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/* Profiling definitions for the FRV simulator
Copyright (C) 1998-2021 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Contributed by Red Hat.
This file is part of the GNU Simulators.
This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program. If not, see <>. */
#ifndef PROFILE_H
#define PROFILE_H
#include "frv-desc.h"
/* This struct defines the state of profiling. All fields are of general
use to all machines. */
typedef struct
long vliw_insns; /* total number of VLIW insns. */
long vliw_wait; /* number of cycles that the current VLIW insn must wait. */
long post_wait; /* number of cycles that post processing in the current
VLIW insn must wait. */
long vliw_cycles;/* number of cycles used by current VLIW insn. */
int past_first_p; /* Not the first insns in the VLIW */
/* Register latencies. Must be signed since they can be temporarily
negative. */
int gr_busy[64]; /* Cycles until GR is available. */
int fr_busy[64]; /* Cycles until FR is available. */
int acc_busy[64]; /* Cycles until FR is available. */
int ccr_busy[8]; /* Cycles until ICC/FCC is available. */
int spr_busy[4096]; /* Cycles until spr is available. */
int idiv_busy[2]; /* Cycles until integer division unit is available. */
int fdiv_busy[2]; /* Cycles until float division unit is available. */
int fsqrt_busy[2]; /* Cycles until square root unit is available. */
int float_busy[4]; /* Cycles until floating point unit is available. */
int media_busy[4]; /* Cycles until media unit is available. */
int branch_penalty; /* Cycles until branch is complete. */
int gr_latency[64]; /* Cycles until target GR is available. */
int fr_latency[64]; /* Cycles until target FR is available. */
int acc_latency[64]; /* Cycles until target FR is available. */
int ccr_latency[8]; /* Cycles until target ICC/FCC is available. */
int spr_latency[4096]; /* Cycles until target spr is available. */
/* Some registers are busy for a shorter number of cycles than normal
depending on how they are used next. the xxx_busy_adjust arrays keep track
of how many cycles to adjust down.
int fr_busy_adjust[64];
int acc_busy_adjust[64];
/* Register flags. Each bit represents one register. */
DI cur_gr_complex;
DI prev_gr_complex;
/* Keep track of the total queued post-processing time required before a
resource is available. This is applied to the resource's latency once all
pending loads for the resource are completed. */
int fr_ptime[64];
int branch_hint; /* hint field from branch insn. */
USI branch_address; /* Address of predicted branch. */
USI insn_fetch_address;/* Address of sequential insns fetched. */
int mclracc_acc; /* ACC number of register cleared by mclracc. */
int mclracc_A; /* A field of mclracc. */
/* We need to know when the first branch of a vliw insn is taken, so that
we don't consider the remaining branches in the vliw insn. */
int vliw_branch_taken;
/* Keep track of the maximum load stall for each VLIW insn. */
int vliw_load_stall;
/* Need to know if all cache entries are affected by various cache
operations. */
int all_cache_entries;
#define DUAL_REG(reg) ((reg) >= 0 && (reg) < 63 ? (reg) + 1 : -1)
#define DUAL_DOUBLE(reg) ((reg) >= 0 && (reg) < 61 ? (reg) + 2 : -1)
/* Return the GNER register associated with the given GR register.
There is no GNER associated with gr0. */
#define GNER_FOR_GR(gr) ((gr) > 63 ? -1 : \
(gr) > 31 ? H_SPR_GNER0 : \
(gr) > 0 ? H_SPR_GNER1 : \
/* Return the GNER register associated with the given GR register.
There is no GNER associated with gr0. */
#define FNER_FOR_FR(fr) ((fr) > 63 ? -1 : \
(fr) > 31 ? H_SPR_FNER0 : \
(fr) > 0 ? H_SPR_FNER1 : \
/* Top up the latency of the given GR by the given number of cycles. */
void update_GR_latency (SIM_CPU *, INT, int);
void update_GRdouble_latency (SIM_CPU *, INT, int);
void update_GR_latency_for_load (SIM_CPU *, INT, int);
void update_GRdouble_latency_for_load (SIM_CPU *, INT, int);
void update_GR_latency_for_swap (SIM_CPU *, INT, int);
void update_FR_latency (SIM_CPU *, INT, int);
void update_FRdouble_latency (SIM_CPU *, INT, int);
void update_FR_latency_for_load (SIM_CPU *, INT, int);
void update_FRdouble_latency_for_load (SIM_CPU *, INT, int);
void update_FR_ptime (SIM_CPU *, INT, int);
void update_FRdouble_ptime (SIM_CPU *, INT, int);
void decrease_ACC_busy (SIM_CPU *, INT, int);
void decrease_FR_busy (SIM_CPU *, INT, int);
void decrease_GR_busy (SIM_CPU *, INT, int);
void increase_FR_busy (SIM_CPU *, INT, int);
void increase_ACC_busy (SIM_CPU *, INT, int);
void update_ACC_latency (SIM_CPU *, INT, int);
void update_CCR_latency (SIM_CPU *, INT, int);
void update_SPR_latency (SIM_CPU *, INT, int);
void update_idiv_resource_latency (SIM_CPU *, INT, int);
void update_fdiv_resource_latency (SIM_CPU *, INT, int);
void update_fsqrt_resource_latency (SIM_CPU *, INT, int);
void update_float_resource_latency (SIM_CPU *, INT, int);
void update_media_resource_latency (SIM_CPU *, INT, int);
void update_branch_penalty (SIM_CPU *, int);
void update_ACC_ptime (SIM_CPU *, INT, int);
void update_SPR_ptime (SIM_CPU *, INT, int);
void vliw_wait_for_GR (SIM_CPU *, INT);
void vliw_wait_for_GRdouble (SIM_CPU *, INT);
void vliw_wait_for_FR (SIM_CPU *, INT);
void vliw_wait_for_FRdouble (SIM_CPU *, INT);
void vliw_wait_for_CCR (SIM_CPU *, INT);
void vliw_wait_for_ACC (SIM_CPU *, INT);
void vliw_wait_for_SPR (SIM_CPU *, INT);
void vliw_wait_for_idiv_resource (SIM_CPU *, INT);
void vliw_wait_for_fdiv_resource (SIM_CPU *, INT);
void vliw_wait_for_fsqrt_resource (SIM_CPU *, INT);
void vliw_wait_for_float_resource (SIM_CPU *, INT);
void vliw_wait_for_media_resource (SIM_CPU *, INT);
void load_wait_for_GR (SIM_CPU *, INT);
void load_wait_for_FR (SIM_CPU *, INT);
void load_wait_for_GRdouble (SIM_CPU *, INT);
void load_wait_for_FRdouble (SIM_CPU *, INT);
void enforce_full_fr_latency (SIM_CPU *, INT);
void enforce_full_acc_latency (SIM_CPU *, INT);
void post_wait_for_FR (SIM_CPU *, INT);
void post_wait_for_FRdouble (SIM_CPU *, INT);
void post_wait_for_ACC (SIM_CPU *, INT);
void post_wait_for_CCR (SIM_CPU *, INT);
void post_wait_for_SPR (SIM_CPU *, INT);
void post_wait_for_fdiv (SIM_CPU *, INT);
void post_wait_for_fsqrt (SIM_CPU *, INT);
void post_wait_for_float (SIM_CPU *, INT);
void post_wait_for_media (SIM_CPU *, INT);
void trace_vliw_wait_cycles (SIM_CPU *);
void handle_resource_wait (SIM_CPU *);
void request_cache_load (SIM_CPU *, INT, int, int);
void request_cache_flush (SIM_CPU *, FRV_CACHE *, int);
void request_cache_invalidate (SIM_CPU *, FRV_CACHE *, int);
void request_cache_preload (SIM_CPU *, FRV_CACHE *, int);
void request_cache_unlock (SIM_CPU *, FRV_CACHE *, int);
int load_pending_for_register (SIM_CPU *, int, int, int);
void set_use_is_gr_complex (SIM_CPU *, INT);
void set_use_not_gr_complex (SIM_CPU *, INT);
int use_is_gr_complex (SIM_CPU *, INT);
typedef struct
SI address;
unsigned reqno;
extern FRV_INSN_FETCH_BUFFER frv_insn_fetch_buffer[];
enum {
/* Simulator specific profile bits begin here. */
/* Profile caches. */
/* Profile parallelization. */
/* Masks so WITH_PROFILE can have symbolic values.
The case choice here is on purpose. The lowercase parts are args to
--with-profile. */
#define PROFILE_cache (1 << PROFILE_INSN_IDX)
#define PROFILE_parallel (1 << PROFILE_INSN_IDX)
/* Preprocessor macros to simplify tests of WITH_PROFILE. */
#define FRV_COUNT_CYCLES(cpu, condition) \
((PROFILE_MODEL_P (cpu) && (condition)) || frv_interrupt_state.timer.enabled)
/* Modelling support. */
extern int frv_save_profile_model_p;
extern enum FRV_INSN_MODELING {
} model_insn;
frv_model_advance_cycles (SIM_CPU *, int);
frv_model_trace_wait_cycles (SIM_CPU *, int, const char *);
/* Register types for queued load requests. */
#define REGTYPE_NONE 0
#define REGTYPE_FR 1
#define REGTYPE_ACC 2
SI frv_ref_SI (SI);
#endif /* PROFILE_H */