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Testing egcs-1.0.3
Before you install egcs, you might wish to run the egcs testsuite;
this step is optional and may require you to download additional
First, you must have downloaded the egcs testsuites; the full
distribution contains testsuites. If you downloaded the "core"
compiler plus any front ends, then you do not have the testsuites. You
can download the testsuites from the same site where you downloaded
the core distribution and language front ends.
Second, you must have a new version of dejagnu on your system;
dejagnu-1.3 will not work. We have made a [1]dejagnu snapshot
available in until a new
version of dejagnu can be released.
Assuming you've got the testsuites unpacked and have installed an
appropriate dejagnu, you can run the testsuite with "cd objdir; make
-k check". This may take a long time. Go get some lunch.
The testing process will try to test as many components in the egcs
distrubution as possible, including the C, C++ and Fortran compiler as
well as the C++ runtime libraries.
How to interpret test results TBD.
Last modified on Jan 2, 1998.