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Collected papers/sites on standards, compilers, optimization, etc.
- Massively Scalar Compiler Project
- David M Keaton's site,
c9x stuff is in
- Some information about optimizing for x86 processors, links to
x86 manuals and documentation.
- AMD site with optimization guide for x86
- Links related to many compiler topics
- HPPA information:
- New compiler book. Online appendix includes some compiler links
- Various MIPS stuff: (*)
- IBM Journal of Research and Development
- System V PowerPC ABI
- C9X draft
- DWARF v2 spec and sample implementation
- Various m68k info (including user guides in pdf format)
- Modula 3 Stuff
- Comp.compilers archive
- Intel Pentium design info:
- comp.std.c++ FAQ:
- EG3 maintains a list of compiler Internet resources, including FAQ's,
papers, hot list pages, potential software/shareware, all known companies, etc.
These resource pages are published as part of EG3's
Free Electronic Engineers' Toolbox at: