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Things that still need to be done: -*- Text -*-
o - A source of space lossage is that all the target-dependent code
is in a single bfd_target structure. Hence all the code for
*writing* object files is still pulled into all the applications
that only care about *reading* (gdb, nm, objdump), while gas has
to carry along all the unneeded baggage for reading objects. And
so on. This would be a substantial change, and the payoff would
not all that great (essentially none if bfd is used as a shared
o - The storage needed by BFD data structures is also larger than strictly
needed. This may be difficult to do much about.
o - implement bfd_abort, which should close the bfd but not alter the
o - update the bfd doc; write a how-to-write-a-backend doc, take out
the stupid quips and fill in all the blanks.
o - upgrade the reloc handling as per Steve's suggestion.
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