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/* PR middle-end/81824 - Warn for missing attributes with function aliases
Verify that attributes always_inline, gnu_inline, and noinline aren't
copied. Also verify that copying attribute tls_model to a non-thread
variable triggers a warning.
{ dg-do compile }
{ dg-require-alias "" }
{ dg-options "-Wall" }
{ dg-require-effective-target tls } */
#define ATTR(...) __attribute__ ((__VA_ARGS__))
ATTR (always_inline, gnu_inline, noreturn) inline int
finline_noret (void)
__builtin_abort ();
/* Expect no -Wreturn-type. */
int call_finline_noret (void)
finline_noret ();
/* Expect no -Wreturn-type. */
ATTR (copy (finline_noret)) int
fnoret (void);
int call_fnoret (void)
fnoret ();
/* Expect no -Wreturn-type. */
/* Verify that attribute always_inline on an alias target doesn't
get copied and interfere with attribute noinline on the alias
(trigger a warning due to a conflict). */
ATTR (always_inline) static inline int
finline (void) { return 0; }
ATTR (alias ("finline"), noinline) int
fnoinline (void);
ATTR (copy (finline)) int
fnoinline (void);
ATTR (tls_model ("global-dynamic")) __thread int
ATTR (alias ("tls_target"), copy (tls_target)) extern __thread int
ATTR (alias ("tls_target"), copy (tls_target)) extern int
alias; /* { dg-warning ".tls_model. attribute ignored because .alias. does not have thread storage duration" } */