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2006-12-23 Kazu Hirata <>
* configure.tgt: Recognize fido.
2006-12-18 Pedro Alves <>
* pe-dll.c (pe_bfd_is_dll): New function.
* pe-dll.h (pe_bfd_is_dll): Declare.
* emultempl/pe.em (gld_${EMULATION_NAME}_recognized_file): Recognize
dlls using pe_bfd_is_dll instead of using the filename extension.
2006-12-15 Ulrich Weigand <>
* configure.tgt (NATIVE_LIB_DIRS): Specify for spu-*-elf*.
2006-12-12 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* (ld_TEXINFOS): Set.
( ld.dvi ld.html): Delete rule.
* Regenerated.
2006-12-12 Ina Pandit <>
* ldlang.c (print_output_section_statement): Print load address
when lma differs from vma.
2006-12-11 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* doc/ ( Remove srcdir prefix.
(DISTCLEANFILES): Pretend to add info file.
* po/Make-in ( Put gmo files in objdir.
* configure, Regenerated.
2006-12-04 Jan Beulich <>
* emultempl/elf32.em (gld${EMULATION_NAME}_after_open): Create
.eh_frame_hdr section here.
2006-11-27 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (EXTRA_DIST): Put spu_ovl.o in the emultempl
* Regenerate.
2006-11-27 Bob Wilson <>
* emultempl/xtensaelf.em (XSHAL_ABI): Add default definition.
(replace_insn_sec_with_prop_sec): Use bfd_make_section_with_flags.
Delete redundant code to set sections flags and alignment.
(xt_config_info_unpack_and_check, check_xtensa_info): New.
(elf_xtensa_after_open): Iterate over input statements instead of
(elf_xtensa_before_allocation): Likewise. Call check_xtensa_info for
each input, and write a new section in the output.
2006-11-22 Nick Clifton <>
* (LINGUAS): Add ga.
* po/ga.po: New Irish translation.
2006-11-20 H.J. Lu <>
* ld.texinfo: Fix a typo.
2006-11-20 Alan Modra <>
* emulparams/ (OTHER_SECTIONS): Define.
2006-11-13 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* emultempl/armelf.em (arm_elf_before_allocation): Only call
bfd_elf32_arm_process_before_allocation if no dynamic sections.
2006-11-08 Alan Modra <>
* emultempl/elf32.em (gld*_before_allocation): Adjust output section
size for warning sections.
2006-11-06 Vladimir Prus <>
* emultempl/elf32.em (gld*_before_allocation): Don't prepend
"warning" to the message.
2006-10-31 Pedro Alves <>
* pe-dll.c (autofilter_entry_type): Change name to const.
(pe_details_type) : Change target_name, object_target and
autofilter_symbollist to const.
(autofilter_symbollist_generic): Change to const.
(autofilter_symbollist_i386, pe_detail_list, pe_details,
autofilter_liblist, autofilter_objlist autofilter_symbolprefixlist,
autofilter_symbolsuffixlist): Likewise.
(is_import): Fix indentation.
(auto_export): Change afptr to const. Move name declaration to
beginning of scope.
(make_tail): Clear undefined byte.
(jmp_ix86_bytes, jmp_sh_bytes, jmp_mips_bytes, jmp_arm_bytes): Change
to const.
(make_one): Change jmp_bytes to const. Make idata$6 member size
arithmetic explicit and add comment.
2006-10-30 H.J. Lu <>
PR ld/3111
* ld.h (args_type): Remove reduce_memory_overheads.
* ldlang.c (lang_map): Updated.
(section_already_linked): Likewise.
(print_input_section): Likewise.
* ldmain.c (main): Likewise.
* lexsup.c (parse_args): Likewise.
2006-10-29 Pedro Alves <>
* pe-dll.c (make_singleton_name_thunk): Re-add the NULL terminator.
2006-10-27 Alan Modra <>
* ldlang.c (lang_map): Don't say SEC_LINKER_CREATED and SEC_KEEP
sections have been discarded.
(lang_do_version_exports_section): Set SEC_KEEP on export section.
* emultempl/elf32.em (before_allocation): Set SEC_KEEP on warning
2006-10-26 Joseph S. Myers <>
Mark Mitchell <>
* configure.tgt (arm*linux*): Support both big- and little-endian.
2006-10-25 H.J. Lu <>
* emulparams/ (LARGE_SECTIONS): Renamed to ...
* scripttempl/ (OTHER_BSS_SECTIONS): Support LARGE_SECTIONS.
(LARGE_SECTIONS): Move .lbss sections to OTHER_BSS_SECTIONS.
2006-10-25 Alan Modra <>
Trevor Smigiel <>
Yukishige Shibata <>
Nobuhisa Fujinami <>
Takeaki Fukuoka <>
* emulparams/ New file.
* emultempl/spu_inc.s: New file.
* emultempl/spu_ovl.S: New file.
* emultempl/spu_ovl.o: New file.
* emultempl/spuelf.em: New file.
* Add SPU support.
* configure.tgt: Likewise.
* ldlang.c (load_symbols): Make global.
* ldlang.h (load_symbols): Declare.
* scripttempl/ (OTHER_BSS_SECTIONS): Add.
* Regenerate.
2006-10-24 Ben Elliston <>
* lexsup.c (parse_args): Add a comment noting a fall-through.
2006-10-24 H.J. Lu <>
* (AC_CHECK_HEADERS): Add limits.h and sys/param.h.
* configure: Regenerated.
* Likewise.
2006-10-23 Alan Modra <>
set section address on a relocatable link.
* ld.texinfo (Output Section Discarding): Fix xref.
2006-10-21 Kaz Kojima <>
* emulparams/ Set default stack to 0x80000.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
2006-10-20 Richard Sandiford <>
* emulparams/ (OTHER_GOT_RELOC_SECTIONS): Define.
* emulparams/ (OTHER_GOT_RELOC_SECTIONS): Likewise.
2006-10-19 Alan Modra <>
* emultempl/armelf.em (arm_elf_before_allocation): Run
gld${EMULATION_NAME}_before_allocation later.
* ldlang.c (lang_size_sections_1): Revert 2006-09-15 change.
2006-10-18 Roy Marples <>
* emulparams/ (OUTPUT_FORMAT): Define as
2006-10-18 Joseph Myers <>
* configure.tgt (i[3-7]86-*-linux-*): Also define
targ_extra_libpath in want64 case.
* emulparams/ Handle i[3-7]86-*-linux-* the same as
2006-10-17 Alan Modra <>
* scripttempl/ (INTERP): Delete. Move definition to..
* emulparams/ (INITIAL_READONLY_SECTIONS): Include .interp.
* emulparams/ (INITIAL_READONLY_SECTIONS): Ditto.
* emulparams/ (INITIAL_READONLY_SECTIONS): Ditto.
2006-10-17 Alan Modra <>
* ldlang.c (strip_excluded_output_sections): Do strip sections
that define syms, but don't ignore them.
* ld.texinfo (Output Section Discarding): Revise.
* emultempl/armcoff.em (gld${EMULATION_NAME}_finish): Always call
2006-10-16 Richard Sandiford <>
* (eelf64bmip.c): Depend on emulparams/
(eelf64btsmip.c, eelf64ltsmip.c): Likewise.
* Regenerate.
* emulparams/ (INITIAL_READONLY_SECTIONS): Include
.reginfo rather than .MIPS.options.
* emulparams/ New file.
* emulparams/ Include it.
* emulparams/ As for
2006-10-12 Bob Wilson <>
* emultempl/xtensaelf.em (is_inconsistent_linkonce_section): Check
for linkonce XCC exception tables (".e" and ".h").
2006-10-11 Bob Wilson <>
* emulparams/ (TEXT_PLT): Enable.
(OTHER_READONLY_SECTIONS): Add linkonce .xt_except_table sections.
(OTHER_READWRITE_SECTIONS): Add linkonce .xt_except_desc sections.
* scripttempl/ Import changes from
2006-10-11 Jakub Jelinek <>
* ldlang.c (lang_append_dynamic_list): When appending, add all elements
of the dynamic list rather than just the first entry.
2006-10-10 Bob Wilson <>
* emulparams/ (GENERATE_PIE_SCRIPT): Enable.
2006-10-06 Mike Frysinger <>
* Respect LIBPATH_SUFFIX when not using sysroot.
2006-10-04 Bob Wilson <>
* emulparams/ Delete file.
* emulparams/ Set MAXPAGESIZE here instead of including
* (eelf32xtensa.c): Remove dependency on
* Regenerate.
2006-10-03 Pedro Alves <>
* pe-dll.c : Fix typo.
(autofilter_symbolprefixlist) : Remove __imp_.
(is_import) : New.
(auto-export) : Remove re-import check. Moved to callers.
(process_def_file) : Check is symbol is an import. Always
underscore __imp_.
Only skip underscore on underscored targets.
(make_one) : Always underscore __imp_.
(pe_create_runtime_relocator_reference) : Only underscore
_pei386_runtime_relocator on underscored targets.
(pe_process_import_defs) : Always underscore __imp_.
* pe.em (U) : New macro.
(set_pe_subsystem) : Remove underscore from _WinMainCRTStartup
on wince subsystem case.
(pe_find_data_imports) : Use U on "_head_".
(gld_${EMULATION_NAME}_unrecognized_file) : Use U.
2006-09-26 H.J. Lu <>
PR ld/3223
PR ld/3267
* ld.texinfo: Updated Output Section Discarding.
* ldlang.h (lang_output_section_statement_type): Add
* ldlang.c (strip_excluded_output_sections): Don't strip a
section with a symbol relative to it.
(lang_size_sections_1): Mark if an output section has a symbol
symbol relative to it.
2006-09-25 Bob Wilson <>
* ld.texinfo (Options): Update description of local symbols for -X.
2006-09-23 H.J. Lu <>
PR ld/3249
* scripttempl/ Don't combine .gnu.linkonce.d.*personality*
and .gnu.linkonce.wi.* sections with .data and .debug_info for
relocatable link.
2006-09-20 Kai Tietz <>
* Add new target x86_64-pc-mingw64.
* configure: Regenerate.
* configure.tgt: Add definition of target emulation i386pep.
* Add new target files for target-all.
* Regenerate.
* pe-dll.c: Adjust to be inheritable by pep_dll.c as include.
Fix memory out of bounds excess for idata relocation section data.
* pep-dll.c: Add target specific shared object handling.
* pep-dll.h: Add target specific definitions for shared object handling.
* emulparams/ Add new emulation params for target x86_64 coff.
* emultempl/pep.em: Add new emulation file for target x86_64 coff.
* po/ Regenerate.
* scripttempl/ Add linker script template for target x86_64 coff.
* NEWS: Mention new target.
2006-09-18 Thiemo Seufer <>
* configure.tgt: Add mips*el-sde-elf* and mips*-sde-elf*
2006-09-17 Mei Ligang <>
* emulparams/ New file.
* emultempl/scoreelf.em: New file.
* Add Score files.
* Regenerate.
* configure.tgt: Add Score target.
* NEWS: Mention new target support.
2006-09-16 Nick Clifton <>
Pedro Alves <>
* ldctor.c: Make use of new STRING_COMMA_LEN and CONST_STRNEQ
macros defined in bfd.h.
* ldmain.c: Likewise.
* ldwrite.c: Likewise.
* lexsup.c: Likewise.
* pe-dll.c: Likewise.
* emultempl/aix.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/beos.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/elf32.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/pe.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/sunos.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/xtensaelf.em: Likewise.
2006-09-15 Nick Clifton <>
PR ld/3107
* ldlang.c (lang_size_sections_1): Do not abort when encountering
a non-empty section that is ignored. Instead produce a warning
2006-09-08 H.J. Lu <>
* ld.texinfo: Document --dynamic-list-cpp-typeinfo.
2006-09-07 H.J. Lu <>
* (CXX): Set to g++.
(CXX_FOR_TARGET): Likewise.
* Regenerated.
* NEWS: Mention --dynamic-list.
* ld.texinfo: Document --dynamic-list.
* ldgram.y: Support dynamic list.
* ldlang.c (lang_process): Call lang_finalize_version_expr_head
on link_info.dynamic if needed.
(lang_append_dynamic_list): New.
(lang_append_dynamic_list_cpp_typeinfo): New.
* ldlang.h (lang_append_dynamic_list): Likewise.
* ldlang.h (lang_append_dynamic_list_cpp_typeinfo): Likewise.
* ldlex.h (input_enum): Add input_dynamic_list.
* ldlex.l: Handle it.
* ldmain.c (main): Initialize link_info.dynamic.
* lexsup.c (option_values): Add OPTION_DYNAMIC_LIST and
(ld_options): Add entries for OPTION_DYNAMIC_LIST and
(parse_args): Handle OPTION_DYNAMIC_LIST and
2006-09-07 Joel Sherrill <>
* emulparams/ _tinydata should not be placed in
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
2006-09-05 H.J. Lu <>
PR ld/3015
* emultempl/elf32.em: Enable "-z relro" only if $COMMONPAGESIZE
is defined.
2006-08-29 Nathan Sidwell <>
* ldlang.c (walk_wild): Allow * to glob '/' in wildcarded match.
2006-08-28 Alan Modra <>
* scripttempl/ Ensure that crtbegin and crtend entries will
not match random object files in a path containing "crtbegin" or
"crtend" as part of a directory name.
* scripttempl/ Likewise.
* scripttempl/ Likewise.
* scripttempl/ Likewise.
* scripttempl/ Likewise.
* scripttempl/ Likewise.
* scripttempl/ Likewise.
* scripttempl/ Likewise.
* scripttempl/ Likewise.
* scripttempl/ Likewise.
* scripttempl/ Likewise.
* scripttempl/ Likewise.
2006-08-24 Bob Wilson <>
* emulparams/ (.xt.prop): Add .xt.prop.*.
* scripttempl/ (.text): Add .literal.*.
2006-08-24 Pedro Alves <>
* ldlang.c (lang_size_sections_1, lang_assignment_statement_enum):
Adjust the current address of DEFAULT_MEMORY_REGION even
when dot hasn't changed.
2006-08-23 Alan Modra <>
* ldexp.c (fold_name <LOADADDR>): Return an absolute value
rather than a section relative value.
2006-08-22 Alan Modra <>
* NEWS: Mention LMA default change.
* ld.texinfo (Output Section LMA): Update default description.
(Location Counter): Clarify backward movement.
* ldlang.c (lang_size_sections_1): Leave non-alloc sections with
default lma equal to vma. Warn on backward movement of dot.
2006-08-22 Pedro Alves <>
* configure.tgt: Set targ_emul to arm_wince_pe for ARM
Windows CE targets.
2006-08-22 Pedro Alves <>
* Split arm-wince into its own emulation.
* Regenerate.
* pe-dll.c : Define PE_ARCH_arm_wince.
(pe_detail_list): Add PE_ARCH_arm_wince case.
(make_one): Handle PE_ARCH_arm_epoc and PE_ARCH_arm_wince cases.
* emulparams/ New file.
* emultempl/pe.em: Handle new TARGET_IS_arm_wince_pe define.
Remap bfd_arm_allocate_interworking_sections,
bfd_arm_get_bfd_for_interworking and
bfd_arm_process_before_allocation for arm-pe and arm-wince-pe
targets too.
(gld_${EMULATION_NAME}_recognized_file): Handle arm-wince and
arm-epoc bfd format names.
2006-08-18 Paul Brook <>
* emultempl/armelf.em (arm_elf_before_allocation): Call
gld${EMULATION_NAME}_before_allocation after setting interworking bfd.
2006-08-17 Pedro Alves <>
* pe-dll.c (autofilter_symbolprefixlist): Remove .idata$.
(generate_reloc): Revert to skipping sections without a SEC_LOAD flag,
and to not skipping .idata* sections.
2006-08-16 Alan Modra <>
PR 3052
* ldlang.h (lang_output_section_statement_type): Replace
"processed" field with "processed_vma" and "processed_lma".
* ldlang.c (lang_do_assignments_1): Move lma setting code..
(lang_size_sections_1): here.
(lang_reset_memory_regions): Adjust for
lang_output_section_statement_type change.
* ldexp.c (fold_name): Likewise.
2006-08-08 Peter S. Mazinger <>
* emulparams/ (MAXPAGESIZE): Changed to
2006-08-08 H.J. Lu <>
PR ld/3006
* ldlang.c (lang_section_bst_type): Moved to ...
* ldlang.h: Here.
* ldlang.h (lang_wild_statement_struct): Add a tree field.
* ldlang.c (wild_sort_fast): Use the tree field for BST.
(wild): Likeise.
(analyze_walk_wild_section_handler): Initialize the tree field.
2006-08-08 H.J. Lu <>
PR ld/3009
* ldlang.c (update_wild_statements): Update the whole wild
section list.
2006-08-04 Nick Clifton <>
Mike Frysinger <>
* scripttempl/ (USER_LABEL_PREFIX): Define.
(__preinit_array_start, __preinit_array_end, __init_array_start,
__init_array_end, __fini_array_start, __fini_array_end, edata, end):
* emulparams/ (DATA_END_SYMBOLS,END_SYMBOLS): Unset.
2006-08-04 Marcelo Tosatti <>
* ldmain.c (main): Initialise print_gc_sections field of link_info
* lexsup.c: Add --print-gc-sections and --no-print-gc-sections
* ld.texinfo: Document new switches.
* NEWS: Mention new switches.
2006-08-04 Richard Sandiford <>
Kazu Hirata <>
Phil Edwards <>
* (ALL_EMULATIONS): Add eshelf_vxworks.o and
(eshelf_vxworks.c, eshlelf_vxworks.c): New rules.
* Regenerate.
* configure.tgt (sh-*-vxworks): Use shelf_vxworks and
* emulparams/ New file.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ (FINI): Prefix _etext with ${SYMPREFIX}.
(OTHER_END_SYMBOLS): Likewise _ehdr.
(DATA_END_SYMBOLS): Likewise _edata.
* emultempl/vxworks.em (vxworks_after_open): Check whether output_bfd
is indeed an ELF file before dealing with --force-dynamic.
2006-08-02 Petr Salinger <>
PR binutils/2983
* emulparams/ (OUTPUT_FORMAT): Define as
2006-08-01 H.J. Lu <>
* ldlang.c (init_os): Add flags. Replace bfd_make_section with
(exp_init_os): Updated.
(lang_add_section): Call init_os with flags.
(map_input_to_output_sections): Likewise.
2006-07-29 Richard Sandiford <>
* (eelf32b4300.c): Update dependencies.
(eelf32bmip.c): Likewise.
(eelf32bsmip.c): Likewise.
(eelf32btsmip.c): Likewise.
(eelf32btsmipn32.c): Likewise.
(eelf32ltsmip.c): Likewise.
(eelf32ltsmipn32.c): Likewise.
(eelf32ebmip.c): Likewise.
(eelf32ebmipvxworks.c): Likewise.
(eelf32elmip.c): Likewise.
(eelf32elmipvxworks.c): Likewise.
(eelf32bmipn32.c): Likewise.
(eelf32lmip.c): Likewise.
(eelf32mipswindiss.c): Likewise.
(eelf32lsmip.c): Likewise.
(eelf64bmip.c): Likewise.
(eelf64btsmip.c): Likewise.
(eelf64ltsmip.c): Likewise.
(emipsbig.c): Likewise. Canonicalize ${GENSCRIPTS} line.
(emipsbsd.c): Likewise.
(emipsidt.c): Update dependencies.
(emipsidtl.c): Likewise.
(emipslit.c): Likewise.
(emipslnews.c): Likewise.
(emipspe.c): Likewise. Fix ${GENSCRIPTS} invocation.
* Regenerate.
* emulparams/ (EXTRA_EM_FILE): Define.
* emulparams/ (EXTRA_EM_FILE): Likewise.
* emultempl/irix.em: Include emultempl/mipself.em.
* emultempl/mipself.em: New file.
2006-07-26 Alan Modra <>
* emultempl/elf-generic.em (map_segments): Reorganise loop so that
layout happens before segment map. Don't do segment map on
relocatable link.
2006-07-26 Alan Modra <>
* ldexp.c (fold_name <LOADADDR>): Use the lma.
* ldlang.h (lang_memory_region_type): Delete old_length. Add
* ldlang.c (lang_memory_region_lookup): Init new field.
(lang_reset_memory_regions): Reset new field.
(lang_insert_orphan): Don't set load_base.
(lang_leave_overlay): Likewise.
(lang_size_sections_1): Delete unnecessary code setting lma_region
to region. Correct lma region check.
(lang_do_assignments_1): Rename output_section_statement parm
to current_os. Set lma from previous section in region.
* ldlang.c: Formatting.
2006-07-25 Bob Wilson <>
* emultempl/xtensaelf.em (xtensa_strip_inconsistent_linkonce_sections):
Set discarded section's output_section to bfd_abs_section_ptr.
2006-07-26 Alan Modra <>
* ldlang.c (analyze_walk_wild_section_handler): Init handler_data
2006-07-24 Bob Wilson <>
* emultempl/xtensaelf.em (is_inconsistent_linkonce_section): Add space
in dep_sec_name for null terminator. Make sure dep_sec_name has a
".t" linkonce tag.
2006-07-14 Michael Wetherell <>
Set for *-*-solaris2*.
2006-07-24 Ralk Wildenhues <>
* ld.texinfo: Fix spelling mistakes.
* ldint.texinfo: Likewise.
2006-07-23 Sonal Santan <>
* ldlang.c (lang_section_bst): New structure for sorting sections
by name.
(wild_sort_fast): New function: Insert a section into a binary
search tree.
(output_section_callback_fast): New function: Store a section in
(output_section_callback_tree_to_list): New function: Convert a
BST into a list.
(analyze_walk_wild_section_handler): Initialize handler_data
(wild): If the data is sorted by name use the BST method to sort
the names.
2006-07-19 Alan Modra <>
* ld.h (handle_asneeded_cref): Declare.
* ldcref.c: Include objalloc.h.
(old_table, old_count, old_tab, alloc_mark): New variables.
(tabsize, entsize, refsize, old_symcount): Likewise.
(add_cref): Use bfd_hash_allocate for refs.
(handle_asneeded_cref): New function.
* ldmain.c (notice): Call handle_asneeded_cref for NULL name.
2006-07-14 Michael Wetherell <>
* configure.tgt (i[3-7]86-*-solaris2*, i[3-7]86-*-solaris*): Correct
typo setting targ_extra_libpath.
2006-07-10 Jakub Jelinek <>
* scripttempl/ Add .gnu.hash section.
* emultempl/elf32.em (OPTION_HASH_STYLE): Define.
(gld${EMULATION_NAME}_add_options): Register --hash-style option.
(gld${EMULATION_NAME}_handle_option): Handle it.
(gld${EMULATION_NAME}_list_options): Document it.
* ldmain.c (main): Initialize emit_hash and emit_gnu_hash.
* ld.texinfo: Document --hash-style option.
2006-07-10 Nick Clifton <>
* po/zh_TW.po: New Chinese (traditional) translation.
* (ALL_LINGUAS): Add zh_TW.
* configure: Regenerate.
2006-07-07 Nick Clifton <>
PR ld/2874
* ld.texinfo: Remove "Using LD" from the title since it is
2006-07-06 Mohammed Adnène Trojette <>
PR ld/2877
* ld.texinfo: Fix spelling mistakes.
2006-06-27 Pedro Alves <>
Nick Clifton <>
* emultempl/pe.em (gld_$_open_dynamic_archive): Compute maximum
length of format strings in the libname_fmt[] array, rather than
relying upon a statically chosen value. Adjust xmalloc call to
use this longest length.
2006-06-27 Nick Clifton <>
* ld.texinfo (-rpath-link): Clarify distinction between -rpath and
2006-06-23 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* configure.tgt (i[3-7]86-*-solaris2*, i[3-7]86-*-solaris*): Set
2006-06-23 Pedro Alves <>
* pe-dll.c (pe_details_type): Add new pointer for symbols list
(autofilter_symbollist): Split into autofilter_symbollist_generic
and autofilter_symbollist_i386.
(pe_detail_list): Add autofilter_symbollist_i386 to i386 case and
autofilter_symbollist_generic for all the others.
(autofilter_symbolprefixlist): Moved _fmode, _impure_ptr, cygwin_attach_dll,
cygwin_premain0, cygwin_premain1, cygwin_premain2, cygwin_premain3, environ,
into autofilter_symbollist_i386.
(auto_export): Get autofilter_symbollist from pe_details.
2006-06-22 Nick Clifton <>
PR ld/2757
* emultempl/pe.em (gld_$_after_open): When reporting non PE format
output files mention the file name and the fact that it is an
output file.
2006-06-22 Danny Smith <>
* emultempl/pe.em (gld_${EMULATION_NAME}_open_dynamic_archive):
Restructure. Add native "%s.lib" format to search list
* ld.texinfo (node WIN32): Update documentation on dynamic lib
search order. Add another reason for using import libs.
2006-06-21 Mark Shinwell <>
* ldlang.c (lang_insert_orphan): Correctly handle the case where
the section is to end up after the section currently at the end
of the list in output_bfd.
2006-06-21 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* emultempl/mmo.em: Improve comments. Explain why there's
ELF-stuff here.
2006-06-21 Alan Modra <>
* emultempl/elf-generic.em (gld${EMULATION_NAME}_map_segments): Limit
loop to ten iterations. Throw away any previous linker generated
segment map.
* ldlang.c (lang_phdr_list): Make global.
* ldlang.h (lang_phdr_list): Declare.
* (ELF_GEN_DEPS): Define. Use in emul deps.
* Regenerate.
2006-06-20 Alan Modra <>
* (ELF_DEPS): Define. Use in emul file deps. Fix
many ELF emul file deps that incorrectly said they needed elf32.em
instead of generic.em. Add genelf.em as required.
* Regenerate.
* ldlang.c (lang_process): Call ldemul_finish before
* emulparams/ Generic elf target needs genelf.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise. Extract common entries.
* emulparams/ Include
* emulparams/ (EXTRA_EM_FILE): Unset.
* emulparams/ (EXTRA_EM_FILE): Unset.
* emultempl/elf-generic.em: New file.
* emultempl/genelf.em: New file.
* emultempl/elf32.em: Include elf-generic.em.
(gld${EMULATION_NAME}_layout_sections_again): Delete.
(gld${EMULATION_NAME}_finish): Call gld${EMULATION_NAME}_map_segments.
* emultempl/hppaelf.em (hppaelf_layout_sections_again): Likewise.
(gld${EMULATION_NAME}_finish): Rename from hppaelf_finish. Call
* emultempl/mmo.em: Correct comment. Include elf-bfd.h and
source elf-generic.em.
(mmo_finish): Call gld${EMULATION_NAME}_map_segments.
* emultempl/ppc64elf.em (ppc_layout_sections_again): Likewise.
(gld${EMULATION_NAME}_finish): Rename from ppc_finish. Call
2006-06-19 Alan Modra <>
* ldexp.c (fold_name): Adjust bfd_sizeof_headers call.
2006-06-14 Kevin F. Quinn <>
* ld.texinfo: Document new -z lazy option.
* emultempl/elf32.em (gld${EMULATION_NAME}_handle_option): Handle
new option.
(gld${EMULATION_NAME}_list_options): Update help text.
2006-06-12 Fred Fish <>
* emulparams/ (OTHER_SECTIONS): Keep the
".mdebug.<abi>" and ".gcc_compiled_long<size>" sections
generated by mips gcc.
2006-06-12 Thiemo Seufer <>
* emulparams/, emulparams/ (COMMONPAGESIZE):
2006-06-09 Alan Modra <>
* ldlang.h (lang_input_statement_type): Use bitfields for booleans.
* ldlang.c (struct out_section_hash_entry): Rename from
output_statement_hash_entry. Delete output_section_statement_type
entry. Add statement_union_type entry. Adjust all users.
(output_section_statement_table): Rename from output_statement_table.
Adjust all users.
(output_section_statement_newfunc): Rename from
output_statement_newfunc. Adjust all users.
(output_section_statement_table_init): Rename from
output_statement_table_init. Adjust all users.
(output_section_statement_table_free): Rename from
output_statement_table_free. Adjust all users.
2006-06-07 Joseph S. Myers <>
* po/Make-in (pdf, ps): New dummy targets.
2006-06-07 Alan Modra <>
* ldlang.h (enum section_type): Delete dsect_section, copy_section,
info_section and overlay_section. Add noalloc_section.
* ldlang.c (lang_add_section): Adjust.
* ldgram.y (type): Adjust.
2006-06-06 Alan Modra <>
* ldlang.c (init_os): Whitespace.
(map_input_to_output_sections): Don't init_os for lang_input_section.
(print_all_symbols): Remove forward declaration. Convert to ISO C.
2006-06-05 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* po/Make-in (top_builddir): Define.
2006-06-05 Alan Modra <>
* ldexp.c (exp_get_abs_int): Make error message the same as
others emitted in this file.
2006-06-05 Alan Modra <>
* Regenerate.
2006-06-05 Alan Modra <>
* ldlang.c (lookup_name): Delete dead code. Remove FIXMEs.
2006-06-03 Alan Modra <>
* emultempl/elf32.em (global_found): Make it a pointer.
(stat_needed, try_needed): Adjust.
(check_needed): Don't skip non-loaded as-needed entries. Only
consider entries with both filename and the_bfd non-null.
(after_open): Try loading non-loaded as-needed libs to satisfy
2006-06-02 Joseph S. Myers <>
* (TEXI2DVI): Add -I $(top_srcdir)/../libiberty.
* Regenerate.
2006-05-31 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
and LIBINTL_DEP everywhere.
(INTLLIBS): Remove.
Remove local code for po/Makefile.
*, configure: Regenerated.
2006-05-30 H.J. Lu <>
* emulparams/ (MAXPAGESIZE): Changed to
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ : Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ (MAXPAGESIZE): Changed to
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ (COMMONPAGESIZE): Changed to
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emultempl/elf32.em (gld${EMULATION_NAME}_handle_option): Add
"-z max-page-size=" and "-z common-page-size=".
(gld${EMULATION_NAME}_list_options): Likewise.
* ld.h (ld_config_type): Add maxpagesize and commonpagesize.
* ld.texinfo: Document "-z max-page-size=" and
"-z common-page-size=".
* ldexp.c (exp_print_token): Handle CONSTANT.
(fold_name): Likewise.
* ldgram.y: Likewise.
* ldlex.l: Likewise.
* ldmain.c (main): Initiliaze config.maxpagesize and
config.commonpagesize. Call bfd_emul_set_maxpagesize if
config.maxpagesize isn't 0. Call bfd_emul_set_commonpagesize if
config.commonpagesize config.maxpagesize isn't 0.
2006-05-30 Nick Clifton <>
* po/es.po: Updated Spanish translation.
2006-05-25 H.J. Lu <>
* emulparams/ (MAXPAGESIZE): Updated to 0x200000.
2006-05-24 H.J. Lu <>
PR ld/1485
* Use ${srcdir}/../bfd/config.bfd to check 64bit
bfd. Support 64bit host for --enable-targets=all.
* configure: Regenerated.
2006-05-24 Nick Clifton <>
* po/vi.po: Updated Vietnamese translation.
2006-05-24 Bjoern Haase <>
* configure.tgt: Add avr6 to emulation list.
* Add eavr6.o and corresponding rule.
* Regenerate.
* emulparams/ New file.
* emulparams/ (TEMPLATE_NAME): Use elf32 instead of generic
for target option support.
(EXTRA_EM_FILE): Add reference to new em template file avrelf.
* scripttempl/ Add ".trampolines" section.
* emultempl/avrelf.em: Add new file for target specific options.
2006-05-22 Nick Clifton <>
* scripttempl/ (.rdata): Add .rodata.*.
2006-05-19 Alan Modra <>
* ldlang.c (lang_size_sections_1): Don't check mem regions for
os->ignored sections.
2005-05-17 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* ldlang.c (lang_size_sections): Call lang_reset_memory_regions
before redoing one_lang_size_sections_pass.
2006-05-11 Carlos O'Donell <>
* ld.texinfo: Rename "Index" to "LD Index"
2006-05-11 Pedro Alves <>
* pe-dll.c (autofilter_symbollist): Add Dllmain,
DllMainCRTStartup, _DllMainCRTStartup and .text.
(autofilter_liblist): Add libcegcc.
(autofilter_symbolprefixlist): Add __imp_ and .idata$.
(generate_reloc): Do not skip sections without a SEC_LOAD flag,
they can still contain relocs that need processing.
Skip the .idata$6 section.
(jmp_arm_bytes): New array: Contains byte codes for an ARM jump.
(make_one): Use the new array.
(make_import_fixup_entry): Use .idata$2 instead of .idata$3.
* emultempl/pe.em (MajorSubsystemVersion): Set to 3 for armpe.
2006-05-05 Alan Modra <>
* ld.texinfo: Document PowerPC and PowerPC64 options.
* gen-doc.texi: Enable.
2006-05-02 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* (AM_MAKEINFOFLAGS): Add libiberty.
(configdoc.texi): Don't set top_srcdir.
* ld.texinfo: Don't use top_srcdir.
* aclocal.m4, Regenerated.
2006-04-19 Alan Modra <>
* ldlang.c (wild): Tidy default_common_section loop.
(print_input_section): Format.
* configure: Regenerate.
2006-04-16 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* po/ Regenerated.
2006-04-16 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* Regenerated.
2006-04-14 David Heine <>
Bob Wilson <>
* emultempl/xtensaelf.em (elf_xtensa_before_allocation): Call new
function to strip inconsistent linkonce sections.
(input_section_linked_worker, input_section_linked): New.
(is_inconsistent_linkonce_section): New.
(xtensa_strip_inconsistent_linkonce_sections): New.
2006-04-11 Diego Pettenò <>
* emultempl/elf32.em: Add support for elf-hints.h on FreeBSD
and Dragonfly targets.
* (AC_CHECK_HEADERS): Add elf-hints.h.
* (HFILES): Add elf-hints-local.h.
* elf-hints-local.h: New file.
* Regenerate.
* configure: Regenerate.
2006-04-07 Bernhard Fischer <>
* ld.texinfo: Fix typo in documentation of --check-sections.
2006-04-07 Kaz Kojima <>
* ldlang.c (load_symbols): Set as_needed and add_needed according
to the corresponding script's fields while processing it.
2006-04-06 Carlos O'Donell <>
* Add install-html, install-html-am, and
install-html-recursive targets.
* Regenerate.
* AC_SUBST datarootdir, docdir, htmldir.
* configure: Regenerate.
* po/Make-in: Add install-html target.
2006-04-06 H.J. Lu <>
* emultempl/ia64elf.em: Set link_info.relax_pass to 2. Remove
* ldlang.c (relax_sections): New.
(lang_process): Use. Call relax_sections link_info.relax_pass
* ldmain.c (main): Set link_info.relax_pass to 1. Remove
2006-04-05 Alan Modra <>
* (GENSCRIPTS): Pass prefix.
* Regenerate.
* Adjust for extra parameter.
* emultempl/elf32.em (parse_ld_so_conf): Return true iff file
(check_ld_so_conf): Use ${prefix}/etc/ if it exists.
* NEWS: Update.
2006-04-05 Richard Sandiford <>
Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* configure.tgt (sparc*-*-vxworks*): New stanza.
* emulparams/ New file.
* (ALL_EMULATIONS): Add eelf32_sparc_vxworks.o.
(eelf32_sparc_vxworks.c): New rule.
* Regenerate.
2006-04-04 Eric Botcazou <>
* ldlang.c (lang_map): Print the list of discarded input sections.
(print_input_section): Change parameter and print zero-sized sections.
(print_statement): Adjust call to print_input_section.
2006-04-01 Danny Smith <>
* deffilep.y (def_image_name): If LIBRARY or NAME statement
specifies an empty string, retain the name specified on command
* ld.texinfo: Document above.
2006-03-31 Jakub Jelinek <>
* ldmisc.c (vfinfo): Revert 2005-10-05 changes. If
bfd_find_nearest_line succeeded for %C or %D, but filename
is NULL, print section+offset at the end.
2006-03-25 Bernd Schmidt <>
* emulparams/ New file.
* emultempl/bfin.em: Delete.
* emulparams/ Lose reference to bfin.em.
* (eelf32bfin.c): Likewise.
(eelf32bfinfd.c): New.
* Regenerate.
* configure.tgt (bfin-*-elf, bfin-*-uclinux): Add elf32bfinfd to
2006-03-22 Richard Sandiford <>
Daniel Jacobowitz <>
Phil Edwards <>
Zack Weinberg <>
Mark Mitchell <>
Nathan Sidwell <>
* configure.tgt (mips*el-*-vxworks*, mips*-*-vxworks*): Use
separate VxWorks emulations.
* emulparams/ New file.
* emulparams/ New file.
* (ALL_EMULATIONS): Add eelf32ebmipvxworks.o and
(eelf32ebmipvxworks.c, eelf32elmipvxworks.c): New rules.
* Regenerate.
2006-03-16 Alan Modra <>
PR 2434
* ldcref.c (add_cref): Adjust bfd_hash_table_init calls.
* ldlang.c (output_statement_table_init, lang_init): Likewise.
* ldmain.c (add_ysym, add_wrap, add_keepsyms_file): Likewise.
(undefined_symbol): Likewise.
2006-03-07 Richard Sandiford <>
Daniel Jacobowitz <>
Zack Weinberg <>
Nathan Sidwell <>
Paul Brook <>
Ricardo Anguiano <>
Phil Edwards <>
* emulparams/ Include
* emulparams/ Undefine EMBEDDED.
* (earmelf_vxworks.c): Depend on and vxworks.em.
* Regenerate.
2006-03-03 Bjoern Haase <>
* scripttempl/ Add *(.jumptables) *(.lowtext) sections.
Add KEEP() directives.
Add *(.data*) *(.rodata) and *(.rodata*) and *(.bss*) to .data and
.bss output sections.
2006-03-03 Richard Sandiford <>
* emulparams/ (VXWORKS_BASE_EM_FILE): New variable.
(EXTRA_EM_FILE): Define.
* emultempl/vxworks.em: New file.
* ld.texinfo (--force-dynamic): Document.
* (, eelf_i386_vxworks.c): Depend
on vxworks.em.
* Regenerate.
2006-03-02 Richard Sandiford <>
* emulparams/ New file, extracted from...
* emulparams/
* emulparams/ Include
instead of
(BSS_PLT): Remove override.
* (eelf32lppc.c): Depend on elf32ppccommons.h.
(eelf32lppcnto.c, eelf32lppcsim.c, eelf32ppcnto.c): Likewise.
(eelf32ppc.c, eelf32ppc_fbsd.c, eelf32ppcsimm): Likewise.
(eelf32ppclinux.c): Likewise.
(eelf32ppcvxworks.c): Likewise. Add missing dependency.
* Regenerate.
2006-02-27 Carlos O'Donell <>
* Add html target.
* Regenerate.
* po/Make-in: Add html target.
2006-02-17 Shrirang Khisti <>
Anil Paranjape <>
Shilin Shakti <>
* scripttemp/ Default linker script for tiny model.
* scripttemp/ Default linker script for large model.
* scripttemp/ Default linker script for small model.
* emulparams/ Emulation script for tiny model.
* emulparams/ Emulation script for large model.
* emulparams/ Emulation script for small model.
* Add entry to make xc16x target.
* Regenerate.
* configure.tgt: Specify default and other emulation parameters
for xc16x.
* NEWS: Announce the support for the new target.
2006-02-16 Nick Hudson <>
* configure.tgt (mips*el-*-netbsd*, mips*-*-netbsd*):
Use the traditional target.
2006-02-13 Joseph S. Myers <>
* configure.tgt (arm*b-*-linux-gnueabi): Change to
(arm*-*-linux-gnueabi): Change to arm*-*-linux-*eabi.
2006-02-08 H.J. Lu <>
PR ld/2290
* NEWS: Updated for the Linux linker search order change.
* emultempl/elf32.em (gld${EMULATION_NAME}_after_open): Call
gld${EMULATION_NAME}_check_ld_so_conf before checking default
search directories for DT_NEEDED entries.
2006-02-07 Paul Brook <>
* emultempl/armelf.em: Include elf/arm.h.
(arm_elf_finish): Set low address bit if enty point is a Thumb
2006-02-01 Danny Smith <>
* deffilep.y (def_image_name): If the image name does not have
a suffix, append the default.
* ld.texinfo: Document NAME, LIBRARY usage in PE-COFF .def files.
2006-01-31 Danny Smith
* NEWS: Mention support for forward exports in PE-COFF dll's.
* ld.texinfo: Expand documentation of EXPORT statements in
PE-COFF .def files.
2006-01-31 Filip Navara <>
* deffile.h (struct def_file_export): Add field flag_forward.
* pe-dll.c (process_def_file): Check for forward exports.
(generate_edata): Generate forward export symbols.
(fill_edata): Emit them.
* pe-dll.c (process_def_file): Don't crash on malformed
fastcall symbol names in .def file.
2006-01-30 Nick Clifton <>
* po/vi.po: Updated Vietnamese translation.
2006-01-27 Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes <>
* pe-dll.c (pe_dll_generate_implib): Issue "Creating library
file:" as informational message, not a warning.
2006-01-18 Roger Sayle <>
* emultempl/irix.em: Use lbasename instead of basename.
2006-01-16 Nick Clifton <>
* po/zh_CN.po: New Chinese (simplified) translation.
* (ALL_LINGUAS): Add "zh_CH".
* configure: Regenerate.
2006-01-16 Bernhard Fischer <>
* ld.texinfo (Options): Fix typo.
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