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2022-01-26 Francois-Xavier Coudert <>
PR libfortran/104233
* ieee/issignaling_fallback.h: Check GFC_REAL_16_IS_FLOAT128
instead of __FLT128_IS_IEC_60559__.
2022-01-25 Francois-Xavier Coudert <>
* ieee/issignaling_fallback.h: Fix GCC-specific preprocessor
2022-01-25 Jakub Jelinek <>
* ieee/issignaling_fallback.h (__issignalingl): Define for
IBM extended long double are returning __issignaling on the
first double.
2022-01-25 Francois-Xavier Coudert <>
* ieee/issignaling_fallback.h: fix preprocessor condition.
2022-01-24 Francois-Xavier Coudert <>
* ieee/issignaling_fallback.h: New file.
* ieee/ieee_helper.c: Include issignaling_fallback.h when target
does not define issignaling macro.
2022-01-17 Francois-Xavier Coudert <>
* ieee/issignaling_fallback.h: Remove file.
2022-01-17 Thomas Koenig <>
* runtime/environ.c: Allow for multiple default values so that
separate default specifications for IBM long double format and
endianness are possible.
2022-01-16 Francois-Xavier Coudert <>
* ieee/issignaling_fallback.h: New file.
2022-01-16 Francois-Xavier Coudert <>
PR fortran/82207
* Add values for TINY.
* ieee/ieee_arithmetic.F90: Call C helper functions for
* ieee/ieee_helper.c: New functions ieee_value_helper_N for each
floating-point type.
2022-01-14 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR libfortran/104006
* (BUILT_SOURCES): Don't include $(version_dep).
(clean-local): Remove $(version_dep).
* Regenerated.
2022-01-13 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR libfortran/104006
* ( Rename target to ...
(gfortran.ver-sun): ... this.
* Regenerated.
2022-01-12 Jakub Jelinek <>
* libgfortran.h (POWER_IEEE128): Use __GLIBC_PREREQ in a separate
#if directive inside of #if ... && defined __GLIBC_PREREQ.
2022-01-11 Jakub Jelinek <>
* io/transfer.c (unformatted_read, unformatted_write): When
byteswapping IBM extended real(kind=16), handle it as byteswapping
two real(kind=8) values.
2022-01-11 Thomas Koenig <>
* runtime/environ.c (R16_IEEE): New macro.
(R16_IBM): New macro.
(next_token): Handle IBM R16 conversion cases.
(push_token): Likewise.
(mark_single): Likewise.
(do_parse): Likewise, initialize endian.
2022-01-11 Thomas Koenig <>
* Regenerate.
* io/file_pos.c (unformatted_backspace): Mask off
R16 parts for convert.
* io/inquire.c (inquire_via_unit): Add cases for
R16 parts.
* io/open.c (st_open): Add cases for R16 conversion.
* io/transfer.c (unformatted_read): Adjust for R16 conversions.
(unformatted_write): Likewise.
(us_read): Mask of R16 bits.
(data_transfer_init): Likewiese.
(write_us_marker): Likewise.
2022-01-11 Jakub Jelinek <>
* (AM_FCFLAGS): Add -fbuilding-libgfortran after
* Regenerated.
2022-01-11 Jakub Jelinek <>
* libgfortran.h (__copysignieee128, __fmaieee128, __fmodieee128):
* intrinsics/trigd.c (COPYSIGN, FMOD, FABS, FMA, SIN, COS, TAN): If
POWER_IEEE128 is defined, define these for kind 17 include.
* intrinsics/ (COPYSIGN, FMOD, FABS, FMA, SIN, COS, TAN):
Don't define if COPYSIGN is already defined.
2022-01-11 Jakub Jelinek <>
* libgfortran.h (GFC_REAL_17_INFINITY, GFC_REAL_17_QUIET_NAN): Define.
(__erfcieee128): Declare.
* intrinsics/trigd.c (_gfortran_sind_r17, _gfortran_cosd_r17,
_gfortran_tand_r17): Define for HAVE_GFC_REAL_17.
* intrinsics/random.c (random_r17, arandom_r17, rnumber_17): Define.
* intrinsics/erfc_scaled.c (ERFC_SCALED): Define.
(erfc_scaled_r16): Use ERFC_SCALED macro.
(erfc_scaled_r17): Define.
2022-01-11 Jakub Jelinek <>
* io/read.c (convert_real): Add missing break; for the
HAVE_GFC_REAL_17 case.
2022-01-11 Jakub Jelinek <>
* io/write_float.def (CALCULATE_EXP): If HAVE_GFC_REAL_17, also use
(determine_en_precision): Use 17 instead of 16 as first EN_PREC
argument for kind 17.
(get_float_string): Use 17 instead of 16 as first FORMAT_FLOAT
argument for kind 17.
2022-01-11 Jakub Jelinek <>
* libgfortran.h (__acoshieee128, __acosieee128, __asinhieee128,
__asinieee128, __atan2ieee128, __atanhieee128, __atanieee128,
__coshieee128, __cosieee128, __erfieee128, __expieee128,
__fabsieee128, __jnieee128, __log10ieee128, __logieee128,
__powieee128, __sinhieee128, __sinieee128, __sqrtieee128,
__tanhieee128, __tanieee128, __ynieee128): Formatting fixes.
(__strtoieee128, __snprintfieee128): Declare.
* io/io.h (default_width_for_float, default_precision_for_float):
Handle kind == 17.
* io/size_from_kind.c (size_from_real_kind, size_from_complex_kind):
* io/read.c (set_integer, si_max, convert_real, convert_infnan,
read_f): Likewise.
* io/write.c (extract_uint, size_from_kind, set_fnode_default):
* io/write_float.def (DTOA2Q, FDTOA2Q): Define for HAVE_GFC_REAL_17.
(determine_en_precision, get_float_string): Handle kind == 17.
* io/transfer128.c: Use also for HAVE_GFC_REAL_17, but don't drag in
libquadmath if POWER_IEEE128.
* (comma, PREPROCESS): New variables.
(gfortran.ver): New goal.
(version_arg, version_dep): Use gfortran.ver instead of
( Depend on and use gfortran.ver instead of
(BUILT_SOURCES): Add $(version_dep).
* Regenerated.
* (GFORTRAN_8): Don't export
_gfortran_transfer_complex128, _gfortran_transfer_complex128_write,
_gfortran_transfer_real128 and _gfortran_transfer_real128_write if
HAVE_GFC_REAL_17 is defined.
(GFORTRAN_12): Export those here instead.
2022-01-11 Thomas Koenig <>
* Correct files for compilation flags. Add
-D__powerpc64__ for Fortran sources. Get from
grep of kinds.h and kinds-override.h.
* Regenerate.
* Regenerate.
* configure: Regenerate.
* Add -mno-gnu-attribute to compile flags.
* generated/_abs_c17.F90: Regenerate.
* generated/_abs_r17.F90: Regenerate.
* generated/_acos_r17.F90: Regenerate.
* generated/_acosh_r17.F90: Regenerate.
* generated/_aimag_c17.F90: Regenerate.
* generated/_aint_r17.F90: Regenerate.
* generated/_anint_r17.F90: Regenerate.
* generated/_asin_r17.F90: Regenerate.
* generated/_asinh_r17.F90: Regenerate.
* generated/_atan2_r17.F90: Regenerate.
* generated/_atan_r17.F90: Regenerate.
* generated/_atanh_r17.F90: Regenerate.
* generated/_conjg_c17.F90: Regenerate.
* generated/_cos_c17.F90: Regenerate.
* generated/_cos_r17.F90: Regenerate.
* generated/_cosh_r17.F90: Regenerate.
* generated/_dim_r17.F90: Regenerate.
* generated/_exp_c17.F90: Regenerate.
* generated/_exp_r17.F90: Regenerate.
* generated/_log10_r17.F90: Regenerate.
* generated/_log_c17.F90: Regenerate.
* generated/_log_r17.F90: Regenerate.
* generated/_mod_r17.F90: Regenerate.
* generated/_sign_r17.F90: Regenerate.
* generated/_sin_c17.F90: Regenerate.
* generated/_sin_r17.F90: Regenerate.
* generated/_sinh_r17.F90: Regenerate.
* generated/_sqrt_c17.F90: Regenerate.
* generated/_sqrt_r17.F90: Regenerate.
* generated/_tan_r17.F90: Regenerate.
* generated/_tanh_r17.F90: Regenerate.
* kinds-override.h: Adjust to trunk.
Change condition to single line so it can be grepped.
* m4/specific.m4: Make sure that real=kind16 is used
for _r17.F90 and _c17.F90 files.
* m4/specific2.m4: Likewise.
2022-01-11 Jakub Jelinek <>
* libgfortran.h (internal_pack_r17, internal_pack_c17,
internal_unpack_r17, internal_unpack_c17, pack_r17, pack_c17,
unpack0_r17, unpack0_c17, unpack1_r17, unpack1_c17, spread_r17,
spread_c17, spread_scalar_r17, spread_scalar_c17, cshift0_r17,
cshift0_c17, cshift1_4_r17, cshift1_8_r17, cshift1_16_r17,
cshift1_4_c17, cshift1_8_c17, cshift1_16_c17): Declare.
* (GFORTRAN_12): Export *_r17 and *_c17.
2022-01-11 Thomas Koenig <>
* acinclude.m4 (LIBGFOR_CHECK_MATH_IEEE128): New macro.
* Use it.
* Regenerate.
* configure: Regenerate.
2022-01-11 Thomas Koenig <>
* Fix pattern substitution for _r17 and _c17.
* Regenerate.
2022-01-11 Thomas Koenig <>
* Add _r17 and _c17 files. Build them
with -mabi=ieeelongdouble on POWER.
* Regenerate.
* configure: Regenerate.
* New flag HAVE_REAL_17.
* kinds-override.h: (HAVE_GFC_REAL_17): New macro.
(HAVE_GFC_COMPLEX_17): New macro.
(GFC_REAL_17_HUGE): New macro.
(GFC_REAL_17_LITERAL): New macro.
(GFC_REAL_17_DIGITS): New macro.
(GFC_REAL_17_RADIX): New macro.
* libgfortran.h (POWER_IEEE128): New macro.
(gfc_array_r17): Typedef.
(GFC_DTYPE_REAL_17): New macro.
(GFC_DTYPE_COMPLEX_17): New macro.
(__acoshieee128): Prototype.
(__acosieee128): Prototype.
(__asinhieee128): Prototype.
(__asinieee128): Prototype.
(__atan2ieee128): Prototype.
(__atanhieee128): Prototype.
(__atanieee128): Prototype.
(__coshieee128): Prototype.
(__cosieee128): Prototype.
(__erfieee128): Prototype.
(__expieee128): Prototype.
(__fabsieee128): Prototype.
(__jnieee128): Prototype.
(__log10ieee128): Prototype.
(__logieee128): Prototype.
(__powieee128): Prototype.
(__sinhieee128): Prototype.
(__sinieee128): Prototype.
(__sqrtieee128): Prototype.
(__tanhieee128): Prototype.
(__tanieee128): Prototype.
(__ynieee128): Prototype.
* m4/mtype.m4: Make a bit more readable. Add KIND=17.
* generated/_abs_c17.F90: New file.
* generated/_abs_r17.F90: New file.
* generated/_acos_r17.F90: New file.
* generated/_acosh_r17.F90: New file.
* generated/_aimag_c17.F90: New file.
* generated/_aint_r17.F90: New file.
* generated/_anint_r17.F90: New file.
* generated/_asin_r17.F90: New file.
* generated/_asinh_r17.F90: New file.
* generated/_atan2_r17.F90: New file.
* generated/_atan_r17.F90: New file.
* generated/_atanh_r17.F90: New file.
* generated/_conjg_c17.F90: New file.
* generated/_cos_c17.F90: New file.
* generated/_cos_r17.F90: New file.
* generated/_cosh_r17.F90: New file.
* generated/_dim_r17.F90: New file.
* generated/_exp_c17.F90: New file.
* generated/_exp_r17.F90: New file.
* generated/_log10_r17.F90: New file.
* generated/_log_c17.F90: New file.
* generated/_log_r17.F90: New file.
* generated/_mod_r17.F90: New file.
* generated/_sign_r17.F90: New file.
* generated/_sin_c17.F90: New file.
* generated/_sin_r17.F90: New file.
* generated/_sinh_r17.F90: New file.
* generated/_sqrt_c17.F90: New file.
* generated/_sqrt_r17.F90: New file.
* generated/_tan_r17.F90: New file.
* generated/_tanh_r17.F90: New file.
* generated/bessel_r17.c: New file.
* generated/cshift0_c17.c: New file.
* generated/cshift0_r17.c: New file.
* generated/cshift1_16_c17.c: New file.
* generated/cshift1_16_r17.c: New file.
* generated/cshift1_4_c17.c: New file.
* generated/cshift1_4_r17.c: New file.
* generated/cshift1_8_c17.c: New file.
* generated/cshift1_8_r17.c: New file.
* generated/findloc0_c17.c: New file.
* generated/findloc0_r17.c: New file.
* generated/findloc1_c17.c: New file.
* generated/findloc1_r17.c: New file.
* generated/in_pack_c17.c: New file.
* generated/in_pack_r17.c: New file.
* generated/in_unpack_c17.c: New file.
* generated/in_unpack_r17.c: New file.
* generated/matmul_c17.c: New file.
* generated/matmul_r17.c: New file.
* generated/matmulavx128_c17.c: New file.
* generated/matmulavx128_r17.c: New file.
* generated/maxloc0_16_r17.c: New file.
* generated/maxloc0_4_r17.c: New file.
* generated/maxloc0_8_r17.c: New file.
* generated/maxloc1_16_r17.c: New file.
* generated/maxloc1_4_r17.c: New file.
* generated/maxloc1_8_r17.c: New file.
* generated/maxval_r17.c: New file.
* generated/minloc0_16_r17.c: New file.
* generated/minloc0_4_r17.c: New file.
* generated/minloc0_8_r17.c: New file.
* generated/minloc1_16_r17.c: New file.
* generated/minloc1_4_r17.c: New file.
* generated/minloc1_8_r17.c: New file.
* generated/minval_r17.c: New file.
* generated/norm2_r17.c: New file.
* generated/pack_c17.c: New file.
* generated/pack_r17.c: New file.
* generated/pow_c17_i16.c: New file.
* generated/pow_c17_i4.c: New file.
* generated/pow_c17_i8.c: New file.
* generated/pow_r17_i16.c: New file.
* generated/pow_r17_i4.c: New file.
* generated/pow_r17_i8.c: New file.
* generated/product_c17.c: New file.
* generated/product_r17.c: New file.
* generated/reshape_c17.c: New file.
* generated/reshape_r17.c: New file.
* generated/spread_c17.c: New file.
* generated/spread_r17.c: New file.
* generated/sum_c17.c: New file.
* generated/sum_r17.c: New file.
* generated/unpack_c17.c: New file.
* generated/unpack_r17.c: New file.
* m4/ifunc.m4: New file.
2022-01-10 Francois-Xavier Coudert <>
PR fortran/82207
* Pass -fsignaling-nans for IEEE files.
* Regenerate.
* ieee/ieee_helper.c: Use issignaling macro to recognized
signaling NaNs.
Copyright (C) 2022 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
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are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright
notice and this notice are preserved.