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// PR c++/98077
// { dg-do compile { target c++17 } }
// A variant of class-deduction102.C where the template placeholder is a template
// template parameter and ReturnType has more levels than CallableTraitT.
template<class R>
struct function {
template<class T> function(T);
using type = R;
template<class T> function(T) -> function<decltype(T()())>;
template<class T>
struct CallableTrait;
template<class R>
struct CallableTrait<function<R>> { using ReturnType = R; };
template<class F, template<class> class Tmpl>
using CallableTraitT = CallableTrait<decltype(Tmpl{F()})>;
struct A {
template<class F, template<class> class Tmpl>
using ReturnType = typename CallableTraitT<F, Tmpl>::ReturnType;
using type = A<int>::ReturnType<int(*)(), function>;
using type = int;