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//===-- ------------------------------------------*- C++ -*-===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
// ASan runtime flags.
#ifndef ASAN_FLAG
# error "Define ASAN_FLAG prior to including this file!"
// ASAN_FLAG(Type, Name, DefaultValue, Description)
// See COMMON_FLAG in for more details.
ASAN_FLAG(int, quarantine_size, -1,
"Deprecated, please use quarantine_size_mb.")
ASAN_FLAG(int, quarantine_size_mb, -1,
"Size (in Mb) of quarantine used to detect use-after-free "
"errors. Lower value may reduce memory usage but increase the "
"chance of false negatives.")
ASAN_FLAG(int, thread_local_quarantine_size_kb, -1,
"Size (in Kb) of thread local quarantine used to detect "
"use-after-free errors. Lower value may reduce memory usage but "
"increase the chance of false negatives. It is not advised to go "
"lower than 64Kb, otherwise frequent transfers to global quarantine "
"might affect performance.")
ASAN_FLAG(int, redzone, 16,
"Minimal size (in bytes) of redzones around heap objects. "
"Requirement: redzone >= 16, is a power of two.")
ASAN_FLAG(int, max_redzone, 2048,
"Maximal size (in bytes) of redzones around heap objects.")
bool, debug, false,
"If set, prints some debugging information and does additional checks.")
int, report_globals, 1,
"Controls the way to handle globals (0 - don't detect buffer overflow on "
"globals, 1 - detect buffer overflow, 2 - print data about registered "
ASAN_FLAG(bool, check_initialization_order, false,
"If set, attempts to catch initialization order issues.")
bool, replace_str, true,
"If set, uses custom wrappers and replacements for libc string functions "
"to find more errors.")
ASAN_FLAG(bool, replace_intrin, true,
"If set, uses custom wrappers for memset/memcpy/memmove intrinsics.")
ASAN_FLAG(bool, detect_stack_use_after_return,
"Enables stack-use-after-return checking at run-time.")
ASAN_FLAG(int, min_uar_stack_size_log, 16, // We can't do smaller anyway.
"Minimum fake stack size log.")
ASAN_FLAG(int, max_uar_stack_size_log,
20, // 1Mb per size class, i.e. ~11Mb per thread
"Maximum fake stack size log.")
ASAN_FLAG(bool, uar_noreserve, false,
"Use mmap with 'noreserve' flag to allocate fake stack.")
int, max_malloc_fill_size, 0x1000, // By default, fill only the first 4K.
"ASan allocator flag. max_malloc_fill_size is the maximal amount of "
"bytes that will be filled with malloc_fill_byte on malloc.")
int, max_free_fill_size, 0,
"ASan allocator flag. max_free_fill_size is the maximal amount of "
"bytes that will be filled with free_fill_byte during free.")
ASAN_FLAG(int, malloc_fill_byte, 0xbe,
"Value used to fill the newly allocated memory.")
ASAN_FLAG(int, free_fill_byte, 0x55,
"Value used to fill deallocated memory.")
ASAN_FLAG(bool, allow_user_poisoning, true,
"If set, user may manually mark memory regions as poisoned or "
int, sleep_before_dying, 0,
"Number of seconds to sleep between printing an error report and "
"terminating the program. Useful for debugging purposes (e.g. when one "
"needs to attach gdb).")
int, sleep_after_init, 0,
"Number of seconds to sleep after AddressSanitizer is initialized. "
"Useful for debugging purposes (e.g. when one needs to attach gdb).")
int, sleep_before_init, 0,
"Number of seconds to sleep before AddressSanitizer starts initializing. "
"Useful for debugging purposes (e.g. when one needs to attach gdb).")
ASAN_FLAG(bool, check_malloc_usable_size, true,
"Allows the users to work around the bug in Nvidia drivers prior to "
ASAN_FLAG(bool, unmap_shadow_on_exit, false,
"If set, explicitly unmaps the (huge) shadow at exit.")
ASAN_FLAG(bool, protect_shadow_gap, true, "If set, mprotect the shadow gap")
ASAN_FLAG(bool, print_stats, false,
"Print various statistics after printing an error message or if "
ASAN_FLAG(bool, print_legend, true, "Print the legend for the shadow bytes.")
ASAN_FLAG(bool, print_scariness, false,
"Print the scariness score. Experimental.")
ASAN_FLAG(bool, atexit, false,
"If set, prints ASan exit stats even after program terminates "
bool, print_full_thread_history, true,
"If set, prints thread creation stacks for the threads involved in the "
"report and their ancestors up to the main thread.")
bool, poison_heap, true,
"Poison (or not) the heap memory on [de]allocation. Zero value is useful "
"for benchmarking the allocator or instrumentator.")
ASAN_FLAG(bool, poison_partial, true,
"If true, poison partially addressable 8-byte aligned words "
"(default=true). This flag affects heap and global buffers, but not "
"stack buffers.")
ASAN_FLAG(bool, poison_array_cookie, true,
"Poison (or not) the array cookie after operator new[].")
// Turn off alloc/dealloc mismatch checker on Mac and Windows for now.
// TODO(glider,timurrrr): Fix known issues and enable this back.
ASAN_FLAG(bool, alloc_dealloc_mismatch,
"Report errors on malloc/delete, new/free, new/delete[], etc.")
ASAN_FLAG(bool, new_delete_type_mismatch, true,
"Report errors on mismatch between size of new and delete.")
bool, strict_init_order, false,
"If true, assume that dynamic initializers can never access globals from "
"other modules, even if the latter are already initialized.")
bool, start_deactivated, false,
"If true, ASan tweaks a bunch of other flags (quarantine, redzone, heap "
"poisoning) to reduce memory consumption as much as possible, and "
"restores them to original values when the first instrumented module is "
"loaded into the process. This is mainly intended to be used on "
"Android. ")
int, detect_invalid_pointer_pairs, 0,
"If >= 2, detect operations like <, <=, >, >= and - on invalid pointer "
"pairs (e.g. when pointers belong to different objects); "
"If == 1, detect invalid operations only when both pointers are non-null.")
ASAN_FLAG(bool, detect_container_overflow, true,
"If true, honor the container overflow annotations. See "
ASAN_FLAG(int, detect_odr_violation, 2,
"If >=2, detect violation of One-Definition-Rule (ODR); "
"If ==1, detect ODR-violation only if the two variables "
"have different sizes")
ASAN_FLAG(const char *, suppressions, "", "Suppressions file name.")
ASAN_FLAG(bool, halt_on_error, true,
"Crash the program after printing the first error report "
ASAN_FLAG(bool, allocator_frees_and_returns_null_on_realloc_zero, true,
"realloc(p, 0) is equivalent to free(p) by default (Same as the "
"POSIX standard). If set to false, realloc(p, 0) will return a "
"pointer to an allocated space which can not be used.")
ASAN_FLAG(bool, verify_asan_link_order, true,
"Check position of ASan runtime in library list (needs to be disabled"
" when other library has to be preloaded system-wide)")
bool, windows_hook_rtl_allocators, false,
"(Windows only) enable hooking of Rtl(Allocate|Free|Size|ReAllocate)Heap.")