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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# The script is used for finding PRs that have a GIT revision that
# mentiones the PR and are not closed. It's done by iterating all
# comments of a PR and finding GIT commit entries.
Sample output of the script:
Bugzilla URL page size: 50
HINT: bugs with following comment are ignored: Can the bug be marked as resolved?
Bug URL GIT commits known-to-fail known-to-work Bug summary master Two blockage insns are emited in the function epilogue master [9 Regression] g++ ICE: internal compiler error: Segmentation fault master basic_string_view::copy doesn't use Traits::copy master ICE in find_constant_pool_ref_1, at config/s390/s390.c:8231
Bugzilla lists:,88122,88084,88083,88074,88073,88071,88070,88051,88018,87985,87955,87926,87917,87913,87898,87895,87874,87871,87855,87853,87826,87824,87819,87818,87799,87793,87789,87788,87787,87754,87725,87674,87665,87649,87647,87645,87625,87611,87610,87598,87593,87582,87566,87556,87547,87544,87541,87537,87528
import argparse
import json
import requests
base_url = ''
regex = '(.*\[)([0-9\./]*)( [rR]egression])(.*)'
closure_question = 'Can the bug be marked as resolved?'
start_page = 20
url_page_size = 50
def get_branches_by_comments(comments):
versions = set()
for c in comments:
text = c['text']
lines = text.split('\n')
if 'URL:' in text:
version = 'master'
for line in lines:
if 'branches/gcc-' in line:
parts = line.strip().split('/')
parts = parts[1].split('-')
assert len(parts) == 3
version = parts[1]
for line in lines:
if line.startswith('The ') and 'branch has been updated' in line:
version = 'master'
name = line.strip().split(' ')[1]
if '/' in name:
name = name.split('/')[1]
assert '-' in name
version = name.split('-')[1]
return versions
def get_bugs(query):
u = base_url + 'bug'
r = requests.get(u, params = query)
return r.json()['bugs']
def search():
chunk = 1000
ids = []
print('%-30s%-30s%-40s%-40s%-60s' % ('Bug URL', 'GIT commits', 'known-to-fail', 'known-to-work', 'Bug summary'))
for i in range(start_page, 0, -1):
# print('offset: %d' % (i * chunk), flush = True)
bugs = get_bugs({'bug_status': statuses, 'limit': chunk, 'offset': i * chunk})
for b in sorted(bugs, key = lambda x: x['id'], reverse = True):
id = b['id']
fail = b['cf_known_to_fail']
work = b['cf_known_to_work']
u = base_url + 'bug/' + str(id) + '/comment'
r = requests.get(u).json()
keys = list(r['bugs'].keys())
assert len(keys) == 1
comments = r['bugs'][keys[0]]['comments']
skip = False
for c in comments:
if closure_question in c['text']:
skip = True
if skip:
branches = sorted(list(get_branches_by_comments(comments)),
key=lambda b: 999 if b is 'master' else int(b))
if branches:
branches_str = ','.join(branches)
print('%-30s%-30s%-40s%-40s%-60s' % ('' % id, branches_str, fail, work, b['summary']), flush=True)
# print all URL lists
print('\nBugzilla lists:')
while len(ids) > 0:
print('' % ','.join([str(x) for x in ids[:url_page_size]]))
ids = ids[url_page_size:]
print('Bugzilla URL page size: %d' % url_page_size)
print('HINT: bugs with following comment are ignored: %s\n' % closure_question)
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='')
args = parser.parse_args()