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/* Test AAPCS64 layout.
C.8 If the argument has an alignment of 16 then the NGRN is rounded up
the next even number.
The case of a small struture containing only one 16-byte aligned
quad-word integer is covered in this test. */
/* { dg-do run { target aarch64*-*-* } } */
#define TESTFILE "test_align-2.c"
#include "type-def.h"
struct y
union int128_t v;
} w;
struct x
long long p;
int q;
void init_data ()
/* Init signed quad-word integer. */
w.v.l64 = 0xfdb9753102468aceLL;
w.v.h64 = 0xeca8642013579bdfLL;
#include "abitest.h"
ARG(int, 0xAB, W0)
ARG(struct y, w, X2)
ARG(int, 0xCD, W4)
ARG(struct x, s, X5)
LAST_ARG(int, 0xFF00FF00, W7)