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2006-12-27 DF <>
* phobos/internal/fpmath.d: Support x86_64
* phobos/ x86_64 can use fpmath.d
* phobos/configure: update
* Add some CPU architectures
2006-12-26 DF <>
* phobos/ actually use value of
2006-12-26 David Friedman <>
Rest of 0.178 changes:
* phobos/std/bitarray.d: revert previous changes
* (toSymbolX): update
* (TypeFunction::retStyle): implement
* phobos/std/format.d: update for Mangle.Tenum
Initial merge of 0.178:
* dmd/class.c, dmd/declaration.c, dmd/declaration.h, dmd/doc.c,
dmd/expression.c, dmd/expression.h, dmd/func.c, dmd/init.c,
dmd/lexer.c, dmd/mangle.c, dmd/mars.c, dmd/mars.h, dmd/mtype.c,
dmd/optimize.c, dmd/parse.c, dmd/statement.c, dmd/statement.h,
dmd/template.c, dmd/tocsym.c, dmd/toobj.c: Merge 0.178
* phobos/internal/gc/win32.d, phobos/internal/object.d,
phobos/std/c/linux/linux.d, phobos/std/date.d,
phobos/std/dateparse.d, phobos/std/format.d, phobos/std/gc.d,
phobos/std/regexp.d, phobos/std/socket.d, phobos/std.ddoc: Merge
* dmd/constfold.c (CastExp::constFold): Fix Bugzilla 738.
* dmd/todt.c (StructDeclaration::toDt): Fix Bugzilla 736.
* (VarDeclaration::toSymbol): Fix Bugzilla 737.
* (make_assign_math_op): Fix Bugzilla 739.
*,,,, symbol.h:
Use toParent2. Handle nested template instance functions.
(Bugzilla 742, 743)
2006-12-25 David Friedman <>
* dmd/mtype.c: Don't use '@' in mangled names
* (TypeFunction::toCtype): Handle recursive type
reference (Bugzilla 745)
*, d-codegen.h,,, d-objfile.h,
dmd/aggregate.h, dmd/attrib.c, dmd/class.c, dmd/declaration.c,
dmd/declaration.h, dmd/enum.c, dmd/enum.h, dmd/func.c,
dmd/idgen.c, dmd/scope.c, dmd/scope.h, dmd/struct.c: Implement
GCC attributes.
* dmd/mtype.c (TypeDelegate::dotExp): Fix regression caused by
last fix.
2006-12-24 David Friedman <>
* dmd/parse.h, dmd/parse.c(parseStatement, parseExtAsm),
dmd/statement.h, Implement GCC extended assembler.
2006-12-20 David Friedman <>
* dmd/mars.h: format issues are due to newlib, not Cygwin
* Fix sed patterns and options.
* dmd/mtype.c (TypeDelegate::dotExp): Handle .ptr so that
it can be an lvalue. (Bugzilla 696)
* (getLoopForLabel): Handle labels pointing to
ScopeStatements. (Bugzilla 695)
2006-12-16 David Friedman <>
Release GDC 0.20
* account for modified version strings
* dmd/mtype.c (TypeTuple::toDecoBuffer): workaround newlib bug
* dmd/mars.h: fix printf formats for Cygwin
* d-builtins.c (d_init_builtins): Handle va_list type when it is
an array.
*, gdc-version: update
* warnings cleanup
* dmd/expression.c (realToMangleBuffer): filter out 'x'
2006-12-13 David Friedman <>
* package/ use MAKE environment variable
2006-12-11 David Friedman <>
* patch-build_gcc-4.0: don't disable Objective C
2006-12-09 David Friedman <>
* phobos/std/bitarray.d (unittest): workaround 0.177 breakage
* phobos/std/format.d,
* phobos/std/string.d,
* phobos/std/loader.d: update
* phobos/std/file.d: fix merge. update.
* dmd/root.[ch] (writestring): make arg const
* dmd/expression.c (toMangleBuffer): update
Initial 0.177 merges
* dmd/constfold.c, dmd/declaration.c, dmd/expression.[ch],
dmd/func.c, dmd/idgen.c, dmd/manlge.c, dmd/mars.c, dmd/mtype.[ch],
dmd/opover.c, dmd/tocsym.c, dmd/toobj.c, dmd/typinf.c: Merge 0.177
* etc/c/zlib.d, phobos/internal/aaA.d, phobos/internal/adi.d,
phobos/internal/arraycat.d, phobos/internal/gc/gc.d,
phobos/internal/gc/testgc.d, phobos/internal/object.d,
phobos/internal/qsort.d, phobos/internal/switch.d,
phobos/internal/trace.d, phobos/object.d, phobos/std/array.d,
phobos/std/boxer.d, phobos/std/conv.d, phobos/std/cover.d,
phobos/std/cpuid.d, phobos/std/date.d, phobos/std/file.d,
phobos/std/format.d, phobos/std/loader.d, phobos/std/math2.d,
phobos/std/md5.d, phobos/std/mmfile.d, phobos/std/outbuffer.d,
phobos/std/path.d, phobos/std/regexp.d, phobos/std/socket.d,
phobos/std/stream.d, phobos/std/string.d, phobos/std/switcherr.d,
phobos/std/syserror.d, phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_Acdouble.d,
phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_Acfloat.d, phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_Acreal.d,
phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_Adchar.d, phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_Adouble.d,
phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_Afloat.d, phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_Ag.d,
phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_Aint.d, phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_Along.d,
phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_Areal.d, phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_Ashort.d,
phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_Aubyte.d, phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_Auint.d,
phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_Aulong.d, phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_Aushort.d,
phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_Awchar.d, phobos/std/uri.d,
phobos/std/utf.d, phobos/std/windows/charset.d,
phobos/std/windows/registry.d, phobos/std/zlib.d: Merge 0.177
* patch-apple-gcc-4.0.x, patch-build_gcc-4.0: Support
building the Apple way on PowerPC machines.
2006-12-06 David Friedman <>
* (call): Fix for calling delegate literal.
* fail if patching build_gcc fails
* (NewExp::toElem): expand stack vars
for GCC 3.x
* phobos/std/cpuid.d: fix for cpuid kludge
2006-12-05 David Friedman <>
* dmd/mars.h: Handle msvcrt C99 printf incompatibility.
* dmd/template.c, dmd/declaration.c, dmd/expression.c, dmd/func.c,
dmd/init.c, dmd/lexer.c, dmd/mangle.c, dmd/mtype.c,
dmd/optimize.c, dmd/root.c: ditto
* phobos/config/unix-mid: fix compile error
2006-12-04 David Friedman <>
More 0.176 merges
* phobos/config/unix-mid: add reentrant funcs
* (DeleteExp::toElem): handle on-stack vars
* (FuncDeclaration::toObjFile): emit _arguments
* dmd/declaration.h, dmd/func.c: save _arguments local var for
2006-12-03 David Friedman <>
* New _arguments ABI.
* Update for verror.
* (Module::genobjfile, d_gcc_aggregate_dtors): Update
for new toSymbolX.
* (TypeAArray::toCtype): Implement new AA ABI.
* (convertTo): Don't allow conversion of dynamic
array to associated array and vice versa.
* (getLibCallDecl, rawArray, convertForCondition), (NullExp::toElem): change AA type
* : printf corrections
* phobos/ (MAIN_OBJS): add bind.o
Initial merge of DMD 0.176
* attrib.c, dmd/cast.c, dmd/class.c, dmd/cond.c, dmd/constfold.c,
dmd/declaration.c, dmd/doc.c, dmd/dsymbol.h, dmd/dump.c,
dmd/expression.c, dmd/expression.h, dmd/func.c, dmd/idgen.c,
dmd/init.c, dmd/init.h, dmd/lexer.c, dmd/link.c, dmd/mangle.c,
dmd/mars.c, dmd/mars.h, dmd/module.c, dmd/mtype.c, dmd/optimize.c,
dmd/parse.c, dmd/root.c, dmd/statement.c, dmd/template.c,
dmd/tocsym.c, dmd/todt.c, dmd/toobj.c: Merge 0.176
* internal/aaA.d, phobos/internal/cmath2.d, phobos/internal/deh.c,
phobos/internal/object.d, phobos/linux.mak,
phobos/std/c/linux/linux.d, phobos/std/c/linux/socket.d,
phobos/std/compiler.d, phobos/std/math.d, phobos/std/socket.d,
phobos/std/string.d, phobos/std/traits.d,
phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_Aubyte.d, phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_ubyte.d,
phobos/std.ddoc, phobos/win32.mak: Merge 0.176
* phobos/std/bind.d: New file in 0.176
* dmd/toir.[ch]: New files (from DMD 0.175)
* phobos/phobos.d: New file (from DMD 0.160)
* phobos/std/boxer.d (unbox(T : void*).unbox): fix
* (NewExp::toElem): Support allocation on stack
Initial merge of DMD 0.175
* cast.c, dmd/class.c, dmd/dchar.c, dmd/dchar.h,
dmd/declaration.c, dmd/declaration.h, dmd/delegatize.c,
dmd/dsymbol.c, dmd/dump.c, dmd/enum.c, dmd/expression.c,
dmd/expression.h, dmd/func.c, dmd/identifier.c, dmd/identifier.h,
dmd/inifile.c, dmd/init.c, dmd/lexer.c, dmd/lstring.h,
dmd/mangle.c, dmd/mars.c, dmd/mtype.c, dmd/mtype.h,
dmd/optimize.c, dmd/parse.c, dmd/root.c, dmd/root.h, dmd/scope.c,
dmd/scope.h, dmd/statement.c, dmd/statement.h, dmd/stringtable.c,
dmd/todt.c, dmd/typinf.c: Merge 0.175
dmd/html.c: not merged
* phobos/internal/object.d, phobos/std/demangle.d,
phobos/std/format.d, phobos/std/socket.d, phobos/std/stdio.d,
phobos/std/traits.d, phobos/std/uni.d, phobos/std.ddoc:
Merge 0.175
* config/darwin8, config/mingw: update config fragments
2006-11-26 David Friedman <>
*, Fix missing continue label
expansion for GCC < 4.0
* (make_math_op): Convert non-complex to complex
in all version of GCC. (Buzilla 575)
* for tree code class for GCC < 4.0
* phobos/ make test programs dependendent on
libgphobos.a as gdc will still try to find it
* phobos/ conditionally build std/boxer.o
* phobos/ (MAIN_OBJS): remove std/boxer.o
* phobos/internal/arraycat.d (_d_array_literal): disable
* phobos/std/format.d: fix for PowerPC Linux
2006-11-25 David Friedman <>
* d-gcc-real.h: cleanup for warnings
2006-11-24 David Friedman <>
* (DotVarExp::toElem): Handle const members.
* (needs_temp): Return false for constants.
(isFreeOfSideEffects): New function.
* (do_array_set): Evaluate the rvalue only once
(Bugzilla 578).
2006-11-18 David Friedman <>
Rest of DMD 0.174 merge:
* dmd/mtype.c (TypeDelegate::dotExp): Use cast-to-pointer
for .ptr property
* (VarDeclaration::toSymbol): Build CONST_DECLs
* (IRState::emitLocalVar): Do nothing if CONST_DECL
* (ArrayScope::setArrayExp): Handle tuple/constant
* dmd/toobj.c (Dsymbol::toObjFile): emit local variables for
* svn: move traits.d and typetuple.d to the correct directory
* (error): add va_list form
* dmd/mars.h (error): use va_list for 'error'
* dmd/expression.c, dmd/lexer.c: fix compile errors
* phobos/ (MAIN_OBJS): add traits.o and typetuple.o
* dmd-script: add -v1 option
* dmd/root.c (FileName::ensurePathExists): fix conditions
for non-win32, non-linux.
* dmd-script (printUsage): add missing options documentation
* d-codegen.{h, cc}: use size_t
* phobos/internal/dgccmain2.d: update
Initial merge of DMD 0.174:
* dmd/attrib.c, dmd/cast.c, dmd/class.c, dmd/declaration.c,
dmd/declaration.h, dmd/doc.c, dmd/dsymbol.c, dmd/dsymbol.h,
dmd/expression.c, dmd/expression.h, dmd/func.c, dmd/hdrgen.c,
dmd/idgen.c, dmd/inline.c, dmd/lexer.c, dmd/mangle.c, dmd/mars.c,
dmd/mars.h, dmd/module.c, dmd/mtype.c, dmd/mtype.h, dmd/parse.c,
dmd/statement.c, dmd/template.c, dmd/template.h, dmd/tocsym.c,
dmd/todt.c, dmd/toobj.c, dmd/typinf.c, dmd/utf.c, dmd/utf.h: Merge
* phobos/internal/aApplyR.d, phobos/internal/dmain2.d,
phobos/internal/object.d, phobos/linux.mak, phobos/object.d,
phobos/std/date.d, phobos/std/openrj.d, phobos/std/signals.d,
phobos/win32.mak: Merge 0.174
* phobos/std/traits.d, phobos/std/typetuple.d: New files in 0.174
2006-11-17 David Friedman <>
* package/ enhancements
* dmd/attrib.c: fix message
2006-11-16 David Friedman <>
* (continueHere): fix error
* (d_gcc_aggregate_dtors): "
2006-11-14 David Friedman <>
*, d-codegen.{cc, h},,,
d-lang.h: remove D_TYPE_IS_NESTED. Do not pull original
TypeFunction from FUNCTION_TYPE.
* cleanup
*, gdc-alloca.h, phobos/config/gen_unix.c: fixes for
older MacOS X builds
2006-11-13 David Friedman <>
* phobos/std/cpuid.d: fixes for PIC
* d-asm-i386.h: Fix for referencing funcs (Bugzilla 307).
Correct clobbers for cpuid, but left out EBX as a kludge for
* phobos/std/c/linux/linux.d: make imports public (Bugzilla 403)
* (uniqueName): Fixed logic error (Bugzilla 375). Then
just removed most of the code and comments because the workaround
is no longer needed.
2006-11-12 David Friedman <>
* dmd/root.c (Object::hashCode): cast to pointer acceptable int type
Rest of DMD 0.173 merge:
* (UnrolledLoopStatement::toIR): implement
* d-codegen.h (setContinueLabel): add interface for multiple continues
* d-irstate.h (Flow), add overrideContinueLabel for
GCC < 4.0
*,, update for
TypeFunction::arguments -> parameters and tuples
* dmd/func.c: update
* d-gcc-complex_t.h: update
* phobos/ (MAIN_OBJS): add signals.o and cpuid.o
Initial merge of DMD 0.173:
* dmd/arraytypes.h, dmd/cast.c, dmd/class.c, dmd/complex_t.h,
dmd/constfold.c, dmd/declaration.c, declaration.h,
dmd/delegatize.c, dmd/doc.c, dmd/dsymbol.c, dmd/dsymbol.h,
expression.c, dmd/expression.h, dmd/func.c, dmd/html.c,
dmd/html.h, dmd/inline.c, lexer.c, dmd/lexer.h, dmd/mars.c,
dmd/mars.h, dmd/mem.h, dmd/mtype.c, dmd/mtype.h, opover.c,
dmd/optimize.c, dmd/parse.c, dmd/parse.h, dmd/statement.c,
dmd/statement.h, struct.c, dmd/template.c, dmd/template.h,
dmd/tocsym.c, dmd/toobj.c, dmd/typinf.c: Merge 0.173
* phobos/internal/object.d, phobos/linux.mak, phobos/std/stream.d,
phobos/std/string.d, phobos/std/system.d, phobos/std.ddoc,
phobos/unittest.d, phobos/win32.mak: Merge 0.173
* phobos/std/c/locale.d, phobos/std/cpuid.d, phobos/std/signals.d:
New files in 0.173
* dmd/class.c, dmd/mars.c, dmd/opover.c, dmd/statement.c:
Merge DMD 0.172
Merge DMD 0.171:
* dmd/func.c, dmd/optimize.c: Update comments
* dmd/aggregate.h, dmd/class.c, dmd/func.c, dmd/mars.c:
Merge 0.171
* phobos/internal/aApplyR.d, phobos/internal/gc/gc/.d: Merge 0.171
Rest of DMD 0.170 merge:
* (ArrayLiteralExp::toElem): Handle the case in which
the type of the expression is a pointer.
* dmd/optimize.c (PtrExp::optimize): Don't change type
of expression without cast
* phobos/internal/aApplyR.d: turn off debug(apply)
2006-11-11 David Friedman <>
* (ForeachStatement::toIR): support foreach_reverse
* dmd/lexer.c: size_t -> unsigned
* (d_handle_option): update
* phobos/ add aApplyR.o
* phobos/internal/monitor.c: merged
Initial merge of DMD 0.170:
* dmd/attrib.c, dmd/cast.c, dmd/class.c, dmd/delegatize.c,
dmd/dsymbol.c, dmd/expression.c, dmd/expression.h, dmd/func.c,
dmd/identifier.c, dmd/idgen.c, dmd/import.c, dmd/lexer.c,
dmd/lexer.h, dmd/mangle.c, dmd/mars.c, dmd/module.c, dmd/mtype.c,
dmd/mtype.h, dmd/opover.c, dmd/parse.c, dmd/statement.c,
dmd/statement.h, dmd/template.h, dmd/utf.h: Merge 0.170
* phobos/internal/aApply, phobos/internal/cast.d,
phobos/internal/gc/gc.d, phobos/internal/mars.h,
phobos/internal/object.d, phobos/linux.mak, phobos/object.d,
phobos/std/gc.d, phobos/std/math.d, phobos/std/outofmemory.d,
phobos/std/path.d, phobos/std/zlib.d, phobos/std.ddoc,
phobos/unittest.d, phobos/win32.mak: Merge 0.170
* internal/monitor.c: not changed; merge deferred for now
* phobos/internal/aApplyR.d: new file in 0.170
Rest of 0.169 merge:
* phobos/internal/object.d: fix merge error
* d-asm-i386.h: update for DMD changes
* dmd/mtype.c, phobos/internal/adi.d (_adSortChar, _adSortWchar):
fix for calling conventions
* d-gcc-complex_t.h: updated
Initial merge of DMD 0.169:
* dmd/aggregate.h, dmd/arraytypes.h, dmd/attrib.h, dmd/class.c,
dmd/complex_t.h, dmd/cond.h, dmd/declaration.h, dmd/declaration.c,
dmd/doc.h, dmd/dsymbol.c, dmd/dsymbol.h, dmd/enum.h,
dmd/expression.c, dmd/expression.h, dmd/hdrgen.h, dmd/html.h,
dmd/identifier.h, dmd/idgen.c, dmd/import.c, dmd/import.h,
dmd/init.c, dmd/init.h, dmd/lexer.h, dmd/macro.h, dmd/macro.c,
dmd/mars.c, dmd/mars.h, dmd/module.c, dmd/module.h, dmd/mtype.c,
dmd/mtype.h, dmd/opover.c, dmd/optimize.c, dmd/parse.h,
dmd/root.c, dmd/scope.c, dmd/scope.h, dmd/statement.c,
dmd/statement.h, dmd/staticassert.h, dmd/struct.c, dmd/template.c,
dmd/template.h, dmd/total.h, dmd/typinf.c, dmd/utf.h,
dmd/version.h: Merge 0.169
* phobos/internal/adi.d, phbobos/internal/critical.c,
phbobos/internal/mars.h, phbobos/internal/monitor.c,
phbobos/internal/object.d, phbobos/object.d, phbobos/std/regexp.d:
Merge 0.169
* dmd-script: Create directories for output files
Rest of 0.168 changes:
* d-dmd-gcc.h, (d_gcc_aggregate_dtors): new function
* dmd/toobj.c (ClassDeclaration::toObjFile): use d_gcc_aggregate_dtors
* (convertTo): handle delegate .ptr property
* lang-specs.h, dmd-script: handle .xhtml extension
Initial merge of DMD 0.168
* dmd/aggregate.h, dmd/arraytypes.h, dmd/cast.c, dmd/class.c,
dmd/declaration.c, dmd/expression.h, dmd/func.c, dmd/html.[ch],
dmd/idgen.c, dmd/init.c, dmd/lexer.c, dmd/lexer.h, dmd/link.c,
dmd/mangle.c, dmd/mars.c, dmd/module.c, dmd/mtype.[ch],
dmd/statement.c, dmd/toobj.c, dmd/typeinf.c: Merge 0.168
* phobos/etc/gamma.d, phobos/internal/object.d,
phobos/std/c/linux/linux.d.orig-dmd, phobos/std/date.d,
phobos/std/math.d, phobos/std/socket.d, phobos/std/socketstream.d,
phobos/std/stream.d, phobos/std/uni.d, phobos/win32.mak: Merge 0.168
2006-11-10 David Friedman <>
* (d.install-common): cross install fix for gdmd
* (NewExp::toElem): uint -> unsigned
* package/ Don't depend on rsync
* patch-toplev-3.4.x, patch-toplev-4.0.x: Modify top-level,, and configure to work with
a Canadian cross build.
* (SynchronizedStatement::toIR): Remove uneeded
startBindings call. Add missing _d_criticalenter call.
2006-10-12 David Friedman <>
* phobos/config/unix-mid: add sysconf
2006-10-11 David Friedman <>
* phobos/std/format.d (doFormat): support Mangle.Tstruct for p_args
* phobos/config/unix-head: import tm from gcc.config
* phobos/config/gen_unix.c (c_time): Moved out struct tm.
* phobos/config/gen_config1.c: Support clock_t. Move struct tm here.
* (AssignExp::toElem): use _d_arraysetlength3p
(FuncDeclaration::toObjFile): Fixed assert of class member if
* d-codegen.{h, cc}: replace libcall _d_arraysetlength2p with
* phobos/internal/gc/gc.d (_d_arraysetlength3p): pointer version
of _d_arraysetlength3. GCC asm jump fix.
2006-10-09 David Friedman <>
* d-codegen.{h, cc}: new libcalls: _dnewmp, _d_newarraymip
* phobos/internal/gc/gc.d (_dnewmp, _d_newarraymip): pointer version
of _dnewm, _d_newarraymi
* phobos/config/unix-mid: add utime
* phobos/std/file.d: changes for GDC
* phobos/config/gen_unix.c: support utimbuf
2006-09-23 David Friedman <>
Initial merge of 0.167:
* dmd/array.c, dmd/cast.c, dmd/declaration.c, dmd/delegatize.c,
dmd/expression.[ch], dmd/func.c, dmd/idgen.c, dmd/import.c,
dmd/init.c, dmd/inline.c, dmd/lexer.[ch], dmd/mars.c,
dmd/mtype.[ch], dmd/optimize.c, dmd/parse.c, dmd/statement.c,
dmd/template.c, dmd/typinf.c: Merge 0.167
* phobos/internal/arraycat.d, phobos/internal/gc/gc.d,
phobos/internal/gc/testgc.d, phobos/internal/object.d,
phobos/linux.mak, phobos/object.d, phobos/std/asserterror.d,
phobos/std/c/linux/linux.d.orig-dmd, phobos/std/c/time.d,
phobos/std/file.d, phobos/std/format.d, phobos/std/math.d,
phobos/std/string.d, phobos/std/thread.d, phobos/unittest.d,
phobos/win32.mak: Merge 0.167
* phobos/std/c/windows/stat.d: New 0.167
2006-09-06 David Friedman <>
* (FuncDelaration::toObjFile):
Assert isMember for synchronized functions.
(NewExp::toElem): Correct some cases for nested classes
2006-09-04 David Friedman <>
* gdc-version, update
* (trueDeclarationType): support lazy arguments
(trueArgumentType): ditto
* d-codegen.{h, cc}: comment out convertForInitialization
* (D_DMD_OBJS): add delegatize
* dmd/delegatize.c: new, DMD 0.166
* dmd/cast.c, dmd/declaration.[ch], dmd/expression.[ch],
dmd/func.c, dmd/inline.c, dmd/lexer.c, dmd/lexer.h, dmd/mars.c,
dmd/mtype.c, dmd/mtype.h, dmd/opover.c, dmd/parse.c,
dmd/statement.c, dmd/struct.c, dmd/template.c, dmd/tocsym.c,
dmd/typinf.c: Merge DMD 0.166
* phobos/etc/c/zlib/...: Merge 0.166
* phobos/internal/aApply.d, phobos/internal/gc/linux.mak,
phobos/linux.mak, phobos/std/cover.d, phobos/std/utf.d,
phobos/win32.mak: Merge 0.166
* phobos/etc/zlib/infblock.[ch], phobos/etc/zlib/infcodes.[ch],
phobos/etc/zlib/infutil.[ch], phobos/etc/zlib/maketree.c,
phobos/etc/zlib/zlib.html: remove, DMD 0.166
* gdc-version: update
* (FuncDeclaration::toObjFile): update
* dmd/cast.c, dmd/declaration.[ch], dmd/enum.c,
dmd/expression.[ch], dmd/func.c, dmd/init.c, dmd/inline.c,
dmd/mars.c, dmd/mtype.c, dmd/statement.c, dmd/template.c,
dmd/typeinf.c: Merge DMD 0.165
* phobos/internal/gc/gcx.d, phobos/std.ddoc: Merge DMD 0.165
* gdc-version: updated
* dmd/aggregate.h, dmd/declaration.[ch], dmd/doc.c, dmd/dsymbol.c,
dmd/expression.c, dmd/import.c, dmd/inifile.c, dmd/mars.c,
dmd/module.[ch], dmd/mtype.c, dmd/parse.c, dmd/statement.c,
dmd/template.c: Merge DMD 0.164
* phobos/std/socket.d: Merge DMD 0.164
* phobos/std/thread.d: no change
2006-07-22 David Friedman <>
* phobos/internal/gc/testgc.d: add import
* phobos/std/thread.d (Thread.thread_init, Thread.getESP): make
* phobos/std/c/unix/unix.d: use public import
* dmd/access.c, dmd/aggregate.h, dmd/attrib.c, dmd/class.c,
dmd/declaration.[ch], dmd/enum.c, dmd/expression.c, dmd/func.c,
dmd/import.[ch], dmd/mars.c, dmd/module.c, dmd/mtype.[ch],
dmd/parse.[ch], dmd/scope.[ch], dmd/struct.c, dmd/template.[ch],
dmd/todt.c: Merge DMD 0.163
* phobos/internal/object.d, phobos/std/c/linux/linux.d.orig-dmd,
phobos/std/regexp.d, phobos/std/stdio.d, phobos/std/stream.d:
Merge DMD 0.163
2006-07-12 David Friedman <>
Release GDC 0.19
* dmd/template.c: don't use ehfilter
* gdc-version: update
2006-07-11 David Friedman <>
Support for Apple GCC and other fixes
* patch build_gcc
* patch-build_gcc-4.0: new
* dmd-script: Support -arch option and apple driver naming.
Use absolute path to execute program with -run.
2006-07-10 David Friedman <>
* phobos/config/darwin8/{frag-gen,frag-math,frag-unix}: new
* phobos/ support Darwin cross compiling
* phobos/ updated
* phobos/config/gen_unix.c (c_fcntl): added *_OK enums
* phobos/config/skyos/frag-unix: updated
2006-07-03 David Friedman <>
* ../../gcc/tree.h, ../../gcc/tree-dump.c: machine readable dump
Merge DMD 0.162
* (AssignExp::toElem): use _d_arraysetlength2p
* phobos/internal/gc/gc.d: chanage _d_arraysetlength2 to
2006-07-02 David Friedman <>
* d-codegen.{h, cc}: support _d_arraysetlength2
* dmd/cast.c, dmd/declaration.c, dmd/doc.c, dmd/expression.c,
dmd/func.c, dmd/mars.c, dmd/mtype.c, dmd/parse.c, dmd/struct.c,
dmd/template.[ch], dmd/toobj.c: merged
* phobos/internal/gc/gc.d, phobos/object.d,
phobos/std/asserterror.d, phobos/std/moduleinit.d: merged
* phobos/std/regexp.d (RegExp.Range.setbitmax): fix for
big endian
2006-06-28 DF <>
* (TypeStruct::toCtype, TypeEnum::toCtype): Move
initTypeDecl call to after size calculation.
2006-06-24 David Friedman <>
* phobos/ fix and clean up config.d dependencies
* (real_t): fix assumptions about HOST_WIDE_INT
2006-06-23 David Friedman <>
*,,, d-gcc-includes.h,, update to support building with Apple
*, patch-apple-gcc-4.0.x: new
Misc fixes
* Add dependencies for DMD header files.
* phobos/config/gen_unix.c (c_time): fix array bounds bug
2006-06-22 David Friedman <>
* use BUILD_LDFLAGS for generator progs
2006-06-21 David Friedman <>
* d-asm-i386.h: implement offset/offsetof
2006-06-20 David Friedman <>
Merge DMD 0.161
*, gdc-version: updated
* dmd/cast.c, dmd/class.c, dmd/declaration.[ch], dmd/dsymbol.c,
dmd/expression.[ch], dmd/func.c, dmd/idegen.c, dmd/import.h,
dmd/inline.c, dmd/lexer.[ch], dmd/mars.[ch], dmd/module.c,
dmd/mtype.c, dmd/opover.c, dmd/parse.c, dmd/root.[ch],
dmd/statement.c, dmd/struct.c, dmd/template.[ch], dmd/toobj.c:
Merge DMD 0.161
* phobos/internal/adi.d, phobos/internal/cast.d,
phobos/internal/trace.d, phobos/linux.mak,
phobos/std/asserterror.d, phobos/std/base64.d,
phobos/std/bitarray.d, phobos/std/boxer.d,
phobos/std/c/linux/socket.d, phobos/std/c/windows/windows.d,
phobos/std/c/windows/winsock.d, phobos/std/conv.d,
phobos/std/cstream.d, phobos/std/date.d, phobos/std/dateparse.d,
phobos/std/demangle.d, phobos/std/file.d, phobos/std/format.d,
phobos/std/math.d, phobos/std/math2.d, phobos/std/mmfile.d,
phobos/std/random.d, phobos/std/regexp.d, phobos/std/socket.d,
phobos/std/socketstream.d, phobos/std/stream.d,
phobos/std/string.d, phobos/std/stream.d, phobos/std/thread.d,
phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_Along.d, phobos/std/typeinfo/ti_Aulong.d,
phobos/std/tyeinfo/ti_void.d, phobos/std/uni.d, phobos/std/uri.d,
phobos/std/utf.d, phobos/std/windows/registry.d, phobos/std/zip.d,
phobos/std/zlib.d, phobos/std.ddoc, phobos/unittest.d,
phobos/win32.mak: Merge DMD 0.161
*, Possible workaround for MingGW path
issues. Create d-confdefs.h to contain the values of D_PHOBOS_DIR
2006-06-10 David Friedman <>
* History: new file
* package/install.sif: ditto
* package/
* phobos/std/zip.d (putUshort): fix for BigEndian case
* phobos/internal/gc/gcgccextern.d: update for version(freebsd)
* Use "freebsd" for FreeBSD.
* phobos/ Enable std.loader for FreeBSD.
* phobos/std/loader.d: ditto
* phobos/configure: updated
* Support package building. Cleanup.
2006-06-08 David Friedman <>
* patch-gcc-4.0.x: updated with...
* .../gcc/tree-nested.c: check if static chain is a PARM_DECL
(Bugzilla 175)
2006-06-07 David Friedman <>
* phobos/std/format.d (unittest): Some C libraries do not support
the %A format.
2006-06-06 David Friedman <>
* phobos/config/skyos/frag-unix: update for SkyOS beta 10
2006-06-05 David Friedman <>
Merge DMD 0.160
* (arrayType): handle zero-length arrays for local
* gdc-version, update
* (NewExp::toElem): support 'exp. new ...'
* d-codegen.{h, cc}: support _d_assert_msg
* dmd/attrib.c, dmd/enum.c, dmd/expression.[ch], dmd/idgen.c,
dmd/inifile.c, dmd/inline.c, dmd/mars.c, dmd/module.c,
dmd/mtype.c, dmd/opover.c, dmd/parse.[ch], dmd/statement.[ch],
dmd/staticassert.[ch], dmd/struct.c: Merge DMD 0.160
* phobos/std/asserterror.d, phobos/std/regexp.d,
phobos/std/zlib.d, phobos/std.ddoc, phobos/win32.mak: Merge DMD
2006-06-04 David Friedman <>
Various fixes
* (twoFieldType): cleanup
* phobos/internal/gc/gc_dyld.c: correct callback signature
* phobos/std/format.d (unittest): Undo test change.
(putreal): Handle the case where real is equivalent to double.
* (TypeClass::toCtype): use prepareTypeDecl instead of
setting an initial TYPE_NAME (Bugzilla 174)
(TypeStruct::toCtype): ditto
(TypeEnum::toCtype): ditto
* d-objfile.{h, cc} (prepareTypeDecl): New: Create type
declarations, but do not declare them to back end.
Merge DMD 0.159 and more
* d-asm-i386.h (parsePrimaryExp): handle floating point const
decls specially (Bugzilla 141)
2006-06-03 David Friedman <>
* (AssertExp::toElem): handle interfaces
* phobos/std/math.d (poly): fix for darwin x86
* phobos/std/format.d (unittest): handle some variation in %a
* gdc-version: updated
* updated
* dmd/attrib.c, dmd/attrib.h, dmd/class.c, dmd/declaration.c,
dmd/doc.c, dmd/expression.c, dmd/expression.h, dmd/func.c,
dmd/link.c, dmd/mars.c, dmd/module.c, dmd/module.h, dmd/parse.c,
dmd/parse.h, dmd/statement.c, dmd/staticassert.c, dmd/struct.c,
dmd/template.c, dmd/toobj.c: Merge DMD 0.159
* phobos/std/c/linux/linux.d.orig-dmd,
phobos/std/c/linux/linuxextern.d, phobos/std/c/windows/windows.d,
phobos/std/regexp.d, phobos/std/string.d, phobos/std/uni.d,
phobos/std.ddoc: Merge DMD 0.159
* dmd-script: use -O3 for GCC if -O is passed
Fix bugs 157, 162, 164, 171
* d-asm-i386.h: 'invlpg' instruction takes an operand (Bug 171)
* patch-gcc-4.0.x: updated with...
* .../gcc/tree-nested.c: use a VAR_DECL for custom static chain
(Bug 162, Bug 164)
* gdc-version: updated
* (FuncExp::toElem): Handle Tpointer case. (Bug 157)
2006-06-01 David Friedman <>
* Start of SourceForge repository
Copyright (C) 2006 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
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are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright
notice and this notice are preserved.