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/* Compiler implementation of the D programming language
* Copyright (C) 2013-2022 by The D Language Foundation, All Rights Reserved
* written by Iain Buclaw
* Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0.
#pragma once
// This file contains a data structure that describes a back-end target.
// At present it is incomplete, but in future it should grow to contain
// most or all target machine and target O/S specific information.
#include "globals.h"
#include "tokens.h"
class ClassDeclaration;
class Dsymbol;
class Expression;
class FuncDeclaration;
class Statement;
class Type;
class TypeTuple;
class TypeFunction;
enum class CPU : unsigned char
avx, // AVX1 instruction set
avx2, // AVX2 instruction set
avx512, // AVX-512 instruction set
// Special values that don't survive past the command line processing
baseline, // (default) the minimum capability CPU
native // the machine the compiler is being run on
struct TargetC
enum class Runtime : unsigned char
enum class BitFieldStyle : unsigned char
DM, // Digital Mars 32 bit C compiler
MS, // Microsoft 32 and 64 bit C compilers
Gcc_Clang, // gcc and clang
uint8_t crtDestructorsSupported; // Not all platforms support crt_destructor
uint8_t boolsize; // size of a C '_Bool' type
uint8_t shortsize; // size of a C 'short' or 'unsigned short' type
uint8_t intsize; // size of a C 'int' or 'unsigned int' type
uint8_t longsize; // size of a C 'long' or 'unsigned long' type
uint8_t long_longsize; // size of a C 'long long' or 'unsigned long long' type
uint8_t long_doublesize; // size of a C 'long double'
uint8_t wchar_tsize; // size of a C 'wchar_t' type
Runtime runtime;
BitFieldStyle bitFieldStyle; // different C compilers do it differently
struct TargetCPP
enum class Runtime : unsigned char
bool reverseOverloads; // with dmc and cl, overloaded functions are grouped and in reverse order
bool exceptions; // set if catching C++ exceptions is supported
bool twoDtorInVtable; // target C++ ABI puts deleting and non-deleting destructor into vtable
bool splitVBasetable; // set if C++ ABI uses separate tables for virtual functions and virtual bases
bool wrapDtorInExternD; // set if C++ dtors require a D wrapper to be callable from runtime
Runtime runtime;
const char *toMangle(Dsymbol *s);
const char *typeInfoMangle(ClassDeclaration *cd);
const char *thunkMangle(FuncDeclaration *fd, int offset);
const char *typeMangle(Type *t);
Type *parameterType(Type *p);
bool fundamentalType(const Type *t, bool& isFundamental);
unsigned derivedClassOffset(ClassDeclaration *baseClass);
struct TargetObjC
bool supported; // set if compiler can interface with Objective-C
struct Target
typedef unsigned char OS;
/* These are mutually exclusive; one and only one is set.
* Match spelling and casing of corresponding version identifiers
OS_Freestanding = 0,
OS_linux = 1,
OS_Windows = 2,
OS_OSX = 4,
OS_OpenBSD = 8,
OS_FreeBSD = 0x10,
OS_Solaris = 0x20,
OS_DragonFlyBSD = 0x40,
// Combination masks
all = OS_linux | OS_Windows | OS_OSX | OS_OpenBSD | OS_FreeBSD | OS_Solaris | OS_DragonFlyBSD,
Posix = OS_linux | OS_OSX | OS_OpenBSD | OS_FreeBSD | OS_Solaris | OS_DragonFlyBSD,
OS os;
uint8_t osMajor;
// D ABI
uint8_t ptrsize;
uint8_t realsize; // size a real consumes in memory
uint8_t realpad; // 'padding' added to the CPU real size to bring it up to realsize
uint8_t realalignsize; // alignment for reals
uint8_t classinfosize; // size of 'ClassInfo'
uint64_t maxStaticDataSize; // maximum size of static data
// C ABI
TargetC c;
// C++ ABI
TargetCPP cpp;
// Objective-C ABI
TargetObjC objc;
DString architectureName; // name of the platform architecture (e.g. X86_64)
CPU cpu; // CPU instruction set to target
bool is64bit; // generate 64 bit code for x86_64; true by default for 64 bit dmd
bool isLP64; // pointers are 64 bits
// Environmental
DString obj_ext; /// extension for object files
DString lib_ext; /// extension for static library files
DString dll_ext; /// extension for dynamic library files
bool run_noext; /// allow -run sources without extensions
bool omfobj; /// for Win32: write OMF object files instead of COFF
template <typename T>
struct FPTypeProperties
real_t max;
real_t min_normal;
real_t nan;
real_t infinity;
real_t epsilon;
int64_t dig;
int64_t mant_dig;
int64_t max_exp;
int64_t min_exp;
int64_t max_10_exp;
int64_t min_10_exp;
FPTypeProperties<float> FloatProperties;
FPTypeProperties<double> DoubleProperties;
FPTypeProperties<real_t> RealProperties;
Type *tvalist;
const Param *params;
void _init(const Param& params);
// Type sizes and support.
unsigned alignsize(Type *type);
unsigned fieldalign(Type *type);
Type *va_listType(const Loc &loc, Scope *sc); // get type of va_list
int isVectorTypeSupported(int sz, Type *type);
bool isVectorOpSupported(Type *type, EXP op, Type *t2 = NULL);
// ABI and backend.
LINK systemLinkage();
TypeTuple *toArgTypes(Type *t);
bool isReturnOnStack(TypeFunction *tf, bool needsThis);
bool preferPassByRef(Type *t);
Expression *getTargetInfo(const char* name, const Loc& loc);
bool isCalleeDestroyingArgs(TypeFunction* tf);
bool libraryObjectMonitors(FuncDeclaration *fd, Statement *fbody);
bool supportsLinkerDirective() const;
void addPredefinedGlobalIdentifiers() const;
extern Target target;