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<title>GCC @RELEASE@ Snapshot</title>
<h1>GCC @RELEASE@ Snapshot</h1>
<p>The <a href ="">GCC Project</a> makes
periodic snapshots of the GCC source tree available to the public
for testing purposes.</p>
<p>If you are planning to download and use one of our snapshots, then
we highly recommend you join the GCC developers list. Details for
how to sign up can be found on the GCC project home page.</p>
<p> <a href="gcc-@RELEASE@.tar.bz2">
gcc</a> @TEXT_DATE@ snapshot, includes all languages.
<p> <a href="gcc-core-@RELEASE@.tar.bz2">
gcc-core</a> @TEXT_DATE@ snapshot, includes just the C front
end and core compiler.
<p> <a href="gcc-g++-@RELEASE@.tar.bz2">
gcc-g++</a> @TEXT_DATE@ snapshot, includes just the C++ front
end and runtime.
<p> <a href="gcc-g77-@RELEASE@.tar.bz2">
gcc-g77</a> @TEXT_DATE@ snapshot, includes just the F77 front
end and runtime.
<p> <a href="gcc-java-@RELEASE@.tar.bz2">
gcc-java</a> @TEXT_DATE@ snapshot, includes just the Java
front end and runtime.
<p> <a href="gcc-objc-@RELEASE@.tar.bz2">
gcc-objc</a> @TEXT_DATE@ snapshot, includes just the Objective-C
front end and runtime.
<p> <a href="gcc-ada-@RELEASE@.tar.bz2">
gcc-ada</a> @TEXT_DATE@ snapshot, includes just the Ada
front end and runtime.
<p>Diffs from @BRANCH@-@LAST_DATE@ are available in the
<a href="diffs/">diffs/ subdirectory</a>.</p>
</p>When a particular snapshot is ready for public consumption the LATEST-IS-
file is updated and a message is sent to the gcc list. Please do not use
a snapshot before it has been announced that way.</p>
<p>Old snapshots can be found on the ftp server <a
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