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  1. aav.d
  2. array.d
  3. array.h
  4. bitarray.d
  5. bitarray.h
  6. complex.d
  7. complex_t.h
  8. ctfloat.d
  9. ctfloat.h
  10. dcompat.h
  11. dsystem.h
  12. file.d
  13. filename.d
  14. filename.h
  15. hash.d
  16. longdouble.d
  17. object.h
  18. optional.d
  19. optional.h
  20. port.d
  21. port.h
  23. region.d
  24. rmem.d
  25. rmem.h
  26. rootobject.d
  27. speller.d
  28. string.d
  29. stringtable.d
  30. utf.d

Table of contents

aav.dAn associative array implementation
array.dA dynamic array implementation
bitarray.dA compact array of bits
complex.dA complex number type
ctfloat.dA floating point type for compile-time calculations
env.dModify environment variables
file.dRead a file from disk and store it in memory
filename.dEncapsulate path and file names
hash.dCalculate a hash for a byte array
longdouble.d80-bit floating point number implementation in case they are not natively supported
man.dOpens an online manual page
optional.dImplementation of an ‘Optional’ type
port.dPortable routines for functions that have different implementations on different platforms
region.dA region allocator
response.dParse command line arguments from response files
rmem.dAllocate memory using malloc or the GC depending on the configuration
rootobject.dA root object that classes in dmd inherit from
speller.dTry to detect typos in identifiers
string.dVarious string related functions
stringtable.dSpecialized associative array with string keys stored in a variable length structure
strtold.dD implementation of the standard C function strtold (String to long double)
utf.dEncoding/decoding Unicode text