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2007-12-24 Hector Oron <>
* (LIB_PATH): Include both {target_alias} and
{TOOL_LIB} in the search paths for multilibbed targets.
2007-12-15 Richard Sandiford <>
* scripttempl/ (.text): Don't KEEP (*(.text.*personality*)).
(.data): Don't KEEP (*(.gnu.linkonce.d.*personality*)).
* scripttempl/ As for
* scripttempl/ Likewise.
* scripttempl/ Likewise.
2007-11-07 Nathan Sidwell <>
2007-11-06 Kai Tietz <>
* emultempl/pe.em: (init): Add __ImageBase symbol.
(set_pe_name): Keep __image_base and __ImageBase value synch.
(_set_symbols): Likewise.
* emultempl/pep.em: Likewise.
2007-10-26 Alan Modra <>
PR 5215
* Move bash script to..
2007-10-25 Pedro Alves <>
* pe-dll.c (autofilter_symbollist_generic)
(autofilter_symbollist_i386, autofilter_liblist)
(autofilter_objlist, autofilter_symbolprefixlist)
(autofilter_symbolsuffixlist): Don't use STRING_COMMA_LEN with
2007-10-24 H.J. Lu <>
* configure: Regenerated.
2007-10-24 Alan Modra <>
* Regenerate.
* Regenerate.
* configure: Regenerate.
* po/ Regenerate.
2007-10-19 Nick Clifton <>
* configure.tgt: Add support for am34-linux-gnu target.
2007-10-17 Zack Weinberg <>
* ldlang.c (lang_check_section_addresses): Also report size of
overflow for any overflowed memory regions.
(os_region_check): Diagnose an overflowed region only once per
region. Do not reset region->current on overflow.
2007-10-04 Nick Clifton <>
PR linker/4844
* emultempl/pep.em (pep_find_data_imports): Issue a warning
message if auto importing is triggered without
--enable-auto-import having been specified on the command line.
* emultempl/pe.em (pe_find_data_imports): Likewise.
PR linker/5097
* emultempl/armelf.em (arm_elf_finish): Fix spelling typo.
2007-10-01 Nick Clifton <>
PR linker/4844
* Add support for generating a .xa script for use
with the --auto-import option.
* ld.texinfo: Document the new behaviour of the --auto-import
* ldint.texinfo: Document new script generation.
* emulparams/ (GENERATE_AUTO_IMPORT): Define.
* emulparams/ (GENERATE_AUTO_IMPORT): Define.
* emulparams/ (GENERATE_AUTO_IMPORT): Define.
* emultemp/pe.em (..._get_script): Support the use of the auto
import script.
* scripttempl/ Put the .rdata input sections into the .data
output section when creating an auto import script.
* scripttempl/ Likewise.
2007-09-26 Brian Watt <>
* emultempl/spu_ovl.S: Add debug printf code.
2007-09-17 H.J. Lu <>
PR binutils/3281
PR binutils/5037
* ldexp.h (ldexp_control): Add relro, relro_start_stat and
* ldexp.c (fold_binary): Set expld.dataseg.relro to
exp_dataseg_relro_start or exp_dataseg_relro_end when
* ldlang.c (lang_size_sections_1): Properly set
expld.dataseg.relro_start_stat and
(find_relro_section_callback): New function.
(lang_find_relro_sections_1): Likewise.
(lang_find_relro_sections): Likewise.
(lang_process): Call lang_find_relro_sections for
non-relocatable link.
2007-09-17 Nick Clifton <>
* po/es.po: Updated Spanish translation.
2007-09-16 H.J. Lu <>
* emultempl/elf32.em: Check DF_BIND_NOW instead of DT_BIND_NOW.
2007-09-15 Alan Modra <>
PR ld/5025
* emultempl/elf32.em (write_build_id_section): Correct test for
"missing" Downgrade error to a warning if
it has been discarded.
2007-09-08 Alan Modra <>
* ldwrite.c (build_link_order <lang_padding_statement_enum>): Correct
condition under which we build a bfd_data_link_order.
2007-08-31 Tristan Gingold <>
* ldlang.c (lang_map): Increment lang_statement_iteration so that
DEFINED() expressions are correctly computed.
2007-08-31 Alan Modra <>
* ldlang.c (lang_record_phdrs): Give a fatal error if no sections
assigned to phdrs. Avoid multiple forward scans for a section
with phdr assignment.
2007-08-28 Mark Shinwell <>
Joseph Myers <>
* ldlang.c (sort_sections_by_lma): Sort by internal id after lma
for stable sort.
2007-08-28 Robert Sebastian Gerus <>
* Add support for i[3-7]86-*-dragonfly*.
* configure.tgt: Likewise.
2007-08-18 Alan Modra <>
* ld.texinfo (Input Section Basics): Correct EXCLUDE_FILE example.
2007-08-17 Jakub Jelinek <>
* Handle sparcv*-*-linux-* the same as
sparc-*-linux-*. Change sparc64-*-linux-* to sparc64*-*-linux-*.
2007-08-17 Alan Modra <>
* emultempl/alphaelf.em: Format option help.
* emultempl/armcoff.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/armelf.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/avrelf.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/elf32.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/hppaelf.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/ia64elf.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/m68hc1xelf.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/ppc32elf.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/ppc64elf.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/scoreelf.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/spuelf.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/ticoff.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/vxworks.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/xtensaelf.em: Likewise.
2007-08-17 Alan Modra <>
* ldexp.c (exp_get_vma, exp_get_fill): Canonicalise error messages.
* lexsup.c (ld_options): Don't use tabs in help text.
* emultempl/armcoff.em (gld${EMULATION_NAME}_finish): Fix typo.
* emultempl/pe.em (gld${EMULATION_NAME}_finish): Fix typo.
2007-08-17 Alan Modra <>
* po/Make-in: Add --msgid-bugs-address to xgettext invocation.
2007-08-15 Alan Modra <>
PR 4923
* emultempl/elf32.em (after_open): Return immediately when
non-ELF output.
2007-08-12 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* (ALL_LINGUAS): Add fi.
* po/fi.po: New file.
* configure: Regenerated.
2007-08-10 Nick Clifton <>
* NEWS: Add a marker for the 2.18 features.
2007-08-10 Nick Clifton <>
* po/ga.po: Updated Irish translation.
* po/vi.po: Updated Vietnamese translation.
2007-08-10 H.J. Lu <>
* Run "make dep-am".
* Regenerate.
2007-08-10 H.J. Lu <>
PR ld/4875
* elf-hints-local.h: Include bfd_stdint.h. Use uint32_t
instead of u_int32_t.
* sha1.h: Include bfd_stdint.h instead of <stdint.h>.
2007-08-09 Alan Modra <>
PR 4515
* Delete all references to NONPAGED_TEXT_START_ADDR.
* ldint.texinfo: Likewise.
* emulparams/ (NONPAGED_TEXT_START_ADDRESS): Delete.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ (NONPAGED_TEXT_START_ADDR): Delete.
* emulparams/ Likewise
* emulparams/ Likewise
* emulparams/ Likewise
* emulparams/ Likewise
* emulparams/ Likewise
* emulparams/ Likewise
* emulparams/ Likewise
* emulparams/ Likewise
* emulparams/ Likewise
* emulparams/ Likewise
* emulparams/ Likewise
* emulparams/ Likewise
* emulparams/ Likewise
* emulparams/ Likewise
* emulparams/ Likewise
* emulparams/ Likewise
* emulparams/ Likewise
* emulparams/ Likewise
* emulparams/ Likewise
* emulparams/ Likewise
* emulparams/ Likewise
* emulparams/ Likewise
* emulparams/ Likewise
* emulparams/ Likewise
* emulparams/ Likewise
* emulparams/ Likewise
* emulparams/ Likewise
* emulparams/ Likewise
* emulparams/ Likewise
* emulparams/ (NONPAGED_TEXT_START_ADDR): Delete.
(TEXT_START_ADDR): Set for -n, -N.
* emulparams/ Likewise
* emulparams/ Likewise
* emulparams/ Likewise
* emulparams/ Likewise
* emulparams/ Likewise
* emulparams/ Likewise
* emulparams/ Likewise
* emulparams/ Likewise
* emulparams/ Likewise
* emulparams/ Likewise
* emulparams/ Likewise
* emulparams/ Likewise
* emulparams/ Likewise
* emulparams/ Likewise
* emulparams/ Likewise
* emulparams/ Likewise
* emulparams/ Likewise
* emulparams/ Likewise
2007-08-07 Ralf Cors├ępius <>
* configure.tgt: Add bfin-*rtems*.
2007-08-06 Kai Tietz <>
* emultempl/pep.em: (pep_enable_stdcall_fixup): Set to value 1.
(gld_xxx_recognized_file): Use pep_bfd_is_dll for detection of
shared objects.
* pe-dll.c: (autofilter_symbollist_i386): Define set for amd64
mingw target.
2007-08-01 Nick Clifton <>
* po/ga.po: Updated Irish translation.
2007-07-29 Alan Modra <>
* ldlang.c (lang_insert_orphan): When searching through linker
script to place an orphan, don't stop on statements that appear
outside of SECTIONS.
* emultempl/elf32.em (output_rel_find): Prefer read-only alloc
sections over read/write alloc sections.
2007-07-28 Jakub Jelinek <>
* scripttempl/ Add
2007-07-25 Nick Clifton <>
PR 4824
* ld.texinfo (Options): Extend the description of the -O command
line option.
2007-07-24 Kai Tietz <>
* Correct ctor/dtor sentinels for 64-bit targets.
2007-07-21 Nick Clifton <>
* sha1.h: Change to use version 3 of the GNU General Public
License and tidy up formatting.
* sha1.c: Likewise.
2007-07-19 Roland McGrath <>
* (source_em, fragment): New sh functions.
Truncate e${EMULATION_NAME}.c file before .em script fills it.
Use source_em in place of . for the .em script.
* emultempl/generic.em: Use fragment and source_em functions.
* emultempl/aix.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/alphaelf.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/armcoff.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/armelf.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/avrelf.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/beos.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/cr16elf.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/crxelf.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/elf-generic.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/elf32.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/genelf.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/gld960.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/gld960c.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/hppaelf.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/ia64elf.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/irix.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/linux.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/lnk960.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/m68hc1xelf.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/m68kcoff.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/m68kelf.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/mipsecoff.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/mipself.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/mmix-elfnmmo.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/mmixelf.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/mmo.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/needrelax.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/netbsd.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/pe.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/pep.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/ppc32elf.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/ppc64elf.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/scoreelf.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/sh64elf.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/spuelf.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/sunos.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/ticoff.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/vanilla.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/vxworks.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/xtensaelf.em: Likewise.
* emultempl/z80.em: Likewise.
2007-07-18 Roland McGrath <>
* emultempl/elf32.em (gld${EMULATION_NAME}_write_build_id_section):
Use ASEC->contents for CONTENTS when missing, and allocate
ASEC->size if needed.
2007-07-13 Roland McGrath <>
* emultempl/elf32.em (struct build_id_info): New type.
(gld${EMULATION_NAME}_id_note_section_size): New function.
(gld${EMULATION_NAME}_write_build_id_section): New function.
(gld${EMULATION_NAME}_after_open): Use them.
(DEFAULT_BUILD_ID_STYLE): Change to "sha1".
* ld.texinfo (Options): Mention --build-id=sha1.
* sha1.h: New file (from gnulib).
* sha1.c: New file (from gnulib).
* (CFILES, HFILES, OFILES, ld_new_SOURCES): Add them.
(sha1.o): New target.
* Regenerated.
2007-07-13 Alan Modra <>
* ldlang.c (strip_excluded_output_sections): Don't ignore sections
with update_dot_tree.
2007-07-12 Nathan Sidwell <>
* scripttempl/ Don't include .gcc_except_table and
.eh_frame on partial links.
* scripttempl/ Likewise.
2007-07-12 Alan Modra <>
PR 4782
* ldlang.c (lang_size_sections_1 <output_section_statement>): Only
use expld.result when valid.
2007-07-12 Alan Modra <>
* emultempl/spuelf.em (embedded_spu_file): Test for NULL path
before calling base_name, not after.
2007-07-10 Alan Modra <>
* scripttempl/ (DISCARDED): Renamed from STACKNOTE. Add
* scripttempl/ Likewise.
* scripttempl/ Likewise.
* scripttempl/ Likewise.
* scripttempl/ Likewise.
2007-07-09 Roland McGrath <>
* emultempl/elf32.em (gld${EMULATION_NAME}_add_option): Add --build-id.
(gld${EMULATION_NAME}_handle_option): Handle --build-id.
(gld${EMULATION_NAME}_list_options): List --build-id.
(gld${EMULATION_NAME}_after_open): If --build-id was given,
synthesize a "" section and cache it in elf_tdata.
* ld.texinfo (Options): Describe --build-id.
* NEWS: Mention --build-id.
2007-07-06 Nick Clifton <>
* deffile.h: Update copyright notice to refer to GPLv3.
* deffilep.y, ldcref.c, ldctor.c, ldctor.h, ldemul.c, ldemul.h,
ldexp.c, ldexp.h, ldfile.c, ldfile.h, ldgram.y, ld.h, ldlang.c,
ldlang.h, ldlex.h, ldlex.l, ldmain.c, ldmain.h, ldmisc.c,
ldmisc.h, ldver.c, ldver.h, ldwrite.c, ldwrite.h, lexsup.c, mri.c,
mri.h, pe-dll.c, pe-dll.h, pep-dll.c, pep-dll.h,,
sysdep.h, emultempl/aix.em, emultempl/alphaelf.em,
emultempl/armcoff.em, emultempl/armelf.em, emultempl/avrelf.em,
emultempl/beos.em, emultempl/cr16elf.em, emultempl/crxelf.em,
emultempl/elf32.em, emultempl/elf-generic.em, emultempl/genelf.em,
emultempl/generic.em, emultempl/gld960c.em, emultempl/gld960.em,
emultempl/hppaelf.em, emultempl/ia64elf.em, emultempl/irix.em,
emultempl/linux.em, emultempl/lnk960.em, emultempl/m68hc1xelf.em,
emultempl/m68kcoff.em, emultempl/m68kelf.em,
emultempl/mipsecoff.em, emultempl/mipself.em,
emultempl/mmixelf.em, emultempl/mmix-elfnmmo.em, emultempl/mmo.em,
emultempl/needrelax.em, emultempl/pe.em, emultempl/pep.em,
emultempl/ppc32elf.em, emultempl/ppc64elf.em,
emultempl/scoreelf.em, emultempl/sh64elf.em, emultempl/spuelf.em,
emultempl/spu_ovl.S, emultempl/sunos.em, emultempl/ticoff.em,
emultempl/vanilla.em, emultempl/xtensaelf.em: Likewise.
* Add copyright notice.
* emultempl/netbsd.em, emultempl/vxworks.em, emultempl/z80.em:
* NEWS: Mention that the sources are now under GPLv3.
* configure: Regenerate.
2007-07-05 Danny Smith <>
* ld.texinfo (--heap): Replace 'amount' with 'number of bytes'.
(--stack): Likewise.
2007-07-03 Matthias Klose <>
* emultempl/spuelf.em (base_name): Correct backslash quoting.
2007-07-02 Alan Modra <>
* Regenerate.
* aclocal.m4: Regenerate.
* Regenerate.
* po/ld.pot: Regenerate.
2007-06-30 H.J. Lu <>
* aclocal.m4: Regenerated.
* Likewise.
2007-06-29 H.J. Lu <>
* NEWS: Remove a line with '*' only.
2007-06-29 Joseph Myers <>
* emulparams/ (OTHER_SECTIONS): Remove .ARM.attributes.
* scripttempl/, scripttempl/,
scripttempl/, scripttempl/,
scripttempl/ Handle ATTRS_SECTIONS.
2007-06-29 M R Swami Reddy <>
* scripttemp/ Default linker script.
* emulparams/ Emulation script.
* emultempl/cr16elf.em: Emulation script.
* Add entry to make cr16 target.
* Regenerate.
* configure.tgt: Specify default and other emulation parameters
for cr16.
* ChangeLog: Added CR16 target entry.
* NEWS: Announce the support for the CR16 new target.
2007-06-27 Alan Modra <>
* pe-dll.c: Rename uses of to bfd.archive_next throughout.
2007-06-20 Alan Modra <>
* emulparams/ (OTHER_SECTIONS): KEEP .note.spu_name.
2007-06-18 Nathan Sidwell <>
* ldlex.l, ldgram.y: Add ALIGNOF.
* ldexp.c (exp_print_token, foldname): Likewise.
* ld.texinfo: Likewise.
2007-06-18 Alan Modra <>
* Add eelf32_spu.o rule.
* Regenerate.
* emultempl/spuelf.em: Revert last change. Instead use EMBEDSPU
defined in Makefile for embedspu name.
2007-06-18 Alan Modra <>
* emultempl/spuelf.em (embedded_spu_file): Deduce embedspu program
name prefix from that of ld.
2007-06-14 H.J. Lu <>
* (ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS): Add -I ../config -I ../bfd.
* acinclude.m4: Removed.
* Regenerated.
* aclocal.m4: Likewise.
* configure: Likewise.
2007-06-14 Alan Modra <>
* emultempl/spu_ovl.S: Don't trash lr on tail call from one
overlay to another.
* emultempl/spu_ovl.o: Regenerate.
2007-06-11 Bob Wilson <>
for .xt_except_table.
2007-06-11 Sterling Augustine <>
Bob Wilson <>
* emultempl/xtensaelf.em (replace_insn_sec_with_prop_sec): Use renamed
2007-06-01 Noah Misch <>
Alan Modra <>
* ldlang.c (ldlang_add_file): Use input_bfds_tail.
* ldmain.c (main): Init input_bfds_tail. Sort link_info
2007-05-29 Alan Modra <>
* emultempl/spuelf.em (base_name): New function, split out from..
(embedded_spu_file) Pass -fPIC or -fpie to embedspu
invocation if we deduce a shared lib or position independent
executable build by looking at ctrbegin* linker input files.
2007-05-29 Alan Modra <>
* emultempl/spu_ovl.S (__rv_pattern, __cg_pattern): Set symbol
types and sizes.
* emultempl/spu_ovl.o: Regenerate.
2007-05-24 Steve Ellcey <>
* Regnerate.
* configure: Regenerate.
* aclocal.m4: Regenerate.
2007-05-24 Nathan Sidwell <>
* ldlex.l: ASSERT is recognized in SCRIPT env. NAMES cannot
contain commas in EXP env.
* ldgram.y (extern_name_list): Push to EXP env, move body to ...
(extern_name_list_body): ... here.
(script_file, ifile_list): Reformat.
(statement): Add ASSERT.
2007-05-22 Nick Clifton <>
* ld.texinfo: Use @copying around the copyright notice.
* ldint.texinfo: Likewise.
2007-05-18 Richard Sandiford <>
(OTHER_READWRITE_SECTIONS): Define. Add .rdata sections.
2007-05-16 Richard Sandiford <>
* Allow sysroots to be relocated under $prefix as
well as $exec_prefix.
* configure: Regenerate.
2007-05-14 Andreas Schwab <>
* emultempl/ppc64elf.em (gld${EMULATION_NAME}_new_vers_pattern):
Handle null pattern.
2007-05-11 Alan Modra <>
* emultempl/ppc32elf.em (plt_style): New variable.
(old_plt): Delete.
(ppc_after_open): Adjust ppc_elf_select_plt_layout call.
* ld.texinfo (--secure-plt): Document.
2007-05-08 Alan Modra <>
* ld.h (args_type, ld_config_type): Reorder fields.
* ldmain.c (main): Don't initialise a bunch of vars we know are
zero already.
2007-05-05 Anatoly Sokolov <>
* multempl/avrelf.em (PARSE_AND_LIST_ARGS_CASES): Add new value for
(PARSE_AND_LIST_OPTIONS): Describe new value for "--pmem-wrap-around".
2007-05-03 Bob Wilson <>
* scripttempl/ Merge changes from
2007-05-03 Alan Modra <>
* ld.texinfo (--no-warn-search-mismatch): Document.
* ldfile.c (ldfile_try_open_bfd): Don't warn about skipping
incompatible libraries if --no-warn-search-mismatch.
* ld.h (args_type): Add warn_search_mismatch.
* ldmain.c (main): Init it.
* lexsup.c (enum option_values): Add OPTION_NO_WARN_SEARCH_MISMATCH.
(ld_options): Add entry for --no-warn-search-mismatch.
2007-05-03 Alan Modra <>
* scripttempl/ Add .debug_pubtypes and .debug_ranges.
2007-05-01 Robert Millan <>
* ldlang.c (lang_check): Error on architecture mismatch.
2007-04-30 Alan Modra <>
* ldmain.c (link_callbacks): Init info and minfo fields.
* ldmisc.c (minfo): Do nothing if no map file.
* emultempl/spuelf.em (stack_analysis, emit_stack_syms): New vars.
(spu_after_open): Adjust spu_elf_create_sections call.
(spu_before_allocation): Likewise for spu_elf_size_stubs.
(PARSE_AND_LIST_LONGOPTS): Add new entries.
* gen-doc.texi: Add @set for SPU and other missing targets.
* ld.texinfo: Update man page selection to match gen-doc.texi.
Document SPU features.
2007-04-28 Alan Modra <>
* ldcref.c (struct cref_hash_entry): Make "demangled" const.
(cref_fill_array): Adjust for changed demangler.
* ldlang.c (lang_one_common): Likewise.
2007-04-27 Nathan Froyd <>
* emulparams/ Update comments.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
2007-04-27 Alan Modra <>
Many files: Include sysdep.h first. Remove duplicate headers.
* Run "make dep-am".
* Regenerate.
2007-04-24 Alan Modra <>
* Regenerate.
2007-04-19 Alan Modra <>
* ldcref.c (cref_fill_array): Call bfd_demangle rather than demangle.
* ldlang.c (lang_one_common): Likewise.
* ldmisc.c (vfinfo): Likewise.
(demangle): Delete.
* ldmisc.h (demangle): Delete.
* Run "make dep-am".
* Regenerate.
2007-04-18 Alan Modra <>
* ldlang.h (enum section_type): Add overlay_section.
* ldlang.c (lang_add_section): Handle flags for overlay_section
as per normal_section.
(lang_size_sections_1): When setting lma, detect overlays by
os->sectype rather than by looking for overlapping vmas.
(lang_enter_overlay_section): Use overlay_section type.
(lang_leave_overlay): Set first overlay section to normal.
2007-04-14 Steve Ellcey <>
* Regenerate.
2007-04-12 Bob Wilson <>
* emulparams/ (OTHER_SECTIONS): KEEP property sections.
2007-04-10 Richard Henderson <>
* ldlang.c (relax_sections): Initialize and increment
2007-04-04 Paul Brook <>
* configure.tgt: Loosen checks for arm uclinux eabi targets.
2007-04-02 H.J. Lu <>
PR ld/4090
* ldexp.h (node_type): Add lineno.
* ldexp.c: Include "ldlex.h".
(exp_intop): Set the lineno field from lineno.
(exp_bigintop): Likewise.
(exp_relop): Likewise.
(exp_nameop): Likewise.
(exp_binop): Set the lineno field from lineno of lhs.
(exp_trinop): Likewise.
(exp_unop): Set the lineno field from lineno of child.
(exp_assop): Set the lineno field from lineno of src.
(exp_provide): Likewise.
(exp_assert): Set the lineno field from lineno of exp.
(exp_get_abs_int): Set lineno from lineno of nonconstant
expression when report problem.
2007-03-29 Richard Sandiford <>
Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* NEWS: Mention -l:foo.
* ld.texinfo: Document it.
* ldlang.c (new_afile): If a lang_input_file_is_l_enum
entry as a name beginning with a coloh, convert it to a
lang_input_file_is_search_file_enum entry without the colon.
2007-03-28 Richard Sandiford <>
* ld.h (ld_config_type): Add rpath_separator.
* ldmain.c (main): Initialize it.
* lexsup.c (parse_args): Honor config.rpath_separator.
* emultempl/elf32.em (gld${EMULATION_NAME}_search_needed): Likewise.
(gld${EMULATION_NAME}_add_sysroot): Likewise.
(gld${EMULATION_NAME}_parse_ld_so_conf): Use config.rpath_separator
rather than ':' when building the path.
* emultempl/vxworks.em (vxworks_before_parse): New function.
Override config.rpath_separator.
(LDEMUL_AFTER_OPEN): Do not change if EXTRA_EM_FILE has been
set to gld${EMULATION_NAME}_after_open; #define that identifier
to vxworks_foo instead.
(LDEMUL_BEFORE_PARSE): Override in the same way as LDEMUL_AFTER_OPEN.
2007-03-28 Richard Sandiford <>
Phil Edwards <>
* ld.texinfo: Put the contents after the title page rather
than at the end of the document.
2007-03-26 Alan Modra <>
* Add dependency on ldemul-list.h for powerpc and
spu target emul files.
* Check for mkstemp and waitpid.
* Regenerate.
* configure: Regenerate.
* Regenerate.
* ldlang.c (input_file_chain): Make global.
(lang_add_input_file): Don't set lang_has_input_file here.
* ldlang.h (input_file_chain): Declare.
* emultempl/ppc32elf.em (ppc_recognized_file): New function.
* emultempl/ppc64elf.em (ppc64_recognized_file): New function.
* emultempl/spuelf.em (struct tflist): New.
(tmp_file_list): New var.
(clean_tmp, embedded_spu_file): New functions.
2007-03-24 Alan Modra <>
* ldlang.c (lang_insert_orphan): Provide start/stop loadaddr syms
rather than defining unconditionally.
(lang_leave_overlay_section): Likewise.
* ld.texinfo (Overlay Description): Update description and examples
for start/stop syms.
2007-03-22 Joseph Myers <>
* ld.texinfo: Include VERSION_PACKAGE when reporting version.
2007-03-20 Paul Brook <>
* emultempl/armelf.em (pic_veneer): New variable.
(PARSE_AND_LIST_LONGOPTS): Add "pic-veneer".
* ld.texinfo: Document --pic-veneer.
2007-03-18 Mark Shinwell <>
* ld.texinfo: Document --no-enum-size-warning.
* emultempl/armelf.em (no_enum_size_warning): New.
(arm_elf_create_output_section_statements): Correct typo
in comment. Pass no_enum_size_warning to
(PARSE_AND_LIST_OPTIONS): Document --no-enum-size-warning.
2007-03-19 Bernd Schmidt <>
* configure.tgt (bfin-*-elf, bfin-*-uclinux*): Add targ_extra_libpath.
(bfin-*-linux-uclibc*): New target.
2007-03-16 Kai Tietz <>
* pe-dll.c (make_one): Use pc-relative relocation instead of an
absolute relocation for x86_64-pc-mingw32 target.
2007-03-15 H.J. Lu <>
* (ld_TEXINFOS): Remove ldver.texi.
(AM_MAKEINFOFLAGS): Add -I ../../bfd/doc.
(TEXI2DVI): Likewise.
(REPORT_BUGS_TO): Removed.
(ldver.texi): Likewise.
(ld.1): Don't depend on ldver.texi.
(MOSTLYCLEANFILES): Remove ldver.texi.
* Regenerated.
* (--with-bugurl): Removed.
* configure: Regenerated.
* lexsup.c: Include bfdver.h.
* ld.texinfo: Include bfdver.texi instead of ldver.texi.
2007-03-11 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* emultempl/mmixelf.em: Remove incorrect '#line' directive.
2007-03-08 Alan Modra <>
* ldlang.c (lang_size_sections_1): Correct backwards dot move
test to not trigger on overlays. Only warn on backwards move
if non-default lma.
2007-03-07 Joseph Myers <>
* (REPORT_BUGS_TEXI): Define to Texinfo version of
bug-reporting URL.
* (ldver.texi): Define BUGURL.
* ld.texinfo: Use BUGURL.
*, configure: Regenerate.
2007-03-07 Nick Clifton <>
PR ld/4023
* emultempl/aix.em (..._before_allocation): Strip sysroot prefix
from any paths being inserted into the output binary's DT_RPATH.
2007-03-02 Nathan Sidwell <>
* emulparams/ New. Missed in 2007-02-28 commit.
2007-03-01 Joseph Myers <>
* ldver.c (ldversion): Remove word "version" from output. Update
copyright date.
2007-02-28 Nathan Sidwell <>
* (ALL_EMULATIONS): Add eshelf_uclinux.o
(eshelf_uclinux.c): New target.
* Rebuilt.
* configure.tgt (sh-*-uclinux* | sh[12]-*-uclinux*): New stanza.
* emulparams/ New.
2007-02-28 Alan Modra <>
* configure.tgt: Fix type last change.
* configure.tgt (spu-*-elf*): Delete targ_extra_ofiles.
2007-02-27 Alan Modra <>
* (ALL_EMUL_EXTRA_OFILES): Remove spu_inc.o.
(eelf32_spu.c): Adjust dependencies.
* Regenerate.
* emultempl/spuelf.em (ovl_mgr): New array. Insert spu_ovl.o
code using bin2c.
(_binary_spu_ovl_o_start, _binary_spu_ovl_o_end): Delete.
(ovl_mgr_stream): Update.
* emultempl/spu_inc.s: Delete.
* emultempl/spu_none.s: Delete.
2007-02-26 Alan Modra <>
* emultempl/spuelf.em (_binary_builtin_ovl_mgr_start): Rename
to _binary_spu_ovl_o_start.
(_binary_builtin_ovl_mgr_end): Rename to _binary_spu_ovl_o_end.
(spu_elf_load_ovl_mgr): Fatal error on missing overlay manager.
* emultempl/spu_inc.s: Rename symbols.
* emultempl/spu_none.s: New file.
* emultempl/spu_ovl.S: Update copyright.
* (spu_inc.o): Try building with ld -r first, then
gas incbin, then build without overlay manager.
* Regenerate.
2007-02-22 Joseph Myers <>
* configure.tgt (mips64*el-*-linux-*, mips64*-*-linux-*,
mips*el-*-linux-*, mips*-*-linux-*): Set
2007-02-21 Nick Clifton <>
* ldlang.c (ldlang_override_segment_assignment): New function.
* ldlang.h (ldlang_override_segment_assignment): Prototype.
* ldmain.c (link_callbacks): Add
2007-02-20 Alan Modra <>
* ldexp.c (fold_name <LOADADDR>): Ensure result is always absolute.
2007-02-17 Mark Mitchell <>
Nathan Sidwell <>
Vladimir Prus <
Joseph Myers <>
* (--with-bugurl): New option.
* configure: Regenerate.
* (REPORT_BUGS_TO): Define.
Regenerate dependencies.
* Regenerate.
* ld.h: Remove include of bin-bugs.h.
* lexsup.c (help): Don't print empty REPORT_BUGS_TO.
2007-02-17 Alan Modra <>
* ldcref.c (check_reloc_refs): Compare section for local syms.
2007-02-13 Alan Modra <>
* emultempl/spu_ovl.S (__ovly_return, __ovly_load): Set sym size.
(__ovly_load_event): Define.
(size): Rename to osize.
* emultempl/spu_ovl.o: Regenerate.
2007-02-13 Alan Modra <>
* emulparams/ (OTHER_READWRITE_SECTIONS): Add ".branch_lt".
* emultempl/ppc64elf.em (ppc_add_stub_section): Create without
SEC_RELOC flag set.
2007-02-09 H.J. Lu <>
* (targ_extra_emuls): Add $targ64_extra_emuls if
want64 is true.
(targ_extra_libpath): Add $targ64_extra_libpath if want64 is
* configure: Regenerated.
* configure.tgt (targ_extra_libpath): Initialize.
(targ64_extra_emuls): New. Document. Initialize.
(targ64_extra_libpath): Likewise.
(i[3-7]86-*-linux-*): Set targ64_extra_emuls and
(powerpc*-*-linux*): Likewise.
(s390-*-linux*): Likewise.
2007-02-07 Paul Brook <>
* configure.tgt: Add arm*-*-uclinux-*eabi.
2007-02-06 H.J. Lu <>
* ldlang.c (lang_size_sections_1): Add a missing `)'.
2007-02-06 Alan Modra <>
PR ld/3966
* ldlang.c (lang_size_sections_1): Don't warn on backwards dot
move unless section size is non-zero.
2007-02-05 Dave Brolley <>
* (ALL_EMULATIONS): Add support for Toshiba MeP.
* configure.tgt: Likewise.
* scripttempl/ New file.
* emulparams/ New file.
* Regenerate.
2006-01-29 Julian Brown <>
* NEWS: Mention --vfp11-denorm-fix option.
* ld.texinfo: Document above.
* emulparams/ (OTHER_TEXT_SECTIONS): Add
.vfp11_veneer section.
* emulparams/ (OTHER_TEXT_SECTIONS): Likewise.
* emultempl/armelf.em (vfp11_denorm_fix): New static variable.
(arm_elf_before_allocation): Call bfd_elf32_arm_set_vfp11_fix,
bfd_elf32_arm_init_maps and bfd_elf32_arm_vfp11_erratum_scan.
(arm_elf_after_allocation): New function. Call
bfd_elf32_arm_vfp11_fix_veneer_locations for all input statements.
(arm_elf_create_output_section_statements): Pass vfp11 fix command
line option to BFD.
(OPTION_VFP11_DENORM_FIX): New option.
(PARSE_AND_LIST_LONGOPTS): Handle new option.
2007-01-24 H.J. Lu <>
* ldgram.y (SIZEOF_HEADERS): Remove duplicated one.
(DEFSYMEND): Likewise.
(NAME): Likewise.
(LNAME): Likewise.
2007-01-19 Murali Vemulapati <>
* pe-dll.c: (make_one) Conditionally include jump stubs.
* emultempl/pe.em (gld_${EMULATION_NAME}_after_open): Identify
redundant jump stubs from import libraries and exclude them from
2007-01-19 H.J. Lu <>
* ld.h (args_type): Add new symbolic and dynamic_list fields.
* ld.texinfo: Update -Bsymbolic-functions.
* ldmain.c (main): Initialize command_line.symbolic to
symbolic_unset and command_line.dynamic_list to
dynamic_list_unset. Check -Bsymbolic, -Bsymbolic-functions and
--dynamic-list* before setting link_info.symbolic,
link_info.dynamic and link_info.dynamic_data.
* lexsup.c (option_values): Add OPTION_SYMBOLIC_FUNCTIONS.
(ld_options): Use OPTION_SYMBOLIC_FUNCTIONS with
(parse_args): Handle -Bsymbolic-functions. Don't set
link_info.dynamic, link_info.dynamic_data and link_info.symbolic
here. Set command_line.symbolic for -Bsymbolic. Set
command_line.dynamic_list and command_line.symbolic for
--dynamic-list-data, --dynamic-list-cpp-new,
--dynamic-list-cpp-typeinfo and --dynamic-list.
2007-01-19 Jakub Jelinek <>
H.J. Lu <>
* emultempl/elf32.em (handle_option): Make sure -z max-page-size
or -z common-page-size argument is a power of 2. Call
bfd_emul_set_maxpagesize and bfd_emul_set_commonpagesize.
2007-01-19 H.J. Lu <>
* ldmain.c (main): Don't call bfd_emul_set_maxpagesize nor
2007-01-19 H.J. Lu <>
* NEWS: Mention --default-script/-dT.
* ld.h (args_type): Add a default_script field.
* ld.texinfo: Document --default-script/-dT.
* ldmain.c (main): Handle command_line.default_script.
* lexsup.c (option_values): Add OPTION_DEFAULT_SCRIPT.
(ld_options): Add entries for --default-script and -dT.
(parse_args): Handle --default-script/-dT.
2007-01-16 H.J. Lu <>
PR ld/3831
* NEWS: Mention -Bsymbolic-functions, --dynamic-list-data and
* ld.texinfo: Document -Bsymbolic-functions, --dynamic-list-data
and --dynamic-list-cpp-new.
* ldlang.c (lang_append_dynamic_list_cpp_new): New.
(lang_process): Change link_info.dynamic to
(lang_append_dynamic_list): Likewise.
* ldmain.c (main): Likewise. Initialize link_info.dynamic and
link_info.dynamic_data to FALSE.
* ldlang.h (lang_append_dynamic_list_cpp_new): New.
* lexsup.c (option_values): Add OPTION_DYNAMIC_LIST_DATA and
(ld_options): Add entries for -Bsymbolic-functions,
--dynamic-list-data and --dynamic-list-cpp-new. Make
-Bsymbolic-functions an alias of --dynamic-list-data.
(parse_args): Change link_info.dynamic to link_info.dynamic_list.
Set link_info.dynamic to TRUE for --dynamic-list and
--dynamic-list-cpp-typeinfo. Handle --dynamic-list-data and
2007-01-11 Nathan Sidwell <>
* emultempl/elf-generic.em (gdl_map_segments): Only allow header
shrinkage for the first few iterations.
2007-01-08 Kai Tietz <>
* configure.tgt: Renamed target x86_64-*-mingw64 to
2007-01-08 Pedro Alves <>
* Add i[3-7]86-*-mingw* case.
2007-01-08 Nick Clifton <>
* pep-dll.h (pep_bfd_is_dll): Add prototype.
2007-01-08 Aurelien Jarno <>
PR ld/3843
* configure.tgt (x86_64_[k]freebsd*): Add targ_extra_libpath and
2007-01-06 Nathan Sidwell <>
* ldexp.c (fold_name): Issue error on undefined sections.
2007-01-02 Alan Modra <>
* pe-dll.c: Include pe-dll.h.
* pep-dll.c (pe_bfd_is_dll): Define.
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