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/* collection of junk waiting time to sort out
Copyright (C) 1996-2021 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Contributed by Cygnus Support.
This file is part of GDB, the GNU debugger.
This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program. If not, see <>. */
#ifndef M32R_SIM_H
#define M32R_SIM_H
/* GDB register numbers. */
#define PSW_REGNUM 16
#define CBR_REGNUM 17
#define SPI_REGNUM 18
#define SPU_REGNUM 19
#define BPC_REGNUM 20
#define PC_REGNUM 21
#define ACCL_REGNUM 22
#define ACCH_REGNUM 23
#define ACC1L_REGNUM 24
#define ACC1H_REGNUM 25
#define BBPSW_REGNUM 26
#define BBPC_REGNUM 27
#define EVB_REGNUM 28
extern int m32r_decode_gdb_ctrl_regnum (int);
/* Cover macros for hardware accesses.
FIXME: Eventually move to cgen. */
#define GET_H_SM() ((CPU (h_psw) & 0x80) != 0)
#ifndef GET_H_CR
extern USI m32rbf_h_cr_get_handler (SIM_CPU *, UINT);
extern void m32rbf_h_cr_set_handler (SIM_CPU *, UINT, USI);
#define GET_H_CR(regno) \
XCONCAT2 (WANT_CPU,_h_cr_get_handler) (current_cpu, (regno))
#define SET_H_CR(regno, val) \
XCONCAT2 (WANT_CPU,_h_cr_set_handler) (current_cpu, (regno), (val))
#ifndef GET_H_PSW
extern UQI m32rbf_h_psw_get_handler (SIM_CPU *);
extern void m32rbf_h_psw_set_handler (SIM_CPU *, UQI);
#define GET_H_PSW() \
XCONCAT2 (WANT_CPU,_h_psw_get_handler) (current_cpu)
#define SET_H_PSW(val) \
XCONCAT2 (WANT_CPU,_h_psw_set_handler) (current_cpu, (val))
/* FIXME: These prototypes are necessary because the cgen generated
cpu.h, cpux.h and cpu2.h headers do not provide them, and functions
which take or return parameters that are larger than an int must be
prototyed in order for them to work correctly.
The correct solution is to fix the code in cgen/sim.scm to generate
prototypes for each of the functions it generates. */
extern DI m32rbf_h_accum_get_handler (SIM_CPU *);
extern void m32rbf_h_accum_set_handler (SIM_CPU *, DI);
extern DI m32r2f_h_accums_get_handler (SIM_CPU *, UINT);
extern void m32r2f_h_accums_set_handler (SIM_CPU *, UINT, DI);
#ifndef GET_H_ACCUM
#define GET_H_ACCUM() \
XCONCAT2 (WANT_CPU,_h_accum_get_handler) (current_cpu)
#define SET_H_ACCUM(val) \
XCONCAT2 (WANT_CPU,_h_accum_set_handler) (current_cpu, (val))
/* Misc. profile data. */
typedef struct {
/* nop insn slot filler count */
unsigned int fillnop_count;
/* number of parallel insns */
unsigned int parallel_count;
/* FIXME: generalize this to handle all insn lengths, move to common. */
/* number of short insns, not including parallel ones */
unsigned int short_count;
/* number of long insns */
unsigned int long_count;
/* Working area for computing cycle counts. */
unsigned long insn_cycles; /* FIXME: delete */
unsigned long cti_stall;
unsigned long load_stall;
unsigned long biggest_cycles;
/* Bitmask of registers loaded by previous insn. */
unsigned int load_regs;
/* Bitmask of registers loaded by current insn. */
unsigned int load_regs_pending;
/* Initialize the working area. */
void m32r_init_insn_cycles (SIM_CPU *, int);
/* Update the totals for the insn. */
void m32r_record_insn_cycles (SIM_CPU *, int);
/* This is invoked by the nop pattern in the .cpu file. */
#define PROFILE_COUNT_FILLNOPS(cpu, addr) \
do { \
if (PROFILE_INSN_P (cpu) \
&& (addr & 3) != 0) \
++ CPU_M32R_MISC_PROFILE (cpu)->fillnop_count; \
} while (0)
/* This is invoked by the execute section of mloop{,x}.in. */
do { \
if (PROFILE_INSN_P (cpu)) \
++ CPU_M32R_MISC_PROFILE (cpu)->parallel_count; \
} while (0)
/* This is invoked by the execute section of mloop{,x}.in. */
do { \
if (PROFILE_INSN_P (cpu)) \
++ CPU_M32R_MISC_PROFILE (cpu)->short_count; \
} while (0)
/* This is invoked by the execute section of mloop{,x}.in. */
do { \
if (PROFILE_INSN_P (cpu)) \
++ CPU_M32R_MISC_PROFILE (cpu)->long_count; \
} while (0)
/* Additional execution support. */
/* Hardware/device support.
??? Will eventually want to move device stuff to config files. */
/* Exception, Interrupt, and Trap addresses */
#define EIT_SYSBREAK_ADDR 0x10
#define EIT_RSVD_INSN_ADDR 0x20
#define EIT_ADDR_EXCP_ADDR 0x30
#define EIT_TRAP_BASE_ADDR 0x40
#define EIT_EXTERN_ADDR 0x80
#define EIT_RESET_ADDR 0x7ffffff0
#define EIT_WAKEUP_ADDR 0x7ffffff0
/* Special purpose traps. */
#define TRAP_SYSCALL 0
/* Handle the trap insn. */
USI m32r_trap (SIM_CPU *, PCADDR, int);
#endif /* M32R_SIM_H */