Gnatmake): When using a project file, set
Look_In_Primary_Dir to False.
(Configuration_Pragmas_Switch): Check for Global_Configuration_Pragmas
and Local_Configuration_Pragmas in the project where they are declared
not an extending project which might have inherited them.
* osint.adb (Locate_File): If Name is already an absolute path, do not
look for a directory.
* par-ch10.adb (P_Compilation_Unit): If source contains no token, and
-gnats (Check_Syntax) is used, issue only a warning, not an error.
* prj.adb (Register_Default_Naming_Scheme): Add new component Project
in objects of type Variable_Value.
* (Variable_Value): New component Project
* prj-nmsc.adb (Ada_Check.Warn_If_Not_Sources): No warning if source
is in a project extended by Project.
* prj-proc.adb (Add_Attributes): New parameter Project. Set component
Project of Variable_Values to this new parameter value.
(Expression): Set component Project of Variable_Values.
(Process_Declarative_Items): Call Add_Attributes with parameter Project.
Set the component Project in array elements.
2003-11-17 Sergey Rybin <>
* errout.adb: (Initialize): Add initialization for error nodes.
* sem_ch12.adb (Initialize): Add missing initializations for
Exchanged_Views and Hidden_Entities.
2003-11-17 Ed Schonberg <>
* sem_ch12.adb (Copy_Generic_Node): Preserve entity when copying an
already instantiated tree for use in subsequent inlining.
(Analyze_Associations, Instantiate_Formal_Subprogram,
Instantiate_Object): improve error message for mismatch in
* sem_ch6.adb (Build_Body_To_Inline): Major cleanup to handle
instantiations of subprograms declared in instances.
2003-11-17 Javier Miranda <>
* sem_ch4.adb (Analyze_Allocator): Previous modification must be
executed only under the Extensions_Allowed flag.
2003-11-17 Robert Dewar <>
* a-exexda.adb (Address_Image): Fix documentation to indicate leading
zeroes suppressed.
(Address_Image): Fix bug of returning 0x instead of 0x0
Minor reformatting (function specs).
* Minor fix for documentation of Is_Bit_Packed_Array
(missed case of 33-63)
* freeze.adb, sem_ch13.adb: Properly check size of packed bit array
* s-thread.adb: Add comments for pragma Restriction
* exp_aggr.adb, g-debuti.adb, par-ch4.adb, sem_aggr.adb,
sem_ch6.adb, sprint.adb, xref_lib.adb: Minor reformatting
2003-11-17 Ed Falis <>
* s-thread.adb: Added No_Tasking restriction for this implementation.
2003-11-17 Emmanuel Briot <>
* xref_lib.adb (Parse_Identifier_Info): Add handling of generic
instanciation references in the parent type description.
2003-11-17 GNAT Script <>
* Makefile automatically updated
2003-11-16 Jason Merrill <>
* (ada.tags): Create TAGS.sub files in each directory
and TAGS files that include them for each front end.
2003-11-14 Andreas Jaeger <>
* lang.opt: Change -Wno-long-long to -Wlong-long since the latter
is the canonical version.
* misc.c (gnat_handle_option): Likewise.
* (LIBGNAT_TARGET_PAIRS): Add rules for x86_64-linux.
* New file for x86_64-linux-gnu.
2003-11-14 Arnaud Charlet <>
*, nmake.adb, sinfo.h, Regenerated.
* comperr.adb: Fix logic in previous change.
2003-11-13 Vincent Celier <>
* 5bml-tgt.adb (Build_Dynamic_Library): Use
Osint.Include_Dir_Default_Prefix instead of
* gnatlbr.adb: Update Copyright notice
(Gnatlbr): : Use Osint.Include_Dir_Default_Prefix instead of
Sdefault.Include_Dir_Default_Name and Osint.Object_Dir_Default_Prefix
instead of Sdefault.Object_Dir_Default_Name
* gnatlink.adb:
(Process_Binder_File): Never suppress the option following -Xlinker
* mdll-utl.adb:
(Gcc): Use Osint.Object_Dir_Default_Prefix instead of
*, osint.adb:
(Include_Dir_Default_Prefix, Object_Dir_Default_Prefix): New functions
Minor reformatting.
* Minor reformating
* vms_conv.adb:
Allow GNAT MAKE to have several files on the command line.
(Init_Object_Dirs): Use Osint.Object_Dir_Default_Prefix instead of
Minor Reformating
Remove data for GNAT STANDARD
Add new compiler qualifier /PRINT_STANDARD (-gnatS)
Remove data for GNAT STANDARD
Remove options and documentation for -gnatwb/-gnatwB: these warning
options no longer exist.
2003-11-13 Ed Falis <>
* 5zthrini.adb: (Init_RTS): Made visible
* 5zthrini.adb:
(Register): Removed unnecessary call to taskVarGet that checked whether
an ATSD was already set as a task var for the argument thread.
* s-thread.adb:
Updated comment to reflect that this is a VxWorks version
Added context clause for System.Threads.Initialization
Added call to System.Threads.Initialization.Init_RTS
2003-11-13 Jerome Guitton <>
* 5zthrini.adb:
(Init_RTS): New procedure, for the initialization of the run-time lib.
* s-thread.adb:
Remove dependancy on System.Init, so that this file can be used in the
AE653 sequential run-time lib.
2003-11-13 Robert Dewar <>
* bindgen.adb: Minor reformatting
2003-11-13 Ed Schonberg <>
* checks.adb:
(Apply_Discriminant_Check): Do no apply check if target type is derived
from source type with no applicable constraint.
* lib-writ.adb:
(Ensure_System_Dependency): Do not apply the style checks that may have
been specified for the main unit.
* sem_ch8.adb:
(Find_Selected_Component): Further improvement in error message, with
RM reference.
* sem_res.adb:
(Resolve): Handle properly the case of an illegal overloaded protected
2003-11-13 Javier Miranda <>
* exp_aggr.adb:
(Has_Default_Init_Comps): New function to check the presence of
default initialization in an aggregate.
(Build_Record_Aggr_Code): Recursively expand the ancestor in case of
extension aggregate of a limited record. In addition, a new formal
was added to do not initialize the record controller (if any) during
this recursive expansion of ancestors.
(Init_Controller): Add support for limited record components.
(Expand_Record_Aggregate): In case of default initialized components
convert the aggregate into a set of assignments.
* par-ch4.adb (P_Aggregate_Or_Paren_Expr): Update the comment
describing the new syntax.
Nothing else needed to be done because this subprogram delegates part of
its work to P_Precord_Or_Array_Component_Association.
(P_Record_Or_Array_Component_Association): Give support to the new
syntax for default initialization of components.
* sem_aggr.adb:
(Resolve_Aggregate): Relax the strictness of the frontend in case of
limited aggregates.
(Resolve_Record_Aggregate): Give support to default initialized
(Get_Value): In case of default initialized components, duplicate
the corresponding default expression (from the record type
declaration). In case of default initialization in the *others*
choice, do not check that all components have the same type.
(Resolve_Extension_Aggregate): Give support to limited extension
* sem_ch3.adb:
(Check_Initialization): Relax the strictness of the front-end in case
of aggregate and extension aggregates. This test is now done in
Get_Value in a per-component manner.
* sem_ch4.adb (Analyze_Allocator): Don't post an error if the
expression corresponds to a limited aggregate. This test is now done
in Get_Value.
*, sinfo.adb (N_Component_Association): Addition of
Box_Present flag.
* sprint.adb (Sprint_Node_Actual): Modified to print an mbox if
present in an N_Component_Association node
2003-11-13 Thomas Quinot <>
* sem_ch9.adb (Analyze_Accept_Statement): A procedure hides a
type-conformant entry only if they are homographs.
2003-11-13 GNAT Script <>
* Makefile automatically updated
2003-11-12 Rainer Orth <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
* adadecode.c: Use <> form of include for ctype.h.
* sysdep.c [IN_RTS]: Use <> form of include for time.h.
2003-11-12 Rainer Orth <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
* (Functions_Return_By_DSP): Set to False.
Works around PR middle-end/6552.
2003-11-10 Ed Falis <>
* 5ytiitho.adb: (procStartHookAdd): Definition and call deleted
* 5zinit.adb: (Install_Handler): Moved back to spec
(Install_Signal_Handlers): Deleted
* 5zthrini.adb: Added context clause for System.Storage_Elements
(Register): Only handles creation of taskVar; initialization moved to
(Reset_TSD): Deleted; replaced by Thread_Body_Enter
Added declaration of environment task secondary stack and
* s-thread.adb: Implement bodies for thread body processing
Added comment identifying supported targets for pragma Thread_Body.
2003-11-10 Pascal Obry <>
* adaint.c (_gnat_stat) [WIN32]: Check if name is not bigger than
* s-fileio.adb:
(Open): Properly check for string length before copying into the buffer.
Raises Name_Error if buffer is too small. Note that this was a potential
buffer overflow.
2003-11-10 Romain Berrendonner <>
* bindgen.adb, comperr.adb: Code clean ups.
*, gnatvsn.adb (Get_Gnat_Version_Type): New function.
2003-11-10 Sergey Rybin <>
* gnat1drv.adb: Add call to Sem_Elim.Initialize.
2003-11-10 Vincent Celier <>
* gprcmd.adb:
(Gprcmd): Add new command "prefix" to get the prefix of the GNAT
* make.adb (Scan_Make_Arg): Transmit -nostdlib to the compiler
* prj.adb: (Project_Empty): Add new boolean component Virtual
* (Virtual_Prefix): New constant string
(Project_Data): New boolean component Virtual
* prj-nmsc.adb (Language_Independent_Check): Adjust error message when
a library project is extended by a virtual extending project.
* prj-part.adb:
Modifications throughout to implement extending-all project, including:
(Virtual_Hash, Processed_Hash): New hash tables
(Create_Virtual_Extending_Project): New procedure
(Look_For_Virtual_Projects_For): New procedure
* prj-proc.adb:
(Process): After checking the projects, if main project is an
extending-all project, set the object directory of all virtual extending
project to the object directory of the main project.
Adjust error message when a virtual extending project has the same
object directory as an project being extended.
(Recursive_Process): If name starts with the virtual prefix, set Virtual
to True in the project data.
* prj-tree.adb:
(Default_Project_Node): Add new boolean component Extending_All
(Is_Extending_All): New function
(Set_Is_Extending_All): New procedure
* (Is_Extending_All): New function
(Set_Is_Extending_All): New procedure
(Project_Node_Record): New boolean component Extending_All
* switch-c.adb: (Scan_Front_End_Switches): Process -nostdlib
Add qualifier /NOSTD_LIBRARIES (-nostdlib) for the compiler
* bld.adb (Recursive_Process): If MAKE_ROOT is not defined, call
"gprcmd prefix" to define it.
2003-11-10 Thomas Quinot <>
* Fix a typo and remove an extraneous word in comments.
* lib-load.adb:
(Create_Dummy_Package_Unit): Set the scope of the entity for the
created dummy package to Standard_Standard, not to itself, to
defend other parts of the front-end against encoutering a cycle in
the scope chain.
* sem_ch10.adb:
(Analyze_With_Clause): When setting the entities for the successive
N_Expanded_Names that constitute the name of a child unit, do not
attempt to go further than Standard_Standard in the chain of scopes.
This case arises from the placeholder units created by
Create_Dummy_Package_Unit in the case of a with_clause for a
nonexistent child unit.
2003-11-10 Ed Schonberg <>
* exp_ch6.adb:
(Expand_Thread_Body): Place subprogram on scope stack, so that new
declarations are given the proper scope.
* sem_ch13.adb:
(Check_Expr_Constants): Reject an expression that contains a constant
created during expansion, and that appears after the object to which
the address clause applies.
* sem_ch5.adb (Check_Controlled_Array_Attribute): Subsidiary of
Analyze_Iteration_Scheme, to rewrite a loop parameter specification
that uses 'Range of a function call with controlled components, so
that the function result can be finalized before starting the loop.
* sem_ch8.adb:
(Find_Selected_Component): Improve error message when prefix is
an implicit dereference of an incomplete type.
2003-11-10 Robert Dewar <>
* New Print_Standard flag for -gnatS switch
* sem_ch13.adb: Remove some additional checks for unaligned arrays
* cstand.adb (Create_Standard): Print out package standard if -gnatS
switch set
* debug.adb: Update doc for -gnatds to discuss relationship with new
-gnatS flag
* sinfo.adb: Add new field Entity_Or_Associated_Node
* Add new field Entity_Or_Associated_Node
Update documentation for Associated_Node and Entity fields to clarify
relationship and usage.
* sprint.adb:
(Write_Id): Properly process Associated_Node field in generic template
* switch-c.adb:
Recognize new -gnatS switch for printing package Standard
This replaces gnatpsta
* usage.adb:
Add line for new -gnatS switch for printing package Standard
This replaces gnatpsta
2003-11-10 Andreas Jaeger <>
* 7sosprim.adb: tv_usec of struct_timeval and time_t are long
2003-11-10 Arnaud Charlet <>
* misc.c, lang.opt: Add handling of -nostdlib, now recognized/needed
by gnat1.
2003-11-10 Arnaud Charlet <>
*, Remove build of gnat_wrapper and gnatpsta,
no longer needed.
* gnatpsta.adb, gnat_wrapper.adb: Removed, no longer needed.
* sysdep.c: Add handling of cygwin.
2003-11-10 GNAT Script <>
* Makefile automatically updated
2003-11-10 Arnaud Charlet <>
PR 12950
*, osint.adb (Relocate_Path, Executable_Suffix): New
functions. Used to handle dynamic prefix relocation, via set_std_prefix.
* Use new function Relocate_Path to generate sdefault.adb
2003-11-06 Zack Weinberg <>
* misc.c (fp_prec_to_size, fp_size_to_prec): Use GET_MODE_PRECISION
and update for changed meaning of GET_MODE_BITSIZE.
2003-11-04 Doug Rupp <>
* sysdep.c: Problem discovered during IA64 VMS port.
[VMS] #include <unixio.h> to get proper prototypes.
* adaint.c:
Issues discovered/problems fixed during IA64 VMS port.
[VMS] #define _POSIX_EXIT for proper semantics.
[VMS] #include <unixio.h> for proper prototypes.
[VMS] (fork): #define IA64 version.
(__gnat_os_exit): Remove unnecessary VMS specific code.
2003-11-04 Richard Kenner <>
Part of PR ada/12806
* ada-tree.h (TYPE_DIGITS_VALUE, SET_TYPE_DIGITS_VALUE): Save count as
tree, not integer.
* decl.c:
(gnat_to_gnu_entity, case E_Floating_Point_Type): Save count as tree,
not integer.
* targtyps.c, decl.c, misc.c,
gigi.h (fp_prec_to_size, fp_size_to_prec): Temporary
routines to work around change in FP sizing semantics in GCC.
* utils.c:
(build_vms_descriptor): TYPE_DIGITS_VALUE is tree, not integer.
* gigi.h: (enumerate_modes): New function.
* (ada/misc.o): Add real.h.
* misc.c: (enumerate_modes): New function.
2003-11-04 Robert Dewar <>
* 3vtrasym.adb: Minor reformatting
Use terminology encoded/decoded name, rather than C++ specific notion
of mangling (this is the terminology used throughout GNAT).
* einfo.h: Regenerated
*, einfo.adb: Add new flag Is_Thread_Body
* exp_ch6.adb:
(Expand_N_Subprogram_Body): Handle expansion of thread body procedure
* par-prag.adb: Add dummy entry for Thread_Body pragma
Add entries for System.Threads entities for thread body processing
* sem_attr.adb:
(Analyze_Pragma, Access attributes): Check these are not applied to a
thread body, since this is not permitted
* sem_prag.adb: Add processing for Thread_Body pragma.
Minor comment fix.
* sem_res.adb:
(Resolve_Call): Check for incorrect attempt to call a thread body
procedure with a direct call.
*, snames.adb: Add entry for Thread_Body pragma
Add names associated with thread body expansion
* snames.h: Add entry for Thread_Body pragma
* s-thread.adb: Add entries for thread body processing
These are dummy bodies so far
* Add documentation on thread body handling.
Add entries for thread body processing.
2003-11-04 Javier Miranda <>
* sem_ch10.adb:
(Build_Limited_Views): Return after posting an error in case of limited
with_clause on subprograms, generics, instances or generic renamings
(Install_Limited_Withed_Unit): Do nothing in case of limited with_clause
on subprograms, generics, instances or generic renamings
2003-11-04 Arnaud Charlet <>
* raise.c (setup_to_install): Correct mistake in last revision; two
arguments out of order.
* trans.c, cuintp.c, argv.c, aux-io.c, cal.c, errno.c, exit.c,
gnatbl.c, init.c, stringt.h, utils.c, utils2.c: Update copyright
notice, missed in previous change.
Remove trailing blanks and other style errors introduced in previous
2003-11-04 Olivier Hainque <>
* decl.c (gnat_to_gnu_field): Adjust the conditions under which we get
rid of the wrapper for a LJM type, ensuring we don't do that if the
field is addressable. This avoids potential low level type view
mismatches later on, for instance in a by-reference argument passing
2003-11-04 Richard Kenner <>
* decl.c (gnat_to_gnu_field): No longer check for BLKmode being
aligned at byte boundary.
2003-11-04 Joel Brobecker <>
* decl.c (components_to_record): Do not delete the empty variants from
the end of the union type.
2003-11-04 Ed Schonberg <>
* exp_ch4.adb (Expand_N_Op_Eq): Use base type when locating primitive
operation for a derived type, an explicit declaration may use a local
subtype of Boolean.
2003-11-04 Vincent Celier <>
* make.adb (Gnatmake): Allow main sources on the command line with a
library project when it is only for compilation (no binding or
2003-11-04 Rainer Orth <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
* Remove many duplicate variables.
2003-11-03 Kelley Cook <>
* (dvi): Move targets to $(docobjdir).
(gnat_ug_vms.dvi): Simplify rule and adjust target.
(gnat_ug_wnt.dvi): Likewise.
(gnat_ug_unx.dvi): Likewise.
(gnat_ug_vxw.dvi): Likewise.
(gnat_rm.dvi): Likewise.
(gnat-style.dvi): Likewise.
2003-10-31 Kelley Cook <>
* gigi.h: Missed commit from update for C90.
2003-10-31 Kelley Cook <>
* (ada/b_gnat1.o): Compile with -Wno-error.
2003-10-31 Andreas Schwab <>
* raise.c (get_action_description_for): Fix typo in last change.
2003-10-31 Nathanael Nerode <>
PR ada/12761
* ada/ Move default definitions of X_ADA_CFLAGS,
T_ADA_CFLAGS, X_ADAFLAGS, T_ADAFLAGS from here to master
2003-10-30 Kelley Cook <>
* adadecode.c, adaint.c, argv.c, aux-io.c, cal.c, cio.c, cstreams.c,
ctrl_c.c, cuintp.c, decl.c, errno.c, exit.c, expect.c, final.c,
gigi.h, gmem.c, gnatbl.c, init.c, misc.c, mkdir.c, raise.c, socket.c,
sysdep.c, sysdep.c, targtyps.c, tb-alvms.c, tb-alvxw.c, tracebak.c,
trans.c, utils.c, utils2.c: Convert function prototypes to C90.
2003-10-30 Vasiliy Fofanov <>
* 3vtrasym.adb:
Demangle Ada symbols returned by TBK$SYMBOLIZE. Correctly align line
numbers when symbol name is too long.
2003-10-30 Ed Falis <>
*, g-signal.adb: New files
* impunit.adb: (Non_Imp_File_Names): Added "g-signal"
* Makefile.rtl: Introduce GNAT.Signals
2003-10-30 Robert Dewar <>
* freeze.adb: Minor reformatting
* lib-writ.adb (Write_ALI): Never write ali file if -gnats is specified
* par.adb, par-ch12.adb, par-ch13.adb, par-ch2.adb, par-ch3.adb,
par-ch5.adb, par-ch6.adb, par-ch9.adb, par-util.adb:
New handling of Id_Check parameter to improve recognition of keywords
used as identifiers.
Update copyright notice to include 2003
2003-10-29 Robert Dewar <>
* 3vtrasym.adb,, sprint.adb,
sem_ch10.adb: Minor reformatting
* exp_ch5.adb (Expand_Assign_Array): Test for bit unaligned operands
(Expand_Assign_Record): Test right hand side for bit unaligned as well
2003-10-29 Vasiliy Fofanov <>
* 3vtrasym.adb, 5vtraent.adb,, tb-alvms.c:
Support for TBK$SYMBOLIZE-based symbolic traceback.
2003-10-29 Jose Ruiz <>
* exp_disp.adb:
Revert previous change, that did not work well when pragma No_Run_Time
was used in conjunction with a run-time other than ZFP.
2003-10-29 Vincent Celier <>
* make.adb:
(Gnatmake): When there are no Ada mains in attribute Main, disable the
bind and link steps only is switch -z is not used.
2003-10-29 Arnaud Charlet <>
* Makefile.generic: Remove duplicated setting of CC.
* Makefile.prolog: Set CC to gcc by default, to override make's
default (cc).
* einfo.h: Regenerated.
2003-10-29 Ed Schonberg <>
* sem_ch10.adb (Analyze_Subunit): Restore state of suppress flags for
current body, after compiling subunit.
* itypes.adb (Create_Itype): In ASIS_Mode, do not freeze the itype
when in deleted code, because gigi needs properly ordered freeze
actions to annotate types.
* freeze.adb (Is_Fully_Defined): Predicate must be recursive, to
prevent the premature freezing of record type that contains
subcomponents with a private type that does not yet have a completion.
2003-10-29 Javier Miranda <>
* sem_ch12.adb:
(Analyze_Package_Instantiation): Check that instances can not be used in
limited with_clauses.
* sem_ch8.adb:
(Analyze_Package_Renaming): Check that limited withed packages cannot
be renamed. Improve text on error messages related to limited
* einfo.adb, Remove Non_Limited_Views attribute.
* sprint.adb: (Sprint_Node_Actual): Print limited with_clauses.
Update copyright notice.
* sem_ch10.adb: (Build_Limited_Views): Complete its documentation.
(Install_Limited_Context_Clauses): New subprogram that isolates all the
checks required for limited context_clauses and installs the limited
(Install_Limited_Withed_Unit): Complete its documentation.
(Analyze_Context): Check that limited with_clauses are only allowed in
package specs.
(Install_Context): Call Install_Limited_Context_Clauses after the
parents have been installed.
(Install_Limited_Withed_Unit): Add documentation. Mark the installed
package as 'From_With_Type'; this mark indicates that the limited view
is installed. Used to check bad usages of limited with_clauses.
(Build_Limited_Views): Do not add shadow entities to the scope's list
of entities. Do not add real entities to the Non_Limited_Views chain.
Improve error notification.
(Remove_Context_Clauses): Remove context clauses in two phases:
limited views first and regular views later (to maintain the
stack model).
(Remove_Limited_With_Clause): If the package is analyzed then reinstall
its visible entities.
2003-10-29 Thomas Quinot <>
* sem_type.adb (Specific_Type): Type Universal_Fixed is compatible
with any type that Is_Fixed_Point_Type.
* Fix documentation for Associated_Node attribute.
2003-10-29 Sergey Rybin <>
* switch-c.adb (Scan_Front_End_Switches): ASIS_Mode is set now when
both '-gnatc' and '-gnatt' are specified.
* atree.adb (Initialize): Add initialization for Node_Count (set to
2003-10-29 Richard Kenner <>
* decl.c (gnat_to_gnu_entity, case E_Subprogram): If no return value,
do not consider as Pure.
Part of implementation of function-at-a-time:
* trans.c (gnat_to_gnu_code): If IS_STMT, call expand_expr_stmt.
(tree_transform): Add new argument to build_component_ref.
(tree_transform, case N_Assignment_Statement): Make and return an
(tree_transform): If result IS_STMT, set flags and return it.
(gnat_expand_stmt, set_lineno_from_sloc): New functions.
* utils2.c (build_simple_component_ref, build_component_ref): Add new
arg, NO_FOLD_P.
(build_binary_op, case EQ_EXPR): Pass additional arg to it.
(build_allocator): Likewise.
* utils.c (convert_to_fat_pointer, convert_to_thin_pointer, convert):
Add new arg to build_component_ref.
(maybe_unconstrained_array, unchecked_convert): Likewise.
* ada-tree.def (EXPR_STMT): New code.
* ada-tree.h (IS_STMT, TREE_SLOC, EXPR_STMT_EXPR): New macros.
* decl.c (gnat_to_gnu_entity, case object): Add extra arg to
build_component_ref calls.
* misc.c (gnat_expand_expr): If IS_STMT, call gnat_expand_stmt.
* gigi.h (gnat_expand_stmt, set_lineno_from_sloc): New functions.
(build_component_ref): Add new argument, NO_FOLD_P.
2003-10-27 Arnaud Charlet <>
* Makefile.generic: Add missing substitution on object_deps handling.
PR ada/5909:
* (check-ada): Enable ACATS test suite.
2003-10-27 Robert Dewar <>
* exp_ch3.adb:
(Freeze_Array_Type): We do not need an initialization routine for types
derived from String or Wide_String. They should be treated the same
as String and Wide_String themselves. This caused problems with the
use of Initialize_Scalars.
* exp_ch5.adb:
(Expand_Assign_Record): Do component-wise assignment of non-byte aligned
composites. This allows use of component clauses that are not byte
* sem_prag.adb:
(Analyze_Pragma, case Pack): Generate warning and ignore pack if there
is an attempt to pack an array of atomic objects.
* make.adb, prj-env.adb, Minor reformatting
2003-10-27 Pascal Obry <>
* g-dirope.adb:
(Basename): Check for drive letters in a pathname only on DOS based OS.
2003-10-27 Vincent Celier <>
* make.adb:
(Gnatmake): When unable to change dir to the object dir, display the
content of the parent dir of the obj dir, to try to understand why this
2003-10-27 GNAT Script <>
* Makefile automatically updated
2003-10-27 Ed Schonberg <>
* sem_ch12.adb:
(Inline_Instance_Body): Indicate that the save/restore of use_clauses
should not be done in Save/Restore_Scope_Stack, because it is performed
* sem_ch8.adb:
(Save_Scope_Stack, Restore_Scope_Stack): Add parameter to indicate
whether use clauses should be removed/restored.
(Save_Scope_Stack, Restore_Scope_Stack): Add parameter to indicate
whether use clauses should be removed/restored.
2003-10-26 Andreas Jaeger <>
* Remove duplicated lines.
2003-10-24 Arnaud Charlet <>
* (Gnat_Static_Version_String): New constant, used to
minimize the differences with ACT tree.
* gnatkr.adb, gnatlink.adb, gnatls.adb, gnatmake.adb,
gnatprep.adb, gnatpsta.adb, Take advantage of
Gnatvsn.Gnat_Static_Version_String to reduce differences between
ACT and FSF trees.
2003-10-24 Pascal Obry <>
* adadecode.c (ostrcpy): New function.
(__gnat_decode): Use ostrcpy of strcpy.
(has_prefix): Set first parameter a const.
(has_suffix): Set first parameter a const.
Update copyright notice. Fix source name in header.
Removes a trailing space.
PR ada/12014.
2003-10-24 Jose Ruiz <>
* exp_disp.adb:
Remove the test against being in No_Run_Time_Mode before generating a
call to Register_Tag. It is redundant with the test against the
availability of the function Register_Tag.
2003-10-24 Vincent Celier <>
* g-catiio.adb: (Month_Name): Correct spelling of February
* make.adb: (Mains): New package
(Initialize): Call Mains.Delete
(Gnatmake): Check that each main on the command line is a source of a
project file and, if there are several mains, each of them is a source
of the same project file.
(Gnatmake): When a foreign language is specified in attribute Languages,
no main is specified on the command line and attribute Mains is not
empty, only build the Ada main. If there is no Ada main, just compile
the Ada sources and their closure.
(Gnatmake): If a main is specified on the command line with directory
information, check that the source exists and, if it does, that the path
is the actual path of a source of a project.
* prj-env.adb:
(File_Name_Of_Library_Unit_Body): New Boolean parameter Full_Path. When
Full_Path is True, return the full path instead of the simple file name.
(Project_Of): New function
(File_Name_Of_Library_Unit_Body): New Boolean parameter Full_Path,
defaulted to False.
(Project_Of): New function
2003-10-24 Arnaud Charlet <>
* Makefile.generic:
Ensure objects of main project are always checked and rebuilt if needed.
Set CC to gcc by default.
Prepare new handling of link by creating a global archive (not activated
* adadecode.h, atree.h, elists.h, nlists.h, raise.h,
stringt.h: Update copyright notice. Remove trailing blanks.
Fix source name in header.
2003-10-24 Robert Dewar <>
* sem_ch12.adb: Minor reformatting
* sem_ch3.adb:
Minor reformatting (including new function return style throughout)
Minor reformatting (including new function return style throughout)
2003-10-24 Arnaud Charlet <>
* adadecode.h, atree.h, elists.h, nlists.h, raise.h,
stringt.h: Update copyright notice. Remove trailing blanks.
Fix source name in header.
2003-10-24 GNAT Script <>
* Makefile automatically updated
2003-10-23 Nathanael Nerode <>
* adadecode.h, atree.h, elists.h, namet.h, nlists.h, raise.h,
stringt.h: Convert to ISO C90 declarations and definitions.
2003-10-23 Thomas Quinot <>
PR ada/11978:
* exp_ch13.adb (Expand_N_Freeze_Entity): Do not consider inherited
External_Tag attribute definition clauses.
2003-10-23 Ed Schonberg <>
PR ada/7613:
* exp_dbug.adb (Debug_Renaming_Declaration): For the renaming of a
child unit, generate a fully qualified name to avoid spurious errors
when the context contains renamings of different child units with
the same simple name.
* Add documentation on name qualification for renamings
of child units.
2003-10-23 Robert Dewar <>
*, g-regpat.adb: Minor reformatting
2003-10-23 Jose Ruiz <>
* Use the file with the ZFP and cert run-times.
2003-10-23 Richard Kenner <>
* trans.c: (tree_transform, case N_Real_Literal): Add extra arg to
Machine call.
* urealp.h: (Machine): Update to proper definition.
2003-10-23 Arnaud Charlet <>
* init.c, adaint.c: Minor reformatting.
2003-10-23 Danny Smith <>
* adaint.c (w32_epoch_offset): Define static const at file level.
(win32_filetime): Replace offset with w32_epoch_offset. Use NULL
rather than t_create, t_access in call to GetFileTime. Use union
to convert between FILETIME and unsigned long long.
(__gnat_file_time_name): Test for invalid file handle.
(__gnat_set_filetime_name): Support win32 targets using
w32api SetFileTime.
2003-10-22 Danny Smith <>
* sysdep.c: Include conio.h if __MINGW32__ and !OLD_MINGW.
* ctrl_c.c (__gnat_int_handler): Remove declaration.
* decl.c (creat_concat_name): Const-ify prefix.
* adaint.c: Include ctype.h if __MINGW32__.
(__gnat_readlink): Mark arguments as possibly unused.
(__gnat_symlink): Likewise.
(__gnat_is_symbolic_link): Likewise.
(__gnat_portable_spawn): Likewise. Cast last arg of spawnvp to match
(__gnat_file_time_name): Don't declare struct stat statbuf when
not needed.
(__gnat_is_absolute_path): Add parenthesis around condition of
'if' statement to avoid warning.
(__gnat_plist_init): Specify void as parameter.
(plist_enter): Likewise.
(plist_leave): Likewise.
(remove_handle): Make static. Initialize prev.
2003-10-22 Arnaud Charlet <>
* Disable build of gnatpsta. PR ada/10110.
* cstreams.c (__gnat_full_name): Minor improvements and clean up
of previous change.
2003-10-22 Rainer Orth <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
* tracebak.c (MAX): Avoid redefinition warning.
* init.c [sgi] (__gnat_error_handler): Remove i, unused.
Change msg to const char *.
(__gnat_install_handler): Remove ss, unused.
[sun && __SVR4 && !__vxworks] (__gnat_error_handler): Change msg
to const char *.
* cstreams.c (__gnat_full_name): Declare p only when used.
(__gnat_full_name) [sgi] Return buffer.
2003-10-22 Arnaud Charlet <>
* mingw32.h: New file.
* gnat_wrapper.adb: New file.
2003-10-22 Jerome Roussel <>
*, g-regpat.adb (Match): new function, to know if a
string match a pre compiled regular expression (the corresponding
version of the function working on a raw regular expression)
Fix typos in various comments
Update copyright notice in spec
2003-10-21 Gary Dismukes <>
* exp_ch3.adb:
(Component_Needs_Simple_Initialization): Return False when the type is a
packed bit array. Revise spec comments to document this case.
* exp_prag.adb:
(Expand_Pragma_Import): Set any expression on the imported object to
empty to avoid initializing imported objects (in particular this
covers the case of zero-initialization of bit arrays).
Update copyright notice.
2003-10-21 Ed Schonberg <>
* sem_ch12.adb:
(Load_Parent_Of_Generic): If parent is compilation unit, stop search,
a subunit is missing.
(Instantiate_Subprogram_Body): If body of function is missing, set type
of return expression explicitly in dummy body, to prevent cascaded
errors when a subunit is missing.
Fixes PR 5677.
* sem_ch3.adb:
(Access_Subprogram_Declaration): Verify that return type is valid.
Fixes PR 8693.
* sem_elab.adb:
(Check_Elab_Calls): Do not apply elaboration checks if the main unit is
Fixes PR 12318.
* sem_util.adb:
(Corresponding_Discriminant): If the scope of the discriminant is a
private type without discriminant, use its full view.
Fixes PR 8247.
2003-10-21 Arnaud Charlet <>
*, 3veacodu.adb, 3vexpect.adb,,
3vsocthi.adb,, 3vtrasym.adb,,
3zsocthi.adb,,,,, 56osinte.adb,, 56taprop.adb,, 56tpopsp.adb,,,, 5aml-tgt.adb, 5bml-tgt.adb,,, 5fosinte.adb, 5gml-tgt.adb, 5hml-tgt.adb,, 5lparame.adb,,,
5sml-tgt.adb, 5sosprim.adb, 5stpopsp.adb,,, 5vml-tgt.adb, 5vsymbol.adb, 5vtraent.adb,, 5wml-tgt.adb,,,,, 5ytiitho.adb, 5zinit.adb,
5zml-tgt.adb,,, 5ztfsetr.adb,
5zthrini.adb, 5ztiitho.adb, 5ztpopsp.adb, 7stfsetr.adb,
7straces.adb, 7strafor.adb,, 7stratas.adb,
a-excach.adb, a-exexda.adb, a-exexpr.adb, a-exextr.adb,
a-exstat.adb, a-strsup.adb,, a-stwisu.adb,, bld.adb,, bld-io.adb,, clean.adb,, ctrl_c.c,
erroutc.adb,, errutil.adb,,, final.c, g-arrspl.adb,,
g-boubuf.adb,,, g-bubsor.adb,, g-comver.adb,,,
g-dynhta.adb,, g-eacodu.adb, g-excact.adb,, g-heasor.adb,, g-memdum.adb,, gnatclean.adb, gnatsym.adb, g-pehage.adb,,, gpr2make.adb,,
gprcmd.adb, gprep.adb,, g-semaph.adb,, g-string.adb,,,, i-vthrea.adb,, i-vxwoio.adb,, Makefile.generic, Makefile.prolog, Makefile.rtl,
prep.adb,, prepcomp.adb,,
prj-err.adb,,, s-carsi8.adb,, s-carun8.adb,, s-casi16.adb,, s-casi32.adb,, s-casi64.adb,, s-casuti.adb,, s-caun16.adb,, s-caun32.adb,, s-caun64.adb,, scng.adb,, s-exnint.adb,
s-exnllf.adb, s-exnlli.adb, s-expint.adb, s-explli.adb,
s-geveop.adb,,, s-htable.adb,, sinput-c.adb,,,
socket.c,, s-scaval.adb, s-stopoo.adb,
s-strcom.adb,, s-strxdr.adb,,
s-thread.adb,, s-tpae65.adb,,
s-tporft.adb, s-traent.adb,, styleg.adb,, styleg-c.adb,, s-veboop.adb,,, symbols.adb,,
tb-alvms.c, tb-alvxw.c, tempdir.adb,,, vms_conv.adb,,
vxaddr2line.adb: Files added. Merge with ACT tree.
*,,,,, 5etpopse.adb,, 5qosinte.adb,, 5qstache.adb, 5qtaprop.adb,,
5stpopse.adb, 5uintman.adb,, adafinal.c,
g-enblsp.adb, io-aux.c, scn-nlit.adb, scn-slit.adb,, s-exngen.adb,,,,,,,, s-expgen.adb,,,,,,,, style.adb: Files removed. Merge with ACT tree.
*,,,,,,,,,, 3wsocthi.adb,,,,,,,, 4hexcpol.adb,,,,,,,, 4vcaldel.adb, 4vcalend.adb,, 4wexcpol.adb,,,
51osinte.adb,, 52osinte.adb,,,, 5aosinte.adb,,, 5ataprop.adb,,,
5atpopsp.adb,, 5bosinte.adb,,,,, 5fintman.adb,,, 5ftaprop.adb,,
5ginterr.adb, 5gintman.adb, 5gmastop.adb,,,, 5gtaprop.adb,,
5gtpgetc.adb, 5hosinte.adb,,,
5htaprop.adb,, 5htraceb.adb, 5iosinte.adb,
5lintman.adb, 5lml-tgt.adb,,,, 5ninmaop.adb, 5nintman.adb,,
5ntaprop.adb,, 5ointerr.adb, 5omastop.adb,
5oosinte.adb,, 5oosprim.adb, 5oparame.adb,, 5otaprop.adb,,,
5posprim.adb,, 5sintman.adb, 5sosinte.adb,,, 5staprop.adb,,,,, 5vasthan.adb,
5vinmaop.adb, 5vinterr.adb, 5vintman.adb,,
5vmastop.adb, 5vosinte.adb,, 5vosprim.adb,, 5vtaprop.adb,, 5vtpopde.adb,, 5wgloloc.adb, 5wintman.adb, 5wmemory.adb,
5wosprim.adb,, 5wtaprop.adb,,, 5zinterr.adb, 5zintman.adb, 5zosinte.adb,, 5zosprim.adb,, 5ztaprop.adb,
6vcpp.adb, 6vcstrea.adb,, 7sinmaop.adb,
7sintman.adb, 7sosinte.adb, 7sosprim.adb, 7staprop.adb,, 7stpopsp.adb, 7straceb.adb, 9drpc.adb,
a-comlin.adb, adaint.c, adaint.h, ada-tree.def,
a-diocst.adb,, a-direio.adb, a-except.adb,, a-excpol.adb, a-exctra.adb,,
a-filico.adb, a-interr.adb, a-intsig.adb,,
ali.adb,, ali-util.adb,,
a-ngcefu.adb, a-ngcoty.adb, a-ngelfu.adb, a-nudira.adb,, a-nuflra.adb,, a-reatim.adb,,, a-sequio.adb, a-siocst.adb,, a-ssicst.adb,, a-strbou.adb,, a-strfix.adb, a-strmap.adb,,
a-strunb.adb,, a-ststio.adb, a-stunau.adb,, a-stwibo.adb,, a-stwifi.adb,
a-stwima.adb, a-stwiun.adb,, a-tags.adb,, a-tasatt.adb, a-taside.adb, a-teioed.adb,
a-textio.adb,, a-tienau.adb, a-tifiio.adb,
a-tiflau.adb, a-tiflio.adb, a-tigeau.adb,,
a-tiinau.adb, a-timoau.adb, a-tiocst.adb,,
atree.adb,, a-witeio.adb,,
a-wtcstr.adb,, a-wtdeio.adb, a-wtedit.adb,
a-wtenau.adb, a-wtflau.adb, a-wtinau.adb, a-wtmoau.adb,
bcheck.adb, binde.adb, bindgen.adb, bindusg.adb,
checks.adb,, cio.c, comperr.adb,, csets.adb, cstand.adb, cstreams.c,
debug_a.adb,, debug.adb, decl.c,
einfo.adb,, errout.adb,,
eval_fat.adb,, exp_aggr.adb, expander.adb,, exp_attr.adb, exp_ch11.adb, exp_ch13.adb,
exp_ch2.adb, exp_ch3.adb,, exp_ch4.adb,
exp_ch5.adb, exp_ch6.adb, exp_ch7.adb,,
exp_ch8.adb, exp_ch9.adb, exp_code.adb, exp_dbug.adb,, exp_disp.adb, exp_dist.adb, expect.c,
exp_fixd.adb, exp_imgv.adb, exp_intr.adb, exp_pakd.adb,
exp_prag.adb, exp_strm.adb,, exp_tss.adb,, exp_util.adb,, exp_vfpt.adb,
fe.h, fmap.adb,, fname.adb,, fname-uf.adb,, freeze.adb,, frontend.adb, g-awk.adb,,
g-busora.adb,, g-busorg.adb,,
g-casuti.adb,, g-catiio.adb,,
g-cgi.adb,, g-cgicoo.adb,,
g-cgideb.adb,, g-comlin.adb,,
g-crc32.adb,, g-debpoo.adb,,
g-debuti.adb,, g-diopit.adb,,
g-dirope.adb,, g-dyntab.adb,,, g-exctra.adb,, g-expect.adb,, g-hesora.adb,, g-hesorg.adb,, g-htable.adb,, gigi.h,
g-io.adb,, g-io_aux.adb,,
g-locfil.adb,, g-md5.adb,,
gmem.c, gnat1drv.adb, gnatbind.adb, gnatchop.adb,
gnatcmd.adb, gnatfind.adb, gnatkr.adb, gnatlbr.adb,
gnatlink.adb, gnatls.adb, gnatmake.adb, gnatmem.adb,
gnatname.adb, gnatprep.adb,, gnatpsta.adb,
gnatxref.adb, g-os_lib.adb,, g-regexp.adb,, g-regist.adb,, g-regpat.adb,,, g-socket.adb,,
g-speche.adb,, g-spipat.adb,,
g-spitbo.adb,,,,, g-table.adb,, g-tasloc.adb,, g-thread.adb,, g-traceb.adb,, g-trasym.adb,,,, i-cobol.adb, i-cpp.adb,,
i-cstrin.adb,, impunit.adb, init.c,
inline.adb,,, itypes.adb,,, lang.opt, lang-specs.h,
layout.adb, lib.adb,, lib-list.adb,
lib-load.adb,, lib-sort.adb, lib-util.adb,
lib-writ.adb,, lib-xref.adb,,
link.c, live.adb, make.adb,,
Makefile.adalib,,, makeusg.adb,
mdll.adb, mdll-fil.adb,, mdll-utl.adb,, memroot.adb,, memtrack.adb,
misc.c, mkdir.c, mlib.adb,,
mlib-fil.adb,, mlib-prj.adb,,
mlib-tgt.adb,, mlib-utl.adb,,
namet.adb,, namet.h,,
nlists.h, nmake.adt, opt.adb,,
osint.adb,, osint-b.adb, osint-c.adb,
par.adb, par-ch10.adb, par-ch11.adb, par-ch2.adb,
par-ch3.adb, par-ch4.adb, par-ch5.adb, par-ch6.adb,
par-ch9.adb, par-endh.adb, par-labl.adb, par-load.adb,
par-prag.adb, par-sync.adb, par-tchk.adb, par-util.adb,
prj.adb,, prj-attr.adb,,
prj-com.adb,, prj-dect.adb,,
prj-env.adb,, prj-ext.adb,,
prj-makr.adb,, prj-nmsc.adb,,
prj-pars.adb,, prj-part.adb,,
prj-pp.adb,, prj-proc.adb,,
prj-strt.adb,, prj-tree.adb,,
prj-util.adb,, raise.c, raise.h,
repinfo.adb, repinfo.h, restrict.adb,,, rtsfind.adb,,,
s-arit64.adb, s-assert.adb,, s-atacco.adb,, s-auxdec.adb,, s-bitops.adb,, scn.adb,, s-crc32.adb,, s-direio.adb, sem.adb,,
sem_aggr.adb, sem_attr.adb,, sem_case.adb,, sem_cat.adb,, sem_ch10.adb,
sem_ch11.adb, sem_ch12.adb,, sem_ch13.adb,, sem_ch3.adb,, sem_ch4.adb,
sem_ch5.adb,, sem_ch6.adb,,
sem_ch7.adb,, sem_ch8.adb,,
sem_ch9.adb, sem_disp.adb,, sem_dist.adb,
sem_elab.adb, sem_eval.adb,, sem_intr.adb,
sem_maps.adb, sem_mech.adb, sem_prag.adb,,
sem_res.adb,, sem_type.adb,,
sem_util.adb,, sem_warn.adb, s-errrep.adb,, s-exctab.adb,,,,,,,,, s-fatgen.adb,,,,, s-fileio.adb,, s-finimp.adb,, s-finroo.adb,, sfn_scan.adb, s-gloloc.adb,,
s-imgdec.adb, s-imgenu.adb, s-imgrea.adb, s-imgwch.adb,
sinfo.adb,,, sinput.adb,, sinput-d.adb, sinput-l.adb,,
sinput-p.adb,, s-interr.adb,,,, s-mastop.adb,,
s-memory.adb,, snames.adb,,
s-pooloc.adb,, s-poosiz.adb, sprint.adb,,, s-secsta.adb,,
s-sequio.adb, s-shasto.adb,,,
s-stache.adb,, s-stalib.adb,,,, s-stratt.adb,,
s-strops.adb,, s-taasde.adb,,
s-tadeca.adb,, s-tadert.adb,,
s-taenca.adb,, s-taprob.adb,,, s-tarest.adb,, s-tasdeb.adb,, s-tasinf.adb,, s-tasini.adb,, s-taskin.adb,, s-tasque.adb,, s-tasren.adb,,,
s-tassta.adb,, s-tasuti.adb,,
s-tataat.adb,, s-tpinop.adb,,
s-tpoben.adb,, s-tpobop.adb,,
s-tposen.adb,, s-traceb.adb,,
stringt.adb,, stringt.h,,
s-valrea.adb, s-valuti.adb, s-vercon.adb, s-vmexta.adb,,, s-widcha.adb, switch.adb,, switch-b.adb, switch-c.adb, switch-m.adb,
s-wwdcha.adb, s-wwdwch.adb, sysdep.c,,
table.adb,, targparm.adb,,
targtyps.c, tbuild.adb,, tracebak.c,
trans.c, tree_io.adb, treepr.adb, treeprs.adt,,, types.h, uintp.adb,, uintp.h, uname.adb, urealp.adb,, urealp.h, usage.adb, utils2.c,
utils.c, validsw.adb,, widechar.adb,
xeinfo.adb, xnmake.adb, xref_lib.adb,,
xr_tabls.adb,, xtreeprs.adb, xsnames.adb,
einfo.h, sinfo.h,,, nmake.adb, Merge with ACT tree.
* gnatvsn.adb: Rewritten in a simpler and more efficient way.
2003-10-20 Mark Mitchell <>
* ( Add dependency on stmp-docobjdir.
( Likewise.
( Likewise.
( Likewise.
( Likewise.
( Likewise.
* (ada.install-info): Remove target.
(info): New target.
(install-info): Likewise.
( Simplify rule.
( Likewise.
( Likewise.
( Likewise.
( Likewise.
( Likewise.
2003-10-14 Nathanael Nerode <>
* Replace uses of $(target_alias) with
* ada/ Remove unused mention of $(target_alias).
2003-10-06 Mark Mitchell <>
* ( Replace with ...
(info): ... this.
(ada.dvi): Replace with ...
(dvi): ... this.
2003-09-29 Zack Weinberg <>
* trans.c (gigi): Use REAL_ARITHMETIC, not REAL_VALUE_ATOF, to
initialize dconstp5 and dconstmp5.
2003-09-28 Richard Henderson <>
* trans.c (tree_transform): Update call to expand_asm_operands.
2003-09-21 Richard Henderson <>
* trans.c, utils.c: Revert.
2003-09-21 Richard Henderson <>
* trans.c, utils.c: Update for DECL_SOURCE_LOCATION rename and
change to const.
2003-09-04 Michael Matz <>
* misc.c: Include "target.h".
* (misc.o): Add dependency on target.h.
2003-09-03 DJ Delorie <>
* misc.c (default_pass_by_ref): Convert to calls.return_in_memory
2003-08-30 Zack Weinberg <>
* Update substitutions to match changes to
configure. Use include directives instead of @-insertions
to read in host and target fragments. Add a rule to
regenerate ada/Makefile.
2003-07-18 Neil Booth <>
* lang-options.h: Remove.
* lang.opt: Add help text.
2003-07-07 Nathan Sidwell <>
* trans.c (build_unit_elab, set_lineno): Adjust emit_line_note
2003-07-06 Neil Booth <>
* misc.c (gnat_handle_option): Don't handle filenames.
2003-07-04 H.J. Lu <>
* Replace PWD with PWD_COMMAND.
* Makefile.adalib: Likewise.
* Likewise.
2003-07-04 Matt Kraai <>
* misc.c (gnat_argv): Revert last change.
(gnat_handle_option, gnat_init_options): Copy arguments.
2003-07-03 Neil Booth <>
* misc.c (gnat_argv): Make const.
2003-07-02 Neil Booth <>
* misc.c (save_argc, save_argv): Keep non-static!
2003-07-02 Neil Booth <>
* misc.c (save_argc, save_argv): Make static.
(gnat_init_options): New prototype.
(gnat_init_options): Update.
2003-07-01 Matt Kraai <>
* gnat_ug.texi: Remove unlikely characters from @vars.
* gnat_ug_vms.texi: Regenerate.
2003-06-27 Nathan Sidwell <>
* misc.c (record_code_position): Adjust emit_note call.
2003-06-26 Neil Booth <>
* misc.c (gnat_handle_option): Don't check for missing arguments.
2003-06-20 Nathan Sidwell <>
* utils.c (end_subprog_body): Adjust expand_function_end call.
2003-06-16 Matt Kraai <>
* bindgen.adb (Gen_Main_Ada, Gen_Main_C): Do not test
2003-06-15 Neil Booth <>
* lang.opt: Declare Ada.
* misc.c (gnat_init_options): Update.
2003-06-14 Nathan Sidwell <>
* utils.c (begin_subprog_body): Adjust init_function_start call.
2003-06-14 Neil Booth <>
* Update to use options.c and options.h.
* misc.c: Include options.h not aoptions.h.
(gnat_handle_option): Abort on unrecognized switch.
(gnat_init_options): Request Ada switches.
2003-06-14 Neil Booth <>
* lang.opt: Add -Wall.
* misc.c (gnat_handle_option): Handle it.
2003-06-12 Neil Booth <>
* misc.c (gnat_handle_option): Fix warnings.
2003-06-11 Matt Kraai <>
* (gnatbind): Remove $(LIBIBERTY).
2003-06-11 Neil Booth <>
* Update to handle command-line options.
* lang.opt: New file.
* misc.c: Include aoptions.h.
(cl_options_count, cl_options): Remove.
(gnat_handle_option): New.
(gnat_decode_option): Remove.
2003-06-10 Nathanael Nerode <>
* init.c, misc.c, trans.c, utils.c: Remove dead code.
2003-06-09 Nathanael Nerode <>
* Replace "host_canonical" with "host" for autoconf
2003-06-08 Neil Booth <>
* Update.
* misc.c: Include opts.h. Define cl_options_count and cl_options.
2003-06-07 Neil Booth <>
* misc.c (gnat_init_options): Update.
2003-06-05 Matt Kraai <>
* (ada/b_gnatb.o-warn): Remove.
* bindgen.adb (Gen_Main_C): Mark ensure_reference with
__attribute__ ((__unused__)).
2003-06-05 Jan Hubicka <>
* Add support for stageprofile and stagefeedback
2003-06-05 Matt Kraai <>
* bindgen.adb (Gen_Adafinal_C, Gen_Adainit_C, Gen_Elab_Defs_C)
(Gen_Main_C, Gen_Output_File_C): Generate ISO C.
2003-06-04 Matt Kraai <>
* gnat_ug.texi (The GNAT Run-Time Library Builder gnatlbr):
Remove non-VMS directive.
(Switches for gnatlbr, Optimization Levels): Remove non-VMS
(Examples of gnatls Usage): Remove VMS alternative.
2003-06-04 Olivier Hainque <>
PR ada/9953:
* Remove pragma Linker_Option for pthreads library,
and turn ZCX_By_Default back to False since the underlying support
is not quite there yet.
2003-06-01 Andreas Jaeger <>
* utils.c (finish_record_type): Remove usages of ROUND_TYPE_SIZE
2003-05-22 Geert Bosch <>
* gnat_rm.texi : Remove reference to Ada Core Technologies.
2003-05-03 Nathan Sidwell <>
* trans.c (tree_transform): Use location_t and input_location
(build_unit_elab): Likewise.
* utils.c (create_label_decl): Likewise.
2003-05-01 Nathan Sidwell <>
* trans.c (tree_transform, build_unit_elab,
set_lineno): Rename lineno to input_line.
* utils.c (pushdecl, create_label_decl, begin_subprog_body,
end_subprog_body): Likewise.
* utils2.c (build_call_raise): Likewise.
2003-05-01 Laurent Guerby <>
PR ada/10546
* Increase pthread_cond_t size to match recent
LinuxThread and NPTL version, merge from ACT.
2003-04-28 Zack Weinberg <>
* utils.c (convert): No need to clear TREE_CST_RTL.
2003-04-23 Geert Bosch <>
* 1aexcept.adb,,, 1ssecsta.adb,,,,,,,,,,, 3wsocthi.adb,,,,,,,,, 4hexcpol.adb,,,,,,,,,,, 4vcaldel.adb, 4vcalend.adb,,, 4wcalend.adb, 4wexcpol.adb,,,, 4zsytaco.adb,, 51osinte.adb,, 52osinte.adb,,,,,
5amastop.adb, 5aosinte.adb,,,
5ataprop.adb,,, 5atpopsp.adb,, 5bosinte.adb,,,,,, 5etpopse.adb,
5fintman.adb,,, 5ftaprop.adb,, 5ginterr.adb, 5gintman.adb, 5gmastop.adb,, 5gproinf.adb,,,
5gtaprop.adb, 5gtasinf.adb,, 5gtpgetc.adb,
5htaprop.adb,, 5htraceb.adb, 5iosinte.adb,, 5itaprop.adb,,,, 5lintman.adb, 5lml-tgt.adb,,,,, 5ninmaop.adb,
5nintman.adb,, 5ntaprop.adb,,
5ointerr.adb, 5omastop.adb, 5oosinte.adb,,
5oosprim.adb, 5oparame.adb,, 5otaprop.adb,,, 5posprim.adb,,
5qosinte.adb,, 5qstache.adb, 5qtaprop.adb,, 5rosinte.adb,, 5rparame.adb,
5sintman.adb, 5sosinte.adb,, 5sparame.adb,, 5staprop.adb, 5stasinf.adb,,, 5stpopse.adb,,,
5uintman.adb,, 5vasthan.adb, 5vinmaop.adb,
5vinterr.adb, 5vintman.adb,, 5vmastop.adb,
5vosinte.adb,, 5vosprim.adb,,,, 5vtaprop.adb,,
5vtpopde.adb,, 5vvaflop.adb, 5wgloloc.adb,
5wintman.adb, 5wmemory.adb,, 5wosprim.adb,, 5wtaprop.adb,,,
5zinterr.adb, 5zintman.adb, 5zosinte.adb,,
5zosprim.adb,, 5ztaprop.adb, 6vcpp.adb,
6vcstrea.adb,, 7sinmaop.adb, 7sintman.adb,
7sosinte.adb, 7sosprim.adb, 7staprop.adb,,
7stpopsp.adb, 7straceb.adb, 86numaux.adb,,
9drpc.adb, a-astaco.adb,, a-caldel.adb,, a-calend.adb,, a-chahan.adb,,,,,
a-colien.adb,, a-colire.adb,,
a-decima.adb,, a-diocst.adb,,
a-direio.adb,, a-dynpri.adb,,
a-einuoc.adb,, a-except.adb,,
a-excpol.adb, a-exctra.adb,, a-filico.adb,, a-finali.adb,,,,, a-interr.adb,,, a-intsig.adb,,,,,,,,,,,,, a-ngcefu.adb,,
a-ngcoty.adb,, a-ngelfu.adb,,,,,,,,,,,, a-nudira.adb,,, a-nuflra.adb,,,, a-reatim.adb,, a-retide.adb,, a-sequio.adb,,,, a-siocst.adb,,,, a-ssicst.adb,,,,, a-storio.adb,,
a-strbou.adb,,, a-strfix.adb,,, a-strmap.adb,,
a-strsea.adb,, a-strunb.adb,,
a-ststio.adb,, a-stunau.adb,,
a-stwibo.adb,, a-stwifi.adb,,
a-stwima.adb,, a-stwise.adb,,
a-stwiun.adb,, a-suteio.adb,,, a-swuwti.adb,, a-sytaco.adb,, a-tags.adb,, a-tasatt.adb,, a-taside.adb,, a-teioed.adb,, a-textio.adb,, a-ticoau.adb,, a-ticoio.adb,, a-tideau.adb,, a-tideio.adb,, a-tienau.adb,, a-tienio.adb,, a-tifiio.adb,, a-tiflau.adb,, a-tiflio.adb,, a-tigeau.adb,, a-tiinau.adb,, a-tiinio.adb,, a-timoau.adb,, a-timoio.adb,, a-tiocst.adb,, a-titest.adb,,,, a-witeio.adb,, a-wtcoau.adb,, a-wtcoio.adb,, a-wtcstr.adb,, a-wtdeau.adb,, a-wtdeio.adb,, a-wtedit.adb,, a-wtenau.adb,, a-wtenio.adb,, a-wtfiio.adb,, a-wtflau.adb,, a-wtflio.adb,, a-wtgeau.adb,, a-wtinau.adb,, a-wtinio.adb,, a-wtmoau.adb,, a-wtmoio.adb,, a-wttest.adb,, ada-tree.h,, ada.h,
adadecode.c, adadecode.h, ali-util.adb,,
ali.adb,,, argv.c,
atree.adb,, atree.h, aux-io.c,
back_end.adb,, bcheck.adb,,
binde.adb,, binderr.adb,,
bindgen.adb,, bindusg.adb,,
butil.adb,, cal.c,,
casing.adb,, ceinfo.adb, checks.adb,, cio.c, comperr.adb,,, csets.adb,, csinfo.adb,
cstand.adb,, cuintp.c, debug.adb,, debug_a.adb,, dec-io.adb,,, deftarg.c,,
einfo.adb,, elists.adb,,
elists.h, errno.c, errout.adb,,
eval_fat.adb,, exit.c, exp_aggr.adb,, exp_attr.adb,,,
exp_ch11.adb,, exp_ch12.adb,,
exp_ch13.adb,, exp_ch2.adb,,
exp_ch3.adb,, exp_ch4.adb,,
exp_ch5.adb,, exp_ch6.adb,,
exp_ch7.adb,, exp_ch8.adb,,
exp_ch9.adb,, exp_code.adb,,
exp_dbug.adb,, exp_disp.adb,,
exp_dist.adb,, exp_fixd.adb,,
exp_imgv.adb,, exp_intr.adb,,
exp_pakd.adb,, exp_prag.adb,,
exp_smem.adb,, exp_strm.adb,,
exp_tss.adb,, exp_util.adb,,
exp_vfpt.adb,, expander.adb,,
fmap.adb,, fname-sf.adb,,
fname-uf.adb,, fname.adb,,
freeze.adb,, frontend.adb,,
g-awk.adb,, g-busora.adb,,
g-busorg.adb,, g-calend.adb,,
g-casuti.adb,, g-catiio.adb,,
g-cgi.adb,, g-cgicoo.adb,,
g-cgideb.adb,, g-comlin.adb,,
g-crc32.adb,,, g-debpoo.adb,, g-debuti.adb,, g-diopit.adb,, g-dirope.adb,, g-dyntab.adb,, g-enblsp.adb,, g-exctra.adb,, g-expect.adb,,,
g-hesora.adb,, g-hesorg.adb,,
g-htable.adb,, g-io.adb,,
g-io_aux.adb,,, g-md5.adb,, g-moreex.adb,, g-os_lib.adb,, g-regexp.adb,,,
g-regpat.adb,,, g-socket.adb,, g-socthi.adb,,,, g-speche.adb,, g-spipat.adb,, g-spitbo.adb,,,,, g-table.adb,,
g-tasloc.adb,, g-thread.adb,,
g-traceb.adb,, g-trasym.adb,,
get_targ.adb,, gnat-style.texi,,
gnat1drv.adb,, gnatbind.adb,,
gnatbl.c, gnatchop.adb, gnatcmd.adb,,
gnatdll.adb, gnatfind.adb, gnatkr.adb,,
gnatlbr.adb, gnatlink.adb,, gnatls.adb,, gnatmake.adb,, gnatmem.adb,
gnatname.adb,, gnatprep.adb,,
gnatpsta.adb, gnatvsn.adb,, gnatxref.adb,
hlo.adb,,, i-c.adb,,, i-cobol.adb,,
i-cpoint.adb,, i-cpp.adb,,
i-cstrea.adb,, i-cstrin.adb,,
i-fortra.adb,,, i-os2lib.adb,,,, i-pacdec.adb,,, impunit.adb,,
itypes.adb,, krunch.adb,,
layout.adb,, lib-list.adb, lib-load.adb,, lib-sort.adb, lib-util.adb,,
lib-writ.adb,, lib-xref.adb,,
lib.adb,, live.adb,,, make.adb,, makeusg.adb,, math_lib.adb, mdll-fil.adb,,
mdll-utl.adb,, mdll.adb,,
memroot.adb,, memtrack.adb, mlib-fil.adb,, mlib-prj.adb,, mlib-tgt.adb,, mlib-utl.adb,, mlib.adb,, namet.adb,, nlists.adb,, opt.adb,, osint-b.adb,, osint-c.adb,, osint-l.adb,, osint-m.adb,, osint.adb,, output.adb,, par-ch10.adb,
par-ch11.adb, par-ch12.adb, par-ch13.adb, par-ch2.adb,
par-ch3.adb, par-ch4.adb, par-ch5.adb, par-ch6.adb,
par-ch7.adb, par-ch8.adb, par-ch9.adb, par-endh.adb,
par-labl.adb, par-load.adb, par-prag.adb, par-sync.adb,
par-tchk.adb, par-util.adb, par.adb,,
prj-attr.adb,, prj-com.adb,,
prj-dect.adb,, prj-env.adb,,
prj-ext.adb,, prj-makr.adb,,
prj-nmsc.adb,, prj-pars.adb,,
prj-part.adb,, prj-pp.adb,,
prj-proc.adb,, prj-strt.adb,,
prj-tree.adb,, prj-util.adb,,
prj.adb,, repinfo.adb,,
restrict.adb,,, rtsfind.adb,, s-addima.adb,, s-arit64.adb,, s-assert.adb,, s-asthan.adb,, s-atacco.adb,, s-auxdec.adb,, s-bitops.adb,,,
s-crc32.adb,, s-direio.adb,,
s-errrep.adb,,, s-exctab.adb,,, s-exngen.adb,,,,,,,,,,, s-expgen.adb,,,,,,,
s-expllu.adb,, s-expmod.adb,,,,, s-expuns.adb,,, s-fatgen.adb,,,,,,
s-fileio.adb,, s-finimp.adb,,
s-finroo.adb,, s-fore.adb,,
s-gloloc.adb,, s-imgbiu.adb,,
s-imgboo.adb,, s-imgcha.adb,,
s-imgdec.adb,, s-imgenu.adb,,
s-imgint.adb,, s-imgllb.adb,,
s-imglld.adb,, s-imglli.adb,,
s-imgllu.adb,, s-imgllw.adb,,
s-imgrea.adb,, s-imguns.adb,,
s-imgwch.adb,, s-imgwiu.adb,,, s-interr.adb,,,
s-io.adb,,, s-mantis.adb,, s-mastop.adb,, s-memory.adb,,, s-pack03.adb,,
s-pack05.adb,, s-pack06.adb,,
s-pack07.adb,, s-pack09.adb,,
s-pack10.adb,, s-pack11.adb,,
s-pack12.adb,, s-pack13.adb,,
s-pack14.adb,, s-pack15.adb,,
s-pack17.adb,, s-pack18.adb,,
s-pack19.adb,, s-pack20.adb,,
s-pack21.adb,, s-pack22.adb,,
s-pack23.adb,, s-pack24.adb,,
s-pack25.adb,, s-pack26.adb,,
s-pack27.adb,, s-pack28.adb,,
s-pack29.adb,, s-pack30.adb,,
s-pack31.adb,, s-pack33.adb,,
s-pack34.adb,, s-pack35.adb,,
s-pack36.adb,, s-pack37.adb,,
s-pack38.adb,, s-pack39.adb,,
s-pack40.adb,, s-pack41.adb,,
s-pack42.adb,, s-pack43.adb,,
s-pack44.adb,, s-pack45.adb,,
s-pack46.adb,, s-pack47.adb,,
s-pack48.adb,, s-pack49.adb,,
s-pack50.adb,, s-pack51.adb,,
s-pack52.adb,, s-pack53.adb,,
s-pack54.adb,, s-pack55.adb,,
s-pack56.adb,, s-pack57.adb,,
s-pack58.adb,, s-pack59.adb,,
s-pack60.adb,, s-pack61.adb,,
s-pack62.adb,, s-pack63.adb,,
s-parame.adb,, s-parint.adb,,
s-pooglo.adb,, s-pooloc.adb,,
s-poosiz.adb,,, s-proinf.adb,, s-rpc.adb,,,
s-secsta.adb,, s-sequio.adb,,
s-shasto.adb,, s-soflin.adb,,
s-sopco3.adb,, s-sopco4.adb,,
s-sopco5.adb,, s-stache.adb,,
s-stalib.adb,, s-stoele.adb,,, s-stratt.adb,, s-strops.adb,, s-taasde.adb,, s-tadeca.adb,, s-tadert.adb,, s-taenca.adb,, s-taprob.adb,,,
s-tarest.adb,, s-tasdeb.adb,,
s-tasinf.adb,, s-tasini.adb,,
s-taskin.adb,, s-tasque.adb,,
s-tasren.adb,,, s-tassta.adb,, s-tasuti.adb,, s-tataat.adb,, s-tpinop.adb,, s-tpoben.adb,, s-tpobop.adb,, s-tposen.adb,, s-traceb.adb,, s-traces.adb,, s-tratas.adb,,,
s-vaflop.adb,, s-valboo.adb,,
s-valcha.adb,, s-valdec.adb,,
s-valenu.adb,, s-valint.adb,,
s-vallld.adb,, s-vallli.adb,,
s-valllu.adb,, s-valrea.adb,,
s-valuns.adb,, s-valuti.adb,,
s-valwch.adb,, s-vercon.adb,,
s-vmexta.adb,, s-wchcnv.adb,,, s-wchjis.adb,, s-wchstw.adb,, s-wchwts.adb,, s-widboo.adb,, s-widcha.adb,, s-widenu.adb,, s-widlli.adb,, s-widllu.adb,, s-widwch.adb,, s-wwdcha.adb,, s-wwdenu.adb,, s-wwdwch.adb,, scans.adb,, scn-nlit.adb,
scn-slit.adb, scn.adb,,,
sem.adb,, sem_aggr.adb,,
sem_attr.adb,, sem_case.adb,,
sem_cat.adb,, sem_ch10.adb,,
sem_ch11.adb,, sem_ch12.adb,,
sem_ch13.adb,, sem_ch2.adb,,
sem_ch3.adb,, sem_ch4.adb,,
sem_ch5.adb,, sem_ch6.adb,,
sem_ch7.adb,, sem_ch8.adb,,
sem_ch9.adb,, sem_disp.adb,,
sem_dist.adb,, sem_elab.adb,,
sem_elim.adb,, sem_eval.adb,,
sem_intr.adb,, sem_maps.adb,,
sem_mech.adb,, sem_prag.adb,,
sem_res.adb,, sem_smem.adb,,
sem_type.adb,, sem_util.adb,,
sem_vfpt.adb,, sem_warn.adb,,, sfn_scan.adb,, sinfo-cn.adb,, sinfo.adb,, sinput-d.adb,, sinput-l.adb,, sinput-p.adb,, sinput.adb,, snames.adb,, sprint.adb,, stand.adb,, stringt.adb,, style.adb,, stylesw.adb,, switch-b.adb,, switch-c.adb,, switch-m.adb,, switch.adb,,,
table.adb,, targparm.adb,,
tbuild.adb,,, trans.c,
tree_gen.adb,, tree_in.adb,,
tree_io.adb,, treepr.adb,,,, types.adb,,
uintp.adb,, uname.adb,,,, urealp.adb,,
usage.adb,, validsw.adb,,
widechar.adb,, xeinfo.adb, xnmake.adb,
xr_tabls.adb,, xref_lib.adb,,
xsinfo.adb, xsnames.adb, xtreeprs.adb : Merge header,
formatting and other trivial changes from ACT.
2003-04-12 Zack Weinberg <>
* gigi.h, utils2.c (build_constructor):
Rename gnat_build_constructor. Use build_constructor.
* decl.c (gnat_to_gnu_entity)
* trans.c (tree_transform, pos_to_constructor, extract_values)
* ada/utils.c (build_template, convert_to_fat_pointer, convert)
* ada/utils2.c (build_binary_op, build_call_raise, build_allocator)
Update to match.
2003-04-06 Zack Weinberg <>
* ada-tree.def: Make fourth element for GNAT_LOOP_ID zero.
* misc.c (gnat_tree_size): New function.
2003-04-03 Jason Merrill <>
* misc.c (gnat_adjust_rli): #if 0.
2003-03-31 Geert Bosch <>
PR ada/10020
* link.c : Fix misspelled "const" keyword
2003-03-23 Mark Mitchell <>
PR c++/7086
* utils2.c: Adjust calls to put_var_into_stack.
2003-03-12 Nathanael Nerode <>
*,, GCC, not GNU CC.
2003-03-08 Neil Booth <>
* misc.c (gnat_init): Update for new prototype.
2003-03-05 Olivier Hainque <>
* raise.c (__gnat_Unwind_RaiseException): Add prototype to avoid
warning, and fix return type for the IN_RTS && !SJLJ case.
2003-03-04 Tom Tromey <>
* (ada.tags): New target.
2003-03-04 Olivier Hainque <>
* a-except.adb (Unwind_RaiseException): Import a GNAT specific
wrapper, which name remains constant whatever underlying GCC
* raise.c (__gnat_Unwind_RaiseException): New wrappers, providing
the stable interface needed for a-except.
2003-03-02 Andreas Jaeger <>
* gnat_ug_unx.texi, gnat_ug_vms.texi, gnat_ug_vxw.texi,
gnat_ug_wnt.texi: Regenerate.
2003-03-02 Laurent Guerby <>
* (install-gnatlib): Match previous change there
so it works.
2003-02-28 Andreas Schwab <>
* (install-gnatlib): Change to ada directory before
running make instead of using ada/Makefile directly.
2003-02-18 Ben Elliston <>
Part of fix for PR ada/9406
* gnat_ug.texi (Binder output file): Grammar fix.
2003-02-18 Ben Elliston <>
PR other/7350
* 5qtaprop.adb (Sleep): Fix typo in comment.
2003-02-04 Joseph S. Myers <>
* gnat_rm.texi, gnat_ug.texi: Update to GFDL 1.2.
* gnat_ug_unx.texi, gnat_ug_vms.texi, gnat_ug_vxw.texi,
gnat_ug_wnt.texi: Regenerate.
2003-02-03 Christian Cornelssen <>
* (ada.install-info): Let $(DESTDIR)$(infodir)
be created if necessary.
(ada.install-common): Let $(DESTDIR)$(bindir) be created
if necessary. Remove erroneous and redundant gnatchop
installation commands. Test for gnatdll before attempting
to install it.
(ada.uninstall): Also uninstall gnatfind, gnatxref, gnatlbr,
and gnatdll from all plausible locations.
2003-02-01 Richard Sandiford <>
* utils2.c (build_unary_op): Don't check flag_volatile.
* gnat_ug.texi: Remove -fvolatile from example.
* gnat_ug_vxw.texi: Likewise.
2003-01-29 Laurent Guerby <>
PR ada/8344
* final.c: rename to adafinal.c to avoid file name conflicts with gcc file.
* match previous change.
* match previous change.
2003-01-29 Joel Sherrill <>
* 5rtpopsp.adb: New file.
* Do not build gnatpsta and gnatpsys when cross.
* Recognize more RTEMS targets and add the RTEMS
specific file 5rtpopsp.adb.
* adaint.h: Add include of <stdio.h> when target is RTEMS. This
is likely needed for all newlib targets.
* init.c: Add RTEMS specific version of __gnat_initialize().
2003-01-28 Rainer Orth <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
* adaint.c, adaint.h, gmem.c, init.c: Update copyright year.
2003-01-27 Rainer Orth <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
* init.c (__gnat_error_handler): Make msg const.
* gmem.c (convert_addresses): Move declaration ...
* adaint.h: ... here.
* adaint.c (convert_addresses): Adapt addrs type to match
* adaint.c (__gnat_try_lock): Cast pid_t to long, adapt format.
2003-01-24 Andreas Schwab <>
* ada-tree.h (SET_TYPE_DIGITS_VALUE): Add intermediate cast to
size_t to avoid warning.
2003-01-21 Zack Weinberg <>
* Disable -Werror for tracebak.c and b_gnatb.c.
2003-01-09 Geoffrey Keating <>
* gnat_rm.texi: Remove RCS version number.
* ada-tree.h (union lang_tree_node): Add chain_next option.
2003-01-09 Christian Cornelssen <>
* (ada.install-info, ada.install-common,
ada.uninstall): Prepend $(DESTDIR) to the destination
directory in all (un)installation commands.
* (install-gnatlib, install-rts): Ditto.
2002-12-28 Joseph S. Myers <>
* gnat_rm.texi, gnat_ug.texi: Use @copying.
* gnat_ug_unx.texi, gnat_ug_vms.texi, gnat_ug_vxw.texi,
gnat_ug_wnt.texi: Regenerate.
2002-12-23 Joseph S. Myers <>
* gnat_rm.texi: Include gcc-common.texi. Use GCC version number
* ($(srcdir)/ada/,
$(srcdir)/ada/, $(srcdir)/ada/,
$(srcdir)/ada/, $(srcdir)/ada/,
ada/gnat_ug_unx.dvi, ada/gnat_ug_vms.dvi, ada/gnat_ug_vxw.dvi,
ada/gnat_ug_wnt.dvi, ada/gnat_rm.dvi): Depend on
2002-12-15 Geert Bosch <>
* sem_ch6.adb (Analyze_Subprogram_Body): Fix typo and formatting
2002-12-14 Geert Bosch <>
* sem_ch6.adb (Analyze_Subprogram_Body): Recognize additional
case of a body created for a Renaming_As_Body, on which
conformance checks are not performed. Fixes PR ada/5690.
2002-11-30 Zack Weinberg <>
* cuintp.c, decl.c, deftarg.c, misc.c, targtyps.c, trans.c,
utils.c, utils2.c: Include coretypes.h and tm.h, and system.h when
not already included.
* Update dependencies.
2002-11-18 Nathanael Nerode <>
* adaint.c (__gnat_tmp_name): Better, but good enough for now,
solution to buffer overflow bug on GNU/Linux.
2002-11-14 Nathanael Nerode <>
Closes PR ada/5856 and PR ada/6919 !
* bindgen.adb: Remove all references to Public_Version.
* comperr.adb: Remove all references to Public_Version and
GNATPRO_Version; correct bug reporting instructions.
* Change to match bug box.
* Remove all references to Public version and
GNATPRO version.
2002-11-13 Nathanael Nerode <>
PR ada/6919
* adaint.c (__gnat_tmp_name): Remove buffer overflow bug on
PR ada/6558
* Remove diff_excludes.
2002-11-05 Graham Stott <>
PR ada/8358
* trans.c (gnu_pending_elaboration_lists): New GC root.
(build_unit_elab): Use..
2002-10-30 Geert Bosch <>
PR ada/6558
* misc.c : Include optabs.h
* (misc.o): Add dependency on optabs.h
2002-10-29 Geert Bosch <>
PR ada/6558
* (gnatbind): Depend on CONFIG_H
2002-10-29 Geert bosch <>
PR ada/6558
* misc.c: Unrevert misc.c (1.13)
2002-10-28 Nathanael Nerode <>
* a-dynpri.adb a-retide.adb: Update
maintainership comments.
2002-09-25 Nathanael Nerode <>
PR ada/5904
* 5ataprop.adb 5atpopsp.adb 5bosinte.adb 5ftaprop.adb
5gtaprop.adb 5htaprop.adb 5staprop.adb
5stpopse.adb 5zintman.adb 5ztaprop.adb
7staprop.adb: Correct statements in comments about
maintainership of GNAT.
PR ada/5904
* 1ssecsta.adb adadecode.c adadecode.h aux-io.c
gnatname.adb mkdir.c osint-b.adb
osint-c.adb osint-l.adb osint-m.adb prj-makr.adb prj-pp.adb s-traceb.adb s-traces.adb s-tratas.adb sinput-d.adb switch-b.adb switch-c.adb switch-m.adb Correct statements in
comments about maintainership of GNAT.
PR ada/6919 (forward port of patch for PR ada/5904)
* 1aexcept.adb 4hexcpol.adb
4vcalend.adb 4wcalend.adb 4wexcpol.adb 4zsytaco.adb 51osinte.adb 52osinte.adb
5ginterr.adb 5gmastop.adb 5gproinf.adb 5gtasinf.adb
5ninmaop.adb 5nintman.adb
5oosprim.adb 5oparame.adb
5posprim.adb 5rparame.adb
5sintman.adb 5sparame.adb
5stasinf.adb 5vasthan.adb 5vinterr.adb 5vosprim.adb 5vtpopde.adb 5vvaflop.adb 5wintman.adb 5wmemory.adb 5wosprim.adb 5wtaprop.adb 5zinterr.adb 5zosinte.adb 5zosprim.adb 6vcpp.adb 6vcstrea.adb
7sosprim.adb 86numaux.adb 9drpc.adb a-astaco.adb a-calend.adb a-chahan.adb a-colien.adb a-colire.adb a-comlin.adb
a-decima.adb a-diocst.adb
a-direio.adb a-einuoc.adb
a-except.adb a-excpol.adb a-exctra.adb a-filico.adb a-finali.adb a-intsig.adb
a-ngcefu.adb a-ngcoty.adb a-ngelfu.adb
a-nudira.adb a-nuflra.adb a-sequio.adb a-siocst.adb a-ssicst.adb a-storio.adb a-strbou.adb a-strfix.adb
a-strmap.adb a-strsea.adb
a-strunb.adb a-ststio.adb
a-stunau.adb a-stwibo.adb
a-stwifi.adb a-stwima.adb a-stwise.adb a-stwiun.adb a-suteio.adb a-swuwti.adb
a-sytaco.adb a-tags.adb
a-taside.adb a-teioed.adb
a-textio.adb a-ticoau.adb
a-ticoio.adb a-tideau.adb
a-tideio.adb a-tienau.adb
a-tienio.adb a-tifiio.adb
a-tiflau.adb a-tiflio.adb
a-tigeau.adb a-tiinau.adb
a-tiinio.adb a-timoau.adb
a-timoio.adb a-tiocst.adb
a-titest.adb a-witeio.adb a-wtcoau.adb a-wtcoio.adb a-wtcstr.adb
a-wtdeau.adb a-wtdeio.adb
a-wtedit.adb a-wtenau.adb
a-wtenio.adb a-wtfiio.adb
a-wtflau.adb a-wtflio.adb
a-wtgeau.adb a-wtinau.adb
a-wtinio.adb a-wtmoau.adb a-wtmoio.adb a-wttest.adb ada-tree.def ada-tree.h ada.h
adaint.c adaint.h ali-util.adb ali.adb argv.c atree.adb atree.h back_end.adb bcheck.adb binde.adb
binderr.adb bindgen.adb bindusg.adb butil.adb cal.c casing.adb
ceinfo.adb checks.adb cio.c comperr.adb
csets.adb csinfo.adb cstand.adb
cstreams.c cuintp.c debug.adb debug_a.adb dec-io.adb decl.c deftarg.c
einfo.adb einfo.h elists.adb elists.h
errno.c errout.adb eval_fat.adb exit.c
exp_aggr.adb exp_attr.adb exp_ch11.adb exp_ch12.adb exp_ch13.adb exp_ch2.adb
exp_ch3.adb exp_ch4.adb exp_ch5.adb exp_ch6.adb exp_ch7.adb
exp_ch8.adb exp_ch9.adb exp_code.adb exp_dbug.adb exp_disp.adb exp_dist.adb exp_fixd.adb exp_imgv.adb exp_intr.adb exp_pakd.adb exp_prag.adb exp_smem.adb exp_strm.adb exp_tss.adb exp_util.adb
exp_vfpt.adb expander.adb fe.h
final.c fmap.adb fname-sf.adb
fname-uf.adb fname.adb freeze.adb frontend.adb g-comlin.adb
g-debpoo.adb g-locfil.adb
g-regist.adb get_targ.adb gigi.h
gmem.c gnat1drv.adb gnat_ug.texi gnatbind.adb gnatbl.c gnatcmd.adb gnatdll.adb
gnatfind.adb gnatkr.adb gnatlbr.adb gnatlink.adb gnatls.adb gnatmake.adb
gnatmem.adb gnatprep.adb gnatpsta.adb
gnatxref.adb hlo.adb i-c.adb
i-cobol.adb i-cpoint.adb i-cpp.adb i-cstrea.adb i-cstrin.adb
i-fortra.adb i-os2lib.adb i-pacdec.adb
impunit.adb init.c inline.adb io-aux.c
itypes.adb krunch.adb lang-options.h
lang-specs.h layout.adb lib-list.adb lib-load.adb lib-sort.adb lib-util.adb
lib-writ.adb lib-xref.adb lib.adb link.c live.adb make.adb makeusg.adb math_lib.adb mdll.adb memtrack.adb misc.c
namet.adb namet.h nlists.adb nlists.h
nmake.adb nmake.adt opt.adb osint.adb output.adb par-ch10.adb par-ch11.adb
par-ch12.adb par-ch13.adb par-ch2.adb par-ch3.adb par-ch4.adb
par-ch5.adb par-ch6.adb par-ch7.adb par-ch8.adb par-ch9.adb
par-endh.adb par-labl.adb par-load.adb par-prag.adb
par-sync.adb par-tchk.adb par-util.adb par.adb
prj-attr.adb prj-com.adb prj-dect.adb prj-env.adb prj-ext.adb
prj-nmsc.adb prj-pars.adb
prj-part.adb prj-proc.adb
prj-strt.adb prj-tree.adb
prj-util.adb prj.adb raise.c raise.h
repinfo.adb repinfo.h restrict.adb rtsfind.adb s-addima.adb
s-arit64.adb s-assert.adb
s-asthan.adb s-atacco.adb s-auxdec.adb s-bitops.adb
s-direio.adb s-exctab.adb s-exngen.adb s-expgen.adb
s-expllu.adb s-expmod.adb s-expuns.adb s-fatgen.adb
s-fileio.adb s-finimp.adb
s-finroo.adb s-fore.adb s-imgbiu.adb s-imgboo.adb s-imgcha.adb s-imgdec.adb s-imgenu.adb s-imgint.adb s-imgllb.adb s-imglld.adb s-imglli.adb s-imgllu.adb s-imgllw.adb s-imgrea.adb s-imguns.adb s-imgwch.adb s-imgwiu.adb s-interr.adb s-io.adb s-mantis.adb s-memory.adb
s-pack03.adb s-pack05.adb
s-pack06.adb s-pack07.adb
s-pack09.adb s-pack10.adb
s-pack11.adb s-pack12.adb
s-pack13.adb s-pack14.adb
s-pack15.adb s-pack17.adb
s-pack18.adb s-pack19.adb
s-pack20.adb s-pack21.adb
s-pack22.adb s-pack23.adb
s-pack24.adb s-pack25.adb
s-pack26.adb s-pack27.adb
s-pack28.adb s-pack29.adb
s-pack30.adb s-pack31.adb
s-pack33.adb s-pack34.adb
s-pack35.adb s-pack36.adb
s-pack37.adb s-pack38.adb
s-pack39.adb s-pack40.adb
s-pack41.adb s-pack42.adb
s-pack43.adb s-pack44.adb
s-pack45.adb s-pack46.adb
s-pack47.adb s-pack48.adb
s-pack49.adb s-pack50.adb
s-pack51.adb s-pack52.adb
s-pack53.adb s-pack54.adb
s-pack55.adb s-pack56.adb
s-pack57.adb s-pack58.adb
s-pack59.adb s-pack60.adb
s-pack61.adb s-pack62.adb
s-pack63.adb s-parame.adb
s-parint.adb s-pooglo.adb
s-pooloc.adb s-poosiz.adb s-proinf.adb s-rpc.adb s-secsta.adb s-sequio.adb s-shasto.adb s-soflin.adb s-sopco3.adb s-sopco4.adb s-sopco5.adb s-stache.adb s-stalib.adb s-stoele.adb s-stratt.adb s-strops.adb
s-tasdeb.adb s-tasinf.adb s-tpinop.adb s-vaflop.adb
s-valboo.adb s-valcha.adb
s-valdec.adb s-valenu.adb
s-valint.adb s-vallld.adb
s-vallli.adb s-valllu.adb
s-valrea.adb s-valuns.adb
s-valuti.adb s-valwch.adb
s-vercon.adb s-vmexta.adb
s-wchcnv.adb s-wchjis.adb s-wchstw.adb s-wchwts.adb s-widboo.adb s-widcha.adb s-widenu.adb s-widlli.adb s-widllu.adb s-widwch.adb s-wwdcha.adb s-wwdenu.adb s-wwdwch.adb scans.adb
scn-nlit.adb scn-slit.adb scn.adb sem.adb sem_aggr.adb sem_attr.adb
sem_case.adb sem_cat.adb sem_ch10.adb sem_ch11.adb sem_ch12.adb sem_ch13.adb sem_ch2.adb
sem_ch3.adb sem_ch4.adb sem_ch5.adb sem_ch6.adb sem_ch7.adb
sem_ch8.adb sem_ch9.adb sem_disp.adb sem_dist.adb sem_elab.adb sem_elim.adb sem_eval.adb sem_intr.adb sem_maps.adb sem_mech.adb sem_prag.adb sem_res.adb sem_smem.adb
sem_type.adb sem_util.adb
sem_vfpt.adb sem_warn.adb
sfn_scan.adb sinfo-cn.adb sinfo.adb sinfo.h sinput-l.adb sinput-p.adb sinput.adb snames.adb
snames.h sprint.adb stand.adb stringt.adb stringt.h style.adb stylesw.adb switch.adb sysdep.c
table.adb targparm.adb targtyps.c
tbuild.adb trans.c tree_gen.adb
tree_in.adb tree_io.adb treepr.adb treeprs.adt
types.adb types.h uintp.adb uintp.h
uname.adb urealp.adb urealp.h usage.adb utils.c utils2.c validsw.adb
widechar.adb xeinfo.adb xnmake.adb xr_tabls.adb xref_lib.adb xsinfo.adb xsnames.adb
xtreeprs.adb: Correct statements in comments about maintainership
of GNAT.
2002-09-23 Zack Weinberg <>
* (EXTRA_GNATBIND_OBJS): Add version.o.
* (TOOLS_LIBS): Add ../../version.o.
* Gnat_Version_String is now a function.
* gnatvsn.adb: New file. When asked for Gnat_Version_String,
copy the C version_string into a String and return it.
* gnatcmd.adb, gnatkr.adb, gnatlbr.adb, gnatlink.adb,
gnatls.adb,gnatmake.adb, gnatprep.adb, gnatpsta.adb:
Remove pragma Ident (Gnat_Version_String). If this was the
sole use of package Gnatvsn, remove the with statement too.
* gnat1drv.adb: Tweak -gnatv output.
2002-09-17 Richard Henderson <>
* trans.c (tree_transform): Use real_ldexp not REAL_VALUE_LDEXP.
* config/dsp16xx/ (fixuns_trunchfhi2): Use real_2expN.
* config/mips/ (fixuns_truncdfsi2): Likewise.
(fixuns_truncdfdi2, fixuns_truncsfsi2, fixuns_truncsfdi2): Likewise.
* config/m68k/m68k.c (floating_exact_log2): Use real_exponent
and real_2expN instead of a loop.
* doc/tm.texi (REAL_VALUE_LDEXP): Remove.
2002-08-25 Andre Leis <>
David Billinghurst (>
* sysdep.c (__gnat_ttyname): include <termios.h> on cygwin
2002-08-13 Rainer Orth <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
* (gnatbind$(exeext)): Link with $(SYSLIBS).
Remove $(CONFIG_H) dependency.
2002-08-08 Nathan Sidwell <>
* ada/ (ada.mostlyclean): Remove coverage files.
2002-07-29 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* adadecode.c (ada_demangle): Use xstrdup in lieu of
* misc.c (gnat_decode_option): Likewise.
2002-07-15 Florian Weimer <>
* make.adb (Add_Switch): Make Generic_Position a procedure. The
function approach did not work well because of a side effect (the
function call could reallocate the table which was being indexed
using its result). Fixes ada/4851. [RESURRECTED]
2002-07-01 Roger Sayle <>
* ada/utils.c (builtin_function): Accept an additional parameter.
2002-06-28 Andreas Jaeger <>
PR ada/7144
* Fix typo in comment, patch by Adrian Knoth
2002-06-24 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* (SHELL): Set to @SHELL@.
2002-06-20 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* utils.c (init_gigi_decls): Use ARRAY_SIZE in lieu of explicit
array size calculation.
2002-06-04 Andreas Jaeger <>
* (gnatbind): Readd rule that has been lost in last
2002-06-03 Geoffrey Keating <>
Merge from pch-branch:
* (gtfiles): Add ada-tree.h.
* ada-tree.h (SET_TYPE_CI_CO_LIST): New.
(TREE_LOOP_ID): Correct typo.
* decl.c: Use new macros.
* utils.c: Include debug.h, use new macros.
* utils2.c: Use new macros.
* ada-tree.h: Update all macros for new tree description.
(struct tree_loop_id): New.
(union lang_tree_node): New.
(struct lang_decl): New.
(struct lang_type): New.
* misc.c (gnat_mark_tree): Delete.
* trans.c (tree_transform): No longer any need to cast
* utils.c (struct language_function): New dummy structure.
* (decl.o): gt-ada-<filename.h> is in objdir, not srcdir.
(misc.o): Likewise.
(utils.o): Likewise; also gtype-ada.h.
* (gnat1): Add dependency on s-gtype.
(gnatbind): Add dependency on $(CONFIG_H).
* utils.c: Correct last #include.
(stuct e_stack): Remove unnecessary 'static'.
(mark_e_stack): Remove unused prototype.
* scn-nlit.adb: Remove whitespace after version number to
keep lines under 80 chars.
* snames.adb: Likewise.
* Likewise.
* (decl.o): Include gt-ada-<filename>.h.
(misc.o): Likewise.
(utils.o): Include gt-ada-<filename>.h and gtype-ada.h.
* (gtfiles): New.
* decl.c: Use gengtype for roots.
* gigi.h: Use gengtype for roots.
* trans.c: Use gengtype for roots.
* utils.c: Use gengtype for roots, marking. Include gtype-ada.h.
2002-06-02 Gabriel Dos Reis <>
* misc.c (gnat_init): Adjust setting of internal_error_function.
2002-06-01 Joseph S. Myers <>
* gnat_ug.texi: Use @ifnottex instead of @ifinfo.
* gnat_ug_unx.texi, gnat_ug_vms.texi, gnat_ug_vxw.texi,
gnat_ug_wnt.texi: Regenerate.
2002-05-31 Florian Weimer <>
* 5ntaprop.adb (with System.OS_Primitives): Remove.
* cstreams.c (max_path_len): Move from here ...
* adaint.c (__gnat_max_path_len): ... to here.
* adaint.c (__gnat_max_path_len): Declare.
* g-dirope.adb (Max_Path): Adjust.
* g-os_lib.adb (Normalize_Pathname.Max_Path): Adjust.
* (max_path_len): Adjust.
* osint.adb (Get_RTS_Search_Dir.Max_Path): Adjust.
* xr_tabls.adb (Dir_Name.Max_Path: Adjust.
*, Documentation is now built in Store Info and generated Texinfo files in the
source directory.
* gnat_ug.texi: Remove CVS keywords, correct version number.
Set file name correctly.
* gnat_ug_*.texi: Add.
* .cvsignore: Ignore generated Texinfo files.
2002-05-30 Zack Weinberg <>
* ada.h: Add MI guard macro.
(SUBTYPE): Define constants with an anonymous enum, not static
const variables.
(IN): Cast constants to appropriate type before use.
2002-05-26 Joseph S. Myers <>
* (Gnat_Version_String): Change to "3.2 20020526
2002-05-23 Rainer Orth <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
* (CP, ECHO): Copy from
(ALL_ADA_CFLAGS): Likewise.
(ADA_INCLUDES): Likewise.
Adapt for new working dir.
(GNATBIND): Use version.
(.SUFFIXES): Copy from
(ada-warn): Define.
(.adb.o, .ads.o): Copy from
(GNAT1_C_OBJS): Moved from
Prefix with ada subdir.
(EXTRA_GNAT1_OBJS): Moved from
Adapt for new working dir.
(ADA_BACKEND): Moved from
Renamed to avoid conflict with global BACKEND.
Use that one.
(TARGET_ADA_SRCS): Moved from
(gnat1$(exeext)): Replaced recursive rule with version.
(gnatbind$(exeext)): Replaced recursive rule with version.
(ada_extra_files): Moved from
Prefix with ada subdir.
(ada/b_gnat1.c, ada/b_gnat1.o, ada/b_gnatb.c, ada/b_gnatb.o): Likewise.
(ada/, ada/einfo.h, ada/sinfo.h, ada/nmake.adb): Likewise.
(ada/ Likewise.
(update-sources): Moved from
Prefix with ada subdir.
(ada/sdefault.adb, ada/stamp-sdefault, ada/sdefault.o): Likewise.
(ADA_TREE_H): Likewise.
(ada/a-except.o, ada/s-assert.o, ada/s-memory.o): Likewise.
(ada/memtrack.o): Likewise.
(ada/adadecode.o): Likewise.
Update dependencies.
(ada/adaint.o): New.
(ada/argv.o): Moved from
Prefix with ada subdir.
Update dependencies.
(ada/cstreams.o, ada/exit.o, ada/final.o, ada/link.o): Likewise.
(ada/cio.o, ada/init.o, ada/raise.o, ada/tracebak.o): Likewise.
(ada/cuintp.o, ada/decl.o, ada/misc.o): Moved from
Prefix with ada subdir.
(ada/targtyps.o, ada/trans.o, ada/utils.o, ada/utils2.o): Likewise.
* (MACHMODE_H, RTL_H, TREE_H): Removed, provided by
(GNATBIND_OBJS): Likewise.
(BACKEND): Removed.
(../gnat1$(exeext), ../gnatbind$(exeext)): Likewise.
(TREE_H): Likewise.
(ada_extra_files): Likewise.
(b_gnat1.c, b_gnat1.o, b_gnatb.c, b_gnatb.o): Likewise.
(, einfo.h, sinfo.h, nmake.adb, Likewise.
(update-sources): Likewise.
(sdefault.adb, stamp-sdefault, sdefault.o): Likewise
(ADA_TREE_H): Likewise.
(adadecoce.o): Likewise.
(cuintp.o, decl.o, misc.o, trans.o, utils.o, utils2.o): Likewise.
2002-05-16 Rainer Orth <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
* Makefile.adalib: Allow for PWDCMD to override hardcoded pwd.
* Likewise.
2002-05-14 Rainer Orth <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
* (gnat1$(exeext), gnatbind$(exeext), gnattools):
Restore $(CONFIG_H) and prefix.o dependencies.
(ada.stage[1-4]): Depend on stage?-start.
* (b_gnatb.c): Depend on interfac.o.
2002-05-02 Jim Wilson <>
* utils.c (finish_record_type): Change record_size to record_type.
2001-05-02 John David Anglin <>
* ada/ (X_ADA_CFLAGS, T_ADA_CFLAGS): New fragment overrides.
ALL_ADAFLAGS, MOST_ADAFLAGS, and all compilations using CC.
2002-04-25 Neil Booth <>
* misc.c (gnat_parse_file): Update.
2002-04-24 Neil Booth <>
* misc.c (gnat_init): Don't set lang_attribute_common.
2002-04-21 Joseph S. Myers <>
* gnat_rm.texi: Use @ifnottex instead of @ifinfo.
2002-04-21 Florian Weimer <>
* gnat_ug.texi: New file.
* gnat_rm.texi: Do not include texiplus.texi. Include fdl.texi
instead of gfdl.texi
* xgnatug.adb, ug_words: New files.
* (doc, dvi): New targets. Build gnat_ug_*,
gnat_rm and gnat-style manuals.
2002-04-18 Neil Booth <>
* gigi.h (incomplete_type_error): Remove.
* utils.c (incomplete_type_error): Remove.
2002-04-16 Mark Mitchell <>
* trans.c (tree_transform): Add has_scope argument to
2002-04-04 Neil Booth <>
* gigi.h (truthvalue_conversion): Rename.
* trans.c (tree_transform): Update.
* utils2.c (truthvalue_conversion): Rename, update.
(build_binary_op, build_unary_op): Update.
2002-04-04 Laurent Guerby <>
* make.adb: Implement -margs, remove restriction about file name placement.
* makeusg.adb: Documentation update.
* (TOOLS_FLAGS_TO_PASS): Add VPATH=$(fsrcdir).
* (gnattools3): Comment out, gnatmem does not build without libaddr2line.
2002-04-04 Neil Booth <>
* utils.c (create_subprog_decl): Use SET_DECL_ASSEMBLER_NAME.
(builtin_function): Similarly.
2002-04-01 Neil Booth <>
* decl.c (gnat_to_gnu_entity): Update.
* gigi.h (mark_addressable): Rename.
* trans.c (tree_transform): Update.
* utils.c (create_var_decl): Update.
* util2.c (build_binary_op, build_unary_op,
fill_vms_descriptor): Update.
(mark_addressable): Rename, update.
2002-04-01 Neil Booth <>
* gigi.h (unsigned_type, signed_type, signed_or_unsigned_type):
* trans.c (tree_transform, convert_with_check): Update.
* utils.c (unsigned_type, signed_type, signed_or_unsigned_type):
2002-03-31 Neil Booth <>
* gigi.h (finish_incomplete_decl): Rename.
* utils.c (gnat_init_decl_processing): Don't set hook.
(finish_incomplete_decl): Rename.
2002-03-29 Andreas Schwab <>
* Pass VPATH=$(fsrcdir) when calling make in rts
2001-03-28 Robert Dewar <>
(Remove_Checks): New procedure
* checks.adb:
(Remove_Checks): New procedure
* exp_util.adb:
Use new Duplicate_Subexpr functions
(Duplicate_Subexpr_No_Checks): New procedure
(Duplicate_Subexpr_No_Checks_Orig): New procedure
(Duplicate_Subexpr): Restore original form (checks duplicated)
(Duplicate_Subexpr): Call Remove_Checks
(Duplicate_Subexpr_No_Checks): New procedure
(Duplicate_Subexpr_No_Checks_Orig): New procedure
Add 2002 to copyright notice
* sem_util.adb: Use new Duplicate_Subexpr functions
* sem_eval.adb:
(Eval_Indexed_Component): This is the place to call
Constant_Array_Ref and to replace the value. We simply merge
the code of this function in here, since it is now no longer
used elsewhere. This fixes the problem of the back end not
realizing we were clever enough to see that this was
(Expr_Val): Remove call to Constant_Array_Ref
(Expr_Rep_Val): Remove call to Constant_Array_Ref
Minor reformatting
(Constant_Array_Ref): Deal with string literals (patch
suggested by Zack Weinberg on the gcc list)
2001-03-28 Ed Schonberg <>
* exp_util.adb: Duplicate_Subexpr_No_Checks_Orig =>
* Duplicate_Subexpr_No_Checks_Orig =>
* sem_eval.adb: (Constant_Array_Ref): Verify that constant
value of array exists before retrieving it (it may a private
protected component in a function).