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1998-08-25 14:34 Ulrich Drepper <>
* libio/iogetline.c (_IO_getline_info): Don't read anything for
N == 0. Patch by HJ Lu.
1998-08-17 Ulrich Drepper <>
* strfile.h: Define __PMT if not already defined.
1998-08-03 Andreas Jaeger <>
* libioP.h: Use __PMT in typedefs.
* strfile.h: Likewise.
1998-06-29 Ulrich Drepper <>
* libio.h: Rewrite __PMT change so that it works with platforms
defining __P but not __PMT.
* libio.h (__PMT): New macro. Defined like __P. Use is for
function pointers.
1998-06-27 Manfred Hollstein <>
* (install): Remove superfluous /include.
1998-06-26 Manfred Hollstein <>
* config.shared (FLAGS_TO_PASS): Add gcc_version_trigger.
(Makefile): Add dependency upon $(gcc_version_trigger).
1998-06-24 Manfred Hollstein <>
* (install): Install _G_config.h depending on new flag
* config/ (gxx_include_dir): Remove definition here as we use
gcc's default anyway.
1998-06-24 Manfred Hollstein <>
* config.shared (FLAGS_TO_PASS): Add gcc_version.
1998-06-19 Manfred Hollstein <>
* config.shared (FLAGS_TO_PASS): Add libsubdir.
1998-06-07 Andreas Schwab <>
* genops.c (__underflow): Read character from read pointer as unsigned.
(__uflow): Likewise.
1998-05-22 Ulrich Drepper <>
* strops.c (_IO_str_underflow): Read newly available character
from buffer as unsigned.
Sun Apr 19 22:13:36 1998 H.J. Lu (
* (istream::get): Fix a typo.
Thu Mar 5 09:23:28 1998 Manfred Hollstein <>
* Make locating frag files failsafe even for the
special case if configuring and building in srcdir.
1998-02-24 Andreas Schwab <>
Changes for _G_IO_IO_FILE_VERSION == 0x20001:
* libioP.h (_IO_showmanyc_t, _IO_SHOWMANYC, _IO_imbue_t,
_IO_IMBUE): New definitions.
(struct _IO_jump_t): Add __showmanyc and __imbue fields.
(_IO_file_fopen): Add new fourth argument.
* (filebuf::open): Pass new fourth argument to
* iolibio.h (_IO_freopen): Likewise.
* (streambuf::showmanyc, streambuf::imbue): New
* streambuf.h (_IO_wchar_t): Define to _G_wchar_t.
(ios::fill): Remove casts.
(struct streambuf): Add showmanyc and imbue members.
* (ostream::operator<<(double n)) [__GLIBC_MINOR__ >=
1]: Initialize new fields is_char of struct printf_info.
(ostream::operator<<(long double n)) [__GLIBC_MINOR__ >= 1]:
Sun Feb 22 17:24:53 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* config.shared: Bring back changes from Ian and Fred that were
accidentally clobbered. Should eliminate the need for Dave's
recent change.
Tue Feb 17 21:56:25 1998 H.J. Lu (
* config/ (IO_OBJECTS): Add iogetline.o.
* config/ Ditto.
* iogetline.c (_IO_getline_info): Renamed from _IO_getline.
(_IO_getline): Just call _IO_getline_info.
* (istream::getline, istream::get, _sb_readline):
Call _IO_getline_info instead of _IO_getline and get the EOF
* (streambuf::sgetline): Ditto.
* libioP.h (_IO_getline_info): New declaration.
* iogetline.c (_IO_getline): Handle the case when there is no
Fri Feb 13 00:57:20 1998 Krister Walfridsson (
* fileops.c: #include <unistd.h>.
* ioprims.c: Likewise.
1998-02-10 Mark Mitchell <>
* (ostream::operator<<(long double)): Don't use
labeled initializers.
Fri Feb 6 01:35:56 1998 Manfred Hollstein <>
* config.shared (FLAGS_TO_PASS): Don't emit PICFLAG.
(.c.o): Check value of enable_shared, not PICFLAG.
(.C.o): Dito.
(.cc.o): Dito.
(stamp-picdir): Dito.
Thu Feb 5 17:41:26 1998 Dave Brolley <>
* config.shared (LIBS): Change to -L../../libstdc++ (was -L../libstdc++)
if ${DOING_GPERF} is true.
1998-01-20 Andreas Schwab (
* (istream::operator>>(long double&))
[!_G_HAVE_LONG_DOUBLE_IO]: Scan value into separate variable, in
case long double is bigger than double.
(ostream::operator<<(double)) [_G_HAVE_PRINTF_FP]: Fix order of
initializers of struct printf_info to match declaration order,
to work around g++ bug.
(ostream::operator<<(long double)) [_G_HAVE_PRINTF_FP]: Likewise.
* gen-params: Add missing quotes. Avoid useless use of command
Sun Feb 1 13:29:47 1998 H.J. Lu (
* (filebuf::open): Call _IO_file_open if
* libio.h (_IO_fpos64_t, _IO_off64_t): Defined if
_G_IO_IO_FILE_VERSION == 0x20001.
* libioP.h (_IO_file_open): New declaration.
* libio.h (_IO_FILE, _IO_stdin_, _IO_stdout_, _IO_stderr_,
_IO_seekoff, _IO_seekpos): Add support for libio in glibc 2.1.
* libioP.h (_IO_seekoff_t, _IO_seekpos_t, _IO_seek_t,
_IO_seekoff, _IO_seekpos, _IO_default_seekoff,
_IO_default_seekpos, _IO_default_seek, _IO_file_seekoff,
_IO_file_seek, _IO_str_seekoff, _IO_pos_BAD, _IO_pos_as_off,
_IO_pos_0): Ditto.
* streambuf.h (streamoff, streampos): Ditto.
* gen-params (__extension__): Use only if gcc version >= 2.8.
Sun Feb 1 13:08:18 1998 Krister Walfridsson (
* dbz/dbz.c (putconf): Handle systems which use "long long" as type
for "off_t".
* dbz/dbzmain.c (mkfiles): Likewise.
Wed Jan 28 10:27:11 1998 Manfred Hollstein <>
* config.shared (FLAGS_TO_PASS): Add gxx_include_dir.
* stdio/, tests/ Update with yesterday's
toplevel changes.
* testsuite/ Likewise.
* config.shared: Fix typo in yesterday's changes.
Tue Jan 27 23:26:07 1998 Manfred Hollstein <>
* config.shared: Emit everything which needs to be re-definable
via file descriptor 1; the generic stuff is emitted using redirection
onto fd 2.
* (package_makefile_rules_frag): New variable
which is used in the call to config.shared; redirect file descriptor 2
to ${package_makefile_rules_frag}.
Tue Jan 27 10:35:22 1998 H.J. Lu (
* (topsrcdir): New.
(CHECK_SUBDIRS, configdirs): Check ${topsrcdir}/gcc instead.
( Use ${topsrcdir}/
* tests/ (topsrcdir): New.
(CHECK): Check ${topsrcdir}/gcc instead.
Fri Jan 16 00:48:03 1998 Manfred Hollstein <>
* config.shared (FLAGS_TO_PASS): Add SHELL.
Thu Jan 15 00:21:58 1998 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* For *-*-cygwin32*, add a -I for winsup to both
* config.shared: Use ${host_includes} when setting CXXINCLUDES in
the DOING_LIBGXX case.
* (_G_config.h): Pass $(CINCLUDES) in CC and
$(CXXINCLUDES) in CXX when running gen-params.
Tue Jan 13 21:32:08 1998 H.J. Lu (
* (CHECK_SUBDIRS): Set to testsuite only if
${srcdir}/../gcc exists.
(configdirs): Include testsuite only if ${srcdir}/../gcc exists.
* tests/ (check): Depend on $(CHECK).
* tests/ (CHECK): Set to "check-iostream
check-stdio" if ${srcdir}/../../gcc doesn't exists.
Thu Jan 8 18:09:03 1998 Fred Fish <>
* config.shared (THIS_FILE): Really found via TOLIBIO instead
of TOLIBCXX, which is empty when configuring gperf.
(LIBS): When linking gperf, find libstdc++ relative to TO_TOPDIR
instead of hardcoded "../".
1997-12-12 Brendan Kehoe <>
Don't make gperf depend upon libg++.
* config.shared (TOLIBGCXX) [DOING_GPERF]: Delete.
(LIBS) [DOING_GPERF]: Make it just `-L../libstdc++ -lstdc++'.
Thu Dec 11 11:20:59 1997 H.J. Lu (
* (target frags): Add *-linux-gnu.
Fri Dec 5 16:22:15 1997 H.J. Lu (
* (streambuf::~streambuf): Don't delete _lock
for _IO_stdin/_IO_stdout/_IO_stderr.
Thu Nov 27 01:32:43 1997 Jeffrey A Law (
* (install): Change gxx_includedir to gcc_include_dir.
* config.shared (gxx_includedir): Remove default definition.
* config/ Change gxx_includedir to gxx_include_dir.
* config/ Likewise.
Wed Nov 26 16:08:50 1997 Richard Henderson (
* (target frags): Add powerpc*-linux-gnulibc1.
(stdio-lock): Similarly.
* (target frags): Add alpha*-linux-gnulibc1.
(pic frags): Its alpha*- not alpha-.
(stdio-lock): Kill everything. Add alpha*-linux-gnulibc1.
* libio.h: Check __GLIBC_MINOR__ to find stdio-lock.h. If not
_IO_MTSAFE_IO & GLIBC, make sure the lock pointer is still there.
* libioP.h: Check __GLIBC_MINOR__ to find libc-lock.h.
* config/linuxaxp1-libc-lock.h: New file.
* config/linuxaxp1-stdio-lock.h: New file.
* config/ New file.
* gen-params (va_list): Check for and use __gnuc_va_list.
(NULL): Work around some linux kernel headers and redefine NULL.
Mon Nov 24 17:04:18 1997 Michael Meissner <>
* (sys_read): Declare ch with int type, rather than
without a type.
Tue Nov 18 09:53:58 1997 H.J. Lu (
Tue Nov 11 01:40:17 1997 Oleg Krivosheev <>
* iomanip.h: Fix guiding decls.
1997-11-05 Brendan Kehoe <>
* libio.h (__P): Name its arg `p' instead of `params'.
Avoids problems with an unchanged Solaris math.h header.
Wed Oct 29 23:01:47 1997 Jason Merrill <>
* gen-params: Override NULL.
1997-10-27 03:53 Ulrich Drepper <>
* stdio-lock.h: Removed. Was never needed.
Wed Oct 22 19:19:32 1997 H.J. Lu (
* libio.h (_IO_LOCK_T): Handle glibc 2 when _IO_MTSAFE_IO is
not defined.
* iovsscanf.c (vsscanf): Make it weak alias of _IO_vsscanf if
__linux__ is defined instead of __ELF__
* config/ (USER_INCLUDES): Add libio.h.
1997-10-15 Ulrich Drepper <>
* Create compatibility code in bits/libc-lock.h file.
Thu Oct 9 07:08:41 1997 H.J. Lu (
* libio.h (_IO_LOCK_T): Handle glibc 2 when _IO_MTSAFE_IO is
not defined.
* filedoalloc.c (_IO_file_doallocate): Don't call
_IO_cleanup_registration_needed if __linux__ is defined.
* iofclose.c (fclose): Make it weak alias of _IO_fclose if
__ELF__ is defined.
* iovsprintf.c (vsprintf): Make it weak alias of _IO_vsprintf
if __ELF__ is defined.
* iovsscanf.c (vsscanf): Make it weak alias of _IO_vsscanf if
__ELF__ is defined.
* config/ (MT_CFLAGS): Defined as -D_G_HAVE_MMAP.
(IO_OBJECTS): Add filedoalloc.o fileops.o genops.o iofclose.o
iovsprintf.o iovsscanf.o strops.o.
Fri Oct 3 10:13:13 1997 Jason Merrill <>
*, libio.h: Convert other uses of #ifdef
1997-10-02 Brendan Kehoe <>
* (operator<<): Use `#if _G_HAVE_PRINTF_FP', not ifdef.
Thu Oct 2 10:36:49 1997 Jason Merrill <>
* gen-params: Fix __printf_fp test.
* config/ (gxx_includedir): Don't define.
Thu Oct 2 10:36:26 1997 Ulrich Drepper <>
* config/ (_G_CONFIG_H): Don't define.
* gen-params: Add test for __printf_fp.
Sun Sep 28 12:09:04 1997 Mark Mitchell <>
* iomanip.h: Use new friend <> syntax.
Sun Sep 28 12:04:21 1997 Jason Merrill <>
* libio.h: Don't use _IO_LOCK_T if it's not defined.
Fri Sep 26 20:56:41 1997
Based on a patch by H.J. Lu (
* (STDIO_OBJECTS): New. Defined as stdfiles.o.
(PICFLAG): New, empty. moved to here from config.shared.
* config.shared (DISTCLEAN): Add target-mkfrag.
(PICFLAG): Removed.
* (*-linux-gnulibc1): Remove warning.
(*-linux-gnu): Use
(alpha-*-linux*): Use mh-elfalphapic.
* gen-params (_G_ullong): Also check unsigned long long int.
(_G_llong): Also check long long int.
* libio.h (_IO_lock_t): Add support for the Linux libc 5.
(_IO_peekc): Defined as _IO_peekc_unlocked if _IO_MTSAFE_IO
is not defined.
* (__cvt_double): Fix a typo in declaration.
(info): Use expr != 0 to initialize the bit fields. Don't
initialize "extra" for the Linux libc 5.
* streambuf.h (_G_NEED_STDARG_H): Changed from _IO_NEED_STDARG_H.
* config/ (STDIO_OBJECTS): New, empty.
(MT_CFLAGS): Removed.
* config/ Rewrite. it's identical to but
IO_OBJECTS mentions files not in early libc5 versions.
* config/ New.
* dbz/ (check): Support make -j.
* tests/ (tempfile): Fix a typo.
1997-09-19 11:52 Jim Wilson <>
1997-09-17 04:08 Ulrich Drepper <>
* Add forward declaration for __cvt_double.
* libio.h: Define _IO_USE_DTOA is _G_HAVE_PRINTF_FP is not defined.
* strops.c (_IO_str_count): Correct last change.
1997-09-17 02:50 Ulrich Drepper <>
* libioP.h: Define __set_errno if not already defined.
1997-09-15 02:37 Ulrich Drepper <>
* config/ Rewrite for use with glibc 2.
* config/ Old content of, fir libc4 and
* config.shared (COMPILE.c): Allow new flags in MT_CFLAGS be
( Likewise.
* (*-linux*): Remove goal. We now have...
(*-linux-gnulibc1): For libc4 and libc5. Emit warning.
(*-linux-gnu)): For glibc 2.
Create links to find headers for multi-threading if necessary.
* fileops.c: Make thread-safe by using _IO_cleanup_region_start
etc to handle cancelation. Acquire locks in functions which are
called directly.
(_IO_file_read, _IO_file_write): Remove dead code.
* include/empty.h: Define stub macros for locking.
* iolibio.h: Add prototypes for obstack printing functions.
* ioseekoff.c (_IO_seekoff): Lock stream before working.
* ioseekpos.c (_IO_seekpos): Likewise.
* Add support for long double I/O.
Use __printf_fp from glibc is available.
Use _IO_cleanup_region_start to handle cancelation correctly.
* iostream.h (class ostream): Change opfx and osfx to lock/unlock
(class istream): Likewise for ipfx, ipfx0, ipfx1, and isfx.
Declare new function lock and unlock for ostream and istream.
* Use _IO_cleanup_region_start to handle cancelation
* libio.h: Update from glibc version. Pretty printing.
* libioP.h: Likewise.
* outfloat.c: Only compile if _IO_USE_DTOA is defined.
* stdio/feof.c: Make thread safe.
* stdio/ferror.c: Likewise.
* stdio/getc.c : Likewise.
* stdio/putc.c : Likewise.
* stdio/stdio.h: Declare function of thread-safe API.
* stdio/obprintf.c: New file.
* stdio/vasprintf.c: New file.
* stdio-lock.h: Removed.
* stdstrbufs.c: Add definitions for thread-safe streams.
* Initialize lock.
* strops.c (_IO_str_count): Undo last change.
* tests/ Support parallel builds by avoiding fixed
name for test file.
Thu Sep 11 18:43:56 1997 Jason Merrill <>
* (iostream.list): Remove STDIO_WRAP_OBJECTS.
Mon Sep 8 01:30:27 1997 Weiwen Liu <>
* libio.h: Fix typo.
Sun Sep 7 23:00:18 1997 Jim Wilson (
* (LIBIOSTREAM_DEP): Change stdio.list to stmp-stdio.
Fri Sep 5 09:58:43 1997 Brendan Kehoe <>
* (iostream.list): Instead of adding stdio.list, add
(iostream.list): Lose dependency on stmp-stdio, not necessary for
our stuff. The stdio stuff is present here just for uniformity
with glibc.
Thu Sep 4 17:26:22 1997 Brendan Kehoe <>
* (general_parsebuf): Cast return of malloc to char*.
1997-09-04 16:11 Ulrich Drepper <>
Change compared to version initially intended to in:
* strops.c (_IO_str_count): Still use _IO_write_ptr, not
_IO_write_end, for now.
* iofeof.c, ioferror.c, iofflush_u.c, iogetc.c, ioputc.c, peekc.c,
stdio-lock.h: New files.
* include: New dir.
* include/empty.h: New header.
* filedoalloc.c: Update and reformat copyright.
Don't use DEFUN.
Use __set_errno throughout the code to support multi-threaded
Correct layout to follow the Coding Standard.
Add casts to prevent warnings.
* fileops.c: Likewise.
* genops.c: Likewise.
* iofclose.c: Likewise.
* iofdopen.c: Likewise.
* iofflush.c: Likewise.
* iofgetpos.c: Likewise.
* iofgets.c: Likewise.
* iofopen.c: Likewise.
* iofprintf.c: Likewise.
* iofputs.c: Likewise.
* iofread.c: Likewise.
* iofsetpos.c: Likewise.
* ioftell.c: Likewise.
* iofwrite.c: Likewise.
* iogetdelim.c: Likewise.
* iogetline.c: Likewise.
* iogets.c: Likewise.
* iopadn.c: Likewise.
* iopopen.c: Likewise.
* ioputs.c: Likewise.
* ioseekoff.c: Likewise.
* iosetbuffer.c: Likewise.
* iosetvbuf.c: Likewise.
* iosprintf.c: Likewise.
* ioungetc.c: Likewise.
* iovsprintf.c: Likewise.
* iovsscanf.c: Likewise.
* libio.h: Likewise.
* libioP.h: Likewise.
* stdfiles.c: Likewise.
* strfile.h: Likewise.
* strops.c: Likewise.
* (IO_OBJECTS): Add peekc.o, iogetc.o, ioputc.o,
iofeof.o, and ioferror.o.
(iostream.list): Depend upon stmp-stdio. Add the entries
from stdio.list to iostream.list.
(stmp-stdio): New name for what was the stdio/stdio.list rule.
All it now does is cd down into stdio and build stdio.list.
* (ALL): Add libiostream.a.
* libio.h [_IO_MTSFE_IO]: Include header declaring locking code.
Otherwise define opaque _IO_lock_t.
Define _IO_cookie_file.
Rename _IO_getc to _IO_getc_unlocked, _IO_peekc to _IO_peekc_unlocked,
_IO_putc to _IO_putc_unlocked, _IO_feof to _IO_feof_unclocked, and
_IO_ferror to _IO_ferror_unlocked.
Add prototypes for _IO_getc, _IO_putc, _IO_feof, _IO_ferror,
and _IO_peekc_locked.
Add declarations for _IO_flockfile, _IO_funlockfile, and
_IO_ftrylockfile. If !_IO_MTSAFE_IO define _IO_flockfile,
_IO_funlockfile, _IO_ftrylockfile, _IO_cleanup_region_start, and
_IO_cleanup_region_end as empty macros.
* libioP.h: Change type of finish function to take an additional int
argument and change declaration of finish functions.
Add prototypes for _IO_seekoff and _IO_seekpos.
If _G_HAVE_MMAP is defined use stream buffers allocated with mmap.
Redefine FREE_BUF and ALLOC_BUF macros to help in both situations.
(FILEBUF_LITERAL): If we compile for a thread-safe library also
initialize lock member.
* filedoalloc.c: Take care for systems already defining _POSIX_SOURCE.
Keep name space clean on systems which require this.
(_IO_file_doallocate): Adopt ALLOC_BUF call for changed semantic.
* fileops.c: Keep name space clean on systems which require this.
(_IO_file_attach): Don't fail if seek failed because it's used on a
(_IO_file_underflow): Update buffer pointers before calling `read'
since the `read' might not return anymore.
(_IO_file_overflow): If stream allows no writes set error flag.
(_IO_seekoff): Make sure that after flushing the file pointer in
the underlying file is exact.
(_IO_file_read): Don't restart `read' syscall if it return EINTR.
This violates POSIX.
(_IO_file_write): Likewise for `write'.
(_IO_cleanup): Install as exit handler in glibc.
* genops.c (_IO_setb): Correctly use FREE_BUF.
(_IO_default_doallocate): Correctly use ALLOC_BUF.
(_IO_init): Initialize lock in stream structure.
(_IO_default_finish): Destroy lock.
(_IO_get_column): Don't compile since it's not needed.
(_IO_nobackup_default): Likewise.
* iopopen.c: Take care for systems already defining _POSIX_SOURCE.
Correct _IO_fork and _IO_dup2 prototypes.
* iofclose.c: Acquire lock before starting the work.
* iofflush.c: Likewise.
* iofgetpos.c: Likewise.
* iofgets.c: Likewise.
* iofputs.c: Likewise.
* iofread.c: Likewise.
* iofsetpos.c: Likewise.
* ioftell.c: Likewise.
* iofwrite.c: Likewise.
* iogetdelim.c: Likewise.
* iogets.c: Likewise.
* ioputs.c: Likewise.
* iosetbuffer.c: Likewise.
* iosetvbuf.c: Likewise.
* ioungetc.c: Likewise.
* iofdopen.c: Create and initialize lock for new stream.
* iofopen.c: Likewise.
* iopopen.c (_IO_popen): Likewise.
* iovsprintf.c: Likewise.
* iovsscanf.c: Likewise.
* genops.c: Make weak aliases for various functions.
* iofclose.c: Likewise.
* iofdopen.c: Likewise.
* iofflush.c: Likewise.
* iofgetpos.c: Likewise.
* iofgets.c: Likewise.
* iofopen.c: Likewise.
* iofputs.c: Likewise.
* iofread.c: Likewise.
* iofsetpos.c: Likewise.
* ioftell.c: Likewise.
* iofwrite.c: Likewise.
* iogetdelim.c: Likewise.
* iogets.c: Likewise.
* ioputs.c: Likewise.
* iosetbuffer.c: Likewise.
* iosetvbuf.c: Likewise.
* ioungetc.c: Likewise.
* iovsprintf.c: Likewise.
* iovsscanf.c: Likewise.
* iofflush_u.c: New file. fflush_unlocked implementation.
* iostream.h [_G_HAVE_LONG_DOUBLE_IO]: Declare real long double
output operator.
* peekc.c: New file. Implement _IO_peekc_locked function.
* stdfiles.c: If we compile for a thread-safe library also define
lock variable.
Tue Aug 26 12:24:01 1997 H.J. Lu (
* testsuite/ (check): Don't depend on site.exp.
(just-check): Depend on site.exp.
Wed Aug 20 02:01:34 1997 Jason Merrill <>
* iostream.h: Add copy assignment ops for _IO_?stream_withassign.
Tue Jul 22 10:31:41 1997 Brendan Kehoe <>
* config.shared (CHECK_SUBDIRS): Use install-sh, not
Wed Jun 25 12:20:55 1997 Brendan Kehoe <>
* config.shared (DOING_GPERF): Look for this, defining TOLIBGXX
and LIBS for it.
Wed Jun 18 11:03:34 1997 Bob Manson <>
* config.shared (FLAGS_TO_PASS): Don't include RUNTEST.
Tue Jun 17 22:23:48 1997 Bob Manson <>
* config.shared (FLAGS_TO_PASS): Pass RUNTEST and RUNTESTFLAGS.
Fri May 16 21:08:53 1997 Bob Manson <>
* iovfprintf.c: Declare __cvt_double before use.
* floatconv.c (d2b): Use _G_int32_t instead of int for the
e and bits parameters.
(_IO_strtod): Use _G_int32_t.
* gen-params: Look for NO_USE_DTOA and USE_INT32_FLAGS.
* strops.c (_IO_str_init_static): use _G_int32_t appropriately.
* libio.h: If _G_NO_USE_DTOA is set, then don't define
* config/ Don't use dtoa, it only works
for "real" doubles.
Thu May 15 17:44:12 1997 Bob Manson <>
* Set CHECK_SUBDIRS to testsuite if we're doing
a cross compile.
* config.shared(check): Only run make check in the directories
if it has no previous value.
Thu May 1 17:35:19 1997 Jason Merrill <>
* (test, tpipe): Add $(CFLAGS).
Wed Apr 30 12:16:29 1997 Jason Merrill <>
* Don't turn on multilib here.
Sat Apr 26 13:38:21 1997 Bob Manson <>
* (configdirs): Add testsuite directory.
* testsuite/ChangeLog:
* testsuite/
* testsuite/libio.tests/tiomanip.exp:
* testsuite/libio.tests/tstdiomisc.exp:
* testsuite/libio.tests/tiomisc.exp:
* testsuite/libio.tests/tFile.exp:
* testsuite/libio.tests/tfformat.exp:
* testsuite/libio.tests/tiformat.exp:
* testsuite/libio.tests/hounddog.exp:
* testsuite/libio.tests/putbackdog.exp:
* testsuite/
* testsuite/lib/libio.exp:
* testsuite/config/default.exp:
New files for DejaGnu-style testsuite.
Fri Apr 4 03:16:44 1997 Ulrich Drepper <>
* Enable multilibing by default.
Update multilib template to read
* floatconv.c: Enable use in cross targets which use the
newlib ieeefp.h header.
Thu Jan 23 09:16:16 1997 Brendan Kehoe <>
* libioP.h (_IO_file_attach): Delete redundant decl.
Tue Jan 21 22:13:45 1997 Brendan Kehoe <>
* streambuf.h (class ios): Take out STREAMSIZE member, since we
only need (and should only have) the global one.
Tue Jan 7 14:02:40 1997 Jason Merrill <>
* iostream.h (long long fns): Use __extension__.
* gen-params: Use _G_llong and _G_ullong instead of long long for
deduced types.
Fri Dec 6 13:13:30 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* dbz/dbz.c: Use off_t.
Sat Nov 23 15:44:37 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* (install): Don't install _G_config.h with other headers.
Mon Nov 18 17:12:41 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* config.shared (SUBDIRS): Use -O instead of -O3 for debugging.
Sun Nov 3 12:43:34 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* (write_int): Treat string literals as const.
Thu Sep 26 10:09:18 1996 Michael Meissner <>
* depend: Regenerate.
Wed Sep 25 22:54:45 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* config.shared ( Deal with headers that don't end in .h.
Thu Aug 29 17:05:53 1996 Michael Meissner <>
* (i[345]86-*-*): Recognize i686 for pentium pro.
Mon Aug 5 01:26:32 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* config{,.shared} (DISTCLEAN): Add multilib.out.
Fri Aug 2 17:39:35 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* libio.h (NULL): Use __null.
* libioP.h (NULL): Ditto.
* streambuf.h (NULL): Ditto.
* (get_array_element): Use NULL instead of (void*)0.
Fri Jul 5 18:26:41 1996 Jim Wilson <>
* strfile.h (struct _IO_streambuf): New struct type.
(struct _IO_strfile): Use it.
Tue Jun 18 18:24:21 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* fstream.h (fstreambase): Make __my_fb mutable.
From Joe Buck.
Tue Jun 18 11:03:53 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
* dbz/fake.c (main): Set return type to int.
* dbz/dbzmain.c (main): Likewise.
* dbz/byteflip.c (main): Likewise.
Mon Jun 17 14:05:36 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* gen-params: Check if clog conflicts with system libraries.
* If it does, use __IO_clog.
* iostream.h: Likewise.
Tue Jun 11 13:39:31 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
* stdiostream.h (istdiostream (FILE*)): Put istream base
initializer before init for __f.
(ostdiostream (FILE*)): Likewise for ostream base init.
Tue May 14 11:47:21 1996 Per Bothner <>
* strfile.h (_IO_str_fields): Removed _len field.
(_IO_STR_DYNAMIC, _IO_STR_FROZEN): new macros.
* strstream.h (strstreambuf::is_static): Removed.
(strstreambuf::frozen): Use _IO_STR_DYNAMIC instead of is_static.
* strstream.h, Remove support for !_IO_NEW_STREAMS.
* (strstreambuf::init_dynamic): Don't set _s._len.
* strops.c (_IO_str_init_static): Better handling of the
negative (== unbounded) size case.
(_IO_str_overflow, _IO_str_underflow, _IO_str_count): Re-write
to not use _s._len, and otherwise cleanup/fix.
* strstream.h, (strstreambase::strstreambase()): Call
ios::init here.
(other constructors): Simplify - init already called.
Tue May 14 10:55:21 1996 Per Bothner <>
Change so that strstreambuf default constructor does no allocation.
* strstream.h (strstreambuf::init_dynamic): Default initial size = 0.
* (strstreambuf::init_dynamic): Don't allocate a
buffer (yet) if initial_size is 0.
* strops.c (_IO_str_overflow): Add 100 to size of re-allocated
buffer, to handle case when initial size is 0.
* iostdio.h (remove, rename, tmpfile, tempnam): Comment out.
Mon May 13 23:19:39 1996 Per Bothner <>
* fileops.c (_IO_file_close_it): Just call _IO_do_flush rather
than _IO_file_sync, to avoid useless lseek.
Tue May 14 10:48:48 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* floatconv.c (_IO_strtod): Force rv into the stack.
* config.shared (gxx_includedir): Now $(includedir)/g++.
Sat Apr 27 02:37:49 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* libioP.h (JUMP*): Implement for thunks.
(_IO_jump_t): Add second dummy field for thunks.
Thu Apr 25 13:20:00 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* config.shared (CXX): Use gcc, not g++.
Wed Apr 24 10:29:50 1996 Doug Evans <>
* config.shared ( Delete $(srcdir)/ from foo.{c,cc}
for SunOS VPATH.
* depend: Regenerated.
Fri Apr 19 17:24:51 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* Version 2.8.0b3.
Wed Apr 10 17:16:01 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* (ALL): Don't build iostream.a.
Mon Apr 8 14:44:11 1996 Per Bothner <>
* iosetvbuf.c (_IO_setvbuf): Clear _IO_UNBUFFERED unless _IONBF.
Mon Apr 8 15:08:23 1996 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* Permit --enable-shared to specify a list of
Fri Apr 5 17:48:56 1996 Per Bothner <>
* config.shared (MOSTLYCLEAN): Also remove ${EXTRA_MOSTLYCLEAN}.
Fri Mar 22 23:25:00 1996 Ulrich Drepper <>
* genops.c (_IO_sputbackc, _IO_sungetc): Clear EOF flag if putsh
back was successful.
Wed Mar 27 11:54:08 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* Version 2.8.0b2.
Fri Mar 22 15:39:36 1996 Per Bothner <>
* fileops.c (_IO_do_write): Revert previous fix. (It fails to
handle the case that fp->_IO_read_end != fp->_IO_write_base.)
(_IO_file_overflow): Instead, if _IO_read_ptr is at the end of
the buffer, reset all the read pointers to _IO_buf_base.
Tue Mar 12 12:03:17 1996 Per Bothner <>
* fileops.c (_IO_do_write): Even if to_do==0, must re-set buffer
pointers. Bug and solution from Luke Blanshard <>.
Wed Feb 28 10:00:24 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* Version 2.8.0b1.
Tue Feb 27 18:08:16 1996 Per Bothner <>
* iopopen.c (_IO_proc_open): Use (char*)0 rather than imprecise NULL.
* streambuf.h (ios): Add ios::binary; deprecate ios::bin.
* (filebuf::open): Handle ios::binary.
Fri Feb 9 12:40:19 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
* cleanup.c (_IO_cleanup_registration_needed) [!_G_HAVE_ATEXIT]: Init
to NULL.
* filedoalloc.c (_IO_cleanup_registration_needed): Remove decl.
Thu Feb 8 08:12:50 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
* filedoalloc.c (_IO_cleanup_registration_needed): Revert previous
change, since cleanup.c only defines it if _G_HAVE_ATEXIT.
Wed Feb 7 15:10:17 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
* filedoalloc.c (_IO_cleanup_registration_needed): Declare as extern.
Tue Dec 12 17:21:13 1995 Per Bothner <>
* indstream.h, (indirectbuf::uflow): New method.
* (indirectbuf::underflow): Fix to use sgetc, not sbumpc.
Fixes bug reported by Kevin Beyer <>.
* (indirectbuf::seekpos): Add paranoia test.
Fri Dec 8 14:55:34 1995 Per Bothner <>
* stream.h: Add warning to not use these functions.
* (str, chr): Re-implement here (from libg++).
Tue Nov 28 15:07:01 1995 Per Bothner <>
* config.shared: Use test instead of [ to avoid DEC Unix lossage.
Thu Nov 23 14:51:43 1995 Per Bothner <>
* iopopen.c: Move #include <sys/types.h> ahead of #include <signal.h>
to deal with BSDI's literal implementation of Posix.
Sat Nov 25 11:21:55 1995 Doug Evans <>
* (install): Set rootme.
* config.shared (TOPDIR): Set with ${foo-...} rather than ${foo=...}.
(INSTALL): Handle absolute, dot, relative-not-dot values of srcdir.
(TEXIDIR): Likewise.
Tue Nov 21 14:12:05 1995 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* Check ${with_cross_host} rather than comparing
${host} and ${target}.
Mon Nov 20 13:55:29 1995 Brendan Kehoe <>
* Match *-sco3.2v[45]*.
Wed Nov 15 20:19:31 1995 Brendan Kehoe <>
* config.shared (FLAGS_TO_PASS): Also pass SHLIB and SHCURSES.
Tue Nov 14 01:41:08 1995 Doug Evans <>
* config.shared (TO_REAL_TOPDIR): Define.
(MULTITOP): Deleted.
(INSTALL): Add with_multisrctop, TO_REAL_TOPDIR.
( Delete adding MULTITOP to ../ build tree references.
Add MULTISRCTOP to ../ source tree references.
* Delete call to Call
instead of
Sun Nov 12 16:30:48 1995 Per Bothner <>
* (VERSION): Set to 2.7.1.
* Add warning for Linux.
* config.shared (DISTCLEAN): Add EXTRA_DISTCLEAN.
* editbuf.h (edit_mark::index_in_buffer): Avoid unused param warning.
* (istream::operator>> (char*)): Improve ANSI compliance.
Fri Nov 10 08:41:37 1995 Brendan Kehoe <>
* config.shared (check): Add missing semicolon.
Thu Nov 9 17:27:22 1995 Jason Merrill <>
* (ALL): Remove $(OSPRIM_OBJECTS).
* config.shared (check): Set LD_LIBRARY_PATH.
* NEWS: Fix typo.
* iogetdelim.c (_IO_getdelim): Index *lineptr, rather than lineptr.
From (Alan Modra).
Mon Nov 6 15:03:33 1995 Per Bothner <>
Fixes to avoid -Wall warnings.
Fri Nov 3 16:41:41 1995 Brendan Kehoe <>
* gen-params [!__STDC__]: Include varargs.h instead of stdarg.h.
Thu Nov 2 15:04:03 1995 Per Bothner <>
* config.shared: Re-write if X then Y else true fi to (not X) || Y.
Wed Nov 1 13:26:44 1995 Per Bothner <>
* iostream.h (istream::ipfx): Add default argument value.
Reported by Yotam Medini <>.
* libioP.h (_IO_blen): Fix typo.
Reported by Bryan T. Vold <>.
Fri Oct 27 19:26:20 1995 Per Bothner <>
* (_G_config.h): Set CC to $(CC) rather than to $(CXX),
now that CXX defaults to g++ and CC default to gcc (when found).
* config.shared: Simplify CXX and CC, since they get overridden
by ../configure anyway.
Wed Oct 25 19:45:50 1995 Brendan Kehoe <>
* iostdio.h: Wrap including the file with #ifndef _IOSTDIO_H.
Wed Oct 25 11:14:25 1995 Per Bothner <>
* libio.h (_IO_seekoff, _IO_seekpos): New declarations.
* libioP.h (_IO_seekoff, _IO_seekpos): Remove declarations.
* libioP.h: Cleanup; remove old !_IO_UNIFIED_JUMPTABLES stuff.
* (filebuf::~filebuf): Only call SYSYCLOSE if currently
open. Bug found by Martin Gerbershagen <>.
* streambuf.h (streambuf::pubseekoff, streambuf::pubseekpos):
Added, from ANSI draft.
* (filebuf::open), (variables places),
Use pubseekoff/pubseekpos rather than sseekoff/sseekpos.
* (install): Don't install libiostream.a.
* filedoalloc.c: Also #include <unistd.h>.
Mon Oct 9 18:09:54 1995 Jason Molenda <>
* config.shared (SUFFIXES): add .c.
Tue Sep 26 16:08:01 1995 Per Bothner <>
* Move #pragma implementation to beginning.
Wed Sep 20 17:53:33 1995 Per Bothner <>
* procbuf.h, Add #pragma interface/implementation stuff.
Wed Sep 20 18:59:00 1995 John Eaton <>
* procbuf.h: Protect from being included multiple times.
Wed Sep 20 15:47:14 1995 John Eaton <>
* procbuf.h (procbuf): Add '_next' pointer field for compatibility
with _IO_proc_file.
Wed Sep 20 13:54:02 1995 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* config.shared: Add support for maintainer-clean target as a
synonym for realclean.
* dbz/ Likewise.
Mon Sep 11 12:11:19 1995 Per Bothner <>
* iopopen.c: #include <sys/types.h> before <sys/wait.h>.
This is in accordance with Posix, and needed for ISC.
Fri Sep 8 00:11:55 1995 Brendan Kehoe <>
* gen-params: Use double quotes in the eval setting $TYPE to
$VALUE, to preserve any single quotes in $VALUE.
Mon Aug 21 11:39:09 1995 Jason Merrill <>
* gen-params: Test for an appropriate version of gcc before using
mode attributes.
* config.shared: Add $(PICDIR) to $ALL.
Mon Aug 7 17:51:40 1995 Per Bothner <>
* gen-params: Generate new macro _G_HAVE_SYS_CDEFS.
* libio.h: If _G_HAVE_SYS_CDEFS, get __P from <sys/cdefs.h>.
Fri Aug 4 23:21:17 1995 Paul Eggert <>
* gen-params: When following typedef changes, allow typedefs
that do not have a space before the defined type name,
e.g. `typedef void *__gnuc_va_list;' as in Linux. Also,
not require a space in the definiens, e.g. `typedef void*foo;'.
Thu Aug 3 17:54:15 1995 Per Bothner <>
* iostream.h, (istream::sync): Added missing method.
Thu Aug 3 17:49:34 1995 Per Bothner <>
* Remove netbsd special case.
* config/ Removed; no longer used.
Tue Jun 20 16:07:12 1995 Paul Eggert <>
* gen-params: Take transitive closure of `typedef' relation.
This is needed for BSD/OS 2.0, which has
fpos_t -> off_t -> quad_t -> long long.
Mon Jul 24 18:28:10 1995 Doug Evans <>
* config.shared (TOPDIR): Delete extra '/', $rootme may be empty.
Sat Jul 22 13:27:45 1995 Doug Evans <>
* config.shared ( Fix quoting in DO NOT EDIT line.
* (_G_config.h): Add multilib support.
(install): Likewise.
* config.shared: Likewise.
* Likewise.
Wed Jun 28 17:40:25 1995 Jason Merrill <>
* PlotFile.h, SFile.h, builtinbuf.h, editbuf.h, fstream.h,
indstream.h, iomanip.h, iostream.h, parsestream.h, pfstream.h,
procbuf.h, stdiostream.h, stream.h, streambuf.h, strstream.h: Wrap
with extern "C++".
Thu Jun 22 04:34:01 1995 Jason Merrill <>
* gen-params: Surround attributes with __.
Mon Jun 19 00:33:22 1995 Jason Merrill <>
* config.shared (SUBDIRS): Massage broken shells that require
'else true'.
Sat Jun 17 11:25:38 1995 Jason Merrill <>
* streambuf.h: Declare inline members inline in class.
Thu Jun 15 20:45:13 1995 Per Bothner <>
* (VERSION): Update to version 2.7.0.
Wed Jun 14 21:41:11 1995 Jason Merrill <>
* (STDIO_WRAP_OBJECTS): Remove stdfiles.o.
(LIBIO_OBJECTS): Add stdfiles.o.
Wed Jun 7 16:11:36 1995 Jason Merrill <>
* config.shared (all): Appease bash.
Wed Jun 7 11:16:38 1995 Jason Merrill <>
* (MOSTLYCLEAN): Remove stamp-picdir.
* config.shared (MOSTLYCLEAN): Ditto.
(CLEAN): Don't.
Mon Jun 5 18:29:39 1995 Jason Merrill <>
* config/mh-*pic: Removed.
* (MOSTLYCLEAN): Remove pic objects.
(frags): Use toplevel pic fragments.
* config.shared (CXXFLAGS): Use -O3.
(PICFLAG, PICDIR): New macros.
(all): Depend on $(PICDIR).
(.x.o): Also build pic object.
(stamp-picdir): Create directory for pic objects.
(MOSTLYCLEAN): Remove pic objects.
(CLEAN): Remove stamp-picdir.
* (iostream.list): Depend on stamp-picdir.
(c++clean): Don't remove _G_config.h.
Mon Jun 5 15:03:47 1995 Per Bothner <>
* strstream.h, (strstream::strstream()): Re-implement to
be like ostrstream::ostrestream(), and not leak memory.
* streambuf.h: Use #if !_IO_UNIFIED_JUMPTABLES instead of #ifndef.
* iolibio.h (_IO_rewind): Add missing flags when calling _IO_seekoff.
Thu May 25 22:30:21 1995 J.T. Conklin <>
* config/ (G_CONFIG_ARGS): Add defn for off_t. Another
layer of typedefs has been added and the gen-params script can
not handle it.
Wed May 10 03:02:58 1995 Jason Merrill <>
* iolibio.h (_IO_rewind): Add new argument to _IO_seekoff.
(LIBIOSTREAM_DEP): Include stdio.list.
(LIBIOSTREAM_USE): Include `cat stdio.list`.
* (LIBIOSTREAM_DEP): New variable.
(libiostream.a): Use them.
(iostream.list): Ditto.
(stdio.list): New rule.
(stdio/stdio.list): Ditto.
Tue May 9 18:29:38 1995 Jason Merrill <>
* libioP.h (_IO_jump_t): Change TYPE for __dummy from int to
Sat May 6 13:50:37 1995 Per Bothner <>
* libio.h (_IO_UNIFIED_JUMPTABLES): #define as true.
(_IO_FILE): Remove _jumps field (#if _IO_UNIFIED_JUMPTABLES).
* libioP.h (enum _IO_seekflags_): Removed.
* libioP.h (_IO_setbuf_t): Change return value of setpos jumptable
function to match C++ streambuf::setpos. (Return NULL on failure.)
* fileops.c (_IO_file_setbuf), genops.c (_IO_default_setbuf),, iosetvbuf.c: Update to use new setbuf conventions.
* streambuf.h (streambuf): Re-order virtual functions more logically.
* (streambuf::uflow), streambuf.h: New virtual.
* libioP.h (struct _IO_jump_t): Define using new JUMP_FIELD macro.
And re-order in more logical order consistent with streambuf vtable.
* fileops.c (_IO_file_jumps), iopopen.c (_IO_proc_jumps), iovfprintf.c
(_IO_helper_jumps), (_IO_streambuf_jumps), strops.c
(_IO_str_jumps): Update accordingly, using JUMP_INIT macro.
* stdfiles.c: Set vtable to point to _IO_file_jumps.
*, iopopen.c, iovfprintf.c (helper_vfprintf), iovsprintf.c,
iovsscanf.c: Use macros and #if to set jumptables.
* streambuf.c: _IO_streambuf_jumps and the _IO_sb_* methods are not
* (filebuf::__new): Also no longer needed.
* (fstreambase::__fb_init, fstreambase::fstreambase): Fix.
* stdstrbufs.c: Use filebuf vtable instead of builtinbuf's.
* builtinbuf.h, (builtinbuf): Commented out #if
_IO_UNIFIED_JUMPTABLES - no longer needed.
* (SET_STR_JUMPS): Does nothing now.
*, fileops.c, genops.c, iofgetpos.c, iofsetpos.c,
ioftell.c, iopopen.c, ioseekoff.c, ioseekpos.c, iosetvbuf.c,
iovfprintf.c, iovfscanf.c, strops.c: Use DEFUN and DEFUN_VOID.
*, fileops.c, genops.c, iopopen.c, ioseekoff.c, ioseekpos.c,
iosetvbuf.c, iovfscanf.c: Use new JUMP_* and IO_OVERFLOW/... macros.
* libioP.h (_IO_seekpos_t): Third arg is now an int (using _IOS_INPUT
and _IOS_OUTPUT), not an enum _IO_seekflags_. Flags values are
changed, and their sense inverted (to match streambuf::seekpos).
* libioP.h (_IO_seekoff_t): Similarly match streambuf::seekoff.
*, fileops.c (_IO_file_fopen, _IO_file_seekoff), genops.c
(_IO_default_seekpos, _IO_default_seekpos), iofgetpos.c, iofsetpos.c,
iolibio.h (_IO_fseek), ioftell.c, ioseekoff.c, ioseekpos.c,,, strops.c (_IO_str_seekoff),
New seekpos/seekoff conventions.
* iostreamP.h (convert_to_seekflags): Removed - no longer needed.
* iolibio.h (_IO_fread): New declaration.
* dbz/ Re-arrange for cleaner dependencies.
Fri May 5 15:55:22 1995 Per Bothner <>
in preparation for new unified jumptable/vtable implementation.
* cleanup.c, filedoalloc.c, iofclose.c, iofflush.c, iofiledoalloc.c,
ioprims.c, iosetbuffer.c, iostrerror.c, ioungetc.c: Use DEFUN.
* filedoalloc.c, iofclose, iofflush, iosetbuffer.c: Use new macros.
* iofopen.c, iofdopen.c: Use macros and #if for new jumptables.
* gen-params: Do not #include <sys/types.h>.
Add missing quote in 'eval'.
Do add #include <sys/types.h> in test for <sys/resource.h>.
* config/ New file, defining _G_CONFIG_ARGS (for fpos_t).
* Use for NetBSD.
Wed May 3 15:03:47 1995 Per Bothner <>
* libioP.h (DEFUN, DEFUN_VOID, AND): New macros, from ansidecl.h.
* iofdopen.c, iofgets.c, iofopen.c, iofputs.c, iofread.c, iofwrite.c,
iogetdelim.c, iogetline.c, iogets.c, ioignore.c, iopadn.c, ioperror.c,
ioputs.c, iovsprintf.c, iovsscanf.c, outfloat.c: Use DEFUN.
Mon May 1 16:22:30 1995 Jason Merrill <>
* gen-params: #include <sys/types.h>. Don't use __WCHAR_TYPE__ in
definition of _G_wchar_t. Use __attribute__ ((mode)) to get
specific-sized ints under gcc, don't worry about int8 or int64
otherwise. Provide defaults if deduction fails.
Thu Apr 27 18:27:53 1995 Per Bothner <>
* streambuf.h (ios::~ios): Delete _arrays.
(_IO_NEW_STREAMS): Turn on.
* libio.h (__adjust_column): Remove bogus declaration.
* genops.c (_IO_set_column): Fix typo (in commented-out code).
Tue Apr 25 17:14:29 1995 Jason Merrill <>
* config.shared (CXXINCLUDES): Use a shell variable with a
different name from the make variable.
* Update accordingly.
Mon Apr 17 17:19:40 1995 Per Bothner <>
* streambuf.h (__adjust_column): Remove redundant declaration.
Sat Apr 15 11:39:25 1995 Per Bothner <>
* config.shared (do-clean-dvi): Also remove *.cps.
* gen-params: Use ${SED} instead of sed.
* libio.h: Remove #if'd out stuff (confuses makedepend).
* (STD_STR): Standard streams start with ios::dec set.
Fri Apr 14 23:46:31 1995 Per Bothner <>
* iostream.h, (istream::read, ostream::write):
Use streamsize for the length parameter.
* streambuf.h: Removed redundant __overflow and __underflow.
* fstream.h, Add void fstreambase::attach(int).
* iosscanf.c (_IO_sscanf): Fix non-__STDC__ missing declaration.
Mon Apr 3 15:40:55 1995 Jason Merrill <>
* indstream.*: Fix prototypes of xsputn and xsgetn.
* fileops.c: Avoid ??? trigraph.
Mon Mar 27 16:16:38 1995 Jason Merrill <>
* iomanip.h (operator<< (ostream&, const omanip<TP>&): Define
(operator>> (istream&, const imanip<TP>&): Ditto.
Mon Mar 27 08:56:00 1995 Brendan Kehoe (
* (builtinbuf::setbuf): Cast NULL to streambuf*, to
avoid warning/error about conversion from void*.
* (indirectbuf::seekoff): Likewise.
(indirectbuf::seekpos): Likewise.
* (filebuf::setbuf): Likewise.
(filebuf::close): Cast NULL to filebuf*.
Wed Mar 1 14:23:18 1995 Per Bothner <>
* (DISTCLEAN): Add, with target-mkfrag.
Fri Feb 24 01:01:08 1995 Jason Merrill <>
* (frags): Don't require so many dashes in the
canonical target name.
Sat Feb 18 13:18:30 1995 Per Bothner <>
* (streambuf::sync): Always return 0, even for
non-flushed output. This is required by the ANSI/ISO draft.
* genops.c (_IO_sync): Likewise always return 0.
Fri Feb 17 16:33:28 1995 Per Bothner <>
* fileops.c (_IO_file_close_it): Call _IO_file_sync, rather
than _IO_do_flush, because we want to adjust the file pointer
if reading and not at end (as in SVR4, and as in fflush).
Also, make sure to return error indication if sync fails.
(_IO_file_sync): Ignore seek error if it is ESPIPE.
(_IO_file_seekoff): If not readable, do dumb lseek.
* iofclose.c (_IO_fclose): If closing a non-filebuf, return -1
Fri Feb 17 19:31:00 1995 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* gen-params: Check for struct tms in <sys/times.h>, defining
HAVE_SYS_TIMES accordingly.
Wed Feb 15 21:05:11 1995 Per Bothner <>
* strops.c (_IO_str_count): Use LEN macro.
(_IO_str_seekoff): Update _len field.
Mon Feb 6 19:29:00 1995 Jason Merrill <>
* gen-params: Default to short, long and long long for 16, 32 and
64 bit types, in case detection fails.
Wed Jan 25 18:07:30 1995 Jason Merrill <>
* gen-params (_G_wint_t): Allow for broken promotions.
Tue Jan 24 16:15:40 1995 Per Bothner <>
* (_IO_fake_stdiobufs): Add an extra layer of struct,
to force correct alignment on i960s.
(DEF_STDIOBUF, _IO_{stdin,stdout,stderr}_buf): Update accordingly.
Thu Jan 19 18:30:53 1995 Jason Merrill <>
* config.shared (CXXINCLUDES): Add libstdc++ to includes for
building libg++.
(LIBS): Also link with libstdc++ when building libg++ toys.
Don't set EXPORT_ALL_VARIABLES; users will have to set
LD_LIBRARY_PATH themselves.
Fri Dec 30 16:38:13 1994 Mike Stump <>
* config/ Fix build problem on linux 1.0.8.
Thu Dec 22 11:49:45 1994 J.T. Conklin (
* config/ Use gcc to pre-link iostream.nlm's objects
instead of using nlmconv, so that references to functions in
libgcc.a are resolved.
* Append .mt to target makefile fragment file names.
* floatconv.c (tens, tinytens, bigtens): Added const qualifier.
Tue Dec 20 09:59:50 1994 Mike Stump <>
* gen-params (VTABLE_LABEL_PREFIX): Since some systems have GNU nm
as nm, and they demangle by default, we have to notice this, and
try --no-cplus (linux) or --no-demangle when running nm.
Wed Dec 14 18:13:58 1994 Per Bothner <>
* gen-params: To determine vt-name-mangling using dummy.C add
#include and #prama interface/implementation to avoid problem with
assemblers that don't emit local symbols. Reported under HPUX 8
by Thomas Arend <arend@blasius.Chemietechnik.Uni-Dortmund.DE>.
* streambuf.h (ios::ios): Move inline definition after
that of ios::init (which ios::ios calls).
Sun Dec 4 19:50:32 1994 Per Bothner <>
* fileops.c (_IO_file_init, _IO_file_close_it, _IO_file_sync):
Set _offset to _IO_pos_BAD, to support applications that follow
POSIX.1 rules on mixing file handles.
* fileops.c (_IO_file_overflow): Handle case that buffer was
allocated (perhaps by setvbuf) but _IO_write_base is still 0.
* iostdio.h (setbuffer): #define as _IO_setbuffer.
* streambuf.h, Removed filebuf::do_write.
Tue Nov 29 23:38:57 1994 Per Bothner (
* floatconv.c (setword0, setword1): Fix typo.
Tue Nov 29 15:37:29 1994 Per Bothner <>
* config.shared: Move -fno-implicit-template from CXXFLAGS
to LIBCXXFLAGS. Tests are better run without it.
* floatconv.c (word0, word1): Re-place/re-implement using unions
instead of casts to avoid optimizer problems.
* dbz/dbzmain.c: Renamed dirname -> dir_name to avoid OSF
header file braindamage.
Sat Nov 5 19:44:00 1994 Jason Merrill (
* config.shared (LIBCFLAGS): Define.
(DOING_LIBGXX): Define TOLIBGXX. Change LIBS to use -lg++. Add
(XC{,XX}FLAGS): Set to LIBCFLAGS or CFLAGS depending on $LIBDIR.
(COMPILE.c): Define, use in .c.o rule.
( Define, use in .cc.o rule.
Sat Nov 5 15:12:12 1994 Per Bothner <>
* (VERSION): Update to 0.67.
* streambuf.h (ios::dont_close): Is now set by default.
* fstream.h, (__fb_init): New function. Clears
ios::dont_close. Change fstreambase constructors to call it.
* *strstream constructors must clear ios::dont_close.
* Simplify - don't need to set ios::dont_close.
* Simplify - assume ios::dont_close is always set.
* fstream.h, If _IO_NEW_STREAMS, put the
filebuf as a member __my_fb.
* strstream.{h,cc}: Likewile use a strstreambuf member __my_sb.
* streambuf.h,,
Fix if _IO_NEW_STREAMS to not use ios::dont_close.
* streambuf.h (class ios): Move rdbuf later, to avoid
inability of g++ to inline.
* (filebuf::~filebuf): Call _IO_do_flush.
* config.shared: Emit rules to make depend.
* depend: New file.
Fri Nov 4 17:19:11 1994 Per Bothner <>
* README: Fix typos.
* libio.h: Add comment. Update Copyright notice.
Fri Nov 4 21:46:30 1994 Paul Eggert <>
* libio.h (__P): Change argument name spelling from
`paramlist' to `protos' for compatibility with BSDI 1.1.
Thu Nov 3 00:45:16 1994 Jason Merrill (
* config.shared (CXXFLAGS): Add -fno-implicit-templates.
Mon Oct 24 15:57:35 1994 Per Bothner <>
* config.shared: Define NOSTDIC and use it for libio too.
Thu Oct 20 19:45:35 1994 Jason Merrill (
* iogetdelim.c: #include <stdlib.h>.
Thu Oct 20 17:09:52 1994 Per Bothner <>
* iostream.h: Add classes _IO_istream_withassign and
_IO_ostream_withassign. Re-type cin, cout, cerr, clog.
(class iostream): Don't add extra _gcount field.
* New file. Implement operator= for cin etc.
* streambuf.h (class ios): Change return type of operator=.
* (IOSTREAM_OBJECTS): Add ioassign.o.
* Re-arrange, so overrides can work.
* fileops.c (_IO_file_seekoff): Optimize seeks within buffer.
Wed Oct 19 14:25:47 1994 Jason Merrill (
* gen-params (wint_t): Return to using __WCHAR_TYPE__ for
compatibility with gcc versions prior to 2.6.1.
Tue Oct 18 17:08:18 1994 Per Bothner <>
* Define _G_CONFOG_H as _G_config.h for Linux. Use it.
(IO_OBJECTS): Add iogetdelim.o.
* config/ New file.
* Select config/ if Linux.
* iogetdelim.c: Verious cleanups, many from
Ulrich Drepper <>.
* libioP.h: Add _IO_getdelim. Use (void) for no-parameter functions.
Thu Oct 13 16:30:56 1994 Per Bothner (
* libio.h: Rename USE_DTOA to _IO_USE_DTOA for namespace reasons.
*, iovfscanf.c, iovfprintf, floatconv.c:
* libio.h (_IO_feof, _IO_ferror): Move to here ...
* iolibio: ... from here
* (istream::get, istream::ignore, istream::read):
Set _gcount to 0 if ipfx0 failed.
* (flush): Do virtual function call, rather than
going through jumptable. (To get correct method in derived class.)
Bug and fix from John Wiegley <>.
* iofdopen.c (O_ACCMODE): Define using O_RDWR, not O_RDWRITE.
* streambuf.h (ios::rdbuf(streambuf*)): New.
* streambuf.h (ios::operator=): Make private (i.e. dis-allow).
Wed Oct 12 19:09:20 1994 Jason Merrill (
* gen-params: Define _G_NO_NRV and _G_NO_EXTERN_TEMPLATES if not
compiling with g++.
Thu Oct 6 16:03:43 1994 Per Bothner (
* iostream.texi (ostrstream::str): Note that NUL is not written
Wed Oct 5 17:28:29 1994 Per Bothner (
* iogetdelim.c (_IO_getdelim): New function.
Wed Oct 5 15:40:22 1994 J.T. Conklin (
* config/ New file, first cut at Netware NLM support.
* (*-*-netware*): Use config/
* config.shared (NLMCONV, LD): New definition.
* gen-params: check for nm in ${binutils}/
* config.shared: Likewise.
Tue Oct 4 12:20:01 1994 Per Bothner (
* iomanip.h (omanip::operator<<): Make 2nd arg be const.
Bug and fix reported by Greg McGary <>.
* (strstreambuf::pcount): Simplify, to match
ANSI/ISO specification.
Mon Sep 26 15:19:52 1994 Jason Merrill (
* gen-params: Include <wchar.h> and <wctype.h> if they exist.
Thu Sep 8 14:41:41 1994 Jason Merrill (
* iostream.h (class istream): Declare operator>>(long double&).
(class ostream): Define operator<<(long double).
* (istream::operator>>(long double&)): Define.
Wed Sep 7 14:42:29 1994 Per Bothner (
* iostream.texi (Overflow): Fix bugs in example.
Fri Sep 2 17:45:57 1994 Per Bothner (
* iostream.tex: Document a little on how to write your
own streambuf-derived class, with an example.
Tue Aug 30 13:03:57 1994 Brendan Kehoe (
* floatconv.c (s2b): Declare X and Y to be _G_int32_t.
(diff, quorem): Declare BORROW, Y, and Z likewise.
(ulp): Declare L likewise.
(_IO_strtod): Declare L and AADJ likewise.
(_IO_dtoa): Declare L and D likewise. Cast division of D by DS to
Mon Aug 29 16:01:54 1994 Per Bothner (
* iosetvbuf.c (_IO_setvbuf): If setting _IOFBF and no
buffer was specified, call __doallocate.
* fileops.c, floatconv.c: Add a bunch of parentheses to
shut up gcc warnings. Patch from H.J.Lu.
* (stdiobuf::sys_read): Inline call to getc
for the normal case (size==1).
Sat Aug 20 12:14:52 1994 Per Bothner (
* (VERSION): Increase to 0.66.
Fri Aug 19 17:28:41 1994 Per Bothner (
* iolibio.h: Added _IO_printf prototype.
Added extern "C" { ... } wrappers #ifdef __cplusplus.
Bugs reported by Neal Becker <>.
Wed Aug 17 18:17:15 1994 Per Bothner (
* fileops.c (_IO_file_seekoff): For _IO_seek_cur, adjust for
read-ahead before jumping to label dumb.
Wed Aug 3 13:15:01 1994 H.J. Lu (
* libioP.h (CHECK_FILE(FILE,RET)): new, which checks for
with typo fixes.
* iofread.c, iofwrite.c: add CHECK_FILE(fp, 0);
* iofclose.c: add CHECK_FILE(fp, EOF); remove _IO_MAGIC_MASK check.
* iofflush.c, iofgetpos.c, iofputs.c, iofscanf.c,
iofsetpos.c, iofvbuf.c, ioungetc.c:
Add CHECK_FILE(fp, EOF) and remove COERCE_FILE(fp).
* iofgets.c: add CHECK_FILE(fp, NULL) and remove COERCE_FILE(fp).
* iofprintf.c: add CHECK_FILE(fp, -1) and remove COERCE_FILE(fp).
* ioftell.c: add CHECK_FILE(fp, -1L) and remove COERCE_FILE(fp).
* iosetbuffer.c: add CHECK_FILE(fp, ) and remove COERCE_FILE(fp).
Fri Aug 12 15:35:39 1994 Per Bothner (
* iofdopen.c (_IO_fdopen): #define O_ACCMODE if it isn't.
Still set O_APPEND if "a" is given, but don't unset it
if it isn't. Added comment.
Mon Aug 8 13:11:00 1994 Per Bothner (
* gen-params (VTABLE_LABEL_PREFIX): Changes in the implementation.
For look for _*vt[$_.]7*filebuf in the nm output, because that
matches what g++ produces and has produced. Thus it should be
somewhat more robust.
Sun Aug 7 22:52:49 1994 Per Bothner (
* gen-params (CC): Remove no-longer-needed -I options
passed to xgcc (now they are implied by the -B options).
Wed Jul 20 16:41:13 1994 Per Bothner (
* (tooldir): Added definition, so we can do
'make install' in this directory.
Bug reported by Klamer Schutte <>.
Mon Jul 18 18:02:34 1994 Per Bothner (
* gen-params (VTABLE_LABEL_PREFIX): Remove filename sppearing
by itself. Add comment explaining what is going on.
Tue Dec 21 13:02:48 1993 H.J. Lu (hjl@jalod)
* libio.h: define _IO_uid_t and _IO_HAVE_ST_BLKSIZE
as _G_xxxxxxxx.
Tue Dec 21 13:02:48 1993 H.J. Lu (hjl@jalod)
* iopopen.c: Don't include <errno.h>. It is included in "libioP.h".
* iopopen.c (_IO_proc_close) : check if fp is on the list
before close it.
Thu Jul 14 16:38:47 1994 Per Bothner (
* gen-params (CONFIG_NM): Make sed scripts to find vtable name
mangling more robost for different forms of nm output.
Tue Dec 21 13:02:48 1993 H.J. Lu (hjl@jalod)
* iofopen.c (_IO_fopen): don't check [redundantly] fp == NULL after
* iomanip.h (template<class TP> class iapp):
change ostream to istream.
Tue Jul 12 14:09:02 1994 Per Bothner (
* (VERSION): Increase to 0.65.
* libioP.h (builtinbuf_vtable): Only define #ifdef __cplusplus.
* gen-params (_G_int8_t): Only define if defined(__STDC__),
because K&R C compilers don't have signed char.
(_G_int64_t, _G_uint64_t): Only define if defined(__GNUC__)
because other compilers may not have long long.
Sun Mar 06 13:10:21 1994 H.J. Lu (
* floatconv.c (_IO_dtoa ()): fix a small memory leak, set the
"on_stack" field to be 0 if "result" is not NULL.
Sat Mar 05 13:18:20 1994 H.J. Lu (
* floatconv.c (_IO_dtoa ()): if the number of digits of the
floating point number is more than the previous one, free the
old string and allocate a new one.
[Minor optimization to avoid Bcopy. -PB]
Mon Jul 11 10:53:41 1994 Per Bothner (
* fileops.c (_IO_file_underflow): 'count' should be unsigned,
since it contains the return value of read. Reported by
Teemu Torma <>.
Tue Dec 21 13:02:48 1993 H.J. Lu (
* floatconv.c (_IO_strtod ()): make "+" and "-" as error.
Sat Jul 9 15:09:21 1994 Per Bothner (
Make sure _IO_FILE::_flags is always initialized correctly, for the
C functions (fopen, fdopen, popen), and not just the C++ functions.
* fileops.c (_IO_file_init): Set _flags to CLOSED_FILEBUF_FLAGS.
* fileops.c (_IO_file_fopen): Remove bogus assignment.
* (filebuf constructors): Don't pass CLOSED_FILEBUF_FLAGS
to streambuf constructor - _IO_file_init does it instead.
* iopopen.c (_IO_proc_open): Use _IO_mask_flags.
Thu Jun 30 08:49:53 1994 Jason Merrill (
* dbz/ (mostlyclean): Add target.
Wed Jun 29 09:30:12 1994 Jason Merrill (
* gen-params: Woops, can't run a C program to determine target
characteristics. Sigh.
Tue Jun 28 03:11:33 1994 Jason Merrill (
* gen-params: Add _G_{,u}int{8,16,64}_t, use a short C program to
determine what all these should be rather than trying to compare
the MAX numbers in the shell.
Sun Jun 26 21:04:24 1994 Per Bothner (
* stdiostream.h, (stdiobuf::xsgetn): Removed.
Too hairy. If we want to optimize it, we should do so in
filebuf::xsgetn (or rather _IO_file_xsgetn).
* stdiostream.h (class stdiobuf), Fix parameter
and return types of virtual function to matcher base types (Oops!).
* (stdiobuf::xsgetn, stdiobuf::xsputn):
Optimize to call fread.fwrite directly if !buffered.
* fileops.c: Fix comment.
Fri Jun 24 11:28:18 1994 Per Bothner (
* stdiostream.h (istdiostream, ostdiostream): New classes.
More robust final cleanup.
* cleanup.c (_IO_register_cleanup): Register _IO_cleanup,
rather than _IO_flush_all.
* filedoalloc.c: Update comment.
* genops.c (_IO_unbuffer_all): New. Makes all files unbuffered.
* genops.c (_IO_cleanup), libioP.h: New function. Call
_IO_flush_all, and then _IO_unbuffer_all. This is in case C++
destructors try to do output *after* _IO_cleanup is called.
Construct standard stdiobufs statically (using type punning).
* stdstrbufs.c; Unless _STDIO_USES_IOSTREAM declare standard
stdiobufs (for stdin, stdout, and stderr), using type punning
(struct _IO_fake_stdiobuf). This avoids constructor-time problems.
* Remove the declarations of the stdiobufs.
Instead use the new (fake) ones in We no longer
have to call ios::sync_with_stdio at constructor time.
Preliminary support for new ANSI streambuf::uflow virtual.
* libioP.h (struct _IO_jump_t): Add __uflow field.
* genops.c (_IO_default_uflow), libioP.h: New function.
* fileops.c (_IO_file_jumps), iopopen.c (IO_proc_jumps),
iovfprintf.c (_IO_helper_jumps), strops.c (_IO_str_jumps), (_IO_streambuf_jumps): Add _IO_default_uflow.
* genops.c (__uflow): New function.
(save_for_backup): New function. Some code shared by
__underflow and __uflow, moved out from the former.
(_IO_default_uflow): New function.
* libio.h (_IO_getc): Call __uflow, not __underflow.
Wed Jun 22 20:22:49 1994 Per Bothner (
Make sure that the vtable of a streambuf is always valid,
which makes ios::rdbuf simpler and faster.
* gen-params: Add code to determine _G_VTABLE_LABEL_HAS_LENGTH,
_G_USING_THUNKS, which describe how virtual function tables are named.
* stdfiles.c (FILEBUF_LITERAL): Moved to libioP.h.
* libioP.h (builtinbuf_vtable): New (complicated) declaration.
* (filebuf::__new), (SET_STR_JUMPS):
Initialize vtable to builtinbuf_vtable, not NULL.
* New file. Same as stdfiles.c, except that
vtable is initialized to builtinbuf_vtable, not NULL.
* streambuf.h (ios::rdbuf): Can now simplify/optimize, due to
above changes. Always, just return _strbuf.
* builtinbuf.h, (builtinbuf::vtable,
builtinbuf::get_builtin_vtable): Removed. No longer needed.
* streambuf.h, (ios::_IO_fix_vtable): No longer needed.
Only defined #ifdef _STREAM_COMPAT, for binary compatibility.
* Move stdfiles.o from IO_OBJECTS to STDIO_WRAP_OBJECTS.
(IOSTREAM_OBJECT): Add stdstrbufs.o.
* (_G_config.h): Pass $(CXXFLAGS) as part of $(CXX).
Fri Feb 11 11:08:01 1994 SBPM Marc GINGOLD (
* iovfprintf.c (helper_vfprintf): add
hp->_IO_file_flags = _IO_MAGIC|(_IO_IS_FILEBUF+_IO_NO_READS);
[This is needed because _IO_vfprintf checks for _IO_UNBUFFERED. -PB]
[Actually: don't set _IO_IS_FILEBUF. -PB]
Wed Jun 22 13:49:22 1994 Per Bothner (
*, stdiostream.h (stdiobuf::buffered): New methods.
* iofdopen.c (_IO_fdopen): Various minor improvements.
* iovfscanf.c: Don't return EOF on control_failure.
Tue Dec 21 13:02:48 1993 H.J. Lu (
* iovfscanf.c: Enforce the sequence of the conversion specifications.
Fri Jun 17 20:57:22 1994 Per Bothner (
* iofdopen.c: Use fcntl to check that requested access mode is
compatible with existing access mode, and to change the
O_APPEND file status flag if need be.
Thu Jun 16 17:33:50 1994 Per Bothner (
* streambuf.h (ios::init): Initialize all the fields.
This may be overkill, but the current ANSI working paper requires it.
* streambuf.h (ios::ios): Reimplement in terms of ios::init.
* (Non-default constructors istream::istream,
ostream::ostream, iostream::iostream): Cannot use a mem-initializer,
because it is ignored if initializing a derived class. Instead,
call ios::init.
Wed Jun 15 13:35:37 1994 Per Bothner (
* (ISTREAM_DEF): Fix typo (it's a _fake_istream, not
a _fake_ostream). Reported by Jason Shirk <>.
* stdiostream.h, (stdiobuf::~stdiobuf): New.
Call _IO_do_flush.
* (stdiobuf::sync): Call _IO_do_flush rather
than filebuf::sync (to avoid bad seeks).
* libioP.h (_IO_do_flush): Add missing parentheses.
Fri Jun 3 19:16:57 1994 Jason Merrill (
* config.shared (CXXFLAGS): Remove -fno-implicit-templates.
* iomanip.h: Add explicit external instantiations.
Wed Jun 1 14:14:44 1994 Per Bothner (
* libio.h (struct _IO_FILE_plus): Move definition from here ...
* libioP.h (struct _IO_FILE_plus): ... to here. Since this
file is private to the implementation, we can rename the fields
from the implementor's to the user's name anme space.
(This avoids a lossage on SCO, whose stdio.h has a #define _file.)
* iofdopen.c, iofopen.c, stdfiles.c: Fix field references accordingly.
* iopopen.c (struct_IO_proc_file): Rename fields from
implementor's name space to user's, and update usages.
* streambuf.h (streambuf::_vtable): Re-implement to not need
struct _IO_FILE_plus.
* strfile.h (struct _IO_strfile_): Likewise.
Wed Jun 1 13:57:48 1994 Jason Merrill (
* config.shared (CXXFLAGS): Use -fno-implicit-templates instead of
Tue May 31 08:49:28 1994 Mike Stump (
* genops.c, iofclose.c, iofdopen.c, iofopen.c, iopopen.c: Be
consistent about protecting #include <stdlib.h>.
* ioputs.c: Add #include <string.h>, to avoid warning on alpha.
* iofdopen.c: Add #include <stdlib.h>, so that malloc works on
machines where sizeof(int) != sizeof(void *).
Mon May 30 17:26:49 1994 Per Bothner (
* (ipfstream::ipfstream, opfstream::opfstream):
Reverse sense of test of return value of procbuf::open.
(It returns NULL on failure.)
* filedoalloc.c (_IO_file_doallocate): Remove dead code for
USE_MALLOC_BUF. Add code to return EOF if ALLOC_BUF fails.
Sat May 28 13:47:47 1994 Jason Merrill (
* Explicitly instantiate smanip<int> and
Wed May 25 16:04:12 1994 Per Bothner (
* strfile.h: Use __P instead of _PARAMS.
Fri May 20 11:42:17 1994 Per Bothner (
* libio.h: Rename _PARAMS macro to __P for better glibc and BSD
compatibility. (Also define _PARAMS for backwards compatibility.)
* cleanup.c, iolibio.h, ioperror.c, iovfprintf.c, iovfscanf.c,
libioP.h: Use __P instead of _PARAMS.
* iostdio.h: Use __P instead of _ARGS.
* fileops.c (_IO_file_read): Minor stylistic tweak. (It is
preferable to test errno *after* the error return.)
Fri May 13 15:25:36 1994 Jason Merrill (
* iostream.*: Add insertor and extractor for bool (just pretend
it's an int).
Fri May 13 14:12:03 1994 Mike Stump (
* gen-params: Check for builtin bool support.
Wed May 11 00:48:35 1994 Jason Merrill (
Make libg++ build with gcc -ansi -pedantic-errors
* gen-params: #ifdef __STRICT_ANSI__, #define _G_NO_NRV.
* (ipfstream::ipfstream): Wrap use of variable-size
array in #ifndef __STRICT_ANSI__.
Fri May 6 12:42:21 1994 Per Bothner (
* (VERSION): Increase to 0.64.
* (istream::getline): The delimiter should *not*
be included in the gcount().
* filedoalloc.c: #include <stdlib.h> (If __STDC__) to get malloc.
* iostream.h (ostream::put): Remove overloaded versions, to match
new working paper. (Actually just put inside _STREAM_COMPAT, for now.)
Tue May 3 14:14:57 1994 Per Bothner (
* genops.c (_IO_default_finish): Make robust when called
multiple times on the same _IO_FILE*. (One way this can
happen is by the builtinbuf destructor being followed by the
streambuf destructor.)
Mon May 2 13:55:26 1994 Jason Merrill (
* gen-params: Actually determine wint_t rather than depending on
cpp to provide it or defaulting to the underlying type for
Sat Apr 30 14:47:30 1994 Jason Merrill (
* gen-params: Add _G_wint_t, allow __*_TYPE__ to override values
at compile time, fix definition of _G_ARGS.
Fri Apr 29 16:55:37 1994 Per Bothner (
* libio.h: Remove #pragma interface. (There is no implementation.)
Mon Mar 28 14:22:26 1994 Per Bothner (
* (ostream::operator<<(double)): Add/fix support
for printing '+' when ios::showpos is set.
(Fixes bug reported by Doug Moore <>.)
* (istream::read): Set eofbit as well as failbit on eof.
* (ostream::operator<<(int)): Fix conversion
to unsigned (used to lose on INT_MIN).
* (ostream::operator<<(long)): Use (unsigned long),
rather than (unsigned) for temporary.
* config.shared, Remove definitions and uses
of XTRAFLAGS. It is no longer needed, since it is
now implied by the -B flag.
Fri Mar 25 00:31:22 1994 Jason Merrill (
* builtinbuf.h: Add put /**/ around comment on trailing #endif.
* (c++clean): Make clean in tests subdir, too.
Wed Mar 23 16:42:09 1994 Doug Evans (
* Remove Makefile.tem before creating it.
Needed when configuring from read-only source trees.
Wed Mar 16 14:06:42 1994 Per Bothner (
* Fix so that stdiobuf are used for cin/cout/cerr,
unless _STDIO_USES_IOSTREAM is defined.
* (filebuf::setbuf): Fix confusion about return
value from _IO_file_setbuf.
Sun Mar 13 00:54:12 1994 Paul Eggert (
* config.shared: Ensure that `all' precedes `.PHONY';
BSDI 1.1 needs this.
Sat Mar 12 03:58:00 1994 Paul Eggert (
* config.shared: Output a definition of INSTALL that uses
$${rootme}, not ${rootme}. Most `make's don't care, but BSDI
1.1 `make' does.
Fri Mar 4 17:33:01 1994 Per Bothner (
* iopopen.c: #define _POSIX_SOURCE.
* isgetline.c (istream::getline): Various fixes.
Thu Mar 3 17:58:20 1994 Per Bothner (
* (write_int): Fix test for when to add initial '0'
when ios::oct and ios::showbase are set.
For hex, showbase adds initial 0x (or 0X) regardless of val==0.
Bugs reported by Phil Roth <>.
Mon Feb 21 13:18:20 1994 H.J. Lu (
* libio.h (_IO_PENDING_OUTPUT_COUNT(_fp)): return the
pending output count in _fp.
Fri Feb 25 09:26:57 1994 Ian Lance Taylor (
* gen-params: For HAVE_SYS_WAIT, compile dummy.c, not dummy.C.
Tue Feb 22 11:19:09 1994 Per Bothner (
* streambuf.h, genops.c, libioP.h: Rename references to
_IO_FILE fields other_gbase => _IO_save_base,
_aux_limit => _IO_backup_base, and _other_egptr => _IO_save_end.
* libio.h: Remove no-longer needed macros _other_gbase,
_aux_limit, and _other_egptr.
* genops.c (__underflow, _IO_default_finishh, _IO_unsave_markers):
Check _IO_save_base for NULL before FREEing it or calling
Thu Feb 17 15:26:59 1994 Per Bothner (
* gen-params: Improve deduction of _G_uint32 and _G_int32.
Should now work for 16-bit, 32-bit, or 64-bit targets.
* gen-params: Check for sys/wait.h using ${CC}, since it's
now used in a C file, not a C++ file.
* floatconv.c: Typedef _G_uint32_t as unsigned32, and use
unsigned32 in place of unsigned long. (Needed for Alpha.)
Tue Feb 8 13:40:15 1994 Per Bothner (
* fileops.c (_IO_file_close_it): Simplify by using _IO_do_flush.
* fileops.c (_IO_file_finish): Don't call _IO_file_close_it -
do it inline. Call _IO_do_flush even if _IO_DELETE_DONT_CLOSE.
* fileops.c (_IO_file_attach): Set _IO_DELETE_DONT_CLOSE.
* genops.c (_IO_flush_all): Only call overflow if there is
something to write.
* iofclose.c (_IO_fclose): Check that magic number is correct,
and clear it when done. Avoids crashing some buggy applications.
* iogetline.c (_IO_getline): Don't gratuitously increment old_len.
* iogets.c (_IO_gets): Take care to get required ANSi semantics.
Sun Feb 6 19:50:39 1994 Jason Merrill (
* Explicitly instantiate operator<< and >>.
Fri Feb 4 12:28:22 1994 Jason Merrill (
* config.shared (CXXFLAGS): Use -fexternal-templates.
* iomanip.h: Uncomment #pragma interface.
Thu Jan 20 13:48:40 1994 Per Bothner (
If no characters are read by fgets, ANSI C doesn't allow '\0' to
be written to the buffer, but it is required by ANSI C++
for istream::get and istream::getline. Both use _IO_getline ...
* iogetline.c (_IO_getline): Don't write a '\0' at the end
of the read data. The input buffer length does not include
space for a '\0'.
* iofgets.c, iogets.c: Change appropriately.
Also check for _IO_ERR_SEEN, as required by ANSI.
* Update accordingly.
Mon Jan 17 13:24:26 1994 Jason Merrill (
* (c++clean): Added target for compiler testing
(i.e. make c++clean all).
Mon Jan 10 11:20:42 1994 Per Bothner (
* libio.h (_IO_putc): Add parentheses.
Patch from Rik Faith <>.
Tue Jan 4 01:32:28 1993 Hongjiu Lu (
* genops.c (_IO_default_xsputn):
* ioignore.c: change "_IO_size_t count" to
"_IO_ssize_t count".
* iogetline.c: change "_IO_size_t len" to
"_IO_ssize_t len".
Mon Dec 20 00:31:21 1993 Per Bothner (
* config.shared (CXXINCLUDES): Fix quoting of $(NOSTDINC).
Sun Dec 19 21:03:45 1993 Per Bothner (
* (VERSION): Increase to 0.63.
Fri Dec 17 13:02:44 1993 Per Bothner (
* iofread.c (_IO_fread): Return 0 if either size or count is 0.
* iofwrite.c (_IO_fwrite): Return 0 if either size or count is 0.
(This is consistent with fread, and most implementations, but not
with a literal reading of the ANSI spec.)
* iovfscanf.c (_IO_vfscanf): If got EOF while skipping spaces,
set seen_eof and break (instead of returning).
* (streambuf::vscan): Set error state before returning.
* streambuf.h: Add a forward declarations for class istream
to work around a g++ vtable name mangling bug. (Patch from via Jeffrey A Law <>.)
* NEWS: New file.
Sat Dec 11 16:21:08 1993 Per Bothner (
* iovfprintf.c (struct helper_file, _IO_helper_overflow,
helper_vfprintf, _IO_helper_jumps): New structs and functions.
(_IO_vfprintf): Use helper_vfprintf to make printing to
unbuffered files more efficient.
* genops.c (_IO_default_underflow), libioP.h: New function.
* iovsscanf.c (_IO_vsscanf): The input string's length marks
its logical end-of-file.
Wed Dec 8 13:20:46 1993 Per Bothner (
* (indirectbuf::sync()): Don't crash if get_stream()
or put_stream() are NULL; sync() both streams even if error.
Sun Dec 5 19:24:29 1993 Brendan Kehoe (
* iostreamP.h (convert_to_seekflags): Use _IO_seek_set instead of
0 inside the conditial expressions.
* iofsetpos.c (_IO_fsetpos): Delete unused var `pos'.
Sat Dec 4 15:57:26 1993 Per Bothner (
* filedoalloc.c (_IO_file_doallocate): Change type of couldbetty
to int, and type of size to _IO_size_t, instead of size_t.
(Change needed for Ultrix, which incorrectly deliberately doesn't
define size_t in <sys/types.h> if _POSIX_SOURCE is defined.)
Thu Dec 2 22:43:03 1993 Per Bothner (
* fileops.c (_IO_file_finish): Remove redundant call to _IO_un_link.
* iofclose.c (_IO_fclose): Don't call fp->_jumps->__close; it's
too low-level. Instead call _IO_file_close_it.
* dbz/ (rclean, distclean): Add some missing files.
Wed Dec 1 13:19:14 1993 Per Bothner (
* config/ (MATH_H_INLINES): No longer define.
Patch from Jeffrey A Law <>.
Fri Nov 26 13:28:36 1993 Per Bothner (
* config.shared (CINCLUDES): Define default if libg++.
* iofread.c: Use _IO_sgetn.c.
* iolibio.h (_IO_clearerr): Fix typo.
* genops.c (_IO_seekmark): Return 0 on success.
* floactconv.c (Binit): Change to static.
* iofclose.c (_IO_fclose): Check if file is _IO_stdin, _IO_stdout,
or _IO_stderr; if so don't try to free it. Fix from
* genops.c (_IO_default_sync), libioP.h: New function.
* libioP.h (_IO_default_close): Use _IO_default_sync -same interface.
* Increase version to 0.62.
* iopopen.c (_IO_proc_close): Use waitpid (available in libibarty,
if needed), rather than wait. Don't block/ignore SIGINT etc,
as this is counter to Posix.2.
* iopopen.c: Chain open proc_files, and have the child close
the ones that are open (as required by Posix.2).
* fstream.h (fstreambase::rdbuf), strstream.h (strstreambase
::rdbuf): Call ios::rdbuf() instead of getting _strbuf directly.
* (streambuf::vscan): Comment out duplicate default arg.
* floatconv.c: Recognize Alpha and i860 as little-endian.
* Return two bogus value returns from void functions.
* iolibio.h, iofwrite.c: Fix buffer type to (const void*).
* libio.h: Predefine of struct _IO_FILE to help non-g++-compilers.
* libioP.h,, stdfiles.c, iovfscanf.c: Cleanup syntax junk.
* Minor simplification.
* streambuf.h, Add non-const ios::_IO_fix_vtable()
for temporary binary compatibility.
* filedoalloc.c, fileops.c: Add _POSIX_SOURCE.
* fileops.c, iofopen.c, iofputs.c,, strops.c,, genops.c: Add some missing #includes.
* iofopen.c, iofdopen.c: Return NULL if malloc fails.
* iovfscanf.c: Fix return type in strtol prototype.
* fwrite.c: Remove bogus file.
Wed Nov 17 14:09:42 1993 Per Bothner (
* (ios::_IO_fix_vtable), streambuf.h: Make method
const, to reduce problems with -Wcast-qual.
Tue Nov 16 19:30:42 1993 david d `zoo' zuhn (
* config.shared (CXXINCLUDE): use ${} instead of $() for NOSTDINC
Tue Nov 16 14:15:45 1993 Per Bothner (
* iopopen.c (_IO_proc_close): Re-structure to avoid
declarations after statements.
* floatconv.c: If not __STDC__, #define DBL_MANT_DIG.
* config/ (G_CONFIG_ARGS): Remove bogus spaces.
Patch from David A. Avery <>.
Tue Nov 16 15:58:31 1993 Mark Eichin (
* (_G_config.h): explicitly use $(SHELL) to run
gen-params, since we know it is a script (we're explicitly looking
in ${srcdir} for it) and /bin/sh might not be good enough.
Mon Nov 15 13:26:22 1993 Per Bothner (
* Don't depend on initialization of static
variable builtinbuf::vtable, since that might happen after
we need it (for a static constructor). Instead, initialize
it when needed by inlining the code from get_builtin_vtable
into ios::_IO_fix_vtable().
* floatconv.c: Avoid using #elif, which some C compilers lack.
* iogetline.c, libioP.h: Make char parameter be int, to avoid
some default promotion anomalies.
Fri Nov 5 11:49:46 1993 Per Bothner (
* config.shared (do-clean-dvi): Remove TeX work files.
* iopopen.c (extern _IO_fork): Don't use parameter type void.
* strops.c (_IO_str_init_static): Clear the allocate_buffer
function pointer, to mark the strfile as being static.
Bug fix from Mike Raisbeck <mike@pudding.rtr.COM>.
Thu Nov 4 10:44:24 1993 Per Bothner (
* (filebuf:): Use sseekoff rather than seekoff
(which loses if vtable pointer is NULL).
* (ostream::operator<<(long long n)): Fix thinko.
* (VERSION): Increase to 0.60.
* (IO_OBJECTS): Added iopopen.o.
* config.shared (DISTCLEAN): Also remove Make.pack.
* config.shared (CXXINCLUDES): Add $(NOSTDINC).
* config.shared (INSTALL): Fix so it ues the correct
whether $srcdir is absolute or relative.
* floatconv.c (DBL_MAX_10_EXP): Fix default value.
Wed Nov 3 10:20:49 1993 Per Bothner (
* gen-params: Make more robust to allow random junk (NeXT
has spaces) before typedefs.
* fileops.c (_IO_file_overflow): Reduce code duplication.
* (IO_OBJECTS): Remove ioputs.o.
* iovfscanf.c, libio.h: Extra parameter to _IO_vfscanf,
for optionally setting an error indication..
* iofscanf.c, ioscanf.c, iofscanf.c, iovsscanf.c: Fix calls to
_IO_vfscanf to pass an extra NULL.
* (streambuf::vscan): If passed an extra stream,
set its error state (using new _IO_vfscanf parameter.
* filedoalloc.c, fileops.c, genops.c, iogetline.c, ioignore.c,
libio.h, libioP.h, streambuf.h, strfile.h, strops.c, Replace macros (_base, _ebuf, _eback, _gptr, _egptr,
_pbase, _pptr, _epptr) by field names (_IO_buf_base, _IO_buf_end,
_IO_read_base, _IO_read_pre, IO_read_end, _IO_write_base,
_IO_write_ptr, _IO_write_end).
* libio.h: Remove the old macros (which fixes a conflict.
Mon Nov 1 15:22:12 1993 Per Bothner (
* Use _IO_sputn instead of sputn. _IO_sputn does
not require a vtable pointer, and is also slightly faster.
* builtinbuf.{h,cc} (builtinbuf::setbuf): Fix return and
parameter types.
Mon Oct 25 12:56:33 1993 Per Bothner (
Kludge to make sure _IO_FILE buffers get flushed before exit.
* dbz/dbzmain.c, dbz/fake.c, dbz/byteflip.c:
Invoke DBZ_FINISH macro (if defined) before (normal) exits.
* dbz/ (CFLAGS): Define DBZ_FINISH to call _IO_flush_all.
Sat Oct 23 22:10:53 1993 Per Bothner (
* (VERSION): Set to 0.60 for libg++ release.
* fileops.c (_IO_file_attach): Set _offset to _IO_pos_BAD.
* (ostream::flush): Fix thinkp.
Replace #include "ioprivate.h" by #include "libioP.h" (and
sometimes stdarg.h, stdlib.h and/or string.h).
* ioprivate.h: Removed.
Thu Oct 21 19:24:02 1993 Per Bothner (
* PlotFile.h, SFile.h,, editbuf.h,,, fstream.h,, indstream.h,,
iomanip.h, ioprivate.h,, iostream.h,,,, parsestream.h,,
pfstream.h,, procbuf.h,, stdiostream.h,,, streambuf.h,,
strstream.h: Remove old (duplicate) copyright notices.
* Fix calls to sync() to be safe in the presence
of vtable-less streambufs.
Wed Oct 20 15:22:04 1993 Per Bothner (
* streambuf.h (streambuf::underflow, streambuf::overflow):
Don't make virtual functions pure.
* (streambuf::underflow, streambuf::overflow):
Default definitions (return EOF).
* fstream.h: Add new (int fd, char* buf, int len) constructors.
These are deprecated, but added for AT&T compatibility.
* fstreambase::fstreambase(int fd, char *p, int l): New.
Thu Oct 14 14:57:01 1993 david d `zoo' zuhn (
* use 'mv -f' instead of 'mv'
Tue Oct 12 05:01:44 1993 Mike Stump (
* floatconv.c: Fix typo, change __STDC to __STDC__.
Mon Oct 11 17:03:12 1993 Per Bothner (
* cleanup.c: It should be #if _G_HAVE_ATEXIT, not #ifdef.
* floatconv.c, iostrerror.c, iovfprintf.c, iovfscanf.c, libioP.h:
Bunch of fixes to allow use of non-ANSI (K&R) C compilers.
* (iostream.list): Use CC=$(CXX) to force use of gcc.
* README: New file.
Fri Oct 8 16:19:58 1993 Per Bothner (
* Move ioungetc.o from STDIO_WRAP_OBJECTS to
IO_OBJECTS (since it is needed for iovfscanf.c).
* iostrerror.c: Add declaration of strerror.
Thu Oct 7 12:02:28 1993 Per Bothner (
* cleanup.c: New file, to cause flushing at exit.
* filedoalloc.c: Cause flushing on exit.
* (OSPRIM_OBJECTS): Add cleanup.o.
* gen-params: Check for atexit.
Tue Oct 5 19:11:14 1993 Mike Stump (
* ioperror.c (_IO_strerror): Add missing ()s in _PARAMS usage.
Tue Oct 5 10:33:37 1993 Per Bothner (
* iofprintf.c, iofscanf.c, ioprintf.c, ioscanf.c, iosprintf.c,
iosscanf.c: Remove bogus semi-colon after va_dcl.
* ioperror.c: Fix typos in declaration.
Mon Oct 4 17:12:22 1993 Per Bothner (
* (CLEAN): Define (as _G_config.h *.a).
* fileops.c (_IO_file_read): Don't assume EINTR is defined.
* iosetbuf.c: Replace by generalized ...
* iosetbuffer.c: ... variant, derived from BSD.
* (STDIO_WRAP_OBJECTS): Change correspondingly.
* iosetvbuf.c (iosetvbuf): Minor ANSI tweak.
* iostdio.h (setbuf, setlinebuf): New #defines.
* iolibio.h (_IO_setbuf, _IO_setlinebuf): (Re-)define as macros.
* (LIBIO_OBJECTS): New macro.
Tue Sep 28 14:15:52 1993 Per Bothner (
* libioP.h (_IO_proc_open, _IO_proc_close): Add missing return types.
* Belated fixes.
Mon Sep 27 14:04:47 1993 Per Bothner (
* List new files. Add STDIO_WRAP_OBJECTS macro.
* floatconv.c (d2b): Use Exp_msk11 instead of Exp_msk1.
* iofgetpos.c (_IO_fgetpos), iofsetpos.c (_IO_fsetpos): Clean up.
* iolibio.h: New file. Declarations of _IO_foo, for most foo
where foo is a stdio function. (Remove these from libio.h.)
* iostream.h (istream::istreambuf, ostream::ostreambuf): Move
obsolete functions inside #ifdef _STREAM_COMPAT.
* libio.h, libioP.h, streambuf.h, parsestream.h, stdiostream.h:
Use _IO_fpos_t rather than _IO_pos_t.
* iopopen.c: New file type, for pipe (popen-like) streams.
* Now just a C++ wrapper for the files in iopopen.c.
* streambuf.h (ios::unsetf): Return complete old value of flags.
* iogets.c (_IO_gets(), ioungetc.c (_IO_ungetc), ioperror.c
(_IO_perror), iostrerror.c (_IO_strerror): New files and
functions, for stdio implementation.
* iostdio.h: Add declarations for various recently-added functions.
Sun Sep 12 14:24:55 1993 Per Bothner (
* streambuf.h (ios::showpos):: Fix typo.
Fri Aug 27 12:05:47 1993 Per Bothner (
* iopadn.c (_IO_padn): Change to return count of chars written.
* outfloat.c, iovfprintf.c: Change for new _IO_padn interface.
* (ostream::operator<<): Make sure to set badbit
on a failure (many places). Use _IO_padn more.
* (ostream& ostream::operator<<(const void *p): Move to
* ... here, to reduce linking-in-the-world syndrome.
* Use rdbuf(), instead of _strbuf directly.
* genops.c (_IO_sgetn), libio.h: New function.
* streambuf.h (streambuf.h::sgetn): Use _IO_sgetn.
* (SFile::operator[]): Use sseekoff, not seekoff.
Thu Aug 26 10:16:31 1993 david d `zoo' zuhn (
* config.shared (SUBDIRS): only recurse if the directory is configured
Wed Aug 25 12:56:12 1993 Per Bothner (
* config/{,,}:
Moved from ../libg++/config (since they affect _G_config.h).
* Set target_make_frag to one of the above files.
Fri Aug 20 00:53:14 1993 Per Bothner (
* iofopen.c (iofopen): Fix type passed to _IO_un_link().
* (_G_config.h): Pass $CC (not $CXX) as CC.
* (configdirs): Add dbz and stdio.
* fileops.c (_IO_file_seekoff): Convert more old functionality.
* iofdopen.c: Use mode parameter to set _flags.
* iofscanf.c, ioputs.c, ioscanf.c, iosprintf.c: New files.
* (IO_OBJECTS): Added new objects.
* iostdio.h: Add feof. fscanf, puts, sprintf, vsprintf.
* libio.h: Add _IO_vprintf macro.
* iofopen.c: Invoke _IO_un_link if failure.
* iovsprintf.c: Write terminating NUL.
* libioP.h: Add COERCE_FILE macro (by default does nothing).
* iofclose.c, iofflush.c, iofgets.c, iofprintf.c, iofputs.c,
iofread.c, ioftell.c, iofwrite.c, iosetbuf.c, iosetvbuf.c:
Invoke COERCE_FILE macro.
* ioftell.c: Use _IO_seekoff.
Wed Aug 18 22:49:56 1993 Per Bothner (
* (streambuf::form), (streambuf::scan):
Remove cast to _IO_va_list. (Loses if array type.)
* libio.h: Handle _IO_va_list for systems that need <stdarg.h>.
* floatconv.h: Fix typo (reported by H.J.Lu).
Wed Aug 18 19:34:04 1993 david d `zoo' zuhn (
* (INSTALLDIR): handle native vs. cross case
* (install): don't use $TARGETLIB, set INSTALLDIR to
Wed Aug 18 12:10:03 1993 Per Bothner (
* Rename iostream-files to iostream.list.
* Add iostream.list to MOSTLYCLEAN.
Tue Aug 17 18:56:59 1993 Per Bothner (
* Depend on _G_config.h where appropriate.
* config.shared (CXXINCLUDES): If doing libg++, search ../libio.
Tue Aug 17 17:34:24 1993 Per Bothner (
New directory. Based on old libg++/iostream code,
but extensively re-written.