PR rtl-optimization/96692: ((A|B)^C)^A using andn with -mbmi on x86.

This patch addresses PR rtl-optimization/96692 on x86_64, by providing
a set of combine splitters to convert the three operation ((A|B)^C)^D
into a two operation sequence using andn when either A or B is the same
register as C or D.  This is essentially a reassociation problem that's
only a win if the target supports an and-not instruction (as with -mbmi).

Hence for the new test case:

int f(int a, int b, int c)
    return (a ^ b) ^ (a | c);

GCC on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu wth -O2 -mbmi would previously generate:

        xorl    %edi, %esi
        orl     %edx, %edi
        movl    %esi, %eax
        xorl    %edi, %eax

but with this patch now generates:

        andn    %edx, %edi, %eax
        xorl    %esi, %eax

2022-07-05  Roger Sayle  <>
	    UroŇ° Bizjak  <>

	PR rtl-optimization/96692
	* config/i386/ (define_split): Split ((A | B) ^ C) ^ D
	as (X & ~Y) ^ Z on target BMI when either C or D is A or B.

	PR rtl-optimization/96692
	* New test case.
2 files changed