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/* { dg-do assemble } */
/* The base test-case is sort-of-disabled or rather made
always-pass, but remains included by other tests. */
/* Make sure we can (generate code and) assemble for the "other"
variant, with the twist that the gcc option -march=v0 isn't
valid for the assembler. We don't check that the generated code
is for the other variant; other tests cover that already, but they
don't *assemble* the result. We can't trust the prologue and
epilogue to contain incompatible insns (they actually deliberately
don't, usually and it'd be brittle to tweak the function signature
to make it so), so we force some with inline asm. */
void f(void)
#ifdef OTHER_ISA
asm volatile ("0: move.d [$r12=$sp+42],$r10\n\t"
"bwf 0b\n\t"