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miniunzip - uncompress and examine ZIP archives
.B miniunzip
.RI [ -exvlo ]
zipfile [ files_to_extract ] [-d tempdir]
.B minizip
is a simple tool which allows the extraction of compressed file
archives in the ZIP format used by the MS-DOS utility PKZIP. It was
written as a demonstration of the
.IR zlib (3)
library and therefore lack many of the features of the
.IR unzip (1)
A number of options are supported. With the exception of
.BI \-d\ tempdir
these must be supplied before any
other arguments and are:
.BI \-l\ ,\ \-\-v
List the files in the archive without extracting them.
.B \-o
Overwrite files without prompting for confirmation.
.B \-x
Extract files (default).
.I zipfile
argument is the name of the archive to process. The next argument can be used
to specify a single file to extract from the archive.
Lastly, the following option can be specified at the end of the command-line:
.BI \-d\ tempdir
Extract the archive in the directory
.I tempdir
rather than the current directory.
.BR minizip (1),
.BR zlib (3),
.BR unzip (1).
This program was written by Gilles Vollant. This manual page was
written by Mark Brown <>. The -d tempdir option
was added by Dirk Eddelbuettel <>.