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2003-08-07 Andrew Cagney <>
* mi2-basics.exp: Copy base MI .exp file, set MIFLAGS to -i=mi2.
* mi2-break.exp, mi2-cli.exp, mi2-console.exp: Ditto.
* mi2-disassemble.exp, mi2-eval.exp, mi2-file.exp: Ditto.
* mi2-hack-cli.exp, mi2-pthreads.exp, mi2-read-memory.exp: Ditto.
* mi2-regs.exp, mi2-return.exp, mi2-simplerun.exp: Ditto.
* mi2-stack.exp, mi2-stepi.exp, mi2-syn-frame.exp: Ditto.
* mi2-until.exp, mi2-var-block.exp, mi2-var-child.exp: Ditto.
* mi2-var-cmd.exp, mi2-var-display.exp, mi2-watch.exp: Ditto.
2003-05-03 J. Brobecker <>
From Thierry Schneider <>:
* mi1-symbol.exp (-symbol-list-lines): New test file to
validate all symbol-related commands
2003-04-08 Andrew Cagney <>
* gdb792.exp: Skip when C++.
2003-02-23 Stephane Carrez <>
* mi-syn-frame.exp: Don't run this test when gdb,nosignals is set.
2002-12-13 Jeff Johnston <>
* mi-basics.exp: Change tests for -environment-directory. Also add
tests for -environment-cd, -environment-pwd, and -environment-path.
Part of fix for PR gdb/741.
2002-11-05 Jeff Johnston <>
* New file to test patch for PR gdb/792.
* gdb792.exp: Ditto.
2002-11-04 Elena Zannoni <>
* mi-console.exp: Use mi_runto, mi_run_to_main, mi_next_to,
mi_step_to wherever possible. Update copyright notices.
* mi-disassemble.exp: Ditto.
* mi-eval.exp: Ditto.
* mi-read-memory.exp: Ditto.
* mi-regs.exp: Ditto.
* mi-return.exp: Ditto.
* mi-stack.exp: Ditto.
* mi-stepi.exp: Ditto.
* mi-var-block.exp: Ditto.
* mi-var-cmd.exp: Ditto.
* mi-watch.exp: Ditto.
* mi1-console.exp: Ditto.
* mi1-disassemble.exp: Ditto.
* mi1-eval.exp: Ditto.
* mi1-read-memory.exp: Ditto.
* mi1-regs.exp: Ditto.
* mi1-return.exp: Ditto.
* mi1-stack.exp: Ditto.
* mi1-stepi.exp: Ditto.
* mi1-var-block.exp: Ditto.
* mi1-var-cmd.exp: Ditto.
* mi1-watch.exp: Ditto.
2002-10-23 Jeff Johnston <>
* mi-var-cmd.exp: Add tests to verify that a -var-assign that changes
a value shows up in the changelist of a -var-update. Part of fix
for gdb/702.
* mi1-var-cmd.exp: Ditto.
2002-10-03 Jeff Johnston <>
* mi-return.exp: Change expected frame output to remove extraneous
space in level field when frame level is single digit. Part of
fix for PR gdb/192.
* mi-stack.exp: Ditto.
* mi1-return.exp: Ditto.
* mi1-stack.exp: Ditto.
2002-10-03 Jeff Johnston <>
* mi-var-block.exp: Change expected output from -var-update
command to expect list format for "changelist". Fix for
PR gdb/672.
* mi-var-cmd.exp: Ditto.
* mi-var-child: Ditto.
2002-09-25 Keith Seitz <>
* mi-pthreads.exp (get_mi_thread_list): Check if expect_out
exists before using it.
(check_mi_and_console_threads): Likewise.
* gdb669.exp (get_mi_thread_list): Likewise.
(check_mi_and_console_threads): Likewise.
2002-09-24 Keith Seitz <>
* Add config header.
Check for pthread.h.
* configure: Regenerate.
* New file.
* pthreads.c: New file.
* mi-pthreads.exp: New file to test thread functionality.
* gdb669.exp: New file.
2002-09-17 Keith Seitz <>
* mi-var-cmd.exp: Add tests to check when varobj pinned to a
selected frame changes type.
2002-09-17 Keith Seitz <>
* mi-console.exp: Update copyright.
* mi-var-block.exp: Likewise.
* mi-var-cmd.exp: Likewise.
* mi-var-display.exp: Likewise.
* mi0-console.exp: Likewise.
* mi0-var-child.exp: Likewise.
* mi0-var-cmd.exp: Likewise.
* mi0-var-display.exp: Likewise.
2002-09-16 Keith Seitz <>
* gdb701.exp: New file for testing varobj target type bug.
* gdb701.c: New file.
2002-09-13 Keith Seitz <>
* mi-var-child.exp: Use mi_step_to and mi_execute_to instead
of a bunch of repeated send_gdb/gdb_expect statements.
Fix line numbers.
2002-09-10 Keith Seitz <>
* mi-simplerun.exp (test_controlled_execution): Follow renaming of
mi_run_to to mi_execute_to.
* mi-var-cmd.exp: Likewise.
* mi0-simplerun.exp: Likewise.
* mi0-var-cmd.exp: Likewise.
2002-09-03 Keith Seitz <>
* gdb680.exp: New file to test to check for uiout list/tuple
nesting bug.
2002-03-04 Michael Chastain <>
* mi-var-cmd.exp: In test "create local variable func",
accommodate gcc v3 function signature.
* mi0-var-cmd-exp: Ditto.
2002-02-05 Jim Blandy <>
* mi-regs.exp: Various cleanups for SPARC-only tests.
(test_breakpoints_creation_and_listing): Format of breakpoint
table has changed.
(sparc_register_tests): Expand floating-point number regexp to
recognize NaN values, too. Replace ineffectual single backslash
before a hyphen with a double backslash. Don't check the exact
numbers of the registers which have changed, since there's no way
to know which registers changed, exactly; just check that the
result is well-formed.
* mi0-regs.exp: (sparc_register_tests): Same as for
sparc_register_tests in mi-regs.exp.
* mi-var-child.exp ("get children of struct_declarations", "get
children of struct_declarations.s2.u2.u1s2", "get children of
weird"): Tolerate argument types when they appear in function
types. (Dwarf 2 includes prototype info; STABS does not.)
* mi0-var-child.exp: Same.
2001-12-19 Keith Seitz <>
* mi-var-display.exp: char* variables have a child. Update all
* mi0-var-display.exp: Likewise.
2001-08-29 Andrew Cagney <>
* mi-var-cmd.exp, mi0-var-cmd.exp: Variable lpcharacter has one
child. Soften floating point tests.
2001-08-09 Andrew Cagney <>
* mi0-var-block.exp, mi0-stack.exp, mi0-simplerun.exp,
mi0-regs.exp, mi0-watch.exp, mi0-stepi.exp, mi0-until.exp,
mi0-return.exp, mi0-read-memory.exp, mi0-eval.exp,
mi0-disassemble.exp, mi0-console.exp, mi-watch.exp,
mi-var-display.exp, mi-var-cmd.exp, mi-var-child.exp,
mi-until.exp, mi-var-block.exp, mi-stepi.exp, mi-stack.exp,
mi-simplerun.exp, mi-return.exp, mi-regs.exp, mi-read-memory.exp,
mi-disassemble.exp, mi-eval.exp, mi-console.exp: Replace pattern
matching thread=0 with one to also match thread=1.
Fix PR gdb/190.
2001-08-18 Andrew Cagney <>
* mi0-until.exp, mi-until.exp, mi0-stepi.exp, mi-stepi.exp,
mi-simplerun.exp, mi0-simplerun.exp, mi0-return.exp,
mi-return.exp, mi0-console.exp, mi-console.exp: Recognize an
unexpected run-to-main response. Report as a fail.
2001-06-27 Andrew Cagney <>
* mi-disassemble.exp: Update to accept mi1 breakpoint tables.
* mi-basics.exp: Ditto.
* mi-simplerun.exp: Ditto.
* mi-watch.exp: Ditto. Add check for full header.
* mi-break.exp: Ditto. Add check for full header.
2001-06-26 Andrew Cagney <>
* mi-stack.exp: Update. Output for args=... and
locals=... changed to a list.
2001-06-26 Andrew Cagney <>
* mi-stack.exp: Update. Output for stack=..., args=... and
stack-args=... changed to a list.
2001-06-25 Andrew Cagney <>
* mi-console.exp: Update args=... part of stop-reason
patterns. Output changed to a list of arguments.
* mi-disassemble.exp: Ditto.
* mi-simplerun.exp: Ditto.
* mi-return.exp: Ditto.
* mi-read-memory.exp: Ditto.
* mi-eval.exp: Ditto.
* mi-watch.exp: Ditto.
* mi-var-display.exp: Ditto.
* mi-var-cmd.exp: Ditto.
* mi-var-child.exp: Ditto.
* mi-var-block.exp: Ditto.
* mi-until.exp: Ditto.
* mi-stepi.exp: Ditto.
* mi-stack.exp: Ditto.
* mi-regs.exp: Ditto.
2001-06-25 Andrew Cagney <>
* mi-read-memory.exp: Update patterns matching data-read-memory.
Outputs a list.
2001-06-25 Andrew Cagney <>
* mi-regs.exp: Update patterns matching register-values. Outputs a
2001-06-25 Andrew Cagney <>
* mi-regs.exp: Update patters matching register-names. Now
outputs a list.
2001-06-25 Andrew Cagney <>
* mi-regs.exp: Update patterns matching changed-registers. Now
outputs a list.
2001-06-23 Andrew Cagney <>
* ChangeLog-mi: Rename to ChangeLog.
* mi-basics.exp: Remove local emacs variable defining
* mi-break.exp, mi-console.exp, mi-disassemble.exp: Ditto.
* mi-eval.exp, mi-hack-cli.exp, mi-read-memory.exp: Ditto.
* mi-regs.exp, mi-return.exp, mi-simplerun.exp: Ditto.
* mi-stack.exp, mi-stepi.exp, mi-until.exp: Ditto.
* mi-var-block.exp, mi-var-child.exp, mi-var-cmd.exp: Ditto.
* mi-var-display.exp, mi-watch.exp, mi0-basics.exp: Ditto.
* mi0-break.exp, mi0-console.exp, mi0-disassemble.exp: Ditto.
* mi0-eval.exp, mi0-hack-cli.exp, mi0-read-memory.exp: Ditto.
* mi0-regs.exp, mi0-return.exp, mi0-simplerun.exp: Ditto.
* mi0-stack.exp, mi0-stepi.exp, mi0-until.exp: Ditto.
* mi0-var-block.exp, mi0-var-child.exp, mi0-var-cmd.exp: Ditto.
* mi0-var-display.exp, mi0-watch.exp: Ditto.
2001-06-23 Andrew Cagney <>
* mi-disassemble.exp: Update patterns matching data-disassemble
output. Now produces a list of instructions and a list of
source/assembly lines.
2001-06-18 Andrew Cagney <>
* mi-basics.exp, mi-break.exp, mi-console.exp, mi-disassemble.exp,
mi-eval.exp, mi-hack-cli.exp, mi-read-memory.exp, mi-regs.exp,
mi-return.exp, mi-simplerun.exp, mi-stack.exp, mi-stepi.exp,
mi-until.exp, mi-var-block.exp, mi-var-child.exp, mi-var-cmd.exp,
mi-var-display.exp, mi-watch.exp, mi0-basics.exp, mi0-break.exp,
mi0-console.exp, mi0-disassemble.exp, mi0-eval.exp,
mi0-hack-cli.exp, mi0-read-memory.exp, mi0-regs.exp,
mi0-return.exp, mi0-simplerun.exp, mi0-stack.exp, mi0-stepi.exp,
mi0-until.exp, mi0-var-block.exp, mi0-var-child.exp,
mi0-var-cmd.exp, mi0-var-display.exp, mi0-watch.exp: Use MIFLAGS
to explictly select an interpreter.
2001-06-16 Andrew Cagney <>
MI0 was the never enabled MI interface included in GDB 5.0.
* mi0-basics.exp: Copy mi-basics.exp.
* mi0-break.exp: Copy mi-break.exp.
* mi0-console.exp: Copy mi-console.exp.
* mi0-disassemble.exp: Copy mi-disassemble.exp.
* mi0-eval.exp: Copy mi-eval.exp.
* mi0-hack-cli.exp: Copy mi-hack-cli.exp.
* mi0-read-memory.exp: Copy mi-read-memory.exp.
* mi0-regs.exp: Copy mi-regs.exp.
* mi0-return.exp: Copy mi-return.exp.
* mi0-simplerun.exp: Copy mi-simplerun.exp.
* mi0-stack.exp: Copy mi-stack.exp.
* mi0-stepi.exp: Copy mi-stepi.exp.
* mi0-until.exp: Copy mi-until.exp.
* mi0-var-block.exp: Copy mi-var-block.exp.
* mi0-var-child.exp: Copy mi-var-child.exp.
* mi0-var-cmd.exp: Copy mi-var-cmd.exp.
* mi0-var-display.exp: Copy mi-var-display.exp.
* mi0-watch.exp: Copy mi-watch.exp.
2001-05-11 Fernando Nasser <>
* mi-var-child.exp: Adjust for the fact that now (char *) can be
2001-03-06 Kevin Buettner <>
* mi-basics.exp, mi-break.exp, mi-disassemble.exp,
mi-eval.exp, mi-hack-cli.exp, mi-read-memory.exp, mi-regs.exp,
mi-return.exp, mi-simplerun.exp, mi-stack.exp, mi-stepi.exp,
mi-until.exp, mi-watch.exp: Update/correct copyright notices.
2001-01-20 Mark Kettenis <>
* mi-support.exp (mi_gdb_start): Skip mi tests if -i flag is
recognized (i.e. if GDB was compiled with UI_OUT, but the mi
interpreter wasn't recognized (because it wasn't compiled in).
Tue Apr 18 15:36:07 2000 Andrew Cagney <>
* (clean mostlyclean): Do not delete $(MISCELLANEOUS).
Tue Mar 14 15:54:57 2000 Andrew Cagney <>
* basics.c: Add EMACS local variable pointing change-log at this
* Ditto
2000-03-13 James Ingham <>
* mi-var-block.exp: The error report from varobj_create changed
since I am now trapping parse_exp_1 errors. Change the tests to
match the new error message.
* mi-var-child.exp: Ditto.
* mi-var-cmd.exp: Ditto.
2000-03-06 Elena Zannoni <>
* mi-disassemble.exp: Don't assume numbers for the offset
values. They can be different depending on the architecture.
* mi-watch.exp (test_watchpoint_triggering): In same cases the
type can be 'hw wathcpoint' not just 'watchpoint'. Adjust for that.
* basics.c (callee4): Make the function return something,
otherwise the return value is undefined.
2000-03-06 Elena Zannoni <>
* mi-basics.exp: Comment out test for a still unimplemented operation.
* mi-disassemble.exp: Rewrite most of the tests to conform to new
disassemble interface.
Sat Mar 4 13:55:08 2000 Andrew Cagney <>
From Fri 3 Mar 2000 Peter Schauer:
* mi-support.exp (mi_gdb_start): When GDB doesn't recongize -i=mi
option, assume no MI support present.
2000-02-01 Elena Zannoni <>
* mi-support.exp (mi_gdb_start): Update to recognize start up
message with 'UI_OUT' instead of 'HEADLESS'.
2000-01-27 Elena Zannoni <>
* mi-regs.exp (test_running_the_program): Add global var 'hex'.
* mi-stack.exp, mi-stepi.exp, mi-until.exp, mi-watch.exp,
mi-var-display.exp, mi-var-cmd.exp, mi-var-child.exp,
mi-var-block.exp: Update all stopped messages.
2000-01-17 Elena Zannoni <>
* mi-console.exp, mi-disassemble.exp, mi-eval.exp,
mi-read-memory.exp, mi-regs.exp, mi-return.exp, mi-simplerun.exp:
Update stopped messages, update copyright.
* mi-disassemble.exp: Update error messages output.
* mi-support.exp (proc mi_step): Make gdb do a 'step' command, not
a 'next'. Update stopped message.
(proc mi_next): Update stop message.
(proc mi_run_to_main): Update stopped message.
Update copyright.
2000-01-11 Elena Zannoni <>
* mi-simplerun.exp: Remove stack frames tests from here, to:
* mi-stack.exp: New file, tests for stack commands.
* mi-support.exp (mi_run_to_main, mi_next, mi_step) : Update to
include thread-id in stopped message.
* mi-regs.exp: Update break-insert output.
* (mi-console.exp, mi-disassemble.exp, mi-eval.exp,
mi-read-memory.exp, mi-regs.exp, mi-return.exp, mi-simplerun.exp,
mi-stepi.exp, mi-until.exp, mi-var-block.exp, mi-var-child.exp,
mi-var-cmd.exp, mi-var-display.exp, mi-watch.exp): Update stopped
message to include thread-id.
Wed Dec 29 22:06:05 1999 Andrew Cagney <>
* mi-watch.exp, mi-var-display.exp, mi-var-cmd.exp,
mi-var-child.exp, mi-var-block.exp, mi-until.exp, mi-stepi.exp,
mi-simplerun.exp, mi-return.exp, mi-support.exp, mi-eval.exp,
mi-console.exp, mi-disassemble.exp, mi-break.exp: Update to
reflect extended output from -break-insert command.
* mi-break.exp (test_rbreak_creation_and_listing): XFAIL regexp
tests. -r flag broken by above.
Sun Dec 19 19:28:13 1999 Andrew Cagney <>
*, cpp_variable.h, c_variable.c: Delete.
Fri Dec 17 20:59:55 1999 Andrew Cagney <>
* mi-read-memory.exp: Test of ``-o <offset>'' now works.
1999-12-16 Elena Zannoni <>
* mi-var-cmd.exp: Fix 2 tests outputs.
* mi-var-child.exp: Add many more tests.
* mi-var-display.exp: Add many more tests.
* var-cmd.c: Change type of incr_a parameter to char.
1999-12-15 Elena Zannoni <>
* mi-var-block.exp: Set up xfails fro known problems.
* mi-var-display.exp: Set up printing of values of 'e' and 'anone'
as xfails.
* mi-var-child.exp: Fix typos.
1999-12-15 Andrew Cagney <>
* mi-var-child.exp: Space was missing before ``[10]''.
Wed Dec 15 19:23:38 1999 Andrew Cagney <>
* mi-read-memory.exp: Add test for ``-o <offset>''. Update checks
and match next-row
1999-12-14 Elena Zannoni <>
* mi-var-display.exp : New file. Tests for format and type, with
unions, structs and enums.
* mi-var-cmd.exp: Add some var-assign tests.
1999-12-14 Elena Zannoni <>
* mi-var-cmd.exp, mi-var-block.exp, mi-var-child.exp: New files
some tests for -var* commands.
* var-cmd.c: New source file for var-* commands tests.
* gdb.mi/ (PROGS): Add var-cmd.
Mon Dec 13 18:06:09 1999 Andrew Cagney <>
* mi-break.exp: Fix quoting. Changed "srcfile.c":6 to
* mi-simplerun.exp: Fix quoting.
Sat Dec 11 21:33:37 1999 Andrew Cagney <>
* mi-simplerun.exp (exec-finish): Fix return value was zero,
should have been three.
* mi-disassemble.exp: Reduce number of wild card matches in
* patterns. Remove all numeric constants.
1999-12-09 Elena Zannoni <>
* mi-eval.exp: New file. Some initial tests for
1999-12-09 Fernando Nasser <>
* c_variable.c,, cpp_variable.h: New files. Used
for testing "var" operations.
* Add reference to the above files.
1999-12-08 Elena Zannoni <>
* mi-regs.exp: Fix test for format 'N' for
1999-12-07 Elena Zannoni <>
* mi-disassemble.exp: Update expected output. Break test of
disassembly in mixed mode into 2 functions.
* mi-regs.exp: Initial register tests. Works only on sparc right
1999-12-02 Elena Zannoni <>
* mi-stepi.exp: New file. Tests exec-step-instruction and
* mi-until.exp: New file. Tests exec-until.
* until.c: New file.
* mi-return.exp: New file. Tests exec-return.
Thu Dec 2 09:38:23 1999 Andrew Cagney <>
* mi-hack-cli.exp: New test. Check the hacked up access to the
Wed Dec 1 16:47:40 1999 Andrew Cagney <>
* mi-basics.exp: Delete calls to mi_delete_breakpoints,
mi_gdb_reinitialize_dir and mi_gdb_load. This test is checking
that these can work.
* mi-support.exp (mi_step, mi_next, mi_run_to_main): New
* mi-read-memory.exp, mi-read-memory.c: New files. Test
data-read-memory command.
Tue Nov 30 23:54:16 1999 Andrew Cagney <>
* mi-support.exp: Don't start SID until after GDB has been started
and verified.
Tue Nov 30 22:21:33 1999 Andrew Cagney <>
* mi-support.exp (mi_uncatched_gdb_exit): When SID, call sid_exit.
(mi_gdb_start): When SID, call sid_start.
(mi_gdb_start): Add MIFLAGS to spawn-GDB command. Check for
HEADLESS gdb. Return non-zero when GDB fails to start.
(mi_gdb_load): When SID or SIM, download program.
(mi_run_cmd): Don't do download here. Assume target supports the
00-exec-run command.
(skip_mi_tests, setup_gdbmi, unset_gdbmi): Delete. Merged into
* mi-basics.exp, mi-break.exp, mi-console.exp, mi-disassemble.exp,
mi-simplerun.exp, mi-watch.exp: Update. Check status from
mi_gdb_start indicating that GDB started correctly.
Tue Nov 30 15:22:08 1999 Andrew Cagney <>
* mi-support.exp (setup_gdbmi, unset_gdbmi): New
procedures. Setup/unset dejagnu for mi tests.
* mi-basics.exp, mi-console.exp, mi-simplerun.exp, mi-break.exp,
mi-disassemble.exp, mi-watch.exp: Update.
1999-11-29 Elena Zannoni <>
* mi-simplerun.exp (test_running_the_program): Remove XFAIL. The
output is fixed now.
(test_program_termination): Update output pattern.
Tue Nov 30 00:19:10 1999 Andrew Cagney <>
* mi-console.c, mi-console.exp: New files. Test console output.
Mon Nov 29 17:59:13 1999 Andrew Cagney <>
* mi-support.exp (mi_run_command): Check for exec-run command
failure due to MI not having an active target.
(mi_run_command): Check for and handle a builtin simulator target.
(mi_run_command): Don't check/handle for ``The program has been
started already'', not a valid MI response.
* mi-simplerun.exp (test_running_the_program): Update all patterns
to match async output.
(test_running_the_program): Mark ``step to callee4'' as XFAIL. MI
output contains {,reason="end-stepping-range"}+.
* mi-simplerun.exp: Limit the timeout for ``step to callee4'' to
30 seconds.
Mon Nov 29 17:30:00 1999 Andrew Cagney <>
* mi-support.exp (skip_mi_tests): Print UNTESTED when MI interface
isn't available. Start/stop instead of assuming GDB is running.
(MIFLAGS): Define.
* mi-simplerun.exp, mi-disassemble.exp, mi-break.exp,
mi-basics.exp, mi-watch.exp: Update.
1999-11-26 Elena Zannoni <>
* mi-simplerun.exp: Move break-insert {-t, -r} from here.
* mi-break.exp: To here. New file.
* mi-watch.exp: New file. Tests for watchpoints.
Wed Nov 24 17:42:07 1999 Andrew Cagney <>
* gdb.mi/ChangeLog-mi: MI entries moved to here.
Wed Nov 24 17:31:04 1999 Andrew Cagney <>
* gdb.mi/mi-basics.exp, gdb.mi/mi-disassemble.exp,
gdb.mi/mi-simplerun.exp: Print warning message when test isn't
1999-11-23 Elena Zannoni <>
* gdb.mi/mi-simplerun.exp: Update output of break-list to account for
"times" field.
1999-11-05 Elena Zannoni <>
* gdb.mi/mi-simplerun.exp: Add tests for temporary breakpoints
and bp based on regular expressions.
* gdb.mi/mi-disassemble.exp: Fix typo.
1999-11-04 Elena Zannoni <>
* gdb.mi/mi-disassemble.exp: Update output of execution commands
to reflect new 'reason' field.
* gdb.mi/mi-simplerun.exp: Ditto.
1999-10-25 Elena Zannoni <>
* gdb.mi/mi-simplerun.exp: Add more stack-list-frames tests.
* gdb.mi/mi-disassemble.exp: Update 'run to main' output.
* gdb.mi/mi-simplerun.exp: Update execution commands
output. Update backtrace output.
1999-10-18 Elena Zannoni <>
* gdb.mi/mi-disassemble.exp: Add new tests for the new
disassembly command parameter, number of lines.
Mon Oct 11 13:57:21 1999 Andrew Cagney <>
* lib/mi-support.exp: Break complicated gdb_expect containing
exp_continue into a while within an expect. Don't attempt a start
more than three times. Check return value from gdb_load.
1999-10-06 Elena Zannoni <>
* gdb.mi/mi-disassemble.exp: New file.
Wed Oct 6 12:05:58 1999 Andrew Cagney <>
* lib/mi-support.exp (mi_run_cmd): Give up after two restart
1999-09290 Fernando Nasser <>
* gdb.mi/mi-basics.exp: Update to current syntax and output formats.
* gdb.mi/mi-simplerun.exp: Ditto.
* lib/mi-support.exp (mi_delete_breakpoints): Ditto.
1999-06-30 Fernando Nasser <>
* gdb.mi/basics.c (main): Fix return code. Add a print "Hello,
* gdb.mi/mi-basics.exp: Fix message texts and numbering.
* gdb.mi/mi-simplerun.exp: Ditto. Also, add new tests and improve
some patterns.
1999-06-30 Fernando Nasser <>
* lib/mi-support.exp (mi_gdb_reinitialize_dir): Remove query as an
acceptable response to the environment-dir command.
1999-06-30 Fernando Nasser <>
* lib/mi-support.exp (mi_delete_breakpoints): Remove references to
(mi_run_cmd): Ditto.
1999-06-25 Fernando Nasser <>
* lib/mi-support.exp (skip_mi_tests): Use gdb-version to check for
headless output format.
1999-06-24 Fernando Nasser <>
* gdb.mi/mi-simplerun.exp (test_controlled_execution): Add global
spec for hex.
1999-06-24 Fernando Nasser <>
* lib/mi-support.exp (mi_run_cmd): Fix pattern and add a timeout
1999-06-24 Fernando Nasser <>
* lib/mi-support.exp: Use mi_gdb_prompt instead of a modified
gdb_prompt. Remove uneeded loading of libgloss.
(mi_gdb_exit): Remove prompt argument.
(mi_uncatched_gdb_exit): Ditto.
(mi_run_cmd): New proc. MI version of gdb_run.
(skip_mi_tests): New proc. Check if gdb is capable of producing
headless formatted output.
* gdb.mi/mi-basics.exp: Use mi_gdb_prompt instead of a modified
gdb_prompt. Eliminate parameter to mi_gdb_exit (as a result of
the above). Test for skip_mi_tests before running.
Note: The above changes are interelated (need each other).
* gdb.mi/mi-simplerun.exp: Same changes as for mi-basics.exe
(test_breakpoint_creation_and_listing): Remove insertion of
breakpoint at callee1 (and renumber tokens). Add tests for
break-list, break-disable and break-info.
(test_running_the_program): Use mi_run_cmd so it can run on remote
(test_controlled_execution): Fix broken test.
(test_program_termination): Test implemented.
* gdb.mi/basic.c (main): Small change to allow for testing of both
exec-next and exec-step operations.
1999-06-22 Fernando Nasser <>
* lib/mi-support.exp (mi_gdb_test): New proc. MI version of gdb_test.
* gdb.mi/mi-basics.exp: Use the above instead of gdb_test.
* gdb.mi/mi-simplerun.exp: Ditto.
1999-06-22 Fernando Nasser <>
* gdb.mi/mi-simplerun.exp: New file. Tests simple debugging tasks.
* gdb.mi/mi-basics.exp: Remove tests moved to above new file.
* lib/mi-support.exp: New file. Support procedures for mi tests.
1999-06-08 Fernando Nasser <>
* gdb.mi/mi-basics.exp: Skip all tests if the MI interpreter is
not active.
1999-06-03 Fernando Nasser <>
* gdb.mi: New directory.
* Configure it.
* configure: Regenerate.
* gdb.mi/{,,configure}: New files.
* gdb.mi/{mi-basics.exp,basics.c,testcmds}: New files.
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