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/* Main header for the Vitesse IQ2000. */
#ifndef SIM_MAIN_H
#define SIM_MAIN_H
/* This is a global setting. Different cpu families can't mix-n-match -scache
and -pbb. However some cpu families may use -simple while others use
one of -scache/-pbb. ???? */
#include "symcat.h"
#include "sim-basics.h"
#include "cgen-types.h"
#include "iq2000-desc.h"
#include "iq2000-opc.h"
#include "arch.h"
/* Pull in IQ2000_{DATA,INSN}_{MASK,VALUE}. */
#include "elf/iq2000.h"
#include "sim-base.h"
#include "cgen-sim.h"
/* The _sim_cpu struct. */
struct _sim_cpu {
/* sim/common cpu base. */
sim_cpu_base base;
/* Static parts of cgen. */
CGEN_CPU cgen_cpu;
/* CPU specific parts go here.
Note that in files that don't need to access these pieces WANT_CPU_FOO
won't be defined and thus these parts won't appear. This is ok in the
sense that things work. It is a source of bugs though.
One has to of course be careful to not take the size of this
struct and no structure members accessed in non-cpu specific files can
go after here. Oh for a better language. */
#if defined (WANT_CPU_IQ2000BF)
IQ2000BF_CPU_DATA cpu_data;
/* Misc. */
/* Catch address exceptions. */
extern SIM_CORE_SIGNAL_FN iq2000_core_signal;
iq2000_core_signal ((SD), (CPU), (CIA), (MAP), (NR_BYTES), (ADDR), \
/* Convert between CPU-internal addresses and sim_core addresses. */
#define CPU2DATA(addr) (IQ2000_DATA_VALUE + (addr))
#define DATA2CPU(addr) ((addr) - IQ2000_DATA_VALUE)
#define CPU2INSN(addr) (IQ2000_INSN_VALUE + ((addr) & ~IQ2000_INSN_MASK))
#define INSN2CPU(addr) ((addr) - IQ2000_INSN_VALUE)
#define IQ2000_INSN_MEM_SIZE (CPU2INSN(0x800000) - CPU2INSN(0x0000))
#define IQ2000_DATA_MEM_SIZE (CPU2DATA(0x800000) - CPU2DATA(0x0000))
#endif /* SIM_MAIN_H */