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## for texinfo/emacs.
## $Id:,v 1998/03/24 18:20:38 law Exp $
## Run automake in .. to produce from this.
info_TEXINFOS = info-stnd.texi info.texi texinfo.txi
# Use the programs built in our distribution.
MAKEINFO = ../makeinfo/makeinfo
INSTALL_INFO = ../util/install-info
# Include our texinfo.tex, not Automake's.
EXTRA_DIST = macro.texi userdoc.texi epsf.tex texinfo.tex
# We try to discover this via configure just to give a better help message.
@echo "WARNING: You must install texinfo.tex and epsf.tex manually,"
@echo "WARNING: perhaps in $(TEXMF)/tex/texinfo/"
@echo "WARNING: and $(TEXMF)/tex/generic/dvips/ respectively."
@echo "WARNING: See doc/README for some considerations."
# Do not create info files for distribution.
# Do not try to build the info files in $(srcdir),
# since we don't distribute them.
$(MAKEINFO) -I$(srcdir) `echo $< | sed 's,.*/,,'`
texinfo: $(srcdir)/texinfo.txi
$(MAKEINFO) -I$(srcdir) texinfo.txi
# Similarly, Do not try to install the info files from $(srcdir).
install-info-am: $(INFO_DEPS)
$(mkinstalldirs) $(infodir)
@for file in $(INFO_DEPS); do \
d=.; \
for ifile in `cd $$d && echo $$file $$file-[0-9] $$file-[0-9][0-9]`; do \
if test -f $$d/$$ifile; then \
echo " $(INSTALL_DATA) $$d/$$ifile $(infodir)/$$ifile"; \
$(INSTALL_DATA) $$d/$$ifile $(infodir)/$$ifile; \
else : ; fi; \
done; \
@if $(SHELL) -c '$(INSTALL_INFO) --version | sed 1q | fgrep -s -v -i debian' >/dev/null 2>&1; then \
for file in $(INFO_DEPS); do \
echo " $(INSTALL_INFO) --info-dir=$(infodir) $(infodir)/$$file";\
$(INSTALL_INFO) --info-dir=$(infodir) $(infodir)/$$file || :;\
done; \
else : ; fi
# Remove the info files at make distclean.
rm -f texinfo texinfo-* info*.info*