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/* This used to fail due to a ifcombine problem wrecking 64bit
checks. Fixed with rev. 126876. */
/* { dg-do run } */
/* { dg-options "-O1" } */
struct tree_base
unsigned code:16;
unsigned side_effects_flag:1;
unsigned constant_flag:1;
unsigned addressable_flag:1;
unsigned volatile_flag:1;
unsigned readonly_flag:1;
unsigned unsigned_flag:1;
unsigned asm_written_flag:1;
unsigned nowarning_flag:1;
unsigned used_flag:1;
unsigned nothrow_flag:1;
unsigned static_flag:1;
unsigned public_flag:1;
unsigned private_flag:1;
unsigned protected_flag:1;
unsigned deprecated_flag:1;
unsigned invariant_flag:1;
unsigned lang_flag_0:1;
unsigned lang_flag_1:1;
unsigned lang_flag_2:1;
unsigned lang_flag_3:1;
unsigned lang_flag_4:1;
unsigned lang_flag_5:1;
unsigned lang_flag_6:1;
unsigned visited:1;
unsigned spare1:16;
unsigned spare2:8;
unsigned long a;
foo (struct tree_base *rhs)
if (({const struct tree_base* __t = (rhs); __t;})->readonly_flag
&& (rhs)->static_flag)
return 1;
return 0;
extern void abort (void);
main ()
struct tree_base t;
t.readonly_flag = t.static_flag = 0;
if (foo (&t))
abort ();
return 0;