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<title>Final install egcs-1.0.3 </title>
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<h1 align="center">Final install egcs-1.0.3</h1>
<p>Now that egcs has been built and tested, you can install it with
`cd <i>objdir</i>; make install' for a native compiler or
`cd <i>objdir</i>; make install LANGUAGES="c c++"' for a cross compiler
(note installing cross compilers will be easier in the next release!).
<p>That step completes the installation of egcs; user level binaries can
be found in <i>prefix</i>/bin where <i>prefix</i> is the value you specified
with the --prefix to configure (or /usr/local by default).
<p>If you don't mind, please send a short mail message
indicating that you successfully built and installed egcs. Include
the output from running <i>srcdir</i>/config.guess.
<p>If you find a bug in egcs, please report it to
<a href=""></a>.
<i>Last modified on Jan 2, 1998.</i>