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# Copyright 2013-2021 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
# This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with this program. If not, see <>.
load_lib trace-support.exp
standard_testfile actions.c
if ![gdb_trace_common_supports_arch] {
unsupported "no trace-common.h support for arch"
return -1
if { [prepare_for_testing "failed to prepare" ${testfile} ${srcfile} {debug}] } {
return -1
if ![runto_main] {
return -1
if ![gdb_target_supports_trace] {
unsupported "current target does not support trace"
return -1
load_lib mi-support.exp
set MIFLAGS "-i=mi"
mi_clean_restart $binfile
mi_gdb_test "-break-insert end" \
"\\^done,bkpt=\{number=\"${decimal}\",type=\"breakpoint\".*\"\}" \
"insert tracepoint on end"
mi_gdb_test "-break-insert -a gdb_recursion_test" \
"\\^done,bkpt=\{number=\"${decimal}\",type=\"tracepoint\".*\"\}" \
"insert tracepoint on gdb_recursion_test"
mi_gdb_test "-trace-define-variable \$tsv 1" {.*\^done} \
mi_gdb_test "-break-commands 3 \"collect gdb_char_test\" \"collect gdb_union1_test\" \"collect gdb_struct1_test.l\" \"collect gdb_arr_test\[0\]\" \"collect $${pcreg}\" \"teval \$tsv += 1\" \"collect \$tsv\" \"end\" " \
{\^done} "set action"
mi_gdb_test "-break-insert -a gdb_c_test" \
"\\^done,bkpt=\{number=\"${decimal}\",type=\"tracepoint\".*\"\}" \
"insert tracepoint on gdb_c_test"
# Define an action.
# Collect a global variable to be sure no registers are collected
# except PC.
mi_gdb_test "-break-commands 4 \"collect gdb_char_test\" \"end\" " \
{\^done} "set action on tracepoint 4"
mi_gdb_test "-trace-start" {.*\^done} "trace start"
mi_send_resuming_command "exec-continue" "continuing to end"
mi_expect_stop \
"breakpoint-hit" "end" ".*" ".*" ".*" {"" "disp=\"keep\""} \
"stop at end"
mi_gdb_test "-trace-stop" {.*\^done,stop-reason=.*} "trace stop"
# Save trace frames to tfile.
set tracefile [standard_output_file ${testfile}]
mi_gdb_test "-trace-save ${tracefile}.tf" ".*\\^done" \
"save tfile trace file"
# Save trace frames to ctf.
mi_gdb_test "-trace-save -ctf ${tracefile}.ctf" ".*\\^done" \
"save ctf trace file"
# Test the MI command '-trace-frame-collected' with DATA_SOURCE as
# trace data source.
proc test_trace_frame_collected { data_source } {
global decimal hex
global mi_gdb_prompt
with_test_prefix "$data_source" {
mi_gdb_test "-trace-find frame-number 0" \
".*\\^done,found=\"1\",tracepoint=\"${decimal}\",traceframe=\"0\",frame=\{.*" \
"-trace-find frame-number 0"
set reg_pattern "\{number=\"$decimal\",value=\"$hex\"\}"
# Test MI command '-trace-frame-collected' dumps only
# collected registers.
# While the tracepoint has no explicit action that causes
# collection of registers other than the PC, some
# architectures manage to collect or guess more than that.
if { [istarget "s390*-*-*"] } {
# On s390 PC is a pseudo-register - collecting it also
# collects the underlying PSWA register.
if { "$data_source" != "tfile" } {
set reg_pattern "$reg_pattern,$reg_pattern"
} else {
# For tfile, PSWM and CC are also guessed.
set reg_pattern "$reg_pattern,$reg_pattern,$reg_pattern,$reg_pattern"
} elseif {[is_amd64_regs_target] && [is_ilp32_target]} {
# x32. While on the 64-bit ABI gdb only exposes 64-bit
# $pc/$rip, on x32, GDB exposes 32-bit $eip as well, as a
# pseudo-register. Thus, collecting $pc/$rip
# automatically always collects $eip as well.
set reg_pattern "$reg_pattern,$reg_pattern"
mi_gdb_test "-trace-frame-collected" \
"-trace-frame-collected (register)"
mi_gdb_test "-trace-find frame-number 1" \
".*\\^done,found=\"1\",tracepoint=\"${decimal}\",traceframe=\"1\",frame=\{.*" \
"-trace-find frame-number 1"
# Test MI command '-trace-frame-collected'
mi_gdb_test "-trace-frame-collected" \
mi_gdb_test "-trace-frame-collected --var-print-values 2 --comp-print-values --simple-values --registers-format x --memory-contents" \
"\\^done,explicit-variables=\\\[\{name=\"gdb_char_test\",type=\"char\",value=\".*\"\},\{name=\"gdb_union1_test\",type=\"union GDB_UNION_TEST\"\}\\\],computed-expressions=\\\[.*\\\],registers=\\\[.*\\\],tvars=\\\[\{name=\"\\\$tsv\",current=\"2\"\}\\\],memory=\\\[\{address=\"$hex\",length=\"1\",contents=\".*\"\},.*\\\]" \
"-trace-frame-collected --var-print-values 2 --comp-print-values --simple-values --registers-format x --memory-contents"
mi_gdb_test "-trace-find none" ".*\\^done,found=\"0\".*" \
"-trace-find none"
test_trace_frame_collected "live"
# Change target to ctf if GDB supports it.
set msg "-target-select ctf"
send_gdb "-target-select ctf ${tracefile}.ctf\n"
gdb_expect {
-re ".*\\^connected.*${mi_gdb_prompt}$" {
# GDB supports ctf, do the test.
test_trace_frame_collected "ctf"
-re ".*\\^error,msg=\"Undefined target command.*${mi_gdb_prompt}$" {
# GDB doesn't support ctf, skip the test.
unsupported "gdb does not support ctf target"
-re ".*$mi_gdb_prompt$" {
fail "$msg"
timeout {
fail "$msg (timeout)"
# Change target to tfile.
mi_gdb_test "-target-select tfile ${tracefile}.tf" ".*\\^connected.*" \
"-target-select tfile"
test_trace_frame_collected "tfile"