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/* Compiler implementation of the D programming language
* Copyright (C) 1999-2022 by The D Language Foundation, All Rights Reserved
* written by Walter Bright
* Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0.
#pragma once
#include "root/dcompat.h"
#include "root/object.h"
class Identifier final : public RootObject
int value;
bool isAnonymous_;
DString string;
static Identifier* create(const char *string);
const char *toChars() const override;
int getValue() const;
bool isAnonymous() const;
const char *toHChars2() const;
DYNCAST dyncast() const override;
static Identifier *generateId(const char *prefix, size_t length, size_t suffix);
static Identifier *idPool(const char *s, unsigned len);
static inline Identifier *idPool(const char *s)
return idPool(s, static_cast<unsigned>(strlen(s)));
static bool isValidIdentifier(const char *p);