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2021-07-01 Mike Frysinger <>
* Delete sim-reserved-bits.
* std-config.h (WITH_RESERVED_BITS): Delete.
* configure: Regenerate.
2021-06-30 Mike Frysinger <>
* Add -W flags from ../m4/sim_ac_option_warnings.m4.
Run compile tests against each flag.
* configure: Regenerate.
2021-06-29 Mike Frysinger <>
* main.c (sim_io_error): Add comment
* sim_calls.c (sim_io_error): Likewise. Change "" to " ".
(error): Likewise.
2021-06-20 Mike Frysinger <>
* Delete sim-inline logic.
* configure: Regenerate.
2021-06-19 Mike Frysinger <>
* Replace ALL_INLINE with ALL_C_INLINE and
* inline.h: Likewise.
* options.c: Likewise.
* std-config.h: Likewise. Include sim-inline.h explicitly.
(ALL_INLINE): Delete.
* configure: Regenerate.
2021-06-19 Mike Frysinger <>
* Move intl vars to ../
*, configure: Regenerate.
2021-06-19 Mike Frysinger <>
* Delete toolchain vars.
* Likewise.
* configure: Regenerate.
2021-06-19 Mike Frysinger <>
(ZLIB): Use $(zlibdir).
* Delete AM_ZLIB & AC_PLUGINS calls.
* aclocal.m4,, configure: Regenerate.
2021-06-18 Mike Frysinger <>
* (WERROR_CFLAGS): Delete.
* Delete werror configure option.
* configure: Regenerate.
2021-06-18 Mike Frysinger <>
* Include ../
2021-06-18 Mike Frysinger <>
* sim-main.h: Delete sim-signal.h include.
2021-06-17 Mike Frysinger <>
* (ENDIAN_CFLAGS): Delete.
* Delete sim-endian.
* configure: Regenerate.
2021-06-17 Mike Frysinger <>
* igen.c (gen_semantics_h): Rename PAGE_SIZE to MPC860C0_PAGE_SIZE.
* ppc-instructions: Likewise.
2021-06-16 Mike Frysinger <>
* Delete AC_EXEEXT call.
* configure: Regenerate.
2021-06-16 Mike Frysinger <>
* Delete sim-assert logic.
*, configure: Regenerate.
2021-06-16 Mike Frysinger <>
* altivec.igen: Change BIG_ENDIAN to BFD_ENDIAN_BIG.
* emul_generic.c: Likewise.
* options.c (options_byte_order): Likewise. Change int to bfd_endian.
* psim.c (current_target_byte_order): Change type to bfd_endian.
& BFD_ENDIAN_BIG respectively.
* sim-endian-n.h: Likewise.
* sim-endian.c: Likewise.
* std-config.h: Include bfd.h.
(current_target_byte_order): Change type to bfd_endian.
* vm.c (vm_synchronize_context): Change LITTLE_ENDIAN & BIG_ENDIAN to
* configure: Regenerate.
2021-06-16 Mike Frysinger <>
* basics.h (__attribute__): Delete.
* misc.h (__attribute__): Likewise.
Include ansidecl.h.
2021-06-16 Mike Frysinger <>
* cpu.h: Include ansidecl.h.
(cpu_error): Change __attribute__ ((format (printf... to
* device.h (device_error): Change __attribute__ ((format (printf...
* lf.h: Include ansidecl.h.
(lf_printf): Change __attribute__ ((format (printf... to
* sim_callbacks.h (sim_io_printf_filtered): Change __attribute__
((format (printf... to ATTRIBUTE_PRINTF_1.
* tree.h (tree_parse): Change __attribute__ ((format (printf... to
2021-06-16 Mike Frysinger <>
* double.c: Include ansidecls.h.
* dp-bit.c: Change __attribute__ ((packed)) to ATTRIBUTE_PACKED.
2021-06-16 Mike Frysinger <>
* basics.h (NORETURN): Delete.
* sim_callbacks.h: Include ansidecl.h. Change NORETURN to
* sim_calls.c: Likewise.
2021-06-16 Mike Frysinger <>
* basics.h (UNUSED): Delete.
* gen-icache.c (print_icache_extraction): Change UNUSED to
* idecode_expression.h: Likewise. Include ansidecl.h.
* inline.h: Likewise.
2021-06-16 Mike Frysinger <>
* basics.h: Delete CONCAT* and XCONCAT* macros.
* corefile.c: Include symcat.h.
* idecode_fields.h: Likewise.
* sim-endian.c: Likewise.
* vm.c: Likewise.
2021-06-16 Mike Frysinger <>
* device.h (device_add_boolean_property): Rename bool arg to boolean.
2021-06-16 Mike Frysinger <>
* Delete sim-hostendian logic.
* altivec_registers.h (WITH_HOST_BYTE_ORDER): Rename to ...
(HOST_BYTE_ORDER): ... this.
* options.c: Likewise.
* sim-endian.c: Likewise.
* psim.c (current_host_byte_order): Delete.
(HOST_BYTE_ORDER): ... this.
* sim-endian-n.h: Likewise.
* sim-endian.h: Delete all custom endian include & define logic.
* std-config.h (WITH_HOST_BYTE_ORDER): Delete.
(LITTLE_ENDIAN): Define fallback.
(BIG_ENDIAN): Likewise.
(current_host_byte_order, CURRENT_HOST_BYTE_ORDER): Delete.
*, configure: Regenerate.
2021-06-13 Mike Frysinger <>
(LIB_OBJ): Replace version.o with $(COMMON_OBJS).
(version.c, version.o): Delete rules.
2021-06-12 Mike Frysinger <>
* Add $(EXEEXT) to run and psim.
2021-06-12 Mike Frysinger <>
* Delete sim-alignment.
* configure: Regenerate.
2021-06-12 Mike Frysinger <>
* Delete calls to ACX_PKGVERSION & ACX_BUGURL.
* aclocal.m4,, configure: Regenerate.
2021-06-12 Mike Frysinger <>
* Delete sim-stdio & sim-trace.
* debug.h: Define TRACE_* defines.
*, configure: Regenerate.
2021-06-12 Mike Frysinger <>
*, configure: Regenerate.
2021-06-12 Mike Frysinger <>
* Delete sim-env configure option.
* defs.h: Include ../config.h. Undefine PACKAGE* defines.
* std-config.h (ALL_ENVIRONMENT): Define.
*, configure: Regenerate.
2021-06-09 Mike Frysinger <>
* basics.h (NULL): Delete.
* gen-itable.c (NULL): Likewise.
* gen-model.c (NULL): Likewise.
* ld-cache.c (NULL): Likewise.
* ld-decode.c (NULL): Likewise.
2021-05-29 Mike Frysinger <>
* (WERROR_CFLAGS): Add -Wno-format for mingw32 hosts.
* configure: Regenerate.
2021-05-29 Mike Frysinger <>
* emul_generic.c (emul_write_status): Rename errno to err.
(emul_write2_status): Likewise.
* emul_generic.h (emul_write_status, emul_write2_status): Likewise.
* emul_netbsd.c (errno): Delete.
* emul_unix.c (errno): Delete.
2021-05-29 Mike Frysinger <>
* (INCLUDES): Add -I../..
2021-05-16 Mike Frysinger <>
* (gentmap): Pass -DUSE_CONFIG_H.
* basics.h, debug.c, filter_filename.c, inline.c, sim-endian.c,
words.h: Replace config.h include with defs.h.
* defs.h: New file.
2021-05-15 Mike Frysinger <>
* (WERROR_CFLAGS): Define.
* Add --enable-werror.
* device.c (device_full_name): Delete full_name variable.
(device_clean): Delete system variable.
* emul_chirp.c (chirp_emul_getprop): Cast vars to unsigned long.
(chirp_emul_seek): Likewise.
* hw_glue.c (hw_glue_init_address): Use %zu format.
* hw_ide.c (hw_ide_io_read_buffer): Cast vars to unsigned long.
(hw_ide_io_write_buffer): Likewise.
* hw_init.c (update_for_binary_section): Cast vars to unsigned long.
* hw_phb.c (hw_phb_dma_read_buffer): Likewise.
(hw_phb_dma_write_buffer): Likewise.
* hw_shm.c (hw_shm_init_data): Delete d variable.
(hw_shm_attach_address_callback): Delete shm variable.
* igen.c (gen_semantics_c): Include tree.h.
* interrupts.c (alignment_interrupt): Cast vars to unsigned long.
* ld-insn.c (dump_insn_field): Cast vars to unsigned long.
* main.c (main): Add const to argv.
* options.c (print_options): Cast var to int.
* ppc-instructions: Add %s to format. Delete shifted variable. Add
parenthesis to binary operations.
* psim.c (find_arg): Add const to return and argv.
(is_num): Add const to string.
(psim_options): Add const to return and argv, and p & param.
(psim_command): Add const to argv, device, and media.
(psim_stack): Add const to argv and envp.
* psim.h: Add const to psim_options, psim_command, and psim_stack.
* tree.c (parse_reg_property): Delete & from sizeof.
* vm.c (om_virtual_to_real): Const vars to long.
* vm_n.h (vm_data_map_read_N): Change format to %zu.
(vm_data_map_write_N): Likewise.
* configure: Regenerate.
2021-05-14 Mike Frysinger <>
* Update path.
* gdb-sim.c: Update include path.
* main.c: Likewise.
* psim.h: Likewise.
* sim_calls.c: Likewise.
2021-04-22 Tom Tromey <>
* mon.c: Update includes.
* emul_unix.c: Update includes.
(do_unix_gettimeofday): Update condition.
2021-04-22 Tom Tromey <>
* (stamp-vals, stamp-map): New targets.
(targ-vals.h, targ-map.c): Update.
(clean): Remove files.
2021-04-08 Tom Tromey <>
* emul_unix.c: Include time.h.
2021-04-08 Simon Marchi <>
* Set ASAN_OPTIONS when running igen.
2021-04-03 Mike Frysinger <>
* (install): Install as run-ppc when not the primary arch.
(install-strip): Likewise.
2021-03-13 Mike Frysinger <>
* (BUILD_LDFLAGS): Rename to ...
(LDFLAGS_FOR_BUILD): ... this.
2021-03-13 Mike Frysinger <>
2021-03-08 Mike Frysinger <>
* (gentmap, dgen, igen, tmp-filter, tmp-ld-decode,
tmp-ld-cache, tmp-ld-insn): Delete $(BUILD_LIBS).
2021-03-07 Mike Frysinger <>
* (check): Define.
2021-02-13 Mike Frysinger <>
* Replace sinclude with AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIRS.
* aclocal.m4, configure: Regenerate.
2021-02-06 Mike Frysinger <>
(NOWARN_CFLAGS): Likewise.
* Delete AC_SUBST(HDEFINES) and bfd/
* configure: Regenerate.
2021-01-19 Mike Frysinger <>
* (version.c): Simplifiy args and call move-if-change.
2021-01-11 Mike Frysinger <>
* Delete checks for stdlib.h, string.h,
strings.h, and time.h.
*, configure: Regenerate.
* cpu.c, debug.c, device.c, device_table.c, device_table.h,
dgen.c, emul_bugapi.c, emul_chirp.c, emul_netbsd.c, emul_unix.c,
filter.c, hw_com.c, hw_eeprom.c, hw_nvram.c, hw_opic.c, hw_pal.c,
hw_phb.c, hw_sem.c, hw_shm.c, lf.c, main.c, misc.c, misc.h,
mon.c, pk_disklabel.c, psim.c, registers.c, sim_calls.c, table.c,
HAVE_STRINGS_H, HAVE_LIMITS_H, HAVE_TIME_H, and strings.h include.
* hw_nvram.c: Likewise.
(_hw_nvram_device): Always define host_time as time_t.
(hw_nvram_update_clock): Delete error fallback.
* gen-model.c (gen_model_c): Delete HAVE_STDLIB_H output.
2021-01-09 Mike Frysinger <>
* configure: Regenerate.
2021-01-08 Mike Frysinger <>
* sim_calls.c (sim_memory_map): Define.
2021-01-04 Mike Frysinger <>
* gen-icache.c, igen.c: Include stdlib.h.
2021-01-04 Mike Frysinger <>
* acinclude.m4 (ACX_BUGURL): Change http:// to https://.
* configure: Regenerate.
2020-10-20 Dr. David Alan Gilbert <>
* emul_netbsd.c (do_sigprocmask): Fix printf format.
2020-07-03 Sebastian Huber <>
* ld-insn.h (last_model, last_model_data, last_model_function,
last_model_internal, last_model_macro, last_model_static):
(max_model_fields_len, model_data, model_functions,
model_internal, model_macros, model_static, models): Declare, but do not
* ld-insn.c (last_model, last_model_data, last_model_function,
last_model_internal, last_model_macro, last_model_static,
max_model_fields_len, model_data, model_functions,
model_internal, model_macros, model_static, models): Define.
2020-03-12 Kamil Rytarowski <>
* emul_netbsd.c (netbsd_signal_names): Sync with NetBSD 9.99.49.
2020-03-12 Kamil Rytarowski <>
* emul_netbsd.c (netbsd_error_names): Sync with NetBSD 9.99.49.
2019-12-19 Tom Tromey <>
PR build/24572:
* (install-strip): New target.
2019-09-20 Alan Modra <>
* emul_generic.c (emul_add_tree_options): Delete old bfd code.
2019-01-26 Tom Tromey <>
* (version.c): Use sim's
2018-05-09 Sebastian Rasmussen <>
* e500_registers.h: Comment typo fix.
* ppc-instructions (ppc_insn_mfcr): Likewise.
2017-09-05 John Baldwin <>
PR sim/20863
* sim_calls.c (error): New function.
2017-02-13 Mike Frysinger <>
* cpu.h: Include libiberty.h.
* emul_bugapi.c (emul_bugapi_instruction_name): Use ARRAY_SIZE.
* emul_generic.h: Include libiberty.h.
* emul_netbsd.c (emul_netbsd_syscalls): Use ARRAY_SIZE.
* emul_unix.c (convert_to_solaris_stat): Likewise.
(emul_solaris_syscalls): Likewise.
(emul_linux_syscalls): Likewise.
* options.c (print_options): Likewise.
* ppc-instructions: Likewise.
2016-01-10 Mike Frysinger <>
* (sim-assert): Call AC_MSG_CHECKING,
(sim-env, sim-stdio, sim-trace): Delete.
*, configure: Regenerate.
WITH_STDIO): Delete.
2016-01-10 Mike Frysinger <>
* configure: Regenerate.
2016-01-10 Mike Frysinger <>
* configure: Regenerate.
2016-01-10 Mike Frysinger <>
* Delete --enable-sim-regparm and sim_regparm,
and --enable-sim-stdcall and sim_stdcall.
* configure: Regenerate.
* inline.h: Delete REGPARM everywhere.
* options.c (print_options): Delete WITH_REGPARM and
* std-config.h (WITH_REGPARM, WITH_STDCALL, REGPARM): Delete.
2016-01-10 Mike Frysinger <>
* Delete --enable-sim-cflags and sim_cflags.
* configure: Regenerate.
* INSTALL: Delete all mention of --enable-sim-cflags.
* (SIM_CFLAGS): Delete.
(psim): Likewise.
2016-01-06 Mike Frysinger <>
* sim_calls.c (sim_open): Mark argv const.
(sim_create_inferior): Mark argv and env const.
2016-01-04 Mike Frysinger <>
* (sim-bswap): Delete.
* configure: Regenerate.
* INSTALL: Delete --enable-sim-bswap docs.
* (BSWAP_CFLAGS): Delete.
* options.c (print_options): Delete WITH_BSWAP.
* sim-endian.h (htonl, ntohl): Delete.
* std-config.h (WITH_BSWAP): Delete.
2016-01-02 Mike Frysinger <>
* main.c (main): Pass SIM_OPEN_STANDALONE to psim_options and
* psim.c (psim_usage): Add new kind arg. Only show bug URL and
exit when kind is SIM_OPEN_STANDALONE.
(psim_options): Add new kind arg. Pass kind down to all psim_usage
calls. Replace error/break calls after psim_usage with return NULL.
Only exit with version case when kind is SIM_OPEN_STANDALONE.
* psim.h: Include gdb/remote-sim.h.
(psim_options): Add new kind arg.
(psim_usage): Likewise.
* sim_calls.c (sim_open): Pass kind to psim_options. Return NULL
when it returns NULL.
2015-12-29 Kevin Buettner <>
* emul_netbsd.c (fd_closed): New static array.
(fdbad): New function.
(do_read, do_write, do_close, do_dup, do_ioctl, do_dup2, do_fcntl)
(do_fstatfs, do_fstat, do_lseek): Call `fdbad'.
(emul_netbsd_init): Initialize `fd_closed'.
* emul_unix.c (fd_closed): New static array.
(fdbad): New function.
(do_unix_read, do_unix_write, do_unix_close, do_unix_dup)
(do_unix_dup2, do_unix_lseek, do_solaris_fstat, do_solaris_ioctl)
(do_linux_fstat, do_linux_ioctl): Call `fdbad'.
(emul_solaris_init, emul_linux_init): Initialize `fd_closed'.
2015-12-26 Mike Frysinger <>
* (TCONFIG_H): Delete.
(sim-fpu.o): Delete $(TCONFIG_H).
(tconfig.h): Delete rule.
2015-11-21 Mike Frysinger <>
PR sim/13834
* (gentmap): Change $< to $(srcdir)/../common/gentmap.c.
(callback.o): Change $< to $(srcdir)/../common/callback.c.
(options.o): Change $< to $(srcdir)/options.c.
2015-11-17 Pedro Alves <>
sim_io_printf_filtered instead of printf_filtered.
2015-06-12 Mike Frysinger <>
* configure: Regenerate.
2015-04-29 Nick Clifton <>
PR 18273
* hw_htab.c (htab_map_binary): Fix overlap check.
2015-04-13 Mike Frysinger <>
* (version.o): Change to using from gdb.
( Delete.
2015-03-31 Mike Frysinger <>
*, configure: Regenerate.
(ZLIB, ZLIBINC): Define.
(BFD_LIB): Add $(ZLIB).
2014-11-23 Joel Sherrill <>
* ChangeLog, ChangeLog.00, hw_com.c, ld-cache.h, ppc-instructions:
Change immediatly to immediately.
2014-08-27 Joel Sherrill <>
* basics.h, device.c, device.h, hw_htab.c, hw_memory.c:
Correct spelling in comments.
2014-08-19 Alan Modra <>
* Invoke AC_PLUGINS.
* configure: Regenerate.
* Regenerate.
2014-03-10 Mike Frysinger <>
* sim_calls.c (sim_do_command): Add const to cmd.
2014-03-05 Mike Frysinger <>
* sim_calls.c (sim_load): Add const to prog.
2014-02-17 Aaro Koskinen <>
PR gdb/12202
* (psim): Delete $(LIBS) from dependency.
2013-10-15 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* (srcsim): New variable.
(version.c): Adjust call to $(srccom)/ as per change.
2013-06-28 Tom Tromey <>
* (version.c): Use, not
2013-06-24 Joel Brobecker <>
* (srccom): New variable.
(version.c): Update rule dependencies, and re-implement using
2013-05-03 Hafiz Abid Qadeer <>
2013-04-19 Nathan Froyd <>
* ppc-instructions (isel): New instruction.
2013-04-19 Nathan Froyd <>
* ppc-instructions (isel): New instruction.
2012-12-19 Joel Brobecker <>
* COPYING: Update to GPL version 3.
2012-06-15 Joel Brobecker <>
* configure: Regenerate.
2012-05-24 Pedro Alves <>
PR gdb/7205
* Replace TARGET_SIGNAL_ with GDB_SIGNAL_ throughout.
2012-03-14 Michael Haubenwallner <>
* emul_unix.c (st_pad1, st_pad2, st_pad3): Undefine.
2012-01-02 Joel Brobecker <>
* dp-bit.c: Reformat copyright header.
2011-02-11 Ben Golding <>
* events.c: add #include <stdlib.h> for free(). Fix PR build/13372.
2011-10-17 Mike Frysinger <>
* Change include to common/acinclude.m4.
2011-10-17 Mike Frysinger <>
* Change AC_PREREQ to 2.64. Delete AC_CONFIG_HEADER
call. Replace common.m4 include with SIM_AC_COMMON.
* configure: Regenerate.
2011-06-09 Joel Brobecker <>
* psim.c (psim_options): Fix length of comparison when checking
for --sysroot= option.
2011-06-08 Joel Brobecker <>
* psim.c (psim_options): Add option that cause the error
in invalid-option error messages. Print the usage when
detecting an invalid long-name option.
2011-06-08 Joel Brobecker <>
* psim.c (psim_options): Accept and ignore `--sysroot=...'.
2011-06-03 Joel Brobecker <> (obvious fix)
From Stephen Kitt <>
* vm.c (vm_synchronize_context): Spelling fix in function
2011-04-16 Mike Frysinger <>
* sim_calls.c (sim_complete_command): New stub function.
2011-02-14 Mike Frysinger <>
* cap.c (cap_remove): Change zfree to free.
* corefile.c (core_init): Likewise.
* device.c (detach_device_interrupt_edge): Likewise.
(clean_device_interrupt_edges): Likewise.
(device_instance_delete): Likewise.
(device_set_property): Likewise.
(clean_device_properties): Likewise.
(device_add_range_array_property): Likewise.
(device_add_reg_array_property): Likewise.
* emul_bugapi.c (emul_bugapi_do_read): Likewise.
* emul_netbsd.c (write_direntries): Likewise.
(do_read): Likewise.
(do_write): Likewise.
(do_getdirentries): Likewise.
* emul_unix.c (do_unix_read): Likewise.
(do_unix_write): Likewise.
* events.c (event_queue_init): Likewise.
(event_queue_deschedule): Likewise.
(event_queue_process): Likewise.
* hw_disk.c (open_disk_image): Likewise.
(hw_disk_instance_delete): Likewise.
* hw_eeprom.c (hw_eeprom_instance_delete): Likewise.
* hw_htab.c (htab_dma_binary): Likewise.
* hw_init.c (update_for_binary_section): Likewise.
* hw_memory.c (hw_memory_set_available): Likewise.
(hw_memory_init_address): Likewise.
(hw_memory_instance_release): Likewise.
* pk_disklabel.c (disklabel_delete): Likewise.
* table.c (table_push): Likewise.
* tree.c (parse_reg_property): Likewise.
(parse_ranges_property): Likewise.
(parse_string_property): Likewise.
* main.c (zfree): Delete.
* sim_calls.c (zfree): Likewise.
* sim_callbacks.h (zfree): Likewise.
2011-01-11 Andrew Burgess <>
* gdb-sim.c (sim_store_register): Update return value to
match new API.
2011-01-05 Joel Brobecker <>
* psim.texinfo: Copyright year update.
2010-04-14 Mike Frysinger <>
* sim_calls.c (sim_write): Add const to buf arg.
2010-02-14 Andreas Schwab <>
* ppc-instructions: Fix missing assignment in last change.
2010-02-05 Andreas Schwab <>
* ppc-instructions: Fix aliasing bugs when calling
2009-11-13 Nathan Froyd <>
* If build != host, create a separate build-config.h
file desecribing the build machine.
* configure: Regenerate.
* lf.c: Include build-config.h instead of config.h.
* dgen.c: Likewise.
* igen.c: Likewise.
* misc.c: Likewise.
* misc.h: Likewise.
* filter.c: Likewise.
* table.c: Likewise.
2009-10-15 Joel Sherrill <>
* std-config.h: Fix spelling error.
2009-09-22 Joel Sherrill <>
* main.c: Fix spelling error.
2009-09-15 Andreas Tobler <>
Doug Evans <>
* (sim_hwflags): Use AC_DEFINE to define HAVE_UNION_SEMUN.
* configure: Regenerate.
* Regenerate.
* hw_sem.c: (HAVE_UNION_SEMUN): Renamed from HAS_UNION_SEMUN.
2009-08-22 Ralf Wildenhues <>
* Regenerate.
* configure: Likewise.
* configure: Regenerate.
2009-07-30 Ralf Wildenhues <>
* (datarootdir): New variable.
2009-01-12 Nathan Froyd <>
* ppc-instructions (sync): Add L field.
2008-12-15 Joel Sherrill <>
* ppc-instructions, ppc-spr-table: Add ability
to read tbrl and tbru special registers.
2008-11-18 Joel Sherrill <>
* configure: Regenerated.
* Add test for System V shared memory and semaphore.
* debug.c, debug.h: Add trace support for new devices.
* hw_sem.c, hw_shm.c: New files.
* Add hw_sem.c and hw_shm.c.
2008-07-11 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* Add test for libz and zlib.h.
* (LIBS): Set from @LIBS@.
* configure: Regenerate.
* Ditto.
2008-06-06 Vladimir Prus <>
Daniel Jacobowitz <>
Joseph Myers <>
* configure, Regenerated.
* (LIB_OBJ): Add version.o.
(version.c, version.o): New rules.
* psim.c (psim_usage): Add help parameter. Print the bug URL.
Exit with code 0 for help.
(psim_options): Update calls to psim_usage. Handle --help and
* psim.h (psim_usage): Update prototype.
* main.c (main): Update psim_usage call.
2008-03-14 Nick Hudson <
* Pass ../../intl to ZW_GNU_GETTEXT_SISTER_DIR.
* configure: Regenerate.
2007-10-15 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* gdb-sim.c (regnum2spr): Rename to...
(sim_spr_register_name): ... this. Make global.
2007-09-04 Jerome Guitton <>
* sim/ppc/emul_bugapi.c (emul_bugapi_create): quote the file
name property before parsing it.
2006-12-21 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* acconfig.h: Remove.
* Regenerate.
2006-11-22 Tom Marn <>
Committed by Andrew Cagney.
* ppc-instructions: Implement optional PowerPC stfiwx instruction.
2006-07-12 Fred Fish <>
* sim-endian.h (asm/byteorder.h): Don't include private kernel
2006-06-13 Richard Earnshaw <>
* configure: Regenerated.
2006-05-31 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
and LIBINTL_DEP everywhere.
* configure: Regenerated.
2006-05-05 Andreas Schwab <>
* (CFLAGS_FOR_BUILD): Set and substitute.
* configure: Regenerate.
(BUILD_CFLAGS): Use it instead of hardcoding "-g -O".
(gentmap): Fix typo BUILD_FLAGS -> BUILD_CFLAGS.
2006-04-23 Andreas Schwab <>
* (tmp-ld-decode): Fix dependencies.
(tmp-ld-cache): Likewise.
(tmp-ld-insn): Likewise.
2006-02-01 Mark Mitchell <>
* emul_netbsd.c (emul_netbsd_create): Quote file-name property.
* emul_unix.c (emul_unix_create): Likewise.
* tree.c (libiberty.h): Include it.
(tree_quote_property): New function.
* tree.h (tree_quote_property): Declare.
2006-01-25 Mark Mitchell <>
* words.h (natural32): Define as "int".
2006-01-23 Mark Mitchell <>
* words.h (signed32): Define as "int".
(unsigned32): Define as "unsigned int".
2005-11-28 Mark Mitchell <>
* (USE_WIN32API): Define it.
* Regenerate.
* Likewise.
* emul_netbsd.c (write_timezone): Guard with HAVE_GETTIMEOFDAY.
* emul_unix.c (do_unix_mkdir): Handle Win32 1-argument mkdir.
2005-11-28 Mark Mitchell <>
* psim.c: Include gdb/signals.h.
* sim_calls.c (gdb/signals.h): Include it.
(sim_stop_reason): Use TARGET_SIGNAL_*.
* psim.c (cntrl_c_simulation): Use TARGET_SIGNAL_*.
2005-07-15 Ben Elliston <>
* hw_htab.c (bfd_get_section_lma): Remove macro; use BFD's.
2005-07-15 Ben Elliston <>
* hw_init.c: Comment out tokens after #endif directive.
* hw_register.c: Likewise.
* hw_trace.c: Likewise.
* hw_vm.c: Likewise.
2005-04-20 Manoj Iyer <>
* psim.c: Added libiberty.h header file.
2005-04-18 Manoj Iyer <>
* Added check for long long.
* Regenerated.
* configure: Regenerated.
* words.h: Modified logic to check for HAVE_LONG_LONG instead of
__GNUC__, added config.h header file.
2005-03-25 Anthony Green <>
* tree.c (parse_reg_property): Fix memset usage.
2005-03-23 Mark Kettenis <>
* configure: Regenerate.
2005-01-11 Andrew Cagney <cagney@localhost.localdomain>
* configure: Re-generate.
2005-01-07 Andrew Cagney <>
* Rename, require autoconf 2.59.
* configure: Re-generate.
2005-01-03 Andreas Schwab <>
* (hw_com.o, hw_eeprom.o): Depend on
2004-11-16 Andreas Schwab <>
* (defines.h): Depend on tmp-defines.
(hw.c hw.h): Depend on tmp-hw.
(pk.h): Depend on tmp-pk.
2004-11-11 Andreas Schwab <>
* sim_calls.c: Include "libiberty.h".
2004-09-24 Ian Lance Taylor <>
Committed by Andrew Cagney.
* Check for sys/mount.h, sys/vfs.h, sys/statfs.h.
Check for struct statfs.
* emul_netbsd.c: If not HAVE_STRUCT_STATFS, #undef HAVE_FSTATFS.
* configure, Regenerate.
2004-08-05 Nathanael Nerode <>
* (GDB_INCLUDES): Remove bogus reference to mmalloc.
2004-08-04 Andrew Cagney <>
Jim Blandy <>
* sim_callbacks.h (simulator): Declare.
* (gdb-sim.o): New rule.
(MAIN_SRC, GDB_OBJ): Add gdb-sim.o, gdb-sim.c.
(DEFS_H): Delete.
(GDB_SIM_PPC_H): Define.
* gdb-sim.c: New file.
* sim_calls.c: Do not include "defs.h".
(simulator): Drop static.
(sim_store_register, sim_fetch_register): Delete.
2004-08-04 Andrew Cagney <>
* Back out accidently committed change.
2004-08-04 Jim Blandy <>
Use a fixed register numbering when communicating with the PowerPC
* sim_calls.c: #include "registers.h" and "gdb/sim-ppc.h"; do not
include GDB's "defs.h".
(gdb_register_name_table): New variable.
(gdb_register_name_table_size): New enum constant.
(gdb_register_name): New function.
(sim_fetch_register, sim_store_register): Use gdb_register_name,
instead of calling gdbarch_register_name.
* (GDB_SIM_PPC_H): New variable.
(DEFS_H): Delete variable.
(sim_calls.o): Update dependencies.
2004-07-26 Andrew Cagney <>
Problem from Olaf Hering <>.
* (install, installdirs): Add DESTDIR.
2004-07-10 Ben Elliston <>
* tree.c (parse_integer_property): Comment typo fix.
2004-07-06 Jim Blandy <>
* Update all dependency information.
(EMUL_GENERIC_H): Values updated.
(TREE_H, VM_H, VM_N_H, WORDS_H): New variables.
(callback.o, cap.o, corefile.o, debug.o, device.o, device_table.o)
(dgen.o, emul_bugapi.o, emul_chirp.o, emul_netbsd.o, emul_unix.o)
(events.o, filter.o, filter_filename.o, filter_host.o)
(gen-icache.o, gen-idecode.o, gen-itable.o, gen-model.o)
(gen-semantics.o, gen-support.o, hw_core.o, hw_cpu.o, hw_disk.o)
(hw_htab.o, hw_init.o, hw_phb.o, hw_register.o, icache.o)
(idecode.o, igen.o, interrupts.o, itable.o, ld-cache.o)
(ld-decode.o, ld-insn.o, lf.o, main.o, misc.o, model.o, mon.o)
(options.o, os_emul.o, pk_disklabel.o, psim.o, registers.o)
(semantics.o, sim-endian.o, sim-fpu.o, sim_calls.o, spreg.o)
(support.o, table.o, targ-map.o, tree.o, vm.o): Update dependencies.
2004-06-28 Jim Blandy <>
* e500_registers.h (EVR): Cast the 32-bit value of the GPR to an
unsigned type before or-ing it with a 64-bit value.
2004-06-15 Alan Modra <>
* hw_htab.c (htab_sum_binary(bfd): Use bfd_get_section_size
instead of bfd_get_section_size_before_reloc.
(htab_dma_binary(bfd): Likewise.
* hw_init.c (update_for_binary_section(bfd): Likewise.
2004-05-10 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* (sim_fpu_cflags): Add -I../common.
* configure: Regenerated.
2004-01-27 Andrew Cagney <>
* ppc-instructions: Update copyright.
(convert_to_integer): Add trailing ";" to label.
2003-10-16 Michael Snyder <>
* emul_netbsd.c: Only a comment may follow an #endif.
2003-10-15 Michael Snyder <>
* (sim_calls.o): No longer depends on gdb/tm.h.
2003-06-22 Andrew Cagney <>
Written by matthew green <>, with fixes from Aldy
Hernandez <>, Jim Wilson <>, and
Nick Clifton <>.
* ppc-instructions: Include altivec.igen and e500.igen.
(model_busy, model_data): Add vr_busy and vscr_busy.
(model_trace_release): Trace vr_busy and vscr_busy.
(model_new_cycle): Update vr_busy and vscr_busy.
(model_make_busy): Update vr_busy and vscr_busy.
* registers.c (register_description): Add Altivec and e500
* psim.c (psim_read_register, psim_read_register): Handle Altivec
and e500 registers.
* ppc-spr-table (SPEFSCR): Add VRSAVE and SPEFSCR registers.
* (sim_filter): When *altivec* add "av". When *spe*
or *simd* add e500.
(sim_float): When *altivec* define WITH_ALTIVEC. When *spe* add
* configure: Re-generate.
* e500.igen, altivec.igen: New files.
* e500_expression.h, altivec_expression.h: New files.
* idecode_expression.h: Update copyright. Include
"e500_expression.h" and "altivec_expression.h".
* e500_registers.h, altivec_registers.h: New files.
* registers.h: Update copyright. Include "e500_registers.h" and
(registers): Add Altivec and e500 specific registers.
* (IDECODE_H): Add "idecode_e500.h" and
(REGISTERS_H): Add "e500_registers.h" and "altivec_registers.h".
(tmp-igen): Add dependencies on altivec.igen and e500.igen .
2003-06-22 Andrew Cagney <>
Problems reported by Joshua LeVasseur.
* emul_chirp.c: Update copyright.
(chirp_emul_nextprop): Return the first property.
* hw_htab.c: Update copyright.
(htab_decode_hash_table): Fix check for htab size.
2003-06-21 Andrew Cagney <>
* interrupts.c: Update copyright.
(external_interrupt): Fix test for already pending interrupt.
Problem found by Joshua LeVasseur.
* ppc-instructions: Add missing +8 line. Found by blofeldus at
2003-06-21 Andrew Cagney <>
From Ian Lance Taylor <>: * hw_nvram.c
(hw_nvram_init_address): Correct call to memset--swap second and
third arguments.
2003-06-21 Andrew Cagney <>
* hw_com.c (hw_com_device_init_data): Check that the output, and
not input file opened. Pointed out by masahino
2003-06-20 Andrew Cagney <>
* sim_calls.c (sim_create_inferior): Assert that
psim_write_register succeeded.
(sim_fetch_register, sim_store_register): Make "regname" constant.
Delete Altivec hack. Return result from psim_read_register /
* psim.h (psim_read_register, psim_write_register): Change return
type to int. Update comments.
* psim.c: Update copyright.
(psim_stack): Assert that the psim_read_register worked.
(psim_read_register, psim_read_register): Return the register's
size. Allocate the cooked buffer dynamically.
* hw_register.c: Update copyright.
(do_register_init): Check that psim_write_register succeeded.
* hw_init.c: Update copyright.
(create_ppc_elf_stack_frame, create_ppc_aix_stack_frame): Assert
that the register transfer worked.
2003-06-19 Andrew Cagney <>
* ld-insn.h: Update copyright.
(cache_fields): Define.
(insn_table_fields): Add insn_field_6 and insn_field_7.
(load_insn_table): Pass in the "cache_rules".
* ld-insn.c: Update copyright.
(load_insn_table): Add parameter "cache_rules". Handle "cache",
"computed" and "scratch" fields.
(main): Pass "cache_rules" to load_insn_table.
* ld-cache.h: Update copyright.
(append_cache_table): Declare.
* ld-cache.c: Update copyright.
(append_cache_table): New function.
(load_cache_table): Call.
* gen-model.c: Include "ld-cache.h".
* gen-itable.c: Include "ld-cache.h".
* igen.c: Move #include "ld-cache.h" to earlier. Update
(main): Permit a NULL "cache_rules". Pass address of
"cache_rules" to load_insn_table.
* (tmp-ld-insn): Add "ld-cache.o".
(tmp-igen): Do not include ppc-cache-rules.
(gen-itable.o, gen-model.o): Add "ld-cache.h".
* ppc-cache-rules: Delete file.
* ppc-instructions: Add cache rules.
2003-06-19 Andrew Cagney <>
(SIM_FPU_FLAGS): Define.
(icache.o): Delete explicit compile command.
(semantics.o, idecode.o): Delete explicit compile command.
* gen-support.c (gen_support_c): Generate #include of
"sim-inline.h" and "sim-fpu.h", but conditional on
* gen-idecode.c (gen_idecode_c): Ditto.
* igen.c (gen_icache_c, gen_semantics_c): Wrap #include of
"sim-inline.h" and "sim-fpu.h" in HAVE_COMMON_FPU conditional.
Move to before "support.h".
*, gen-support.c, gen-idecode.c, igen.c: Update
2003-05-16 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (various): Use $(SHELL) whenever we invoke
2003-02-27 Andrew Cagney <>
* sim_calls.c (sim_open, sim_create_inferior): Rename _bfd to bfd.
2002-09-27 Andrew Cagney <>
* hw_disk.c (hw_disk_init_address): Set device type to "block",
not "disk".
2002-06-22 Andrew Cagney <>
* (INTL_SRC): Define.
(INTL_CFLAGS): Define.
(INTL_DIR): Define.
2002-06-17 Elena Zannoni <>
* psim.c (psim_options): Don't choke when gdb invokes us with
the --architecture option, just ignore it.
2002-06-16 Andrew Cagney <>
* configure: Regenerated to track ../common/aclocal.m4 changes.
2002-06-08 Andrew Cagney <>
* main.c: Include "gdb/callback.h" and "gdb/remote-sim.h".
* sim_calls.c: Ditto.
2002-05-30 DJ Delorie <>
* lf.c (lf_print__gnu_copyleft): Convert multiline strings to
compatible format.
* gen-idecode.c (print_run_until_stop_body): Likewise.
* gen-model.c (gen_model_c): Likewise.
2002-04-15 Elena Zannoni <>
* sim_calls.c (sim_fetch_register, sim_store_register): Return -1 for
AltiVec registers as a temporary stopgap.
2002-03-24 David O'Brien <>
* ppc/hw_disk.c: Export a disk device property.
2002-03-23 Andrew Cagney <>
From 2001-12-09 Julien Ducourthial <>:
* ppc-instructions (lswx): Do the register control with the
register count. Initialize the right register in the loop.
(mtfsfi) : Correct prefix for the instruction.
2002-02-24 Andrew Cagney <>
From wiz at danbala:
* std-config.h: Fix grammar and typos. Update copyright.
Fix PR gdb/287.
2002-01-12 matthew green <>
* (tmp-igen): Pass -I $(srcdir) to igen.
* igen.c (main): Change -I to add include paths for :include:
Implement -G as per sim/igen, with just gen-icache=N support.
Call load_insn_table() with the built include path.
* ld-insn.c (parse_include_entry): New. Load an :include: file.
(load_insn_table): New `includes' argument. Look for :include:
entries and call parse_include_entry() for them.
(main): Adjust load_insn_table() call.
* ld-insn.h (model_include_fields): New enum.
(load_insn_table): Update prototype.
* table.c (struct _open_table, struct _table): Rework
structures to handle included files.
(table_push): Move the guts of table_open() here.
* table.c (struct _open table, struct table): Make table object an
indirect ptr to the current table file.
(current_line, new_table_entry, next_line): Make file arg type
(table_open): Use table_push.
(table_entry_read): Point variable file at current table, at eof, pop
last open table.
* misc.h (NZALLOC): New macro. From sim/igen.
* table.h, table.c (table_push): New function.
2002-01-04 matthew green <>
* bits.c (LSMASKED64): New inline function.
(LSEXTRACTED64): Likewise.
* bits.h (_LSB_POS, _LSMASKn, LSMASK64): New macros from
(LSMASKED64, LSEXTRACTED64): New functions definitions.
* (sim-bits.o): Remove target.
* main.c (zalloc): Fix typo in error message.
2001-12-16 Andrew Cagney <>
* (sim_fpu): Don't add sim-bits.o.
* configure: Re-generate.
2001-12-15 matthew green <>
* main.c: Include "defs.h", "bfd.h", "callback.h" and "remote-sim.h".
(sim_io_error): New function.
* sim_calls.c: (sim_io_error): New function.
2001-12-14 matthew green <>
* (LIB_OBJ): Add @sim_fpu@.
(icache.o, semantics.o): Add new ICACHE_FLAGS & SEMANTICS_FLAGS.
(sim-fpu.o, sim-bits.o, tconfig.h): New targets.
check for sim/common/sim-fpu.c. Output sim_fpu and sim_fpu_cflags.
* configure: Regenerate.
* device.h (device_find_integer_array_property): Match function definition.
* gen-icache.c (print_icache_internal_function_declaration): Rename
* gen-idecode.c (print_idecode_run_function_header): Rename INLINE_IDECODE
* gen-semantics.c (print_semantic_function_header): Rename
* gen-support.c (print_support_function_name): Rename INLINE_SUPPORT to
* igen.c (print_function_name): Also escape `(' and `)'.
(gen_semantics_c): Likewise. Also output includes for "sim-fpu.h"
* options.c (options_inline): Fix names.
* sim-endian-n.h: Change INLINE_SIM_ENDIAN to INLINE_PSIM_ENDIAN.
* sim-endian.h: Likewise.
* sim-main.h: New file.
* std-config.h: Rename INLINE_LOCALS to PSIM_INLINE_LOCALS.
2001-12-01 Andrew Cagney <>
From Mark Peek.
* ppc-spr-table: Add SDA and PIR.
2001-10-29 Andrew Cagney <>
* tree.c (parse_size): Assert #size-cells > 0.
(parse_address): Ditto for #address-cells.
(parse_reg_property): Only parse the size when #size-cells is
2001-10-25 Andrew Cagney <>
* emul_generic.c (OEA_MEMORY_SIZE): Increase to 4mb.
* hw_htab.c (htab_map_binary): Don't try to map the text section
when it is empty.
* emul_chirp.c (map_over_chirp_note): Default load-base to -1 not
(emul_chirp_create): Map in the interrupt table.
2001-07-16 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* Add dependencies on $(CPU_H).
Wed Mar 7 10:45:12 HST 2001 Glen Nakamura <>
* hw_init.c (dma_file): Fixed problem with loading last 1KB of
2001-03-04 Andrew Cagney <>
* emul_netbsd.c [WITH_NetBSD_HOST]: Include <sys/mount.h> and
(do_stat): Only do SYS test when SYS_stat defined.
(do_sigprocmask): Ditto for SYS_sigprocmask.
(do_fstat): Ditto for SYS_fstat.
(do_getdirentries): Ditto for SYS_getdirentries.
(do_lstat): Ditto for SYS_lstat.
2001-01-15 Geoffrey Keating <>
* emul_netbsd.c (do_open): Translate the flag parameter to the
open syscall to the numbers supported by the host.
2000-12-12 Geoffrey Keating <>
* sim-endian.h: Don't have parameters on macro definitions which
are simply renaming functions, to permit use of XCONCAT2 in both
the macro name and the arguments in a use of such a definition.
2000-11-15 Jim Blandy <>
* sim_calls.c: Doc fix.
(sim_fetch_register, sim_store_register): Call
gdbarch_register_name directly, instead of going through
2000-10-24 Geoff Keating <>
* ppc-instructions (lfsux): Correct XO field of lfsux instruction.
Tue May 23 21:39:23 2000 Andrew Cagney <>
* configure: Regenerated to track ../common/aclocal.m4 changes.
Fri Apr 28 15:59:27 2000 Andrew Cagney <>
* events.c (event_queue_process): Call update_time_from_event
every time an event is removed from the queue.
(update_time_from_event): Delete assertion that a negative
time_from_event implies an empty event queue.
Fri Apr 28 15:53:54 2000 Andrew Cagney <>
* interrupts.c (deliver_hardware_interrupt): Print time trace in
* events.c (event_queue_process): Cleanup trace message.
(update_time_from_event): Trace full event queue.
2000-03-25 Geoff Keating <>
* ppc-instructions (Disabled_Exponent_Underflow): Increment
the exponent when denormalizing.
Thu Sep 2 18:15:53 1999 Andrew Cagney <>
* configure: Regenerated to track ../common/aclocal.m4 changes.
1999-05-08 Felix Lee <>
* Use AC_EXEEXT instead of AM_EXEEXT.
* configure: Regenerated to track ../common/aclocal.m4 changes.
1999-04-02 Keith Seitz <>
* sim_calls.c (POLL_QUIT_INTERVAL): Define. Used to tweak
the frequency at which the poll_quit callback is called.
(poll_quit_count): New global.
(sim_io_poll_quit): Only call the poll_quit callback
after the specified POLL_QUIT_INTERVAL.
1999-02-22 Jim Lemke <>
* dc-complex: Force expansion on all bits of field BO.
Previously, the least-significant (prediction) bit was ignored.
* ppc-instructions (conditional branches): Implement mpc860c0 option.
* igen.c (gen_semantics_[ch]): Setup for mpc860c0 option.
* psim.c (is_num, psim_options): Added parsing for mpc860c0 option.
* interrupts.h: Added "mpc860c0_instruction_program_interrupt".
* interrupts.c (program_interrupt): Added handling for above interrupt.
1999-02-01 Jim Blandy <>
Make the simulator compatible with the MPC750. It would be nicer
to make this a real multi-sim, but that's more work than we have
time for.
* emul_generic.c (emul_add_tree_options): Only require strict
alignment if it was explicitly requested at configuration time.
Don't make it the default for little-endian machines.
* ppc-spr-table (UMMCR0, UMMCR1, UPMC1, UPMC2, USIA, UPMC3, UPMC4,
THRM2, THRM3): Plop in the MPC750 SPR registers.
(DABR): This is weird. This was HID5, but the PPC spec says this
should be DABR; why did some random processor use it for something
else? The HID5 entry dates back to the original checkin of the
simulator code in 1995, so remove it.
* sim_calls.c (register_names): Delete this; since the user can
now change GDB's list of register names dynamically, we can't
pretend there's a static mapping here.
(sim_fetch_register, sim_store_register): Call GDB's REGISTER_NAME
function to get the register name. That ought to be accurate.
However, we're changing a compile-time dependency (using the
REGISTER_NAMES macro) into a link- and run-time dependency
(calling REGISTER_NAME, which happens to be a function call on the
1999-01-22 Jim Lemke <>
* igen.c(gen_semantics_[ch]): setup/use of new option
(-o mpc860c0[=n]).
interrupts.[ch](mpc860c0_instruction_program_interrupt): added.
ppc-instructions(the four branch insn groups): detect problematic br's.
psim.c(is_num - added, psim_options): Parse and init new option.
These changes are currently under #ifdef WITH_OPTION_MPC860C0.
1998-12-01 Ken Raeburn <>
* hw_nvram.c (hw_nvram_bcd): Force value to fit in 0..99.
Fri Nov 20 12:17:28 1998 Andrew Cagney <>
* main.c (sim_io_poll_quit): Stub function.
* events.c (SIM_EVENTS_POLL_RATE): Define.
(sim_events_poll): Copy function from common/sim-events.c.
(event_queue_init): Copy scheduling of sim_events_poll from same.
* sim_callbacks.h, sim_calls.c (sim_io_poll_quit): New function,
poll the external environment.
1998-11-19 Michael Meissner <>
* ppc-instructions (is_{NaN,inf}): Use unsigned64 to get the
fractional type, so that quiet NaN's aren't treated like
Mon Sep 28 09:42:45 1998 Drew Moseley <>
* table.c (table_open): For cygwin hosts, we need to use the
return value from the read routine as the number of bytes to
process. This apparently is due to text-mode vs binary-mode. If
the mounts are done text-mode, then the size returnedby fstat()
may be different than the number of bytes "read" in text mode.
Sun Oct 4 00:50:47 1998 Felix Lee <>
* emul_netbsd.c (do_open): fix order-of-evaluation problem.
(do_close): ditto.
(do_fstat): ditto.
(do_lstat): ditto.
1998-09-03 Michael Meissner <>
* emul_{netbsd,unix}.c: Update copyright year.
Mon Jun 29 10:57:36 1998 Michael Snyder <>
* sim_calls.c (sim_fetch_register, sim_store_register):
return zero when nothing to do.
1998-06-26 Michael Meissner <>
* (AC_CHECK_HEADERS): Don't check for sys/mount.h.
* configure: Regenerate.
* emul_{netbsd,unix}.c (toplevel): No longer try to include
sys/mount.h. It conflicts on Linux when gnu libc2 is used.
Tue May 12 12:10:33 PDT 1998 James Ingham <>
* The run target depended on a target psim$(EXEEXT),
but there was no such target, only plain psim. So I changed the
run target to depend on psim.
Sat May 2 01:10:12 1998 Stu Grossman <>
* aclocal.m4: Remove defs of AM_EXEEXT and AM_CYGWIN32. These are
now defined in ../common/aclocal.m4, and the double definition causes
problems with AC_SUBST of EXEEXT.
* configure: Regenerate.
Wed Apr 29 15:44:52 1998 Geoffrey Noer <>
* aclocal.m4: new file for AM_EXEEXT macro
* call AM_EXEEXT
* configure: regenerate with autoconf 2.12.1.
* add EXEEXT support
Sun Apr 26 15:31:55 1998 Tom Tromey <tromey@creche>
* configure: Regenerated to track ../common/aclocal.m4 changes.
* Ditto.
Sun Apr 26 15:19:51 1998 Tom Tromey <>
* acconfig.h: New file.
* Reverted change of Apr 24; use sinclude again.
Don't call AC_C_CROSS.
Fri Apr 24 14:16:40 1998 Tom Tromey <tromey@creche>
* configure: Regenerated to track ../common/aclocal.m4 changes.
* Ditto.
Fri Apr 24 11:18:46 1998 Tom Tromey <>
* (top_builddir): New macro.
(INTLLIBS): New macro.
(INTLDEPS): Likewise.
(psim): Depend on INTLDEPS; link against INTLLIBS.
Wed Apr 22 14:28:48 1998 Michael Meissner <>
* configure: Regenerate with autoconf 2.12.1.
Fri Mar 13 09:25:58 1998 Andrew Cagney <>
* psim.c (psim_read_register, psim_write_register): Handle updates
for FPSCR.
* registers.c (register_description): Reconize "FPSCR".
* emul_netbsd.c (emul_netbsd_create): When FP available, enable
MSR FP exception mode. Do not enable FPSCR bits.
* emul_unix.c (emul_unix_create): Ditto.
Tue Feb 17 12:48:58 1998 Andrew Cagney <>
* sim_calls.c (sim_store_register, sim_fetch_register): Pass in
length parameter. Return -1.
Mon Feb 9 14:13:14 1998 Andrew Cagney <>
* ppc-instructions (fdiv, fdivs): Check for divide by zero.
(is_invalid_zero_divide, invalid_zero_divide_operation): New
Wed Dec 10 17:38:28 1997 Andrew Cagney <>
* sim_calls.c (sim_load): Do not parse PROG using buildargv, use
raw value instead.
1997-11-05 Felix Lee <>
* emul_chirp.c: #ifdef HAVE_UNISTD_H
Wed Oct 15 08:50:54 1997 Andrew Cagney <>
* corefile.c (core_attach): Pad out allocated memory regions so
that they are always correctly aligned.
(struct _core_mapping, core_map_attach, core_init,
new_core_mapping): Change free_buffer to type void*.
Mon Oct 6 18:09:26 1997 Michael Meissner <>
* sim_calls.c (zfree): Call free correctly.
Mon Sep 29 10:05:01 1997 Andrew Cagney <>
* sim_calls.c (zfree): Use free, not mfree.
(sim_io_flush_stdoutput): Replace gdb_flush with callback ->
Fri Sep 26 09:50:29 1997 Andrew Cagney <>
* ppc-instructions (sraw, slw, srw): From Charles Lefurgy, Fix
mask extracting shift amount. Correctly condition for setting XER
in sraw.
(ldhau): From Johannes Reisinger, update rA after load.
Tue Sep 9 22:13:23 1997 Felix Lee <>
* basics.h (CONCAT*): token-pasting macros, if ALMOST_STDC,
for MSVC.
* words.h: __int64 instead of long long for MSVC.
Wed Aug 27 10:24:15 1997 Andrew Cagney <>
* sim_calls.c (sim_create_inferior): Check the simulator was
initialized before creating inferior.
* idecode_expression.h (ALU_END): From Charles Lefurgy - Extract
sign bit using 64 bit and not a 32 bit mask.
Wed Aug 27 10:15:48 1997 Andrew Cagney <>
* sim_calls.c (sim_load): From Ian Lance Taylor - free argv after
it has been used, not before.
Tue Aug 26 10:41:35 1997 Andrew Cagney <>
* sim_calls.c (sim_kill): Delete.
(sim_create_inferior): Add ABFD argument.
(entry_point): Delete variable.
(sim_load): Move setting of PC from here.
(sim_create_inferior): To here.
Mon Aug 25 16:17:06 1997 Andrew Cagney <>
* sim_calls.c (sim_open): Add ABFD argument.
Thu Jul 3 10:18:06 1997 Andrew Cagney <>
* ppc-instructions (PPC_INSN_INT): From Michael Thies - Monitoring
CR register updates dependant on RC value had logic backwards.
* ppc-instructions (Load String Word Immediate): From Brad Parker
- sense of wrap test in check for overwriting RA wrong.
(Load String Word Indexed): Ditto.
* From Erik Landry - set sim_default_model not
sim_model for sim-default-model option.
* configure: Regenerate.
* interrupts.c (check_masked_interrupts): Schedule a hardware
interrupt delivery when FP interrupts get enabled.
(program_interrupt): Generate FP exceptions instead of aborting.
(deliver_hardware_interrupt): Deliver a FP exception if so
* registers.h: Add definition of fpscr_vx_bits.
* idecode_expression.h (FPSCR_END): Always update FEX and VX bits
(FPSCR_END): Explicitly check for possible floating point
exception conditions.
(FPSCR_BEGIN): Simplify.
* ppc-instructions (Move From FPSCR): Enable.
(Move To FPSCR Bit 1): Ditto.
(Move To FPSCR Bit 0): Ditto.
(Move To FPSCR Field Immediate): Ditto.
(Move to Condition Register from FPSCR): Simplify.
(invalid_arithemetic_operation): Generate a QNaN when invalid
operation exception disabled.
Tue May 20 10:22:50 1997 Andrew Cagney <>
* sim_calls.c (sim_open): Add callback argument.
(sim_set_callbacks): Delete.
Tue Apr 22 22:36:57 1997 Mike Meissner <>
* sim_callbacks.h (error): Make declaration match gdb's.
* main.c (error): Ditto.
Fri Apr 18 17:03:09 1997 Andrew Cagney <>
* sim_calls.c (sim_stop_reason): Simplify. Was running implies
stopped/SIGINT. Exit implies a status code.
* psim.c (cntrl_c_simulation): From main.c. Event function that
halts the simulator.
(psim_stop): New. Asynchronously schedule a stop simulator event.
(psim_run_until_stop): Delete. Made redundant by psim_stop.
* main.c (cntrl_c): Update.
(cntrl_c_simulation): Moved to psim.c.
* sim_calls.c (sim_stop): New function. Use psim_stop which
schedules a stop event.
(sim_resume): Drop SIGINT handler, now in gdb/main.c.
(sim_resume): Use psim_run as stop variable no longer needed.
Fri Apr 18 17:03:08 1997 Andrew Cagney <>
* psim.c (psim_options): Handle -E option correctly.
(psim_usage): Document.
Thu Apr 17 03:28:03 1997 Doug Evans <>
* psim.c (psim_options): Ignore -E option (sets endianness).
* sim_calls.c: #include bfd.h.
(entry_point): New static local.
(sim_load): Return SIM_RC. New arg abfd. Set start address from bfd.
(sim_create_inferior): Return SIM_RC. Delete arg start_address.
Tue Apr 15 14:57:18 1997 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (INSTALL): Set to @INSTALL@.
(install): Depend upon installdirs. Use $(program_transform_name)
directly, rather than using $(INSTALL_XFORM).
(installdirs): New target.
Fri Apr 4 17:54:36 1997 Jim Wilson <>
* (tmp-hw, tmp-pk): Use for loop to eliminate duplicates
rather than the non-portable cat -n.
Mon Apr 14 16:29:51 1997 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (INSTALL): Change to install-sh.
Tue Apr 1 18:15:14 1997 Jim Wilson <>
* ppc-instructions: Change milhwu to mulhwu.
Wed Apr 2 15:38:08 1997 Doug Evans <>
* sim_calls.c (sim_open): New arg `kind'.
Wed Apr 2 14:51:17 1997 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* COPYING: Update FSF address.
Tue Mar 25 16:17:59 1997 Andrew Cagney <>
* main.c (sim_io_read_stdin): Only compile unbuffered IO code if
all the required features are supported by the host OS.
Tue Mar 25 12:13:02 1997 Andrew Cagney <>
* emul_bugapi.c (emul_bugapi_create): Guard against NULL images.
* (enable-sim-endain): Correct typo in usage (from
Erik Landry <landry@ENGR.ORST.EDU>).
* configure: Re-generate.
Fri Mar 14 18:23:02 1997 Andrew Cagney <>
* (targ-vals.def): Re-do rule so that it works with
FreeBSD's make. Didn't like $<.
Thu Mar 13 12:55:48 1997 Doug Evans <>
* sim_calls.c (sim_open): New SIM_DESC result. Argument is now
in argv form.
(other sim_*): New SIM_DESC argument.
Thu Feb 13 10:35:14 1997 Andrew Cagney <>
* ppc-opcode-simple-array, ppc-opcode-simple-goto,
ppc-opcode-simple-switch, ppc-opcode-complex-array,
ppc-opcode-complex-goto, ppc-opcode-complex-switch,
ppc-opcode-jump, ppc-opcode-goto, ppc-opcode-flat: Delete,
superseeded by --sim-decode-mechanism option.
* ppc-opcode-simple, dc-simple: Rename to be 8.3
* ppc-opcode-complex, dc-complex: Ditto.
* ppc-opcode-stupid, dc-stupid: Ditto.
* ppc-opcode-test-1, dc-test.01: Ditto.
* ppc-opcode-test-2, dc-test.02: Ditto.
* (--enable-sim-opcode): Change prefix to dc- instead
of ppc-opcode-.
Wed Feb 12 19:33:45 1997 Andrew Cagney <>
* Many of the ppc-opcode-* files are identical baring the type of
lookup table. Instead of having multiple tables, igen can do this
via an additional option.
* ld-decode.h, ld-decode.c (force_decode_gen_type): New function,
allow the type of generated table specified in the decode file to
be overridden.
* ld-decode.c (load_decode_table): Allow the table type to be
* igen.c (main): Add -T <mechanism> option so that an overriding
instruction decode mechanism can be specified.
* New option --sim-decode-mechanism to control
igen's new -T <mechanism> flag.
configure script.
* configure: Regenerate.
Tue Feb 11 13:49:10 1997 Michael Meissner <>
* events.c (event_queue_create): Don't use NULL to initialize an
integer field.
(even_queue_{init,schedule_after_signal,tick}): Conditionalize use
of sigprocmask to appropriate autoconf test.
* main.c ({cntrl_c,main}): Use RETSIGTYPE for signal return type,
don't assume void.
* sim_calls.c (sim_{ctrl_c,resume}): Ditto.
* (callback.o): Define HAVE_CONFIG_H, so callback.c
includes our config.h.
Tue Feb 4 13:42:59 1997 Doug Evans <>
* Fix typo in test for callback.c.
* configure: Regenerated.
Fri Feb 7 10:04:25 1997 Andrew Cagney <>
* emul_chirp.c (emul_chirp_create): Handle a virtbase of -1 being
found in the device tree.
Wed Feb 5 10:56:27 1997 Andrew Cagney <>
* Property create/initialization still wasn't correctly ordered.
Should be delaying everything related to ihandle creation until
after the rest of the tree has been established.
* device.c (device_find_ihandle_runtime_property): Update.
(device_add_ihandle_runtime_property): Update.
* tree.c (parse_ihandle_property): Delay lookup of the device to
be opened until the ihandle initialization phase.
* tree.c (print_properties): Update.
Wed Feb 5 10:56:27 1997 Andrew Cagney <>
* gen-icache.c (print_icache_extraction): Add a reason parameter.
Augment each extracted field with a comment citing the codes
origin. Should simplify tracking down incorrect cache
Tue Feb 4 17:44:51 1997 Andrew Cagney <>
* gen-icache.c: Generalize code handling XXX_is_NNN so that it
works for normal and boolean table entries.
* psim.c (psim_write_memory): last_cpu == -1 or nr_cpus is now
valid. Handle this just like *_{read,write}_register now handles
Mon Feb 3 17:18:16 1997 Andrew Cagney <>
* events.c (insert_event_entry): Correct loop termination
Fri Jan 31 16:20:26 1997 Andrew Cagney <>
* psim.c (psim_options): Add new option -c for max-iterations or
(psim_usage): Document.
(psim_max_iterations_exceeded): New function, abort simulation if
max iterations exceeded.
* gen-idecode.c: Re-work the table lookup code so that it assumes
that the entry is a leaf by default. Simplify the boolean table
entry code so that it involves a mask + test instead of shift +
shift + mask + test.
* gen-idecode.c: Correct generated igen body so that it no drops
or doubles clock interrupts.
Thu Jan 30 11:23:20 1997 Andrew Cagney <>
* (BUILT_SRC_WO_CONFIG): Change targ-vals.* to
* (sim_callback, sim_targ_vals): Set sim_targ_valls
if common callback is present.
Wed Jan 29 12:32:41 1997 Michael Meissner <>
* (sim_callback): If the gdb is post 4.16, configure
callback support from the common directory.
* configure: Regenerate.
* (BUILT_SRC_WO_CONFIG): Add targ-vals.{h,def} and
(GDB_OBJ): Add callback support configured in.
(gentmap,targ-vals.def): Build from common directory.
(targ-vals.h,targ-map.c): Build by running gentmap.
(callback.o): Build from source in common directory.
(targ-map.o): Add dependency.
(clean): Remove gentmap.
Wed Jan 29 12:14:19 1997 Andrew Cagney <>
* igen wasn't aborting if the opcode table contained no valid
* misc.c (name2i): Possibly abort if an invalid name is
* ld-decode.c: Abort if the table type isn't found.
Wed Jan 29 12:14:19 1997 Andrew Cagney <>
* When performance monitoring is disabled, it is still possible to
determine the simulation speed by looking at the number of elapsed
ticks recorded by the event queue.
* psim.c (psim_write_register, psim_read_register): Force the cpu
to zero when it is either of `-1' or `nr_cpus'. In both cases the
next cpu would be zero any way.
* mon.c (mon_print_info): If possible, print the system cycle
performance. This is an indication of the number of instructions
per second.
Wed Jan 29 12:14:19 1997 Andrew Cagney <>
* The code to allow an event queue to be updated during a signal
was missing. For main.c, a cntrl-c simulation termination wasn't
handled cleanly.
* The simulation would not correctly restart if an event requested
that the simulation be halted.
* psim.c (psim_options): Add hack to -i option to optionally
include a level vis -i2.
(psim_usage): Document.
* main.c (cntrl_c, cntrl_c_simulation): New functions. When a
cntrl-c occures schedule an event to halt the simulation.
(main): Catch CNTRL-C signals with the function cntrl_c.
* events.c (event_queue_process): Mask interrupts while
manipulating the async event queue.
(event_queue_init): Ditto.
(event_queue_schedule_after_signal): Ditto.
* events.c (event_queue_process): Mark the event queue as being in
the processing state when processing has started. Adjust code
so that it is tolerant of halts.
(event_queue_init): Start the event queue out with processing
(event_queue_tick): Check that processing isn't still being
* gen-idecode.c (print_run_until_stop_body): Call
event_queue_process_events to clear possibly pending events before
starting a simulation run. Re-arange main loop so that simulator
is correctly restarted when an event halts the simulation.
* psim.c (psim_halt): Handle an event halting the simulation.
* psim.c (psim_init): Adjust initial cpu - == -1 - to match
reworked idecode.
Wed Jan 29 12:14:19 1997 Andrew Cagney <>
* ppc-opcode-complex: Correct typo - was expanding ORA instead of
RA. Based on instruction frequency stats, expand additional
* ppc-instructions: Change all `RA == 0' to RA_is_0.
* ppc-opcode-stupid: Move all but the basic table in -complex into
here. Update to new format.
* (tmp-defines): New target. Force defines.h to always
be built. Hence get ppc-opcode-goto to build.
Tue Jan 28 13:00:19 1997 Andrew Cagney <>
* hw_com.c (hw_com_instance_read, hw_com_instance_write):
Thu Jan 23 09:07:26 1997 Andrew Cagney <>
* hw_trace.c (hw_trace_init_data): Delete. The trace options need
to be initialized independant of the rest of the simulation
initalization. Otherwize a trace option explictly set from gdb
could be overridden by hw_trace.
* psim.c (psim_options): Clarify reason why the trace ioctl occures.
* FIXME: The trace code is too scattered - hw_trace.c, psim.c,
debug.c. It could be much simpler.
Thu Jan 23 09:07:26 1997 Andrew Cagney <>
* Some devices support removable media. Add hooks to the disk
device so that it supports this.
* device.c (device_add_string_array_property,
device_find_string_array_property): New functions, manipulate
properties containing an array of strings.
(device_find_string_property): Allow a string array.
(device_init_static_properties): Update.
(device_init_runtime_properties): Update.
* hw_disk.c (hw_disk_ioctl): Add ioctl for changing the disk
media. If no file image is specified, use the next one in the
image property list.
(hw_disk_init_address): Change the file property so that it is a
string array - use the first entry for the initial file image.
* tree.c (print_string_aray_property): New function - print a
string array.
(print_properties): Adjust.
(print_string): Write a string, handling double quotes.
* device.h: Define an ioctl to `change-media' with an optional new
media image.
* hw_disk.c: Allow floppy disk devices to be specified.
* psim.c (psim_command): New function, parse more complex psim
commands such as "change-media" and "trace".
* sim_calls.c (sim_do_command): Use.
Wed Jan 22 09:38:33 1997 Andrew Cagney <>
* For expressions like (RA == 0) that are entered in to the cache
as RA_is_0. If possible generate the result of the expression so
that the compiler gets a better chance of eliminating dead
* gen-icache.c (print_icache_extraction): For a cache entry of
the form <name>_is_<const> where it is a boolean field, generate
the result of the expression instead of the expression its self.
(print_icache_body): Remove code that was looking for *_is_0 and
then generating corresponding definitions.
* gen-icache.c (print_icache_struct): If there is no cache, do not
output expressions in idecode.h file.
* gen-icache.c (print_icache_body): Output them here.
* ppc-opcode-complex: Clarify constant values for SPR==LR register
* ppc-cache-rules (RA_is_0, SPR_is_256): Two new cache entries.
Wed Jan 22 12:24:52 1997 Andrew Cagney <>
* The code that put values in and extracted values from the cache
was too compilicated. The cache table did not allow values to be
computed from cache entries. #defines could only be used when a
cache was present, remove the restriction.
* ld-cache.h, ld-cache.c: Add a new cache entry type - SCRATCH. A
scratch variable is defined when a cache entry is beinf
filled. Change the definition of a COMPUTE variable to be defined
when the cache entry is being used.
* gen-icache.c: Update.
* ld-cache.h, ld-cache.c: Change field names so that their meaning
is more obvious. old_name->field_name, new_name->derived_name.
* gen-icache.c: Update
* gen-icache.h, gen-icache.c (print_icache_body): Make the three
different types of cache code - put into cache, extract from
cache, no cache - an explicit argument to print_icache_body.
* gen-icache.c (print_icache_extraction): Ditto.
* gen-semantics.c (print_c_semantic): Update use.
* gen-idecode.c (print_jump_insn): Update use.
* gen-icache.c (print_icache_function): Update use.
* igen.c (main): Change 'R' option so that it does not force the
* (enable-sim-icache): Clarify description. Make
#define one of the defaults regardless of the cache. Probably
should revamp and add a separate option.
Tue Jan 21 13:26:10 1997 Andrew Cagney <>
* pk_disklabel.c (block_is_fdisk): Tidy up traces - use dos
partition numbering.
(pk_disklabel_create_instance): Partition 1..4 are valid - not
(is_iso9660): New function, verify a CD9660 File system.
(pk_disklabel_create_instance): Start expanding so that active
partition selection is supported.
Mon Jan 20 11:20:15 1997 Andrew Cagney <>
* The cap object was retaining a reference to the instance of a
device after it was deleted. Instead add and remove cap's from the
cap db as they are created and deleted. This ensuring that a
capibility is only used during the lifetime of the corresponding
* cap.h, cap.c: Correct cap type - was signed32 should be
* cap.c (cap_add, cap_remove): New methods for cap object that
allow the explicit addition and removal of internal objects that
the cap knows about.
* cap.c (cap_init): Rewrite. Verify that the only objects
remaining in the cap data base are those that were entered first.
Thse objects will be the permenant ones.
* device.c (device_init_address): Remember to initialize the cap
* device.c (device_create_instance_from): Explicitly add device
instances to the cap database. Simplify create code.
(device_instance_delete): Explicitly remove device instances from
the cap database.
* device.c (device_create_from): Explicitly add a device to the
cap data base.
* device.c (device_create_from): Always set the cap members.
* hw_disk.c: Output the instance when tracing.
Sun Jan 19 16:44:29 1997 Andrew Cagney <>
* tree.c (split_device_specifier): Add support for aliases when
looking up a device. Now needs a device as an argument.
(split_property_specifier): Ditto.
Sun Jan 19 15:28:23 1997 Andrew Cagney <>
* The memory "claim" and "release" methods take an address and
size as arguments. These may be multi cell values. Initially fix
the memory code so that they check/detect this. Leave the
adjustment of any clients to later.
* hw_memory.c (hw_memory_instance_claim,
hw_memory_instance_release): Handle multi-cell memory devices.
* hw_memory.c (hw_memory_instance_claim): Be tolerant towards the
release of memory regions that were not claimed.
Fri Jan 17 12:01:07 1997 Andrew Cagney <>
* device.h, device.c (device_instance_call_method): Correct return
type - can return either 0 or -1, hence should be a signed type.
* device_table.h: Ditto.
* hw_memory.c (hw_memory_instance_claim,
hw_memory_instance_release): Update.
* hw_disk.c (hw_disk_max_transfer, hw_disk_block_size,
hw_disk_nr_blocks): Ditto.
Fri Jan 17 11:50:13 1997 Andrew Cagney <>
* emul_chirp.c (chirp_emul_claim): Implement using the "claim"
method belonging to "/chosen/memory".
(chirm_emul_release): Ditto.
* (LIB_INLINE_SRC): Remove emul_* from list of files
that are inlined. These modules are called via a table and are
not made inline.
* hw_init.c (update_for_binary_section): Fix failure to allocate
memory used by the binary in real-mode executions. If "claim"
property is present, allocate memory from the "/chosen/memory"
* emul_chirp.c (emul_chirp_create): Specify that memory should be
claimed when loading a real image.
* hw_memory.c (hw_memory_instance_claim): Don't page align memory
* hw_memory.c (hw_memory_instance_release): Avoid infinite loop
when merging adjacent memory chunks.
Thu Jan 16 08:51:25 1997 Andrew Cagney <>
* vm.h (vm_data_map_read_buffer, vm_data_map_write_buffer): Add
optional PROCESSOR & CIA args so that this routine also abort an
* vm_n.h (vm_data_map_read_N, vm_data_map_write_N): For a
miss-aligned access when a transfer fails abort.
* emul_bugapi.c (emul_bugapi_do_write): Use emul_read_buffer
instead of the vm_read_buffer.
* emul_netbsd.c (do_write): Ditto.
* emul_unix.c (do_unix_write): Ditto.
Wed Jan 15 14:38:25 1997 Andrew Cagney <>
* (--enable-sim-jump): Default is NULL and not -E.
* configure: Regenerate.
* basics.h (__attribute__): Enable attributes if GCC >= 2.6.
(UNUSED): Only enable UNUSED if GCC >= 2.7.
* gen-icache.c (print_icache_extraction): Print UNUSED macro
instead of explicit __unused__ attribute.
(print_icache_body): Ditto.
* idecode_expression.h (FPSCR_BEGIN): Use UNUSED.
Wed Jan 15 13:54:50 1997 Andrew Cagney <>
* cpu.h, cpu.c (cpu_synchronize_context): Add CIA argument as
reference point.
* vm.c (vm_synchronize_context): Add PROCESSOR and CIA as
arguments so that there is a reference point for recovery.
(vm_synchronize_context): Pass processor+cia for errors.
(om_unpack_sr): Ditto.
(om_unpack_srs): Ditto.
* vm.c (vm_create): Review error messages.
* vm.c: Include "cpu.h" so that cpu_error is visible.
* ppc-instructions (Return From Interrupt): Pass CIA.
(Instruction Synchronize): Ditto.
* psim.c (psim_init): Ditto.
Wed Jan 15 12:25:11 1997 Andrew Cagney <>
* cpu.h, cpu.c (cpu_error): Aborts simulation with error message,
but also saves current processor state.
* basics.h: Move #include <stdarg.h> to here from device_table.h.
* interrupts.c (perform_oea_interrupt): Use. No longer loose CIA
when simulation aborted.
(program_interrupt): Ditto.
(floating_point_unavailable_interrupt): Ditto.
(alignment_interrupt): Ditto.
(floating_point_assist_interrupt): Ditto.
(perform_oea_interrupt): Ditto.
(machine_check_interrupt): Ditto.
Tue Jan 14 12:19:10 1997 Andrew Cagney <>
* ppc-instructions (Move from Special Purpose Register): Support
move from DEC.
Mon Jan 13 16:58:12 1997 Andrew Cagney <>
* debug.h, debug.c: Add "interrupts" trace option.
* interrupts.c (data_storage_interrupt): Add tracing.
(machine_check_interrupt): Ditto.
(instruction_storage_interrupt): Ditto.
(alignment_interrupt): Ditto.
(program_interrupt): Ditto.
(floating_point_unavailable_interrupt): Ditto.
(system_call_interrupt): Ditto.
(floating_point_assist_interrupt): Ditto.
(deliver_hardware_interrupt): Ditto.
* interrupts.c (program_interrupt): For UEA mode, halt the
processor - so that the current state is saved - instead of
(floating_point_unavailable_interrupt): Ditto.
(floating_point_assist_interrupt): Ditto.
Thu Jan 2 09:10:41 1997 Andrew Cagney <>
* interrupts.c (perform_oea_interrupt): Halt rather than abort on
a double interrupt.
Wed Jan 1 22:54:52 1997 Andrew Cagney <>
* ppc-instructions (Store Multiple Word, Load Multiple Word):
* tree.c (print_properties): For an array consider printing it out
as an integer array.
* hw_memory.c (hw_memory_init_address): If an "available" property
is present, use that to initialize the available memory instead of
using the reg property.
* emul_generic.c (emul_add_tree_hardware): Add "available"
property to memory device.
Fri Dec 20 13:19:07 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* ppc-instructions (Rotate Left Word then AND with Mask): Enable.
* device.c (device_instance_call_method): Was only looking at the
first method.
* hw_disk.c (hw_disk_nr_blocks): Implement #blocks method.
(hw_disk_block_size): Implement block-size method.
(hw_disk_max_transfer): Implement max-transfer method.
* hw_phb.c (hw_phb_init_address): Reinit the rest of the PHB.
* emul_chirp.c (chirp_emul_instance_to_path): Recover from an
invalid ihandle.
(chirp_emul_instance_to_package): Ditto.
(chirp_emul_method): Ditto.
(chirp_emul_read): Ditto.
(chirp_emul_write): Ditto.
(chirp_emul_close): Ditto.
(chirp_emul_seek): Ditto.
(chirp_emul_package_to_path): Ditto (for phandle).
(chirp_emul_package_to_path): Return the length.
* psim.c (psim_merge_device_file): Allow continuation lines.
Thu Dec 19 11:09:43 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* emul_chirp.c (chirp_emul_boot): Implement. Well report the new
string and exit.
* emul_chirp.c (chirp_emul_exit): Correct type of args struct
members - *_cell not host dependant int.
Wed Dec 18 17:49:59 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* interrupts.c (perform_oea_interrupt): Print additional
information if a double interrupt is encountered.
Wed Dec 18 17:49:59 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* psim.c (psim_merge_device_file): Tolerate an incorrect file-name
being specified with the -f option.
(psim_merge_device_file): Correct check for end of string.
Wed Dec 18 17:49:59 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* emul_chirp.c (chirp_emul_peer): Was falling off the end of the
list of devices. Return zero to the client instead.
* emul_chirp.c (chirp_emul_child): Ditto
* emul_chirp.c (chirp_emul_parent): Ditto
* device.c (device_root): Assert assumption about the device being
Tue Dec 17 15:12:38 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* emul_chirp.c (emul_chirp_create): Add description property to
each significant node in the device tree.
* emul_bugapi.c (emul_bugapi_create): Ditto.
Fri Dec 13 14:30:31 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* main.c (sim_io_read_stdin): For a single byte STDIO read, use a
tempoary two byte buffer. Single byte read with fgets will not
* main.c: Include errno.h.
(sim_io_read_stdin): For non-STDIO, make it work.
* emul_chirp.c (chirp_emul_read): Return the correct error status.
Fri Dec 13 14:30:31 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* std-config.h (WITH_STDIO): Don't hard-wire the STDIO mechanism.
Instead have each emulation default it to DO_USE_STDIO.
* emul_generic.c (emul_add_tree_options): Select the STDIO I/O
mechanism as the default if enabled or if nothing selected.
* sim_calls.c (sim_io_read_stdin): Passify GCC's desire for a
return value.
(sim_io_write_stdout): Ditto.
(sim_io_write_stderr): Ditto.
* main.c (sim_io_write_stdout): Ditto.
(sim_io_write_stderr): Ditto.
(sim_io_read_stdin): Ditto.
Tue Dec 10 10:31:48 1996 Michael Meissner <>
* emul_chirp.c (emul_chirp_instruction_call): Make *printf calls
type correct.
* vm.c (om_effective_to_virtual): Ditto.
* events.c (event_queue_schedule{,_after_signal}): Ditto.
(event_queue_{deschedule,process}): Ditto.
* hw_htab.c (htab_decode_hash_table): Ditto.
(htab_map_{page,binary}): Ditto.
* hw_opic.c (hw_opic_init_data): Ditto.
(handle_interrupt): Ditto.
(do_processor_init_register_{read,write}): Ditto.
(write_vector_priority_register): Ditto.
({read,write}_destination_register): Ditto.
(do_suprious_vector_register_{read,write}): Ditto.
(do_current_task_priority_register_N_{read,write}): Ditto.
(do_timer_frequency_reporting_register_{read,write}): Ditto.
(do_timer_N_{current,base}_count_register_{read,write}): Ditto.
(do_ipi_N_dispatch_register_write): Ditto.
(do_vendor_identification_register_read): Ditto.
(do_feature_reporting_register_N_read): Ditto.
(do_global_configuration_register_N_{read,write}): Ditto.
* hw_phb.c (hw_phb_attach_address): Ditto.
(hw_phb_unit_decode): Ditto.
(hw_phb_address_to_attach_address): Ditto.
(hw_phb_io_{read,write}_buffer): Ditto.
* hw_ide.c (setup_fifo): Ditto.
* sim_calls.c ({defs,callback,remote-sim}.h): Find gdb include
files via -I<dir> instead of using "../../gdb/" prefixes.
Tue Dec 10 10:12:44 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* debug.h: Add tracing for the pal device.
* hw_pal.c: Update.
* emul_chirp.c (chirp_emul_getprop): More tracing.
Tue Dec 10 10:12:44 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* device.h, device.c (device_find_ihandle_runtime_property): New
function. Reverse of add_ihandle_runtime property.
(device_init_runtime_properties): Use it.
* device.c (find_property_entry): New function returns the
internal property spec.
(device_set_property): Use.
(device_find_property): Use.
Tue Dec 10 10:12:44 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* psim.c (psim_merge_device_file): Strip newline from device
Tue Dec 10 10:12:44 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* hw_htab.c (htab_map_binary): For overlapping text / data maps
merge the two. Also check that the merge is safe.
* emul_chirp.c (emul_chirp_create): Add a description property to
the pte's so that they are easier to identify.
(emul_chirp_create): Don't specify a load address for the CHRP
image. Always use the values specified by the executable.
* hw_htab.c (htab_map_page): Abort if a duplicate map is
Mon Dec 9 12:08:46 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* hw_htab.c (htab_map_page): Formatting.
* emul_chirp.c (emul_chirp_instruction_call): Check for a NULL
method name when handling the client call. Also check for other
bad call arguments.
* emul_chirp.c (emul_chirp_create): Allow real-mode?, real-base,
etc to be overriden.
Mon Dec 9 12:08:46 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* os_emul.c (os_emul_create): Use tree find property instead of
device find property - sigh.
Thu Dec 5 10:46:42 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* 961205: Release snapshot 961205.
Thu Dec 5 10:46:42 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* (hostbitsize, bitsize): Fix typo in error message -
cannot contain a comma.
(sim-warnings): Check for more potential errors.
* psim.c (psim_usage): Add -f <file> option. Specifies a file
containing device tree specifications that should be merged into
the device tree.
* Sort options.
* configure: Rebuild
Wed Dec 4 13:57:31 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* psim.c (psim_usage): Add -n option - specify number of
* emul_chirp.c: Add description.
* emul_bugapi.c: Ditto.
* emul_unix.c: Ditto.
* emul_netbsd.c: Ditto.
Fri Nov 29 11:12:22 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* hw_pal.c (hw_pal_attach_address): New function, if an attach is
encountered, assume that it is the single disk.
* hw_pal.c: Add generic device/size decode methods.
* hw_nvram.c (hw_nvram_init_address): Use the first nonzero reg
property entry when determining the nvram size.
* hw_core.c: Add generic address/size decode methods.
* emul_chirp.c (emul_chirp_instruction_call): Return and trace
nonzero status from client functions.
* main.c (error): Always include a cariage return when writing out
Wed Nov 20 00:36:55 1996 Doug Evans <>
* sim_calls.c (sim_resume): Reset sim_should_run if single
Thu Nov 28 13:19:46 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* emul_bugapi.c (emul_bugapi_do_diskio): Add support for multiple
optional disks.
* emul_generic.c (emul_add_tree_hardware): Drop the dummy eeprom.
Attach the pal - for I/O - as a pseudo device haning from the
firmware sub tree.
* emul_bugapi.c (emul_bugapi_create): Add a small memory device to
the device tree at the address of the hi-mem interrupt vector
addreses. Used by bugapi to establish its trap instructions.
* debug.h: Add a new macro DITRACE for tracing device instances.
* debug.h: Extend the DTRACE macro so that it can also tests for
device specific tracint.
* device.h, device.c (device_trace): Add method to determine
device specific tracing.
(device_init_address): Set the devices tracing level.
Thu Nov 21 12:05:32 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* tree.h, tree.c (tree_device): New files - separate out the
device parser and other tree operations from the device.
* inline.h, inline.c (INLINE_TREE): Add.
* device.h, device.c (device_tree_add_parsed): Delete.
* (tree.c): Add rules for new file.
* Better order the emul_* files.
* emul_generic.c (emul_add_tree_hardware): Update.
* emul_netbsd.c (emul_netbsd_create): Update.
* emul_unix.c (emul_unix_create): Ditto.
* emul_chirp.c (emul_chirp_create): Ditto.
* emul_bugapi.c (emul_bugapi_create): Ditto.
* psim.c (psim_tree): Ditto.
* hw_init.c: Ditto.
* emul_generic.h: Include tree.h
* Add to EMUL_GENERIC_H dependencies.
* device.h, device.c (device_root): New function - returns the
root of the tree.
* corefile.c: Use.
* device.h, device.c (device_clean): New function, clean up device
ready for next simulation run. This includes things like deleting
interrupt edges and properties created during the simulation and
also scrubbing any pre-defined properties.
* tree.c (tree_init): Use.
* device.h, device.c (device_init_static_properties): New
function. Initialize any static predefined properties. By static
we mean those that have values that can be determined before the
device tree initialization has started.
* tree.c (tree_init): Use.
* device.h, device.c (device_init_address): Add code to
check/verify the devices #address-cells and #size-cells.
(device_add_integer_property): Delete corresponding code.
(device_nr_address_cells, device_nr_data_cells): Check for
property when returning value.
* device.h, device.c (device_init_runtime_properties): New
function. Initialize those properties that are not `static'. At
present the only such property is the ihandle.
* tree.c (tree_init): Use.
* device.h, device.c (reg, ranges): Rework these so that they use
an array of the fundamental type - single reg or single range
* device.h, device.c (device_add_ihandle_runtime_property):
Re-implement the adding of an ihandle during tree construction so
that it better fits in with device initialization.
Thu Nov 21 12:05:32 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* device.h, device.c (device_ioctl): Add additional argument -
request - so that the caller must always specify the type of
the ioctl request.
* device_table.h: Update.
* hw_trace.c (hw_trace_ioctl): Ditto.
* hw_vm.c (hw_vm_ioctl_callback): Ditto.
* hw_init.c (hw_stack_ioctl_callback): Ditto.
* psim.c (psim_options): Ditto.
Thu Nov 21 12:05:32 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* BUGS: Updated a bit.
Wed Nov 20 14:06:37 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* hw_opic.c: Finish - third round.
Wed Nov 20 12:02:08 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* hw_glue.c (hw_glue_io_read_buffer_callback): Fix miscalc of glue
reg index.
(hw_glue_io_write_buffer_callback): Ditto.
Tue Nov 19 21:17:08 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* events.c (event_queue_process): Was incorrectly consuming future
events on the queue when they should be left alone.
* debug.h, debug.c (events): Add support for event queue tracing.
* events.c: Add event tracing.
* debug.h, debug.c: Order device trace options.
Fri Nov 15 15:23:39 1996 Michael Meissner <>
* pk_disklabel.c (pk_disklabel_create_instance): Fix up some
warnings generated by GCC.
Sun Nov 17 17:59:14 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* sim-endian.h: Add LE versions of byte swap macros. Needed for
PCI devices which are little-endian.
* sim-endian-n.h (endian_le2h_N, endian_h2le_N): Ditto
Sun Nov 17 17:59:14 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* hw_iobus.c (hw_iobus_attach_address_callback): Change the iobus
so that it is implementing a 1-1 address map.
* emul_generic.c (emul_add_tree_hardware): Adjust.
* emul_generic.c (emul_add_tree_hardware): Don't add the nvram as
a default.
Sun Nov 17 17:59:14 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* device.c (split_find_device): Be tolerant of missing unit
Fri Nov 15 16:49:49 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* basics.h (port_direction): New type, specify the direction of
any `port'.
* device.h, device.c (device_interrupt_decode): Include
specification of port direction in operations.
(device_interrupt_encode): Ditto.
* device_table.h: Add a direction field to the interrupt port
* device.c (device_tree_add_parsed): Specify port direction.
Thu Nov 14 21:38:13 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* hw_opic.c: Finish - second round.
Thu Nov 7 00:18:59 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* hw_htab.c (htab_init_data_callback): Allow the virtual-address
to be specified as an array which allows 64bit addresses.
* device.c (device_find_integer_array_property): New function.
Simplify the querying of elements of an integer array.
(device_add_integer_property, device_find_integer_property):
Update to correctly use the cell type.
* vm.c (om_unpack_sr): Clarify shifting comment.
(om_pte_0_masked_vsid): Ditto. Add 64bit version.
* emul_chirp.c (emul_chirp_create): Initialize the segment
* vm.c (om_effective_to_virtual): Trace segment register use.
* hw_htab.c (htab_map_page): Print out the pteg base address to
simplify cross checking between vm and the htab.
(htab_decode_hash_table): Use device_error instead of error.
(htab_map_page): Ditto.
(htab_dma_binary): Ditto.
(htab_map_binary): Ditto.
(htab_init_data_callback): Ditto.
Wed Nov 6 20:20:58 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* interrupts.h: Clarify what the optional instruction program
interrupt is - a subset of illegal instruction program interrupt.
* interrupts.c (program_interrupt): For UEA mode, clarify what an
optional instruction program interrupt is.
(program_interrupt): For OEA mode, as per spec, generate an
illegal instruction program interrupt when an optional instruction
is encountered.
* gen-semantics.c (print_semantic_body): Delete code
differentiating between an unimplemented floating point and normal
instruction. Instead, such a case can be handled explicitly.
* ppc-instructions (store floating-point as integer word indexed):
Mark as optional.
(Floating Convert to Integer Doubleword): Make the floating point
assist interrupt explicit.
(Floating Convert To Integer Doubleword with round towards Zero):
(Floating Convert To Integer Word): Ditto
(Move From FPSCR): Ditto.
(Move to Condition Register from FPSCR): Ditto.
(Move To FPSCR Fields): Ditto.
(Move To FPSCR Field Immediate): Ditto.
(Move To FPSCR Bit 0): Ditto.
(Move To FPSCR Bit 1): Ditto.
Mon Nov 4 12:49:13 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* corefile.c (core_map_read_buffer, core_map_write_buffer): Avoid
breaking up transfers.
* corefile.c: Adjust arguments so that the client server
relationship is clarified.
* hw_glue.c (hw_glue_init_address): Update so it can be attached
to a PCI bus.
* hw_disk.c (hw_disk_instance_write): Add more checks to disk IO -
looking for things like overflow/underflow.
Sun Nov 3 18:45:20 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* emul_generic.c (emul_add_tree_hardware): Hang the disk off the
PAL device instead of the IOBUS. The disk must be attached to a
logical bus.
* hw_disk.c (hw_disk_init_address): Just use the unit address
directly in the attach - the rest isn't relevant.
Sat Nov 2 21:48:57 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* (sim-hardware, sim-packages): Allow additional
hardware and packages to be prefixed as well as appended.
* (tmp-hw, tmp-pk): Retain the user specified order of
packages when building them. Consequently, a user can override a
standard device by prefixing their own version.
* (hw_opic.o, hw_pci.o, hw_ide.o): Add dependencies.
Fri Nov 1 14:42:57 1996 Michael Meissner <>
* mon.c (_cpu_mon): Add fields for counting 1, 2, 4, and 8 byte
reads and writes.
(mon_{read,write}): Count 1, 2, 4, and 8 byte reads/writes.
(mon_print_info): Correct typo regarding # of unaligned reads and
writes. Print out how many 1, 2, 4, and 8 byte reads/writes there
Tue Oct 29 17:55:43 1996 Michael Meissner <>
* (AC_CHECK_FUNCS): Add access.
* config{.in,ure}: Regenerate.
* emul_unix.c (do_unix_nop): System call that always succeeds.
(do_unix_access): Support access system call.
(solaris_descriptors): Make sigaltstack and sigaction nops.
({solaris,linux}_descriptors): Add support for access.
Tue, 8 Oct 18:42:26 1996 Jason Molenda <>
* (clean): Move config.log to distclean.
Fri Nov 1 16:44:28 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* corefile-n.h (core_map_write_N): Improve abort messages.
* device.h, device.c (device_attach_address): Remove unused name
(device_detach_address): Ditto.
* device_table.h, device_table.c: Update.
* hw_iobus.c (hw_iobus_attach_address_callback): Ditto.
* hw_nvram.c (hw_nvram_init_address): Ditto.
* hw_memory.c (hw_memory_init_address): Ditto.
* hw_vm.c (hw_vm_init_address_callback): Ditto.
(hw_vm_attach_address): Ditto.
(hw_vm_add_space): Ditto.
* hw_init.c (update_for_binary_section): Ditto.
* hw_core.c (hw_core_attach_address_callback): Ditto.
* hw_iobus.c (hw_iobus_attach_address_callback): Rewrite to handle
configurable parent busses.
Wed Oct 30 18:46:32 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* device_table.c (generic_device_size_to_attach_size): Provide
limited support for multi-cell sizes.
(generic_device_address_to_attach_address): Ditto for addresses.
Tue Oct 29 02:01:29 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* device.c (device_add_integer_property): Check for setting of
#address-cells and #size-cells properties. For these, update the
corresponding device values.
(device_nr_address_cells, device_nr_size_cells): Use the value
from the device instead of the property.
* hw_core.c: Use generic address and size conversions for the top
* hw_memory.c (hw_memory_init_address): Tolerate case where
#address and #size cells is greater than 1.
* device.c (device_tree_print_device): Clean out printing of
* device.c (split_device_specifier): Don't detect comments here -
"#" can be a valid prefix - eg #size-cells.
* psim.c (psim_merge_device_file): Suppress comments and blank
lines here.
* emul_generic.c (emul_add_tree_hardware): Fix typo of incorrect
pal unit address. Add the property /#address-cells to the root of
the tree.
* device.c (device_template_create_device): Check that the unit
address was successfully parsed.
* device_table.c (generic_device_unit_decode): Rewrite to better
handle multi-cell addresses.
(generic_device_unit_encode): Ditto.
* emul_generic.c (emul_add_tree_hardware): "reg" properties no
longer need the explicit array type - the parser takes care of it.
* pk_disklabel.c (pk_disklabel_create_instance): Add NULL return
to keep GCC happy.
Mon Oct 28 22:55:48 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* hw_ide.c: New file. Model of a basic IDE interface attached to
a PCI bus.
* (hardware): Add the ide device to the default
* configure: Regenerate.
* debug.h, debug.c: Add tracing option for the IDE device.
Fri Oct 25 21:28:25 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* hw_phb.c, hw_phb.h: New files - implement a PHB.
* (hardware): Add the phb to the list of devices to
build by default.
Fri Oct 25 21:28:25 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* hw_com.c: Review description.
* hw_disk.c: Ditto.
* hw_htab.c: Ditto.
* hw_eeprom.c: Ditto.
* hw_init.c: Ditto.
* hw_cpu.c: Ditto.
* hw_com.c: Update event handling.
* hw_disk.c: Implement tracing.
Fri Oct 25 21:28:25 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* device_table.c (generic_device_init_address): Use
assigned-addresses property in preference to any other reg
Fri Oct 25 21:28:25 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* device.h, device.c (device_find_ranges_property): New function.
Simplify the manipulation of "ranges" properties.
* device.c (device_add_parsed): Extend to include support for the
ranges property.
* device.c (device_add_parsed): Add assigned-addresses to the list
of reg type properties.
* device.c (device_tree_print_device): Add code to format and
print a ranges property.
* device.h, device.c (device_nr_address_cells,
device_nr_size_cells): New functions. Determine the values of the
standard properties #address-cells and #size-cells. Both of which
are optional and have default values of two and one respectfuly.
Previously, code that determined #address-cells was incorrectly
using a value of one.
Fri Oct 25 21:28:25 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* debug.h, debug.c: Sort debug options, Add entries for the
comming PHB device.
Fri Oct 18 12:12:21 1996 Michael Meissner <>
* ppc-instructions (Floating Select): Add support for fsel unless
model is 601. Allow user to filter out instruction unless -Fs is
passed to igen.
(Store Floating-Point as Integer Word Indexed): Raise optional
instruction program abort. Allow user to filter out instruction
unless -Fs is passed to igen.
(Floating Square Root{, Single}): Ditto.
(Floating Reciprocal Estimate Single): Ditto.
(Floating Reciprocal Square Root Estimate): Ditto.
* (--enable-sim-filter): If not passed, pass 32,f,s
to igen.
* configure: Regenerate.
* interrupts.h (program_interrupt_reasons): Add
* interrupts.c (program_interrupt): Call error with more detailed
information on program interrupts, particularly in user mode. Add
support for optional_instruction_program_interrupt.
Wed Sep 25 10:20:29 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* hw_glue.c: New device. Hooks for manipulating interrupt ports.
* debug.h, debug.c (trace_glue_device): Add tracing support for
the interrupt glue logic device.
* (hardware): Add glue device.
* configure: Regenerate.
Tue Sep 24 20:55:38 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* device.c (device_tree_parse_integer_property): New function,
parse a list of integers as an array property.
(device_tree_add_parsed): Call it.
* device.c (device_tree_parse_string_property): New function,
parse a list of strings as a string property (with embeded
null's). For moment, don't try to implement a complext string
(device_tree_add_parsed): Call it.
Tue Sep 24 16:30:48 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* hw_opic.c: New file. OpenPIC interrupt controller.
* (hardware): Add opic device.
* configure: re-generate.
* hw_pic.c: Delete, replaced with hw_opic.c.
* debug.h, debug.c: Add debug option for OpenPIC device. -
Tue Sep 24 16:30:48 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* (psim.o, idecode.o): Since idecode and not psim is
now the file that does all the inlining.
* (LIB_SRC, LIB_INLINE_SRC, idecode.o): Break out the
library source code that could be involved in an inlining. Make
idecode.o only dependant on the inlined library source code.
* (LIB_OBJ): Put options last on the list so that it
is compiled last.
* std-config.h (DEVICE_INLINE): Only inline locals when the
default is to inline.
Mon Sep 23 00:37:49 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* hw_htab.c (htab_sum_binary): Determine the real-base for the
* hw_htab.c (htab_map_binary): Depending on the value of the
load-base, either map the program in as a contiguous section or as
separate sections controled by th binaries lma values.
(htab_init_data_callback): Ditto.
Sun Sep 22 15:56:22 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* emul_generic.c (emul_add_tree_options): Remove load-base option.
* emul_chirp.c (map_over_chirp_note): Add load_base field to note
struct. Don't require the load_base field to be present - just
issue warning - it is a recent addition.
(emul_chirp_create): Support both virtual and physical modes.
* emul_chirp.c (emul_chirp_create): Add a stack initialization
property so that any arguments specified on the command line can
be passed on to user programs.
* hw_init.c (create_ppc_chirp_bootargs): Add support for chirp
argument passing to the pseudo device stack.
Sat Sep 21 19:39:56 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* device.c (device_error): Make it more tolerant to incomplete
* hw_init.c (hw_data_init_data_callback): Extend the data device
so that it can perform initialization operations either dma or a
more complex instance open, seek, write operation.
* hw_init.c: Update the description of the data device to reflect
Sat Sep 21 00:13:02 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* device.c (device_event_queue_schedule,
device_event_queue_deschedule, device_event_queue_time): Have the
device object export the event operations. Making these available
from the device object should hopefully simplify writing device
Fri Sep 20 14:04:40 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* (sim-hardware): Add eeprom device to default build.
* hw_eeprom.c: Rewrite so it works.
* debug.h, debug.c: Add tracing support for the eeprom and com
Thu Sep 19 14:40:40 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* debug.h: Add disklabel-package and disk-device trace options.
debug.h (PTRACE): Add macro to simplify tracing in packages.
Thu Sep 19 14:40:40 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* device.c (device_create_instance_from): Tighten up loop
searching for device instances.
(device_instance_delete): Ditto.
(device_instance_delete): Only leaf instances need to be removed
from a devices list of active instances.
Thu Sep 19 14:40:40 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* hw_disk.c: Add the cdrom as an alias.
* pk_disklabel.c (disklabel_delete): Implement, remembering to
delete the raw disk instance while we're at it.
* pk_disklabel.c (pk_disklabel_create_instance): Implement a
little bit more - still a long way to go.
* pk_disklabel.c (disklabel_write, disklabel_read): Remember the
new head position after a read or write.
Thu Sep 19 13:05:40 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* emul_chirp.c (chirp_emul_read): Allow reads to be longer then
the internal buffer.
Thu Sep 19 13:05:40 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* emul_chirp.c (chirp_read_t2h_args): Call memset-0 with the args
in the correct order.
* emul_chirp.c (chirp_emul_call_method): Correct computation for
the address of the first stack argument passed in from the client
Wed Sep 18 19:33:54 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* words.h: Add new types signed_cell and unsigned_cell which
correspond to the signed and unsigned IEEE 1275 memory locations.
* device.h, device.c, emul_chirp.c: Where refering to an IEEE 1275
memory cell, replace uses of unsigned32 with unsigned_cell.
* device_table.h: Ditto.
* sim-endian.h: Add new macros H2BE_cell and BE2H_cell which
convert cell sized values to from big endian.
* device.c, emul_chirp.c: Where refering to IEEE 1275 memory cells
use these new macros.
Tue Sep 17 15:57:44 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* device.c (device_tree_add_parsed): Detect and report an
interrupt being attached to an invalid device. Was dumping core.
Mon Sep 16 23:09:12 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* device.h, device.c (device_address_to_attach_address,
device_size_to_attach_size): New functions. Convert a devices
unit address or unit size structure into a form suitable for
passing on to the attach and detach functions.
* device_table.h: Add extra methods to device table.
* device.h, device.c (device_find_reg_property): New function.
For a reg type property, return the selected address + size
tupple, along with a positive success status. Add a reg_property
to the list of property types.
* (device_tree_add_parsed): Make array properties with the name
reg or alternate-reg of type reg_property.
* hw_memory.c (hw_memory_init_address): Rewrite to use new
find_reg_property method.
* hw_nvram.c (hw_nvram_init_address): Ditto.
* device.c (device_tree_print_device): Add code to print out a reg
* device_table.c (generic_device_address_to_attach_address,
generic_device_size_to_attach_size ): New functions. Generic
functions for converting between unit and attach address or size.
* device_table.c (generic_device_init_address): Rewrite to use the
new find_reg and address convert functions. Look for both reg and
alternate-reg properties.
Mon Sep 16 23:09:12 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* hw_com.c: New file. A '550 serial device that can quickly be
attached to any bus.
* (enable-sim-hardware): Add the com device.
* configure: re-generate.
Thu Sep 12 17:30:56 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* device.c (device_tree_verify_reg_unit_address): New
function. Check that the unit address as specified by the reg
property correctly corresponds to any unit address previously
specified by the devices name.
(device_tree_add_parsed): When adding a reg property, verify
that the unit-address - first value of property - correctly
matches any previous value specified when creating the device
Thu Sep 12 17:30:56 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* mon.c (mon_event): Remove assertion that an unsigned is >= 0.
Fri Aug 16 12:05:24 1996 Michael Meissner <>
* device.c (device_full_name): Cast strdup to char *, since AIX
3.2.5 mistakenly declares the function to be const char *.
(device_create_from): Ditto.
(device_create_instance_from): Ditto.
(device_add_property): Ditto.
Tue Aug 13 11:40:14 1996 Michael Meissner <>
* debug.c (trace_option): For -t all, do not set the
trace_dump_device_tree flag, so that the simulator is run.
Tue Aug 13 11:40:14 1996 Michael Meissner <>
* (options.o): Depend on defines.h.
(defines.h): New rule, go through config.h and make strings of all
of the #define HAVE_xxx macros.
(distclean): Remove defines.h.
* options.c (print_options): Print whether many of the
configuration macros are defined.
* main.c (main): If -t options and no filename, just print the
options, and don't print the usage message.
Mon Aug 12 18:42:37 1996 Michael Meissner <>
* Test whether /dev/zero works on the system, and if
it does, define HAVE_DEVZERO.
* configure: Regenerate.
* emul_generic.c (emul_add_tree_hardware): Do not add /iobus/disk
if we don't have a working /dev/zero on the system.
* emul_bugapi.c (emul_bugapi_init): If HAVE_DEVZERO is not
defined, don't add disk support.
(emul_bugapi_do_diskio): Ditto.
(emul_bugapi_instruction_call): Ditto.
Wed Aug 7 14:34:20 1996 Michael Meissner <>
defined, make sure HAVE_TCGETATTR is #undef'ed
Wed Aug 7 14:34:20 1996 Michael Meissner <>
* std-config.h (REGPARM): Only define REGPARM attributes if using
GNU C. Test for __i686__ in case GCC ever defines it. If not on
a x86 platform, define REGPARM as nothing.
* sim-endian.h (WITH_HOST_BYTE_ORDER): Test for i686 and __i686__
Wed Aug 7 20:19:55 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* ld-decode.h, ld-decode.c: Rename goto_gen to the more correct
* gen-idecode.c: Ditto.
* gen-idecode.c (print_idecode_table): Comment out check for
switch/table combination until a bug with it is fixed.
* ppc-opcode-goto: New file. Like complex and flat but uses
goto-switch instead of padded-switch for the tables.
* gen-idecode.c (print_goto_switch_name): New function.
(print_goto_switch_table_leaf): New function.
(print_goto_switch_break): New function.
(print_goto_switch_table): New function. Prints a jump table
that can be jumped into instead of a switch statement.
* gen-idecode.c (*switch_*): As an option output a switch that is
implemented using a jump table but only if the switch is not
Tue Aug 6 09:28:22 1996 Michael Meissner <>
* (--enable-sim-{hardware,packages}): Fix typos.
* configure: Regenerate.
* device.c (device_instance_call_method): Fixup format message in
error case. Return 0 in case of error to shut up compiler
Wed Aug 7 00:17:37 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* device_table.c (generic_device_unit_decode): Require a comma
between elements of a unit address.
* device.c (device_tree_print_device): For reg, alternate-reg and
ranges properties use special print functions.
(device_print_ranges_property): Print formatted ranges property.
(device_print_reg_property): Print formatted reg property.
Tue Aug 6 21:35:18 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* device.c (device_tree_add_parsed): For reg, ranges and
alternate-reg properties use a special parser.
(device_tree_parse_reg_property): New function to parse a reg
(device_tree_parse_ranges_property): New function to parse a
ranges property.
(device_encode_unit): Wrapper for encode_unit callback.
(device_decoce_unit): Wrapper for decode_unit callback.
Wed Jul 31 00:02:30 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* device_table.h (device_instance_callbacks): Relace the claim and
release methods with a more general table mapping from method-name
to method-function.
* device.c (device_instance_call_method): New function. Implement
the OpenBoot call-method client interface. Attempts to locate the
instances method in the callback table.
(device_instance_claim, device_instance_release): Delete.
Replaced with call-method and a lookup table.
* emul_chirp.c (chirp_emul_call_method): Use the new device
instance call method and let that handle a client claim call.
* hw_htab.c (claim_memory): Wrapper function to call the memory
devices "claim" method using the new device-instance call-method
interface. Replaces the previous direct calls to claim.
(htab_map_region): Use claim_memory.
(htab_init_data_callback): Ditto.
* hw_memory.c (hw_memory_instance_claim): Update function
interface so that it is compatible with call-method.
(hw_memory_instance_release): Ditto.
(hw_memory_instance_methods): New table of memory specific
methods claim and release. Add to the hw_memory_callback
Tue Jul 30 21:26:14 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* psim.c (psim_init): Back out of change to initial value of
Tue Jul 30 21:12:24 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* sim_callbacks.h (sim_io_printf_filtered): Replace
printf_filtered with a local simulator specific version. Add
#define printf_filtered to simplify updating of existing code.
* sim_callbacks.h (sim_io_write_stdout, sim_io_read_stdin,
sim_io_write_stderr): New functions. Read / write to the
simulations stdin and stdout and stderr interfaces. Merge in code
from hw_pal that previously handled async I/O.
(sim_io_flush_stdoutput): Rename flush_stdoutput. Add #define
flush_stdoutput to simplify updating of existing code.
* hw_pal.c (scan_hw_pal, write_hw_pal,
hw_pal_instance_write_callback): Use the new sim_io functions.
* main.c: Implement standalone versions of the new sim_io
functions. Include support for async I/O.
* sim_calls.c: Ditto. This time using the gdb callback table.
* std-config.h (CURRENT_STDIO, current_stdio): New macro. Set up
stdio configuration so that it works in the same way as the rest
of the simulation.
* psim.c (psim_create): Initialize current_stdio from the device
* emul_generic.c (emul_add_tree_options): Enter a default value
for use-stdio in the device tree.
Fri Jul 26 19:43:03 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* gen-idecode.c (print_jump): Was always generating a jump back to
idecode. Only necessary at tail of semantic code.
(print_jump): Was always setting the processor's cia, even during
startup when the processor was still undefined.
(print_jump): For safety, restart smp loop when cpu_nr >= nr_cpus,
not just equal.
* options.c (print_options): Add printing of WITH_REGPARM and
* std-config.h (WITH_REGPARM, WITH_STDCALL): Provide default
(disabled) values if not defined.
Fri Jul 26 00:36:35 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* ppc-cache-rules (cache): Change RS and RB to cache instead of
compute. The block move instructions use them.
* idecode_expression.h (FPSCR_SET): New macro, set specific FPSCR
(CR_FIELD): New macro, extract specific CR register.
(FPSCR_FIELD): New macro, extract specific FPSCR register.
* registers.h (GPR): New macro, simplify accesses to GPR[i].
* bits.c (INSERTED): Covert INSERTED macro into a function.
(EXTRACTED): Conditionally compile on correct bit size macro.
* bits.h (BIT8): New macro, set a single bit in an 8 bit byte.
* ppc-instructions: With hints from Paul Martin, type in missing
some instruction semantics. Leave disabled for the moment.
(Load Multiple Word): Ditto.
(Store Multiple Word): Ditto.
(Load String Word Immediate): Ditto.
(Load String Word Indexed): Ditto.
(Store String Word Immedate): Ditto.
(Store String Word Indexed): Ditto.
(Move to Condition Register from XER): Ditto.
(Move From Condition Register): Ditto.
(Move From FPSCR): Ditto.
(Move to Condition Register from FPSCR): Ditto.
(Move To FPSCR Field Immediate): Ditto.
(Move To FPSCR Fields): Ditto.
(Move To FPSCR Bit 0): Ditto.
(Move To FPSCR Bit 1): Ditto.
Thu Jul 25 22:10:40 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* std-config.h (SEMANTICS_INLINE): By default, mask out the
inlining of semantic functions from DEFAULT_INLINE. Almost all
configurations call the semantic code via a pointer so there is
little benefit.
* std-config.h (ICACHE_INLINE): Ditto.
Thu Jul 25 20:07:30 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* (sim_regparm): Add configuration option for
enabling GCC's regparm attribute.
* (sim_stdcall): Add configuration option for enabling GCC's
stdcall attribute.
* (REGPARM_CFLAGS): Pass regparam configuration onto
* (STDCALL_CFLAGS): Pass stdcall configuration onto compilations.
* std-config.h (REGPARM): Extend construction of REGPARM macro so
that it can include __stdcall__ function attribute.
Wed Jul 24 19:04:20 1996 Andrew Cagney <cagney@sawnoff>
* options.c (print_options): Include SUPPORT_INLINE in information
* gen-idecode.c (print_run_until_stop_body): Only generate loop
termination test if creating idecode_run_until_stop. Push the
loop termination test back into each alternative branch.
Wed Jul 24 15:47:09 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* gen-icache.c (print_icache_function): Have the cache function
always update the cache_entries semantic and address fields.
* gen-idecode.c (print_idecode_switch_illegal): Include a break
when generating illegal instructions. This was commented out
which is a hangover from looking a at switch statements generated
using indirect jumps.
Tue Jul 23 20:57:01 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* igen.c (print_my_defines): Replaces print_define_my_index.
Print both a definition for MY_INDEX and MY_PREFIX.
* gen-icache.c (print_icache_function): Adjust.
* gen-idecode.c (print_jump_insn): Adjust.
* gen-semantics.c (print_c_semantic): Adjust.
* gen-support.c (gen_support_h): Add optional include to created
support.h so that, like cpu, it is optionally inlined for all
modules that include it.
* inline.h, inline.c: Adjust so that support.[hc] is handled the
same as cpu.[hc].
* idecode_fields.h (LABEL, GOTO): Macro's that create a unique
name for a lable and then branch to it.
* ppc-instructions (convert_to_integer, Floating Round to
Single-Precision, Floating Convert from Integer Doubleword): Use
LABEL and GOTO instead of the recently added switch statements.
Wed Jul 24 14:02:42 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* gen-idecode.c (print_run_until_stop_body): Too many rparen in
generated code.
Tue Jul 23 20:57:01 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* (--enable-sim-line-nr): Typo - sim_line-nr.
* (--enable-sim-inline): Reorder patern matching of arguments so
that SUPPORT=ALL_INLINE is reconized as *=* and not *_INLINE.
* configure: rebuild.
Mon Jul 22 23:25:08 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* (--enable-sim-hardware, --enable-sim-packages): New
configuration options. Let the user specify the packages or
hardware devices that are to be included in the build. Makes it
possible for user packages to be specified.
* (tmp-pk, tmp-hw): Just use the list of packages and
hardware instead of checking it using ls. should
have taken care of any problems.
Mon Jul 22 22:38:59 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* psim.c (psim_options): Enter the argument to the memory size
option directly into the device tree. Was using atol() which is
dangerously non portable.
Mon Jul 22 22:17:08 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* (icache): Extend icache flag to include an insn
option. If specifyed the insn - aka instruction - is included in
the instruction cache. Make this the default.
* configure: re-generate.
* igen.c (main), igen.h: Add option -S - inSn - for specifying
that the instruction should be included in the icache.
* gen-icache.c (print_icache_body): If enabled, output code to put
the instruction into the icache.
(print_icache_struct): If enabled, add insn to the icache struct.
Mon Jul 22 20:46:12 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* (BUILD_CFLAGS): Include -g when building the
Mon Jul 22 20:00:25 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* emul_generic.c (emul_add_tree_options): Was incorrectly setting
the strict-alignment option when hardwired for non-strict
Sun Jul 21 21:18:05 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* gen-semantics.c: Make the my_index variable a macro MY_INDEX.
* ppc-instructions: Adjust so that references are to MY_INDEX and
not my_index.
Sun Jul 21 21:18:05 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* gen-idecode.c: Output the complete run_until_stop function
instead of just the code to handle a single instruction issue.
* : Have the generated idecode.c include inline.c (instead of psim.c).
* std-config.h: Change psim.c so that it isn't inlined (as this is
no longer needed).
* psim.c (run_until_stop): Delete the old run_until_stop function
instead calling the idecode_run and idecode_run_until_stop
functions that gen-idecode.c is now creating.
Sun Jul 21 21:18:05 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* dgen.c: Maintenance - update to use new features found in lf.c.
* filter_filename.c (filter_filename): Maintenance - make the
string constant.
Sun Jul 21 21:18:05 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* debug.c (TRACE, ITRACE, DTRACE): Have GCC instead of CPP
eliminate trace statements.
* debug.c: Change trace format so that it is consistent
(file:line-nr) with CC's error output.
* gen-itable.c (itable_c_insn): Add the source file name and
source line number to the instruction's informational entry.
* debug.c (ITRACE): Use the itable (and my_index) to get the
current instructions name and source line number.
* gen-semantics.c, gen-icache.c: Adjust generated ITRACE calls to
match new interface.
* emul_bugapi.c (emul_bugapi_instruction_call): Adjust
corresponding call to ITRACE so that it still matches.
* idecode_expression.h (ALU_END, CR0_COMPARE): Use TRACE instead
of ITRACE. The CPP line directives would have previously set the
line-nr and file name so ITRACE isn't needed.
Sun Jul 21 21:18:05 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* gen-idecode.c (print_jump_until_stop_body): New function and
idecode generation option. Instead of generating and calling
separate functions containing the semantic and icache code
generate a single monolythic function and use goto's (and GCC's
indirect jump) to move between code blocks.
* Add sim_jump flag to those passed to igen.
* New option --enable-sim-jump (default disabled)
* ppc-instructions: Eliminate any uses of labels and goto's.
These result in duplicate declarations when a single flat function
is being create.
* ppc-opcode-jump: New file. Set of opcode rules useful when
testing jumping idecodes.
Sun Jul 21 21:18:05 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* gen-idecode.c: Optionally include the semantic code for an
instruction in the function that is doing the decoding.
* igen.c: Add option (-C) to generate semantics in the instruction
decode functions.
* (--enable-sim-icache): Accept an option list such
as 1024,define. Add a new choice to the list - semantic - which
will cause igen to generate instruction decode functions that
include the corresponding semantic code.
Sun Jul 21 21:18:05 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* New option --enable-sim-line-nr (default enabled).
Enable/disable the inclusion of CPP line directives in the
generated files. Such directives refer back to the source files
used when generating the simulator code.
* (sim_line_nr): Pass to igen.
Sun Jul 21 21:18:05 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* igen.c (main): Revamp the options so that more letters are
* Adjust to match igen's revamped options
Sun Jul 21 21:18:05 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* (pk.h, hw.h): Rewrite depenencies for hw.h (etc) so
that they use the same technique as igen (ie a dummy targets
tmp-pk and tmp-hw are created).
Mon Jun 24 22:28:00 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
Wed Jun 19 21:45:28 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* ld-cache.[hc], ld-decode.[hc], ld-insn.[hc]: New files. Separate
out the loading of each of the tables from the rest of igen.
* Adjust.
* igen.c: Adjust.
* gen-icache.[hc], gen-idecode.[hc], gen-itable.[hc],
gen-model.[hc], gen-semantics.[hc]: New files. Separate out the
code creating each separate set of generated files.
* Adjust.
* igen.c: Adjust.
* gen-support.[ch]: New files. Output the support functions (found
in the ppc-instructions file) into a separate file.
* Add.
* inline.h, inline.c: Add.
* std-config.h: Add.
* ld-cache.c: Re-design the cache table format.
* ppc-cache-rules: Update to new format.
* ld-decode.c: Re-design the decode table format.
* ppc-opcode-simple: Update to new format
* ppc-opcode-complex: Ditto
* ppc-opcode-flat: Ditto
* filter.h, filter.c: New files. Separate the opcode filter table
reading code from the rest of igen.c. Re-design the filter so that
it works inclusivly not exclusivly.
* igen.c: Remove the opcode filter table loading code.
* (filter.o): Adjust
* Adjust filter flag so that default includes 32bit
and floating point.
* ppc-instructions: Clean up filter fields so that only in use
entries are specified (ie delete `be').
* misc.c (name2i, i2name): New function. Map between a string and
an integer value.
Mon Jun 17 20:08:03 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* sim_calls.c (sim_close): If simulator not created, skip printing
of run information.
Mon Jun 17 20:08:03 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* registers.c (register_description): Typo, insns not insn.
* ppc-instructions (model_get_number_of_stalls): New model function,
returns number of stalls for the specified processor.
* psim.c (psim_read_register): Add call to new function
* ppc-instructions (model_get_number_of_cycles): New model function,
returns number of stalls for the specified processor.
* psim.c (psim_read_register): Add call to new function
Fri Jun 14 00:11:56 1996 Andrew Cagney <>
* device_table.h: Don't pass the parent device into a devices
create function. This makes the create function consistent with
the documentation.
* device.c (device_template_create_device): Ditto
* hw_pal.c (hw_pal_create): Ditto
* hw_core.c (hw_core_create): Ditto
* hw_vm.c (hw_vm_create): Ditto
* hw_disk.c (hw_disk_create): Ditto