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// Causes the CMI to have instantiated a deferred noexept spec that
// the textually included file has not.
typedef long unsigned int size_t;
template<typename _Tp, _Tp __v>
struct integral_constant
static constexpr _Tp value = __v;
typedef integral_constant<_Tp, __v> type;
template<typename _Tp, _Tp __v>
constexpr _Tp integral_constant<_Tp, __v>::value;
template<typename _Head>
struct _Tuple_impl : _Head
_Tuple_impl(_Tuple_impl&& __in)
noexcept (integral_constant<bool,
noexcept(_Head(static_cast<_Head &&>(*(_Head *) (0))))>::type::value);
template <typename _Dp>
struct __uniq_ptr_impl
__uniq_ptr_impl (__uniq_ptr_impl&& __u) noexcept
: _M_t(static_cast <_Tuple_impl<_Dp> &&>(__u._M_t))
_Tuple_impl<_Dp> _M_t;
struct _Impl_deleter {};
typedef __uniq_ptr_impl<_Impl_deleter> up;
inline void frob (up && p)
up _M_cmpts (static_cast <up &&> (p));