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/* Automatically generated by po2tbl.sed from texinfo.pot. */
# include <config.h>
#include "libgettext.h"
const struct _msg_ent _msg_tbl[] = {
{"", 1},
{"Move down to the next line", 2},
{"Move up to the previous line", 3},
{"Move to the end of the line", 4},
{"Move to the start of the line", 5},
{"Move forward a character", 6},
{"Move backward a character", 7},
{"Move forward a word", 8},
{"Move backward a word", 9},
{"Move forwards or down through node structure", 10},
{"Move backwards or up through node structure", 11},
{"Scroll forward in this window", 12},
{"Scroll backward in this window", 13},
{"Move to the start of this node", 14},
{"Move to the end of this node", 15},
{"Select the next window", 16},
{"Select the previous window", 17},
{"Split the current window", 18},
{"Delete the current window", 19},
{"Delete all other windows", 20},
{"Scroll the other window", 21},
{"Grow (or shrink) this window", 22},
{"Divide the available screen space among the visible windows", 23},
{"Toggle the state of line wrapping in the current window", 24},
{"Select the `Next' node", 25},
{"Select the `Prev' node", 26},
{"Select the `Up' node", 27},
{"Select the last node in this file", 28},
{"Select the first node in this file", 29},
{"Select the most recently selected node", 30},
{"Select the last item in this node's menu", 31},
{"Select this menu item", 32},
{"Read a menu item and select its node", 33},
{"Read a footnote or cross reference and select its node", 34},
{"Move to the start of this node's menu", 35},
{"Visit as many menu items at once as possible", 36},
{"Read a node name and select it", 37},
{"Read a manpage reference and select it", 38},
{"Select the node `Top' in this file", 39},
{"Select the node `(dir)'", 40},
{"Kill this node", 41},
{"Read the name of a file and select it", 42},
{"Pipe the contents of this node through INFO_PRINT_COMMAND", 43},
{"Read a string and search for it", 44},
{"Search interactively for a string as you type it", 45},
{"Move to the previous cross reference", 46},
{"Move to the next cross reference", 47},
{"Select reference or menu item appearing on this line", 48},
{"Cancel current operation", 49},
{"Move to the cursor to a specific line of the window", 50},
{"Redraw the display", 51},
{"Quit using Info", 52},
{"Add this digit to the current numeric argument", 53},
{"universal-argument", 54},
{"Start (or multiply by 4) the current numeric argument", 55},
{"Internally used by \\[universal-argument]", 56},
{"Move to the start of this line", 57},
{"Move to the end of this line", 58},
{"Delete the character under the cursor", 59},
{"Delete the character behind the cursor", 60},
{"Cancel or quit operation", 61},
{"Accept (or force completion of) this line", 62},
{"Insert next character verbatim", 63},
{"Insert this character", 64},
{"Insert a TAB character", 65},
{"Transpose characters at point", 66},
{"Yank back the contents of the last kill", 67},
{"Yank back a previous kill", 68},
{"Kill to the end of the line", 69},
{"Kill to the beginning of the line", 70},
{"Kill the word following the cursor", 71},
{"Kill the word preceding the cursor", 72},
{"List possible completions", 73},
{"Insert completion", 74},
{"Scroll the completions window", 75},
{"Display help message", 76},
{"Visit Info node `(info)Help'", 77},
{"Print documentation for KEY", 78},
{"Show what to type to execute a given command", 79},
{"Read the name of an Info command and describe it", 80},
{"Read a command name in the echo area and execute it", 81},
{"Set the height of the displayed window", 82},
{"Look up a string in the index for this file", 83},
Go to the next matching index item from the last `\\[index-search]' command", 84},
{"Grovel all known info file's indices for a string and build a menu", 85},
{"Make a window containing a menu of all of the currently visited nodes", 86},
{"Select a node which has been previously visited in a visible window", 87},
{"Show the footnotes associated with this node in another window", 88},
{"Explain the use of a variable", 89},
{"Set the value of an Info variable", 90},
{"Kill ring is empty", 91},
{"Not complete", 92},
{"No completions", 93},
{"Sole completion", 94},
{"There %s %d ", 95},
{"is", 96},
{"are", 97},
{"completion%s:\n", 98},
{"Building completions...", 99},
{"Footnotes could not be displayed", 100},
{"Finding index entries...", 101},
{"No indices found.", 102},
{"Index entry: ", 103},
{"No previous index search string.", 104},
{"No index entries.", 105},
{"No %sindex entries containing \"%s\".", 106},
{"more ", 107},
{"CAN'T SEE THIS", 108},
{"Found \"%s\" in %s. (`\\[next-index-match]' tries to find next.)", 109},
{"Scanning indices of \"%s\"...", 110},
{"Index apropos: ", 111},
* Menu: Nodes whoses indices contain \"%s\":\n", 112},
{"no entries found\n", 113},
{"There is no menu in this node.", 114},
{"There is no menu item \"%s\" in this node.", 115},
{"Unable to find the node referenced by \"%s\".", 116},
Usage: info [-d dir-path] [-f info-file] [-o output-file] [-n node-name]...", 117},
[--directory dir-path] [--file info-file] [--node node-name]...", 118},
{" [--help] [--output output-file] [--subnodes] [--version]", 119},
{" [--dribble dribble-file] [--restore from-file]", 120},
{" [menu-selection ...]", 121},
Here is a quick description of Info's options. For a more complete\n\
description of how to use Info, type `info info options'.\n\
--directory DIR Add DIR to INFOPATH.\n\
--dribble FILENAME Remember user keystrokes in FILENAME.\n\
--file FILENAME Specify Info file to visit.\n\
--node NODENAME Specify nodes in first visited Info file.\n\
--output FILENAME Output selected nodes to FILENAME.\n\
--restore FILENAME Read initial keystrokes from FILENAME.\n\
--subnodes Recursively output menu items.\n\
--help Get this help message.\n\
--version Display Info's version information.\n\
Remaining arguments to Info are treated as the names of menu\n\
items in the initial node visited. You can easily move to the\n\
node of your choice by specifying the menu names which describe\n\
the path to that node. For example, `info emacs buffers'.\n\
Email bug reports to", 122},
{"Basic Commands in Info Windows", 123},
The following commands can only be invoked via M-x:\n\
\n", 124},
{"--- Use `\\[history-node]' or `\\[kill-node]' to exit ---\n", 125},
{"Describe key: %s", 126},
{"ESC %s is undefined.", 127},
{"%s is undefined.", 128},
{"%s is defined to %s.", 129},
{"Where is command: ", 130},
{"`%s' is not on any keys", 131},
{"%s can only be invoked via %s.", 132},
{"%s can be invoked via %s.", 133},
{"There is no function named `%s'", 134},
{"Describe command: ", 135},
{"Cannot execute an `echo-area' command here.", 136},
{"Set screen height to (%d): ", 137},
Source files groveled to make this file include:\n\
\n", 138},
{"Couldn't manipulate the file %s.\n", 139},
* Menu:\n\
(File)Node Lines Size Containing File\n\
---------- ----- ---- ---------------", 140},
Here is the menu of nodes you have recently visited.\n\
Select one from this menu, or use `\\[history-node]' in another window.\n", 141},
{"Select visited node: ", 142},
{"The reference disappeared! (%s).", 143},
Welcome to Info version %s. \"\\[get-help-window]\" for help, \
\"\\[menu-item]\" for menu item.", 144},
{" times", 145},
{"%d times", 146},
{"No \"Next\" pointer for this node.", 147},
{"Following \"Next\" node...", 148},
{"Next", 149},
{"Selecting first menu item...", 150},
{"Selecting \"Next\" node...", 151},
{"Up", 152},
{"No more nodes.", 153},
{"No \"Prev\" for this node.", 154},
{"Moving \"Prev\" in this window.", 155},
{"Prev", 156},
{"No \"Prev\" or \"Up\" for this node.", 157},
{"Moving \"Up\" in this window.", 158},
{"Moving to \"Prev\"'s last menu item.", 159},
{"Cannot delete a permanent window", 160},
{"This window has no additional nodes", 161},
{"There aren't %d items in this menu.", 162},
{"Menu item (%s): ", 163},
{"Menu item: ", 164},
{"Follow xref (%s): ", 165},
{"Follow xref: ", 166},
{"Goto Node: ", 167},
{"Get Manpage: ", 168},
{"Top", 169},
{"Kill node (%s): ", 170},
{"Cannot kill node `%s'", 171},
{"Cannot kill the last node", 172},
{"Find file: ", 173},
{"Cannot find \"%s\".", 174},
{"Could not create output file \"%s\".", 175},
{"Done.", 176},
{"Writing node \"(%s)%s\"...", 177},
{"Writing node \"%s\"...", 178},
{"Cannot open pipe to \"%s\".", 179},
{"Printing node \"(%s)%s\"...", 180},
{"Printing node \"%s\"...", 181},
{"Searching subfile \"%s\"...", 182},
{"%s for string [%s]: ", 183},
{"Search backward", 184},
{"Search", 185},
{"Search failed.", 186},
{"I-search backward: ", 187},
{"I-search: ", 188},
{"Failing ", 189},
{"No cross references in this node.", 190},
{"Quit", 191},
{"Unknown command (%s).", 192},
{"\"\" is invalid", 193},
{"\"%s\" is invalid", 194},
{"When \"On\", footnotes appear and disappear automatically", 195},
{"When \"On\", creating or deleting a window resizes other windows", 196},
{"When \"On\", flash the screen instead of ringing the bell", 197},
{"When \"On\", errors cause the bell to ring", 198},
{"When \"On\", Info garbage collects files which had to be uncompressed", 199},
{"When \"On\", the portion of the matched search string is highlighted", 200},
{"Controls what happens when scrolling is requested at the end of a node", 201},
{"The number lines to scroll when the cursor moves out of the window", 202},
{"When \"On\", Info accepts and displays ISO Latin characters", 203},
{"Describe variable: ", 204},
{"Set variable: ", 205},
{"Set %s to value (%d): ", 206},
{"Set %s to value (%s): ", 207},
{"--*** Tags out of Date ***", 208},
{"-----Info: (), lines ----, ", 209},
{"-%s---Info: %s, %d lines --%s--", 210},
{"-%s%s-Info: (%s)%s, %d lines --%s--", 211},
{" Subfile: %s", 212},
{"%s:%d: warning: ", 213},
{"Too many errors! Gave up.\n", 214},
{"%s: %s arg must be numeric, not `%s'.\n", 215},
{"Couldn't open macro expansion output `%s'", 216},
{"Cannot specify more than one macro expansion output", 217},
{"%s: --paragraph-indent arg must be numeric/`none'/`asis', not `%s'.\n", 218},
{"%s: --footnote-style arg must be `separate' or `end', not `%s'.\n", 219},
Copyright (C) 1996 Free Software Foundation, Inc.\n\
There is NO warranty. You may redistribute this software\n\
under the terms of the GNU General Public License.\n\
For more information about these matters, see the files named COPYING.", 220},
{"%s: missing file argument.\n", 221},
{"makeinfo (GNU %s %s) %d.%d\n", 222},
{"Try `%s --help' for more information.\n", 223},
Usage: %s [OPTION]... TEXINFO-FILE...\n\
Translate Texinfo source documentation to a format suitable for reading\n\
with GNU Info.\n\
-D VAR define a variable, as with @set.\n\
-E MACRO-OFILE process macros only, output texinfo source.\n\
-I DIR append DIR to the @include directory search path.\n\
-P DIR prepend DIR to the @include directory search path.\n\
-U VAR undefine a variable, as with @clear.\n\
--error-limit NUM quit after NUM errors (default %d).\n\
--fill-column NUM break lines at NUM characters (default %d).\n\
--footnote-style STYLE output footnotes according to STYLE:\n\
`separate' to place footnotes in their own node,\n\
`end' to place the footnotes at the end of\n\
the node in which they are defined (the default).\n\
--force preserve output even if errors.\n\
--help display this help and exit.\n\
--no-validate suppress node cross-reference validation.\n\
--no-warn suppress warnings (but not errors).\n\
--no-split suppress splitting of large files.\n\
--no-headers suppress node separators and Node: Foo headers.\n\
--output FILE, -o FILE output to FILE, and ignore any @setfilename.\n\
--paragraph-indent VAL indent paragraphs with VAL spaces (default %d).\n\
if VAL is `none', do not indent; if VAL is `asis',\n\
preserve any existing indentation.\n\
--reference-limit NUM complain about at most NUM references (default %d).\n\
--verbose report about what is being done.\n\
--version display version information and exit.\n\
Email bug reports to\n", 224},
{"%s: getwd: %s, %s\n", 225},
{"Expected `%s'", 226},
{"No `%s' found in `%s'", 227},
{"%s: Skipping macro expansion to stdout as Info output is going there.\n", 228},
{"Making %s file `%s' from `%s'.\n", 229},
{"This is Info file %s, produced by Makeinfo version %d.%d", 230},
{" from the input file %s.\n", 231},
%s: Removing macro output file `%s' due to errors; use --force to preserve.\n", 232},
{"%s: Removing output file `%s' due to errors; use --force to preserve.\n", 233},
{"Misplaced %c", 234},
{"Unknown command `%s'", 235},
{"NO_NAME!", 236},
{"%c%s expected `{...}'", 237},
{"Unmatched }", 238},
{"%c%s missing close brace", 239},
{"Broken-Type in insertion_type_pname", 240},
{"Enumeration stack overflow", 241},
{"lettering overflow, restarting at %c", 242},
{"* Menu:\n", 243},
{"%s requires an argument: the formatter for %citem", 244},
{"`%cend' expected `%s', but saw `%s'", 245},
{"No matching `%cend %s'", 246},
{"How did @%s end up in cm_special_char?\n", 247},
{"%c%s expects `i' or `j' as argument, not `%c'", 248},
{"%c%s expects a single character `i' or `j' as argument", 249},
{"January", 250},
{"February", 251},
{"March", 252},
{"April", 253},
{"May", 254},
{"June", 255},
{"July", 256},
{"August", 257},
{"September", 258},
{"October", 259},
{"November", 260},
{"December", 261},
{"%d %s %d", 262},
{"%c%s expects a single character as an argument", 263},
{"%c%s is obsolete", 264},
{"There already is a node having %ctop as a section", 265},
{"Here is the %ctop node", 266},
{"%ctop used before %cnode, defaulting to %s", 267},
{"%c%s is obsolete; use %c%s instead", 268},
{"Node `%s' multiply defined (line %d is first definition at)", 269},
{"Formatting node %s...\n", 270},
{"Node `%s' requires a sectioning command (e.g. %c%s)", 271},
{"Node `%s''s Next field not pointed back to", 272},
{"This node (`%s') is the one with the bad `Prev'", 273},
{"Node `%s's Prev field not pointed back to", 274},
{"This node (`%s') has the bad Next", 275},
{"Node `%s' missing Up field", 276},
{"`%s' has an Up field of `%s', but `%s' has no menu item for `%s'", 277},
{"node `%s' has been referenced %d times", 278},
{"unreferenced node `%s'", 279},
{"%s reference to nonexistent node `%s'", 280},
{"%cmenu seen before first node", 281},
{"creating `Top' node", 282},
{"`.' or `,' must follow cross reference, not %c", 283},
{"@image file `%s' unreadable: %s", 284},
{"@image missing filename argument", 285},
{"%s requires letter or digit", 286},
{"Unmatched `%c%s'", 287},
{"`%c%s' needs something after it", 288},
{"Bad argument to `%s', `%s', using `%s'", 289},
{"{No Value For \"%s\"}", 290},
{"%c%s requires a name", 291},
{"Reached eof before matching @end %s", 292},
{"The `%c%s' command is meaningless within a `@%s' block", 293},
{"%citemx is not meaningful inside of a `%s' block", 294},
{"%c%s found outside of an insertion block", 295},
{"Missing `}' in %cdef arg", 296},
{"Function", 297},
{"Macro", 298},
{"Special Form", 299},
{"Variable", 300},
{"User Option", 301},
{"Instance Variable", 302},
{"Method", 303},
{"Must be in a `%s' insertion in order to use `%s'x", 304},
{"%csp requires a positive numeric argument", 305},
{"asis", 306},
{"none", 307},
{"Bad argument to %c%s", 308},
{"Unknown index `%s'", 309},
{"Index `%s' already exists", 310},
{"Unknown index `%s' and/or `%s' in @synindex", 311},
{"Unknown index `%s' in @printindex", 312},
* Menu:\n\
\n", 313},
{"`%c%s' needs an argument `{...}', not just `%s'", 314},
{"No closing brace for footnote `%s'", 315},
{"Footnote defined without parent node", 316},
{"-Footnotes", 317},
---------- Footnotes ----------\n\
\n", 318},
{"macro `%s' previously defined", 319},
{"here is the previous definition of `%s'", 320},
{"Macro `%s' called with too many args", 321},
{"%cend macro not found", 322},
{"%cquote-arg only useful when the macro takes a single argument", 323},
{"ignoring stray text `%s' after @multitable", 324},
{"Too many columns in multitable item (max %d)", 325},
{"multitable item not in active multitable", 326},
{"Cannot select column #%d in multitable", 327},
{"ignoring @tab outside of multitable", 328},
{"** Multicolumn output from last row:\n", 329},
{"* column #%d: output = %s\n", 330},
{"virtual memory exhausted", 331},
{"%s: warning: ", 332},
{" for %s", 333},
{"\tTry `%s --help' for a complete list of options.\n", 334},
Install INFO-FILE in the Info directory file DIR-FILE.\n\
--delete Delete existing entries in INFO-FILE;\n\
don't insert any new entries.\n\
--dir-file=NAME Specify file name of Info directory file.\n\
This is equivalent to using the DIR-FILE argument.\n\
--entry=TEXT Insert TEXT as an Info directory entry.\n\
TEXT should have the form of an Info menu item line\n\
plus zero or more extra lines starting with whitespace.\n\
If you specify more than one entry, they are all added.\n\
If you don't specify any entries, they are determined\n\
from information in the Info file itself.\n\
--help Display this help and exit.\n\
--info-file=FILE Specify Info file to install in the directory.\n\
This is equivalent to using the INFO-FILE argument.\n\
--info-dir=DIR Same as --dir-file=DIR/dir.\n\
--item=TEXT Same as --entry TEXT.\n\
An Info directory entry is actually a menu item.\n\
--quiet Suppress warnings.\n\
--remove Same as --delete.\n\
--section=SEC Put this file's entries in section SEC of the directory.\n\
If you specify more than one section, all the entries\n\
are added in each of the sections.\n\
If you don't specify any sections, they are determined\n\
from information in the Info file itself.\n\
--version Display version information and exit.\n\
Email bug reports to\n", 335},
This is the file .../info/dir, which contains the\n\
topmost node of the Info hierarchy, called (dir)Top.\n\
The first time you invoke Info you start off looking at this node.\n\
File: dir Node: Top This is the top of the INFO tree\n\
This (the Directory node) gives a menu of major topics.\n\
Typing \"q\" exits, \"?\" lists all Info commands, \"d\" returns here,\n\
\"h\" gives a primer for first-timers,\n\
\"mEmacs<Return>\" visits the Emacs manual, etc.\n\
In Emacs, you can click mouse button 2 on a menu item or cross reference\n\
to select it.\n\
* Menu:\n", 336},
{"%s: could not read (%s) and could not create (%s)\n", 337},
{"%s: Specify the Info directory only once.\n", 338},
{"%s: Specify the Info file only once.\n", 339},
{"install-info (GNU %s) %s\n", 340},
{"excess command line argument `%s'", 341},
{"No input file specified; try --help for more information.", 342},
{"No dir file specified; try --help for more information.", 343},
{"START-INFO-DIR-ENTRY without matching END-INFO-DIR-ENTRY", 344},
{"END-INFO-DIR-ENTRY without matching START-INFO-DIR-ENTRY", 345},
{"no info dir entry in `%s'", 346},
{"menu item `%s' already exists, for file `%s'", 347},
{"no entries found for `%s'; nothing deleted", 348},
{"keep temporary files around after processing", 349},
{"do not keep temporary files around after processing (default)", 350},
{"send output to FILE", 351},
{"display version information and exit", 352},
{"display this help and exit", 353},
{"Usage: %s [OPTION]... FILE...\n", 354},
{"Generate a sorted index for each TeX output FILE.\n", 355},
{"Usually FILE... is `foo.??' for a document `foo.texi'.\n", 356},
Options:\n", 357},
Email bug reports to", 358},
{"texindex (GNU %s %s) 2.1\n", 359},
{"%s: not a texinfo index file", 360},
{"failure reopening %s", 361},
{"entry %s follows an entry with a secondary name", 362},
{"%s; for file `%s'.\n", 363},
{"Virtual memory exhausted in %s ()! Needed %d bytes.", 364},
int _msg_tbl_length = 364;