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/* Compiler implementation of the D programming language
* Copyright (C) 1999-2022 by The D Language Foundation, All Rights Reserved
* written by Walter Bright
* Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0.
#pragma once
#include "dsymbol.h"
struct ModuleDeclaration;
struct Escape;
struct FileBuffer;
struct MacroTable
void* internal; // PIMPL
enum PKG
PKGunknown, // not yet determined whether it's a package.d or not
PKGmodule, // already determined that's an actual package.d
PKGpackage // already determined that's an actual package
class Package : public ScopeDsymbol
PKG isPkgMod;
unsigned tag; // auto incremented tag, used to mask package tree in scopes
Module *mod; // != NULL if isPkgMod == PKGmodule
const char *kind() const override;
bool equals(const RootObject * const o) const override;
Package *isPackage() override final { return this; }
bool isAncestorPackageOf(const Package * const pkg) const;
Dsymbol *search(const Loc &loc, Identifier *ident, int flags = SearchLocalsOnly) override;
void accept(Visitor *v) override { v->visit(this); }
Module *isPackageMod();
class Module final : public Package
static Module *rootModule;
static DsymbolTable *modules; // symbol table of all modules
static Modules amodules; // array of all modules
static Dsymbols deferred; // deferred Dsymbol's needing semantic() run on them
static Dsymbols deferred2; // deferred Dsymbol's needing semantic2() run on them
static Dsymbols deferred3; // deferred Dsymbol's needing semantic3() run on them
static void _init();
static AggregateDeclaration *moduleinfo;
DString arg; // original argument name
ModuleDeclaration *md; // if !NULL, the contents of the ModuleDeclaration declaration
FileName srcfile; // input source file
FileName objfile; // output .obj file
FileName hdrfile; // 'header' file
FileName docfile; // output documentation file
DArray<unsigned char> src; // Raw content of the file
unsigned errors; // if any errors in file
unsigned numlines; // number of lines in source file
FileType filetype; // source file type
bool hasAlwaysInlines; // contains references to functions that must be inlined
bool isPackageFile; // if it is a package.d
Package *pkg; // if isPackageFile is true, the Package that contains this package.d
Strings contentImportedFiles; // array of files whose content was imported
int needmoduleinfo;
int selfimports; // 0: don't know, 1: does not, 2: does
void* tagSymTab; // ImportC: tag symbols that conflict with other symbols used as the index
OutBuffer defines; // collect all the #define lines here
bool selfImports(); // returns true if module imports itself
int rootimports; // 0: don't know, 1: does not, 2: does
bool rootImports(); // returns true if module imports root module
int insearch;
Identifier *searchCacheIdent;
Dsymbol *searchCacheSymbol; // cached value of search
int searchCacheFlags; // cached flags
// module from command line we're imported from,
// i.e. a module that will be taken all the
// way to an object file
Module *importedFrom;
Dsymbols *decldefs; // top level declarations for this Module
Modules aimports; // all imported modules
unsigned debuglevel; // debug level
Identifiers *debugids; // debug identifiers
Identifiers *debugidsNot; // forward referenced debug identifiers
unsigned versionlevel; // version level
Identifiers *versionids; // version identifiers
Identifiers *versionidsNot; // forward referenced version identifiers
MacroTable macrotable; // document comment macros
Escape *escapetable; // document comment escapes
size_t nameoffset; // offset of module name from start of ModuleInfo
size_t namelen; // length of module name in characters
static Module* create(const char *arg, Identifier *ident, int doDocComment, int doHdrGen);
static const char *find(const char *filename);
static Module *load(const Loc &loc, Identifiers *packages, Identifier *ident);
const char *kind() const override;
bool read(const Loc &loc); // read file, returns 'true' if succeed, 'false' otherwise.
Module *parse(); // syntactic parse
void importAll(Scope *sc) override;
int needModuleInfo();
Dsymbol *search(const Loc &loc, Identifier *ident, int flags = SearchLocalsOnly) override;
bool isPackageAccessible(Package *p, Visibility visibility, int flags = 0) override;
Dsymbol *symtabInsert(Dsymbol *s) override;
void deleteObjFile();
static void runDeferredSemantic();
static void runDeferredSemantic2();
static void runDeferredSemantic3();
int imports(Module *m);
bool isRoot() { return this->importedFrom == this; }
// true if the module source file is directly
// listed in command line.
bool isCoreModule(Identifier *ident);
// Back end
int doppelganger; // sub-module
Symbol *cov; // private uint[] __coverage;
unsigned *covb; // bit array of valid code line numbers
Symbol *sictor; // module order independent constructor
Symbol *sctor; // module constructor
Symbol *sdtor; // module destructor
Symbol *ssharedctor; // module shared constructor
Symbol *sshareddtor; // module shared destructor
Symbol *stest; // module unit test
Symbol *sfilename; // symbol for filename
void *ctfe_cov; // stores coverage information from ctfe
Module *isModule() override { return this; }
void accept(Visitor *v) override { v->visit(this); }
struct ModuleDeclaration
Loc loc;
Identifier *id;
DArray<Identifier*> packages; // array of Identifier's representing packages
bool isdeprecated; // if it is a deprecated module
Expression *msg;
const char *toChars() const;