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/* Test AAPCS64 layout
Test named homogeneous floating-point aggregates of __fp16 data,
which should be passed in SIMD/FP registers or via the stack. */
/* { dg-do run { target aarch64*-*-* } } */
#define TESTFILE "test_27.c"
struct x0
__fp16 v[1];
} f16x1;
struct x1
__fp16 v[2];
} f16x2;
struct x2
__fp16 v[3];
} f16x3;
void init_data ()
f16x1.v[0] = 2.0f;
f16x2.v[0] = 4.0f;
f16x2.v[1] = 8.0f;
f16x3.v[0] = 16.0f;
f16x3.v[1] = 32.0f;
f16x3.v[2] = 64.0f;
#include "abitest.h"
ARG (struct x0, f16x1, H0)
ARG (struct x1, f16x2, H1)
ARG (struct x2, f16x3, H3)
ARG (struct x1, f16x2, H6)
ARG (struct x0, f16x1, STACK)
ARG (int, 0xdeadbeef, W0)
LAST_ARG (double, 456.789, STACK+8)