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const char __LIBF77_VERSION__[] = "@(#) LIBF77 VERSION 20000929\n";
extern const char __LIBI77_VERSION__[];
extern const char __LIBU77_VERSION__[];
2.00 11 June 1980. File version.c added to library.
2.01 31 May 1988. s_paus() flushes stderr; names of hl_* fixed
[ d]erf[c ] added
8 Aug. 1989: #ifdefs for f2c -i2 added to s_cat.c
29 Nov. 1989: s_cmp returns long (for f2c)
30 Nov. 1989: arg types from f2c.h
12 Dec. 1989: s_rnge allows long names
19 Dec. 1989: getenv_ allows unsorted environment
28 Mar. 1990: add exit(0) to end of main()
2 Oct. 1990: test signal(...) == SIG_IGN rather than & 01 in main
17 Oct. 1990: abort() calls changed to sig_die(...,1)
22 Oct. 1990: separate sig_die from main
25 Apr. 1991: minor, theoretically invisible tweaks to s_cat, sig_die
31 May 1991: make system_ return status
18 Dec. 1991: change long to ftnlen (for -i2) many places
28 Feb. 1992: repair z_sqrt.c (scribbled on input, gave wrong answer)
18 July 1992: for n < 0, repair handling of 0**n in pow_[dr]i.c
and m**n in pow_hh.c and pow_ii.c;
catch SIGTRAP in main() for error msg before abort
23 July 1992: switch to ANSI prototypes unless KR_headers is #defined
23 Oct. 1992: fix botch in signal_.c (erroneous deref of 2nd arg);
change Cabs to f__cabs.
12 March 1993: various tweaks for C++
2 June 1994: adjust so abnormal terminations invoke f_exit just once
16 Sept. 1994: s_cmp: treat characters as unsigned in comparisons.
19 Sept. 1994: s_paus: flush after end of PAUSE; add -DMSDOS
12 Jan. 1995: pow_[dhiqrz][hiq]: adjust x**i to work on machines
that sign-extend right shifts when i is the most
negative integer.
26 Jan. 1995: adjust s_cat.c, s_copy.c to permit the left-hand side
of character assignments to appear on the right-hand
side (unless compiled with -DNO_OVERWRITE).
27 Jan. 1995: minor tweak to s_copy.c: copy forward whenever
possible (for better cache behavior).
30 May 1995: added subroutine exit(rc) integer rc. Version not changed.
29 Aug. 1995: add F77_aloc.c; use it in s_cat.c and system_.c.
6 Sept. 1995: fix return type of system_ under -DKR_headers.
19 Dec. 1995: s_cat.c: fix bug when 2nd or later arg overlaps lhs.
19 Mar. 1996: s_cat.c: supply missing break after overlap detection.
13 May 1996: add [lq]bitbits.c and [lq]bitshft.c (f90 bit intrinsics).
19 June 1996: add casts to unsigned in [lq]bitshft.c.
26 Feb. 1997: adjust functions with a complex output argument
to permit aliasing it with input arguments.
(For now, at least, this is just for possible
benefit of g77.)
4 April 1997: [cz]_div.c: tweaks invisible on most systems (that may
affect systems using gratuitous extra precision).
19 Sept. 1997: [de]time_.c (Unix systems only): change return
type to double.
2 May 1999: getenv_.c: omit environ in favor of getenv().
c_cos.c, c_exp.c, c_sin.c, d_cnjg.c, r_cnjg.c,
z_cos.c, z_exp.c, z_log.c, z_sin.c: cope fully with
overlapping arguments caused by equivalence.
3 May 1999: "invisible" tweaks to omit compiler warnings in
abort_.c, ef1asc_.c, s_rnge.c, s_stop.c.
7 Sept. 1999: [cz]_div.c: arrange for compilation under
-DIEEE_COMPLEX_DIVIDE to make these routines
avoid calling sig_die when the denominator
vanishes; instead, they return pairs of NaNs
or Infinities, depending whether the numerator
also vanishes or not. VERSION not changed.
15 Nov. 1999: s_rnge.c: add casts for the case of
sizeof(ftnint) == sizeof(int) < sizeof(long).
10 March 2000: z_log.c: improve accuracy of Real(log(z)) for, e.g.,
z near (+-1,eps) with |eps| small. For the old
evaluation, compile with -DPre20000310 .
20 April 2000: s_cat.c: tweak argument types to accord with
calls by f2c when ftnint and ftnlen are of
different sizes (different numbers of bits).
4 July 2000: adjustments to permit compilation by C++ compilers;
VERSION string remains unchanged. NOT APPLIED FOR G77.
29 Sept. 2000: dtime_.c, etime_.c: use floating-point divide.
dtime_.d, erf_.c, erfc_.c, etime.c: for use with
"f2c -R", compile with -DREAL=float.
#include <stdio.h>
g77__fvers__ ()
fputs ("GNU Fortran library.\n", stderr);
#if defined __GNUC__ && defined __VERSION__
fprintf (stderr, "Compiled by GCC %s\n", __VERSION__);
fputs (__LIBF77_VERSION__, stderr);
fputs (__LIBI77_VERSION__, stderr);
fputs (__LIBU77_VERSION__, stderr);