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/* This test code is included into pr92398.p9-.c and pr92398.p9+.c.
The two files have the tests for the number of instructions generated for
P9- versus P9+.
store generates difference instructions as below:
P9+: mtvsrdd;xxlnot;stxv.
P8/P7/P6 LE: not;not;std;std.
P8 BE: mtvsrd;mtvsrd;xxpermdi;xxlnor;stxvd2x.
P7/P6 BE: std;std;addi;lxvd2x;xxlnor;stxvd2x.
P9+ and P9- LE are expected, P6/P7/P8 BE are unexpected. */
bar (__int128_t *dst, __int128_t src)
*dst = ~src;