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This is a collection of tests for GCC. For further information about
the C testsuite, see README.gcc.
The driver that runs this testsuite is called DejaGnu and you will
need a current DejaGnu snapshot, which is available from, for example.
These tests are included "as is". If any of them fails, do not report
a bug. Bug reports for DejaGnu can go to
Discussion and comments about this testsuite should be sent to; additions and changes to should go to sent to
The entire testsuite is invoked by `make check` at the top level of
the GCC tree. `make check-g++` runs the C++ testsuite only.
g++.dg tests:
All new tests should be placed in an appropriate subdirectory of g++.dg.
g++.old-deja tests:
g++.benjamin Tests by Benjamin Koz
g++.brendan Tests by Brendan Kehoe
g++.bugs Tests for exception handling
g++.ext Tests for g++ extensions Tests by Gerald Baumgartner
g++.jason Tests by Jason Merill
g++.jeff Tests by Jeffrey A Law
g++.martin Tests by Martin v. Lรถwis
g++.mike Tests by Mike Stump
g++.niklas Tests by Niklas Hallqvist
g++.ns Tests for namespaces
g++.other Tests for templates
g++.robertl Tests from, gathered by Robert Lipe
Finally, some random last minute notes by Mike Stump <>, on
how to run tests (in the GCC 2.7 era):
runtest --tool g++ --srcdir ./testsuite
runtest Is the name used to invoke DejaGnu. If DejaGnu is not
install this will be the relative path name for runtest.
--tool This tells DejaGnu which tool you are testing. It is
mainly used to find the testsuite directories for a
particular tool when several testsuites are in the
same directory. (like the gcc and g++ testsuites)
--srcdir This points to the top level of the directory
containing the sources of the testsuite. This is
./testsuite if you are in the directory that has the
testsuite directory.
Copyright (C) 1998-2013 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Copying and distribution of this file, with or without modification,
are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright
notice and this notice are preserved.