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# When TFmode was first added to x86-64 in gcc 4.3.0, some TFmode
# support functions got improper versions by accident. Here we
# correct the version and provide backward binary compatibility.
# Filter out the following TFmode functions.
tf-compats = getf2.c letf2.c eqtf2.c
tf-functions := $(addprefix $(gcc_srcdir)/config/soft-fp/, $(tf-compats))
LIB2ADD := $(filter-out $(tf-functions), $(LIB2ADD))
LIB2ADD += $(addprefix $(srcdir)/config/i386/64/, $(tf-compats))
# Replace _divtc3, _multc3 and _powitf2.
libgcc2-tf-functions = _divtc3 _multc3 _powitf2
LIB2FUNCS_EXCLUDE += $(libgcc2-tf-functions)
libgcc2-tf-compats = $(addsuffix .c, $(libgcc2-tf-functions))
LIB2ADD += $(addprefix $(srcdir)/config/i386/64/, $(libgcc2-tf-compats))