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All files under this contrib directory are UNSUPPORTED. There were
provided by users of zlib and were not tested by the authors of zlib.
Use at your own risk. Please contact the authors of the contributions
for help about these, not the zlib authors. Thanks.
asm386/ by Gilles Vollant <>
386 asm code replacing longest_match(), for Visual C++ 4.2 and ML 6.11c
asm586/ and asm686/ by Brian Raiter <>
asm code for Pentium and Pentium Pro
delphi/ by Bob Dellaca <>
Support for Delphi
delphi2/ by Davide Moretti <>
Another support for C++Builder and Delphi
minizip/ by Gilles Vollant <>
Mini zip and unzip based on zlib
iostream/ by Kevin Ruland <>
A C++ I/O streams interface to the zlib gz* functions
iostream2/ by Tyge LΓΈvset <>
Another C++ I/O streams interface
untgz/ by "Pedro A. Aranda Guti\irrez" <>
A very simple tar.gz file extractor using zlib
visual-basic.txt by Carlos Rios <>
How to use compress(), uncompress() and the gz* functions from VB.