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If you are interested in working on any of these, email
* Makeinfo:
- HTML output is being actively worked on, and with luck will be in
the next release.
- A detexinfo program, like detex or delatex. This command would
strip all the texinfo commands out, and would be used as a filter on
the way to a speller. An option would be to NOT strip comments out.
makeinfo --no-headers comes close.
- If node name contains an @ command, complain explicitly.
- Better ASCII output: convert menus to single table of contents,
enumerate chapters and sections, convert cross-refs and indices to
chapter/section references. See:
- Call Ghostscript to get ASCII output for the @image command.
* TeX:
- Use @ as the escape character, and Texinfo syntax generally, in the
table of contents, aux, and index files. Eliminate all the crazy
multiple redefinitions of every Texinfo command in different contexts.
- Handle @hsep and @vsep in @multitables.
* General:
- Better i18n support, including support for 8-bit input characters,
and 8-bit output in info. Perhaps have to use the ec fonts.
- Support compressed image files, automatic generation of .txt
or .jpg from .eps by Ghostscript.
- Repeat TeX run until cross-references stabilize, not just twice.
(Document this in manual and fix texi2dvi.)
- Handle reference card creation, perhaps by only paying attention to
sectioning and @def... commands.
- Allow : in node names for info files, for names like `class::method'.
- Get Info declared as a MIME Content-Type.
* Language:
- @figure:
@figure [xref-label]
@figureinclude <filename>, [<height>], [<width>]
@figurehsize <dimen>
@figurevsize <dimen>
@caption ... @end caption
<arbitrary Texinfo commands>
@end figure
- @flushboth to combine @flushleft and @flushright, for RFC's.
- @part sectioning command.
- Anchors a la HTML?
- Allow subitems and `see' and `see also' in indices.
- @exercise/@answer command for, e.g., gawk.
- Allow @hsep/@vsep at @item, instead of just in template.
- The dark corner symbol for the gawk manual.
- Change bars. This is difficult or impossible in TeX,
unfortunately. To do it right requires device driver support.
* Doc:
- Include a complete functional summary, as in a reference card, in
the manual.
- Improve the manuals for makeinfo, standalone info, etc.
- Page 39, need a new section on doing dedication pages. See gawk.texi
for an example of doing it in both the tex and info versions.
* Info:
- Search all nodes of dir file at startup, then can have
- Better dir file merging.
- Steal interface ideas from Lynx: TAB for navigating to next link
within a page, number links, etc.
- q within help should quit help like C-x 0.
- Full-text search on all available info files.
- Incorporate an X-based viewer, perhaps tkinfo:
- Perhaps process Texinfo files directly instead of converting to Info:
+ Tcl/Tk 8.0 from in the /pub/tcl directory.
From: phelps@ecstasy.CS.Berkeley.EDU (Tom Phelps)
* Install-info:
- be able to copy the info file to compile-time $(infodir), to
simplify by-hand installation.