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2004-12-27 Tobias Schlueter <>
* libgfortran/libgfortran.h (GFC_UINTEGER_1, GFC_UINTEGER_2):
* intrinsics/ishftc.c: Update copyright years.
(ishftc8): Change 'shift' and 'size' to GFC_INTEGER_4.
* intrinsics/mvbits.c: Correct non-ASCII character in my name.
Add implementations for GFC_INTEGER_1 and GFC_INTEGER_2.
2004-12-23 Bud Davis <>
PR fortran/19071
* io/tranfer.c (formatted_transfer): moved check for
format reversion inside the processing loop.
2004-12-19 Aaron W. LaFramboise <>
PR libfortran/19074
* libgfortran.h (itoa): Rename to gfc_itoa.
* io/write.c (itoa): Same.
* runtime/environ.c (itoa): Same.
* runtime/error.c (itoa): Same.
2004-12-15 Bud Davis <>
Steven G. Kargl <>
PR fortran/17597
* io/list_read.c (read_real): do not push back a comma when
it delimits a real value without a decimal point
2004-12-14 Steve Ellcey <>
* libgfortran/io/transfer.c (us_read): Use memcpy/memset
instead of assignment to fill unaligned buffer.
(us_write): Ditto.
(next_record_w): Ditto.
2004-12-14 Steven G. Kargl <>
PR libfortran/18966
* gfortran.h: typedef GFC_INTEGER_1 and GFC_INTEGER_2
* intrinsics/cshift0.c (cshift0_1,cshift0_2): New functions.
* intrinsics/eoshift0.c (eoshift0_1,eoshift0_2): New functions.
* intrinsics/eoshift2.c (eoshift2_1,eoshift2_2): New functions.
2004-12-13 David Edelsohn <>
* io/transfer.c (read_sf): Change bitwise "and" to logical "and".
2004-12-12 Richard Henderson <>
* intrinsics/cshift0.c, intrinsics/eoshift0.c, intrinsics/eoshift2.c,
intrinsics/pack_generic.c, intrinsics/reshape_generic.c,
intrinsics/spread_generic.c, intrinsics/transpose_generic.c,
intrinsics/unpack_generic.c, m4/cshift1.m4, m4/dotprod.m4,
m4/dotprodc.m4, m4/dotprodl.m4, m4/eoshift1.m4, m4/eoshift3.m4,
m4/iforeach.m4, m4/ifunction.m4, m4/matmul.m4, m4/matmull.m4,
m4/reshape.m4, m4/shape.m4, m4/transpose.m4: Use standard prefix
instead of "__".
* generated/*: Rebuild.
2004-12-12 Richard Henderson <>
* Use them.
* configure,, aclocal.m4: Rebuild.
* libgfortran.h (prefix): Remove.
(sym_rename, sym_rename1, sym_rename2): New.
(internal_proto, export_proto, export_proto_np): New.
(iexport_proto, iexport): New.
(iexport_data_proto, iexport_data): New.
* intrinsics/abort.c, intrinsics/args.c, intrinsics/associated.c,
intrinsics/cpu_time.c, intrinsics/cshift0.c,
intrinsics/date_and_time.c, intrinsics/env.c, intrinsics/eoshift0.c,
intrinsics/eoshift2.c, intrinsics/etime.c, intrinsics/exit.c,
intrinsics/flush.c, intrinsics/fnum.c, intrinsics/getXid.c,
intrinsics/getcwd.c, intrinsics/ishftc.c, intrinsics/mvbits.c,
intrinsics/pack_generic.c, intrinsics/rand.c, intrinsics/random.c,
intrinsics/reshape_generic.c, intrinsics/size.c,
intrinsics/spread_generic.c, intrinsics/stat.c,
intrinsics/string_intrinsics.c, intrinsics/system.c,
intrinsics/system_clock.c, intrinsics/transpose_generic.c,
intrinsics/umask.c, intrinsics/unlink.c, intrinsics/unpack_generic.c,
io/backspace.c, io/close.c, io/endfile.c, io/inquire.c, io/io.h,
io/open.c, io/rewind.c, io/transfer.c, libgfortran.h, m4/cshift1.m4,
m4/dotprod.m4, m4/dotprodc.m4, m4/dotprodl.m4, m4/eoshift1.m4,
m4/eoshift3.m4, m4/exponent.m4, m4/fraction.m4, m4/iforeach.m4,
m4/ifunction.m4, m4/matmul.m4, m4/matmull.m4, m4/nearest.m4,
m4/pow.m4, m4/reshape.m4, m4/set_exponent.m4, m4/shape.m4,
m4/transpose.m4, runtime/environ.c, runtime/error.c,
runtime/in_pack_generic.c, runtime/in_unpack_generic.c,
runtime/main.c, runtime/memory.c, runtime/pause.c, runtime/select.c,
runtime/stop.c: Use them to mark symbols internal or external.
* generated/*: Rebuild.
2004-12-09 David Edelsohn <>
PR bootstrap/18895
Revert 2004-12-07 change.
* (AM_MAKEFLAGS): Delete.
* Regenerate.
2004-12-07 Steve Ellcey <>
* libgfortran/ (AM_MAKEFLAGS): New.
* libgfortran/ Regenerate
2004-12-07 Steve Ellcey <>
* io/io.h (open_external): Change prototype.
* io/unix.c (regular_file): Change prototype and set flags->action if
(open_external): Ditto.
* io/open.c (new_unit): Let open_external set flags->action.
2004-12-07 Eric Botcazou <>
* Check for ieeefp.h. Check for fabsf in libm.
* configure: Regenerate.
* Likewise.
* c99_protos.h: New file.
* libgfortran.h: Include c99_protos.h and conditionally ieeefp.h.
* intrinsics/c99_functions.c (fabsf): New function.
2004-12-06 Richard Henderson <>
* intrinsics/cshift0.c, intrinsics/eoshift0.c, intrinsics/eoshift2.c,
intrinsics/pack_generic.c, intrinsics/string_intrinsics.c,
intrinsics/transpose_generic.c, m4/ifunction.m4, m4/matmul.m4,
m4/matmull.m4, m4/transpose.m4: Use internal_malloc_size instead
of internal_malloc.
* generated/*: Rebuild.
2004-12-06 Richard Henderson <>
* intrinsics/c99_functions.c, intrinsics/eoshift0.c,
intrinsics/eoshift2.c, intrinsics/exit.c, intrinsics/flush.c,
intrinsics/ishftc.c, intrinsics/mvbits.c, intrinsics/pack_generic.c,
intrinsics/random.c, intrinsics/reshape_generic.c, intrinsics/size.c,
intrinsics/spread_generic.c, intrinsics/stat.c,
intrinsics/string_intrinsics.c, intrinsics/system_clock.c,
intrinsics/transpose_generic.c, intrinsics/unlink.c,
intrinsics/unpack_generic.c, io/backspace.c, io/format.c,
io/list_read.c, io/lock.c, io/open.c, io/transfer.c, io/unix.c,
io/write.c, runtime/environ.c, runtime/error.c,
runtime/in_pack_generic.c, runtime/in_unpack_generic.c, runtime/main.c,
runtime/memory.c, runtime/pause.c, runtime/stop.c,
runtime/string.c: Whitespace fixes.
2004-12-06 Richard Henderson <>
* Generate all m4 output under $(srcdir).
* Regenerate.
2004-12-02 Tobias Schlueter <>
PR fortran/18710
* io/transfer.c (unformatted_read, unformatted_write): width of
a COMPLEX is twice its kind.
2004-12-02 Richard Sandiford <>
* Use TL_AC_GCC_VERSION to set gcc_version.
* configure, aclocal.m4, Regenerate.
2004-12-02 Bud Davis <>
PR libfortran/18284
* io/unix.c (fd_alloc_w_at): Update file_length when extending.
* io/backspace.c (formatted_backspace): Reset endfile after backspace.
2004-12-02 Bud Davis <>
* io/inquire.c (inquire_via_unit): do not allow a direct access
file to be opened for sequential I/O.
2004-12-02 Steven G. Kargl <>
Paul Brook <>
* intrinsics/flush.c: New file.
* intrinsics/fnum.c: ditto
* intrinsics/stat.c: ditto
* io/io.h (unit_to_fd): Add prototype.
* io/unix.c (unit_to_fd): New function.
* Add test for members of struct stat. Check for
sys/types.h and sys/stat.h
* Add intrinsics/{flush.c,fnum.c,stat.c}
* Regenerate.
* Regenerate.
* Regenerate.
2004-12-01 Aaron W. LaFramboise <>
* (AM_CPPFLAGS): Use -iquote instead of -I.
2004-11-28 Bud Davis <>
* io/unix.c (mmap_alloc_w_a): check for a write to a location
less than the mapped area.
2004-11-27 Bud Davis <>
PR fortran/18364
* io/endfile.c (st_endfile): flush the stream before truncating.
2004-11-24 Kelley Cook <>
* configure: Regenerate for libtool change.
2004-11-22 Steven Bosscher <>
PR libfortran/15960
* Check for finite in libm.
* libgfortran.h: Define isfinite macro if not defined.
* intrinsics/c99_functions.c: Use defined(fpclassify) instead of
* io/write.c (write_float): Use isfinite instead of finite.
* configure, Rebuilt.
2004-11-20 Roger Sayle <>
* io/write.c (write_float, list_formatted_write): Fix indentation.
2004-11-20 Eric Botcazou <>
PR target/16135
* acinclude.m4 (LIBGFOR_TARGET_ILP32): New check.
* configure: Regenerate.
* Likewise.
* libgfortran.h: Provide default definitions for C99 types
on ILP32 targets that don't have them.
PR target/17999
* Check for snprintf.
* configure: Regenerate.
* Likewise.
* intrinsics/date_and_time.c (date_and_time): Do not
use snprinf if it is not available.
* io/write.c (output_float): Likewise.
2004-11-20 Steven G. Kargl <>
* Add intrinsics/{umask.c,unlink.c,exit.c}
* Regenerated
* intrinsics/umask.c: New file
* intrinsics/unlink.c: ditto
* intrinsics/exit.c: ditto
2004-11-18 Victor Leikehman <>
* m4/matmul.m4: Loops reordered to improve cache behavior.
* generated/matmul_??.c: Regenerated.
2004-11-10 Paul Brook <>
PR fortran/18218
* Check for strtof.
* configure: Regenerate.
* Regenerate.
* io/read.c (convert_real): Use strtof if available.
(convert_precision_real): Remove.
(read_f): Avoid poor exponentiation algorithm.
2004-11-05 Andreas Schwab <>
* Use AC_PROG_FC, FC and FCFLAGS instead of
AC_PROG_F77, F77 and FFLAGS.
* (, Use
* configure, Regenerate.
2004-11-05 Kelley Cook <>
* acinclude.m4: Properly quote AC_CACHE_CHECK.
* aclocal.m4, configure, Regenerate.
2004-10-30 Aaron W. LaFramboise <>
* Regenerate.
* configure: Regenerate.
* (AC_CHECK_FUNCS): Add mkstemp.
* io/unix.c (S_IRGRP): Define if undefined.
(S_IWGRP): Same.
(S_IROTH): Same.
(S_IWOTH): Same.
(tempfile): Use mktemp if mkstemp missing, fix typos.
2004-10-30 Aaron W. LaFramboise <>
* intrinsics/system.c ("libgfortran.h"): Move after system headers.
2004-10-30 Canqun Yang <>
* intrinsics/rand.c (irand): Handle NULL argument.
2004-10-07 Paul Brook <>
* io/transfer.c (finalize_transfer): Free internal streams.
* io/unix.c (mem_close): Free stream object.
2004-10-07 Paul Brook <>
* intrinsics/string_intrinsics.c (string_verify): Fix off by one
2004-10-06 Paul Brook <>
PR libfortran/17709
* io/transfer.c (data_transfer_init): Reset sf_seen_eor.
2004-10-04 Andrew Pinski <>
* intrinsics/mvbits.c: Commit the file.
2004-10-04 Tobias Schlueter <>
PR fortran/17283
* intrinsics/pack_generic.c (__pack): Allocate memory for return array
if not done by caller.
(__pack_s): New function.
* runtime/memory.c (internal_malloc, internal_malloc64): Allow
allocating zero memory.
PR fortran/17631
* (gfor_helper_src): Add intrinsics/mvbits.h.
* Regenerate.
* intrinsics/mvbits.h: New file.
PR fortran/17776
* intrinsics/system.c: New file.
* Add dependency for the new file.
* Regenerate.
2004-10-04 Paul Brook <>
Bud Davis <>
PR fortran/17706
PR fortran/16434
* io/format.c (parse_format_list): Set repeat count for S, SP, SS,
BN and BZ formats.
* io/write.c (output_float): Don't output minus zero.
2004-10-03 Aaron W. LaFramboise <>
* intrinsics/abort.c ("libgfortran.h"): Move.
* intrinsics/date_and_time.c ("libgfortran.h"): Same.
* intrinsics/write.c ("libgfortran.h"): Same.
2004-09-26 Tobias Schlueter <>
PR libfortran/16137
* (HAVE_POWF): Undefine.
* Check for 'powf' in library.
* configure: Regenerate.
* intrinsics/c99_functions.c (powf): New function.
2004-09-24 Tobias Schlueter <>
* intrinsics/etime.c (etime_): New function.
2004-09-21 Steven G. Kargl <>
* libgfortran.h: define gfc_alloca()
* intrinsics/env.c (getenv, get_environment_variable_i4): Use it.
2004-09-21 Bud Davis <>
PR fortran/17286
* io/list_read.c (namelist_read): ignore spaces after
the '=' for namelist reads.
2004-09-15 Aaron W. LaFramboise <>
* Regenerate.
* configure: Regenerate.
* (AC_CHECK_HEADERS): Check for sys/mman.h.
* unix.c: Include stdio.h.
(PROT_READ, PROT_WRITE): Provide default definitions.
2004-09-15 Steven G. Kargl <>
* intrincics/getcwd.c: New file.
* Add getcwd.c.
* Regenerated.
2004-09-15 Steven G. Kargl <>
Paul Brook <>
* intrinsics/env.c (getenv, get_environmental_variable): Remove
trailing white space. Use alloca. Honour trim_name.
2004-09-13 Bud Davis <>
PR fortran/17090
* io/list_read.c (list_formatted_read): Handle trailing spaces
at end of line.
2004-09-06 Steven G. Kargl <>
* io/write.c (output_float): Typo in comment. Remove debugging
printf. Fix format for FP of form 1e10.
2004-09-03 Richard Henderson <>
* intrinsics/cshift0.c (DEF_COPY_LOOP, copy_loop_int, copy_loop_long,
copy_loop_double, copy_loop_ldouble): New.
(__cshift0): Make shift type ssize_t. Use % operator instead of
div. Use specialized versions of copy loop depending on the shape.
2004-09-02 Paul Brook <>
* io/format.c (parse_format_list): Set repeat count for P descriptors.
* write.c (output_float): Fix condition. Correctly handle nonzero
scale factor.
2004-09-01 Eric Botcazou <>
* Use a temporary string instead of 'echo -n'.
* Likewise.
2004-09-01 Paul Brook <>
* runtime/error.c (generate_error): Set both iostat and
2004-08-31 Paul Brook <>
PR libfortran/16805
* io/list_read.c (next_char): Don't signal EOF for internal files.
* io/unix.c (mem_alloc_r_at): Don't return NULL for incomplete reads.
2004-08-31 Tobias Schlueter <>
* io/unit.c: Separate copyright years by ','.
(compare, insert_unit, delete_unit, is_internal_unit, close_units):
Remove blank line in beginning of function.
(get_unit): Simplify code.
2004-08-31 Paul Brook <>
* io/unit.c (get_unit): Remove superfluous if.
2004-08-31 Paul Brook <>
* io/transfer.c (read_sf): Rename uinty to readlen. Detect EOF.
(finalize_transfer): Move setjmp after namlist IO.
* io/unix.c (mem_alloc_r_at): Calculate remaining length correctly.
2004-08-31 Paul Brook <>
* list_read.c (eat_separator): Set at_eo when a '/' is seen.
2004-08-31 Tobias Schlueter <>
* libgfortran.h: Replace 'gfc_strlen_type' by
'gfc_charlen_type'. Update comment accordingly.
* intrinsics/args.c, intrinsics/env.c, io/io.h, io/transfer.c:
Replace all occurences of 'gfc_strlen_type' by 'gfc_charlen_type'.
2004-08-31 Paul Brook <>
* libgfortran.h: Add comments.
2004-08-30 Richard Henderson <>
* (gfor_helper_src): Split selected_kind.f90.
(gfor_built_src): Add
( New rules.
* Regenerate.
*, New files.
* intrinsics/selected_int_kind.f90: Split from selected_kind.f90,
include table of detected kinds.
* intrinsics/selected_real_kind.f90: Similarly.
2004-08-29 Steven G. Kargl <>
Paul Brook <>
* intrinsics/bessel.c: New file.
* intrinsics/erf.c: New file.
* Add intrinsics/bessel.c and intrinsics/erf.c.
* Test for C99 Bessel and Error functions.
* Regenerate.
* Regenerate.
* configure: Regenerate.
2004-08-29 Steven G. Kargl <>
Paul Brook <>
* Add intrinsics/getXid.c.
* Add tests for get{g,p,u}id.
* Regenerate.
* Regenerate.
* configure: Regenerate.
2004-08-28 Paul Brook <>
PR libfortran/17195
* libgfortran.h (rtoa): Remove prototype.
* runtime/error.c (rtoa): Remove.
* io/write.c (calculate_G_format): Don't add blanks if E format is
used. Add correct number of blanks when exponent width is specified.
(output_float): Rewrite.
2004-08-27 Paul Brook <>
* io/rewind.c (st_rewind): Reset unit to read mode.
2004-08-27 Bud Davis <>
PR fortran/16597
* io/io.h: created typedef for unit_mode.
* io/io.h (gfc_unit): added mode to unit structure.
* io/transfer.c (data_transfer_init): flush if a write then
read is done on a unit (direct access files).
* io/rewind.c (st_rewind): Used unit mode instead of global.
2004-08-24 Bud Davis <>
PR fortran/17143
* runtime/error.c (itoa): keep from overflowing during
mod operation by using unsigned variable.
2004-08-24 Bud Davis <>
PR fortran/17164
* runtime/string_intrinsics.c (string_index):check for
substring longer than string.
2004-08-24 David Edelsohn <>
* (libgfortran_la_LDFLAGS): Add -lm.
* Rebuilt.
2004-08-23 Tobias Schlueter <>
* io/io.h, io/list_read.c, io/open.c, io/transfer.c, io/write.c:
Fix formatting issues, update copyright years.
2004-08-21 Bud Davis <>
PR 16908
* io/transfer.c (next_record_w): Do not blank pad.
* io/transfer.c (next_record): Take into account partial records.
2004-08-18 Victor Leikehman <>
PR fortran/13278
* io/transfer.c (st_set_nml_var)
* io/write.c (namelist_write): Allow var_name and var_name_len to be
null. For strings, use string_length field instead of len.
* io/io.h (struct namelist_type): New field string_length.
(st_set_nml_var_char): New argument string_length.
2004-08-13 Bud Davis <>
PR gfortran/16935
* io/open.c (st_open): use flags instead of the unit structure.
2004-08-10 Victor Leikehman <>
* io/list_read.c (namelist_read): Convert variable names
to lower case, so that mixed-case names are recognized.
Don't read beyond terminating slash.
2004-08-09 Richard Henderson <>
Roger Sayle <>
* intrinsics/c99_functions.c (nextafterf): New implementation that
works correctly with denormalized numbers.
2004-08-09 Victor Leikehman <>
* m4/matmul.m4, m4/matmull.m4, intrinsics/eoshift0.c,
intrinsics/eoshift2.c, intrinsics/transpose_generic.c:
Allocate space if return value has NULL in its data field.
* generated/*.c: Regenerate.
2004-08-06 Janne Blomqvist <>
* intrinsics/env.c: New file.
* Add env.c to build.
* Regenerate.
2004-08-05 Victor Leikehman <>
PR libfortran/16704
* io/read.c (read_radix): Understand letters f and F as hex digits.
2004-08-04 Victor Leikehman <>
* libgfortran.h (array_t, size0) New declarations.
* m4/ifunction.m4, m4/transpose.m4, intrinsics/cshift0.c: Allocate
space if return value descriptor has NULL in its data field,
and initialize bounds and stride.
* intrinsics/size.c (array_t, size0): Declarations moved to
* generated/*.c: Regenerate.
2004-08-03 Roger Sayle <>
PR libfortran/16137
* Add tests for acosf, asinf, atan2f, atanf, ceilf,
copysignf, cosf, coshf, expf, floorf, frexpf, hypotf, logf, log10f,
scalbnf, sinf, sinhf, sqrtf, tanf and tanhf in libm.
* Regenerate.
* configure: Regenerate.
* instrinsics/c99_functions.c (acosf, asinf, atan2f, atanf, ceilf,
copysignf, cosf, coshf, expf, floorf, frexpf, hypotf, logf, log10f,
nextafterf, scalbnf, sinf, sinhf, sqrtf, tanf, tanhf): New stub
implementations for targets that don't support C99 float functions.
2004-08-01 Roger Sayle <>
* io/write.c (write_float): Use the slightly more portable isnan
in preference to isinf.
2004-07-18 Bud Davis <>
* Add check for LFS support.
* configure: Regenerate
2004-07-11 Paul Brook <>
PR fortran/16303
* m4/cexp.m4 (carg): Return -pi to pi.
* generated/exp_c?.c: Regenerate.
2004-07-08 Andreas Krebbel <>
PR fortran/16291
* libgfortran/io/write.c: (write_float): Added length check.
Remove pointless memset calls.
2004-07-04 Bud Davis <>
Paul Brook <>
PR fortran/15472
* io/transfer.c(us_write): set recl for seq unform writes to max size.
* io/transfer.c(data_transfer_init): handle un-opened seq unform unit.
* io/unix.c(fd_alloc_w_at): handle requests at start, fd_flush at
right time.
* io/unix.c(is_seekable): set based upon the file/device, not the
method being used to access it (fd or mmap).
* io/unix.c(fd_flush): don't set file_size if !seekable.
* io/unix.c(fd_truncate: ditto.
2004-07-04 Janne Blomqvist <>
Paul Brook <>
PR fortran/15280
PR fortran/15665
* libgfortran.h (gfc_strlen_type): Define.
* intrinsics/args.c (getarg): Rename ...
(getarg_i4): ... to this.
(getarg_i8, get_command_argument_i4, get_command_argument_i8,
get_command_i4, get_command_i8): New functions.
2004-07-04 Matthias Klose <>
* libtool-version: New.
* (libgfortran_la_LDFLAGS): Use -version-info for soname.
* Regenerate.
* Remove libtool_VERSION macro
* configure: Regenerate
2004-06-30 Steve Kargl <>
Steven Bosscher <>
* intrinsics/rand.c (rand): Wrap the irand() call from the previous
commit in prefix.
2004-06-29 Tobias Schlueter <>
Paul Brook <>
* runtime/normalize.c (normalize_r4_i4, normalize_r8_i8): Fix
* intrinsics/rand.c (rand): Call irand() in call to normalize_r4_i4.
2004-06-27 Bud Davis <>
PR gfortran/12839
* io/write.c (write_float): check signbit for Infinity.
2004-06-26 Bud Davis <>
PR gfortran/16196
* unix.c(regular_file): create file if it does not exist.
2004-06-24 Andrew Pinski <>
* Remove check for libmx.
* configure: Regenerate.
2004-06-22 Janne Blomqvist <>
PR fortran/15750
* inquire.c (st_inquire): Add comment
* io.h (st_parameter): Add iolength.
(st_iolength, st_iolength_done): Declare.
* transfer.c (iolength_transfer, iolength_transfer_init,
st_iolength, st_iolength_done): New functions.
2004-06-21 Steven G. Kargl <>
* etime.c (etime_sub): Remove array rank check;
Add check for sufficient space.
2004-06-19 Bud Davis <>
PR gfortran/16080
* io/list_read.c(set_value): fixed spelling.
2004-06-19 Bud Davis <>
PR gfortran/16080
* io/list_read.c(set_value): don't copy if the string is null.
2004-06-14 Bud Davis <>
PR gfortran/15292
* intrinsics/c99_functions.c: Use fpclassify if it exists.
2004-06-13 Paul Brook <>
* (gfor_helper_src): Add runtime/normalize.f90.
* Add checks for nextafter and nextafterf.
*,, configure: Regenerate.
* libgfortran.h (normalize_r4_i4, normalize_r8_i8): Declare.
* intrinsics/rand.c (rand): Use normalize_r4_i4.
* intrinsics/random.c (random_r4): Use normalize_r4_i4.
(random_r8): Use normalize_r8_i8.
* runtime/normalize.c: New file.
2004-06-13 Steven G. Kargl <>
Tobias Schlueter <>
* random.c: Fix several spelling and formatting mistakes in
(random_r8): Fix loop to make random numbers range in [0,1(.
2004-06-13 Steven G. Kargl <>
* random.c (random_r4): Burn a random number.
(random_r8): fix infinite loop.
2004-06-12 Bud Davis <>
Steve Kargl <>
PR gfortran/15292
* intrinsics/c99_functions.c: New file.
* Add new file.
* Added test for round/roundf.
* Regenerate.
* configure: Regenerate.
* Regenerate.
2004-06-12 Steven G. Kargl <>
* Add rand.c and etime.c
* Regenerated.
* Regenerated.
* cpu_time.c (second_sub, second): New functions.
* rand.c (irand, rand, srand): New file.
* etime.c (etime_sub, etime): New file.
2004-06-12 Tobias Schlueter <>
Steven Bosscher <>
PR fortran/14923
* intrinsics/date_and_time.c: New file.
* (gfor_helper_src): Add intrinsics/date_and_time.c.
*, aclocal.m4: Regenerate.
* libgfortran.h: Prototype date_and_time().
2004-06-12 Bud Davis <>
PR fortran/15665
* intrinsics/args.c: Implement GETARG and IARGC.
* Add it.
* Regenerate.
2004-06-12 Bud Davis <>
PR gfortran/12839
* io/write.c(write_float): Format inf and nan IAW F2003.
2004-06-09 Bud Davis <>
PR gfortran/14897
* io/transfer.c (formatted_transfer): position is unique
for T and TL edit descriptors.
(data_transfer_init): set record length to size of internal
2004-06-09 Bud Davis <>
PR gfortran/15755
* io/backspace.c(st_backspace): call correct routine for
formatted and un-formatted units.
2004-05-30 Andreas Jaeger <>, Steven Bosscher <>
PR gfortran/11800
* (AM_CPPFLAGS): Renamed from INCLUDES.
(lib_LTLIBRARIES): Rename to ...
(toolexeclib_LTLIBRARIES): this for multilib support.
* Rename to ...
* this. Update to modern autoconf style, enable
multilibs, support --enable-version-specific-runtime-libs.
* Regenerated.
* configure: Regenerated.
* aclocal.m4: Regenerated.
2004-05-30 Steven G. Kargl <>
* libgfortran.h (random_seed): Update prototype.
* intrinsics/random.c: Disable old implementation and add new one.
2004-05-30 Andreas Jaeger <>
* intrinsics/random.c: Include unistd.h for close and read
prototypes, remove unneeded inclusion of assert.h.
* intrinsics/abort.c: Include stdlib.h for abort prototype, remove
unneeded inclusion of assert.h.
2004-05-27 Tobias Schlueter <>
PR fortran/15234
* intrinsics/associated.c: Remove enum.
(associated): Replace TRUE/FALSE by 1/0.
2004-05-23 Steven G. Kargl <>
* random.c (random_seed): Use correct variable.
2004-05-22 Steven G. Kargl <>
* intrinsics/system_clock: New file.
* Add intrinsics/system_clock.c.
* Regenerate.
2004-05-21 Roger Sayle <>
* io/format.c (parse_format_list): Allow the comma after a string
literal to be optional.
2004-05-18 Paul Brook <>
Feng Wang <>
* (i_pow_c): Set it. Add build rule.
(gfor_built_src): Use it.
(m4_files): add m4/pow.m4.
* Regenerate.
* m4/pow.m4: New file.
* generated/pow_*.c: Regenerate.
2004-05-18 Paul Brook <>
* Remove references to types.m4.
* m4/iparm.m4: Merge with types.m4.
* m4/types.m4: Remove.
* m4/cshift1.m4, m4/dotprod.m4, m4/dotprodc.m4, m4/dotprodl.m4,
m4/eoshift1.m4, m4/eoshift3.m4, m4/iforeach.m4, m4/ifunction.m4,
m4/in_pack.m4, m4/in_unpack.m4, m4/iparm.m4, m4/matmul.m4,
m4/matmull.m4, m4/maxloc0.m4, m4/maxloc1.m4, m4/maxval.m4,
m4/minloc0.m4, m4/minloc1.m4, m4/minval.m4, m4/reshape.m4,
m4/shape.m4, m4/specific.m4, m4/specific2.m4, m4/transpose.m4):
Update to use new iparm.m4.
* generated/*.c: Regenerate.
2004-05-18 Tobias Schlueter <>
PR fortran/15235
* gfortran.h (offset_t): Rename to ...
(gfc_offset): ... this.
* io/backspace.c (formatted_backspace, unformatted_backspace),
io/io.h (stream, gfc_unit, global_t, file_length, file_position),
transfer.c (us_read, us_write, next_record_r, next_record_w),
io/unit.c (init_units), unix.c (unix_stream, fd_alloc,
fd_alloc_r_at, fd_alloc_w_at, fd_seek, mmap_alloc,
mmap_alloc_r_at, mmap_alloc_w_at, mmap_seek, mem_alloc_r_at,
mem_alloc_w_at, mem_seek, file_length, file_position): Replace all
occurences of offset_t by gfc_offset.
2004-05-16 Paul Brook <>
* io/format.c (write_real): Don't include padding in format.
2004-05-16 Paul Brook <>
* io/format.c (format_lex): Make c an int.
2004-05-16 Janne Blomqvist <>
Paul Brook <>
* io/write.c (write_logical): Don't print extra blank.
(write_integer): Base field width on kind.
(list_formatted_write): Output initial blank.
2004-05-16 Janne Blomqvist <>
* io/io.h (flush): Add prototype.
* io/transfer.c (finalize_transfer): Flush partial records.
* io/unix.c (flush): New function.
2004-05-15 Tobias Schlueter <>
PR fortran/15234
* io/io.h (unit_t): Rename to ...
(gfc_unit) ... this.
(unit_root, current_unit, find_file, find_unit, get_unit): Now
of type gfc_unit.
(delete_file, insert_unit, close_unit): Argument now of type
* backspace.c (st_backspace), close.c (st_close), endfile.c
(st_endfile), inquire.c (inquire_via_unit, st_inquire), open.c
(test_endfile, edit_modes, new_unit, already_open, st_open),
rewind.c (st_rewind), transfer.c (current_unit), unit.c
(internal_unit, unit_cache, rotate_left, rotate_right, insert,
insert_unit, delete_root, delete_treap, delete_unit, find_unit,
get_unit, init_units, close_unit), unix.c (find_file0,
find_file, delete_file): Replace all occurences of unit_t by
2004-05-15 Bud Davis <>
PR fortran/15311
* io/write.c (write_a): right justify A edit output.
2004-05-14 Bud Davis <>
PR fortran/15149
* libgfortan.h,intrinsics/random.c: Made random_seed visible.
* runtime/main.c(init): Call random_seed as part of MAIN init.
2004-05-13 Tobias Schlter <>
* io/format.c: (parse_format_list): No comma is required after
P descriptor.
2004-05-13 Bud Davis <>
PR fortran/15204
* io/intrinsic/string_intrinsics.c (adjustr): rework logic.
2004-05-06 Rainer Orth <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
Steven Bosscher <>
PR libfortran/15234
* libgfortran.h: Include <inttypes.h> if available.
2004-05-03 Rainer Orth <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
* io/unix.c (MAP_FAILED): Define if missing.
(mmap_alloc): Cast MAP_FAILED to char *.
(mmap_open): Likewise.
2004-04-26 Bud Davis <>
* generated/_abs_i8.f90: New file.
* generated/_abs_c4.f90: New file.
* generated/_abs_c8.f90: New file.
* Add them.
* Regenerate.
2004-04-26 Bud Davis <>
PR fortran/14056
* generated/_abs_i4.f90: New file.
* Add it.
* Regenerate.
2004-04-25 Bud Davis <>
PR fortran/14942
* io/list_read.c(list_formatted_read): finish consuming the
spaces and seperators at eoln to get ready for next item.
2004-04-23 Bud Davis <>
PR fortran/15113
* io/read.c(read_a): Handle field width > destination and no field width.
2004-04-22 Bud Davis <>
PR fortran/14906
* io/format.c (format_item): gracefully handle a ')'
when it is the first character encountered in the string.
2004-04-11 Bud Davis <>
PR fortran/14904
* io/transfer.c (next_record): Update last_record when
more than one record is written to a direct access file
with one write statement.
2004-04-11 Bud Davis <>
PR fortran/14901
* io/transfer.c (next_record_w) : No '\n' if internal.
* io/unix.c (empty_internal_buffer) : Init to spaces, not '\n'.
2004-04-11 Bud Davis <>
* io.h (ioparm): Interface from FE is 32 bit, irregardless of offset_t.
Will need to change this later to support direct access files > 2gb.
2004-04-03 Bud Davis <>
PR gfortran/14762
* io/transfer.c (next_record_r) : Skip to next record.
2004-04-03 Bud Davis <>
PR gfortran/14836
* io/transfer.c (next_record): Update last_record for DIRECT
2004-04-03 Bud Davis <>
PR gfortran/14837
* io/unix.c (find_file0): Use fd field of struct
2004-04-03 Bud Davis <>
PR 14831
* io/inquire.c (inquire_via_unit): Changed return string for
BLANK=NULL. Use correct variable for ACTION.
2004-04-01 Bud Davis <>
PR 14746
* io/read.c (read_f): Allow a decimal without a leading digit.
* io/write.c (output_float): remove a leading '0' to keep from
overflowing the field (F edit descriptor).
2004-04-01 Bud Davis <>
PR gfortran/14565
* io/open.c (new_unit),
* io/io.h : new_unit is now visible
* io/transfer.c (data_transfer_init): open unit if no OPEN statement.
* io/transfer.c (data_transfer_init): remove compile warnings.
* io/rewind.c (st_rewind): ftruncate if writing.
2004-03-24 Bud Davis <>
* write.c (write_l): Use extract_int for 'L' edit descriptor.
2004-03-24 Bud Davis <>
PR 13919
* io/io.h (global_t):
* io/list_read.c (next_char,list_formatted_read,ist_formatted_read):
Move eof_jmp to a global structure.
* io/transfer.c(finalize_transfer) : Set up eof_jump for callers.
2004-03-24 Bud Davis <>
* m4/cexp.m4 (csqrt): Actually use the passed value.
* generated/exp_c?.c: Regenerate.
2004-03-24 Bud Davis <>
PR 12921
* io.h, transfer.c, open.c : recl_in changed from ptr to variable.
* open.c (new_unit): Moved test for positioned direct access error.
(init_units): Corrected calculation of max records.
2004-02-06 Feng Wang <>
* Add m4/dotprodc.m4. And fix spelling.
* Regenerate.
* m4/dotprodc.m4: New file. Implement complex dot_product.
* m4/dotprod.m4: Delete the complex implementation.
* generated/dotprod_*: Update.
2004-02-07 Bud Davis <>
* transfer.c (write_constant_string): Do not delete H's in hollerith
2004-01-05 Andrew Pinski <>
* Check for csin in -lmx also.
* configure: Regenerate.
2004-01-01 Paul Brook <>
* io/list_read.c (find_nml_node): Make static.
(match_namelist_name): Ditto.
* io/read.c (convert_precision_real): Make static, fix spelling.
* io/transfer.c (extract_real): Remove unused prototype.
(st_set_nml_var): Make static.
* io/write.c (extract_real): Make static.
Copyright (C) 2004 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
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are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright
notice and this notice are preserved.