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* A visitor that facilitates the traversal of subsets of the AST.
* Documentation:
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module dmd.permissivevisitor;
import dmd.parsetimevisitor;
/** PermissiveVisitor overrides all the visit methods in the parent class
* that assert(0) in order to facilitate the traversal of subsets of the AST.
* It does not implement any visiting logic.
extern(C++) class PermissiveVisitor(AST): ParseTimeVisitor!AST
alias visit = ParseTimeVisitor!AST.visit;
override void visit(AST.Dsymbol){}
override void visit(AST.Parameter){}
override void visit(AST.Statement){}
override void visit(AST.Type){}
override void visit(AST.Expression){}
override void visit(AST.TemplateParameter){}
override void visit(AST.Condition){}
override void visit(AST.Initializer){}