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.macro comment text
comment "Can't rely on assembler comment character so do this."
comment "On some platforms (like HPUX), only labels are allowed"
comment "to start at the first column. Beware of this when editing"
comment "the assembly files for this test."
.macro include arch file
.include "\arch\file"
comment "Declare a data variable"
.macro gdbasm_datavar name value
.word \value
comment "Declare a subroutine"
.macro gdbasm_declare name
comment "End a subroutine"
.macro gdbasm_end name
comment " is responsible for defining the following macros:"
comment "enter - subroutine prologue"
comment "leave - subroutine epilogue"
comment "call - call a named subroutine"
comment "several_nops - execute several (typically 4) nops"
comment "exit0 - exit (0)"
comment " may also override the default definitions of:"
comment "datavar - define a data variable"
comment "declare - declare the start of a subroutine"
comment "end - end a subroutine"