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// java-props.h - Properties -*- c++ -*-
/* Copyright (C) 1999 Free Software Foundation
This file is part of libgcj.
This software is copyrighted work licensed under the terms of the
Libgcj License. Please consult the file "LIBGCJ_LICENSE" for
details. */
#ifndef __JAVA_PROPS_H__
#define __JAVA_PROPS_H__
typedef struct
char *key;
size_t key_length;
char *value;
size_t value_length;
} property_pair;
// Set to NULL-terminated list of properties set at compile time.
extern const char **_Jv_Compiler_Properties;
extern int _Jv_Properties_Count;
// Properties taken from the user's environment.
extern property_pair *_Jv_Environment_Properties;
// Module load path.
extern char *_Jv_Module_Load_Path;