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/* tc-ia64.h -- Header file for tc-ia64.c.
Copyright (C) 1998-2021 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Contributed by David Mosberger-Tang <>
This file is part of GAS, the GNU Assembler.
GAS is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 3, or (at your option)
any later version.
GAS is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with GAS; see the file COPYING. If not, write to
the Free Software Foundation, 51 Franklin Street - Fifth Floor,
Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA. */
#include "opcode/ia64.h"
#include "elf/ia64.h"
#define TC_IA64
/* Linux is little endian by default. HPUX is big endian by default. */
#ifdef TE_HPUX
#endif /* TE_HPUX */
extern void (*ia64_number_to_chars) (char *, valueT, int);
#define md_number_to_chars (*ia64_number_to_chars)
extern void ia64_elf_section_change_hook (void);
#define md_elf_section_change_hook ia64_elf_section_change_hook
/* We record the endian for this section. 0 means default, 1 means
big endian and 2 means little endian. */
struct ia64_segment_info_type
unsigned int endian : 2;
#define TC_SEGMENT_INFO_TYPE struct ia64_segment_info_type
extern void ia64_adjust_symtab (void);
#define tc_adjust_symtab() ia64_adjust_symtab ()
extern void ia64_frob_file (void);
#define tc_frob_file() ia64_frob_file ()
/* We need to set the default object file format in ia64_init and not in
md_begin. This is because parse_args is called before md_begin, and we
do not want md_begin to wipe out the flag settings set by options parsed in
md_parse_args. */
#define HOST_SPECIAL_INIT ia64_init
extern void ia64_init (int, char **);
#define TARGET_FORMAT ia64_target_format()
extern const char *ia64_target_format (void);
#define TARGET_ARCH bfd_arch_ia64
#define DOUBLESLASH_LINE_COMMENTS /* allow //-style comments */
#define NEED_LITERAL_POOL /* need gp literal pool */
#define DIFF_EXPR_OK /* foo-. gets turned into PC relative relocs */
#define NEED_INDEX_OPERATOR /* [ ] is index operator */
#define QUOTES_IN_INSN /* allow `string "foo;bar"' */
#define LEX_AT (LEX_NAME|LEX_BEGIN_NAME) /* allow `@' inside name */
#define LEX_QM (LEX_NAME|LEX_BEGIN_NAME) /* allow `?' inside name */
#define LEX_HASH LEX_END_NAME /* allow `#' ending a name */
extern const char ia64_symbol_chars[];
#define tc_symbol_chars ia64_symbol_chars
struct ia64_fix
int bigendian; /* byte order at fix location */
enum ia64_opnd opnd;
extern void ia64_end_of_source (void);
extern void ia64_start_line (void);
extern int ia64_unrecognized_line (int);
extern void ia64_frob_label (struct symbol *);
#ifdef TE_HPUX
extern int ia64_frob_symbol (struct symbol *);
extern void ia64_flush_pending_output (void);
extern int ia64_parse_name (char *, expressionS *, char *);
extern int ia64_optimize_expr (expressionS *, operatorT, expressionS *);
extern void ia64_cons_align (int);
extern void ia64_flush_insns (void);
extern int ia64_fix_adjustable (struct fix *);
extern int ia64_force_relocation (struct fix *);
extern void ia64_cons_fix_new (fragS *, int, int, expressionS *,
extern void ia64_validate_fix (struct fix *);
extern char * ia64_canonicalize_symbol_name (char *);
extern bfd_vma ia64_elf_section_letter (int, const char **);
extern flagword ia64_elf_section_flags (flagword, bfd_vma, int);
extern int ia64_elf_section_type (const char *, size_t);
extern long ia64_pcrel_from_section (struct fix *, segT);
extern void ia64_md_do_align (int, const char *, int, int);
extern void ia64_handle_align (fragS *);
extern void ia64_after_parse_args (void);
extern void ia64_dwarf2_emit_offset (symbolS *, unsigned int);
extern void ia64_check_label (symbolS *);
extern int ia64_estimate_size_before_relax (fragS *, asection *);
extern void ia64_convert_frag (fragS *);
#define md_end() ia64_end_of_source ()
#define md_start_line_hook() ia64_start_line ()
#define tc_unrecognized_line(ch) ia64_unrecognized_line (ch)
#define tc_frob_label(s) ia64_frob_label (s)
#ifdef TE_HPUX
#define tc_frob_symbol(s,p) p |= ia64_frob_symbol (s)
#endif /* TE_HPUX */
#define md_flush_pending_output() ia64_flush_pending_output ()
#define md_parse_name(s,e,m,c) ia64_parse_name (s, e, c)
#define md_register_arithmetic 0
#define tc_canonicalize_symbol_name(s) ia64_canonicalize_symbol_name (s)
#define tc_canonicalize_section_name(s) ia64_canonicalize_symbol_name (s)
#define md_optimize_expr(l,o,r) ia64_optimize_expr (l, o, r)
#define md_cons_align(n) ia64_cons_align (n)
#define TC_FORCE_RELOCATION(f) ia64_force_relocation (f)
#define tc_fix_adjustable(f) ia64_fix_adjustable (f)
#define md_convert_frag(b,s,f) ia64_convert_frag (f)
#define md_create_long_jump(p,f,t,fr,s) as_fatal ("ia64_create_long_jump")
#define md_create_short_jump(p,f,t,fr,s) \
as_fatal ("ia64_create_short_jump")
#define md_estimate_size_before_relax(f,s) \
#define md_elf_section_letter ia64_elf_section_letter
#define md_elf_section_flags ia64_elf_section_flags
#define TC_FIX_TYPE struct ia64_fix
#define TC_INIT_FIX_DATA(f) { f->tc_fix_data.opnd = 0; }
#define TC_CONS_FIX_NEW(f,o,l,e,r) ia64_cons_fix_new (f, o, l, e, r)
#define TC_VALIDATE_FIX(fix,seg,skip) ia64_validate_fix (fix)
#define MD_PCREL_FROM_SECTION(fix,sec) ia64_pcrel_from_section (fix, sec)
#define md_section_align(seg,size) (size)
#define md_do_align(n,f,l,m,j) ia64_md_do_align (n,f,l,m)
#define HANDLE_ALIGN(f) ia64_handle_align (f)
#define md_elf_section_type(str,len) ia64_elf_section_type (str, len)
#define md_after_parse_args() ia64_after_parse_args ()
#define TC_DWARF2_EMIT_OFFSET ia64_dwarf2_emit_offset
#define tc_check_label(l) ia64_check_label (l)
#ifdef TE_VMS
#define tc_init_after_args() ia64_vms_note ()
void ia64_vms_note (void);
/* Record if an alignment frag should end with a stop bit. */
#define TC_FRAG_TYPE int
#define TC_FRAG_INIT(FRAGP, MAX_BYTES) do {(FRAGP)->tc_frag_data = 0;}while (0)
/* Give an error if a frag containing code is not aligned to a 16 byte
boundary. */
#define md_frag_check(FRAGP) \
if ((FRAGP)->has_code \
&& (((FRAGP)->fr_address + (FRAGP)->insn_addr) & 15) != 0) \
as_bad_where ((FRAGP)->fr_file, (FRAGP)->fr_line, \
_("instruction address is not a multiple of 16"));
#define MAX_MEM_FOR_RS_ALIGN_CODE (15 + 16)
#define WORKING_DOT_WORD /* don't do broken word processing for now */
#define DWARF2_LINE_MIN_INSN_LENGTH 1 /* so slot-multipliers can be 1 */
/* This is the information required for unwind records in an ia64
object file. This is required by GAS and the compiler runtime. */
/* These are the starting point masks for the various types of
unwind records. To create a record of type R3 for instance, one
starts by using the value UNW_R3 and or-ing in any other required values.
These values are also unique (in context), so they can be used to identify
the various record types as well. UNW_Bx and some UNW_Px do have the
same value, but Px can only occur in a prologue context, and Bx in
a body context. */
#define UNW_R1 0x00
#define UNW_R2 0x40
#define UNW_R3 0x60
#define UNW_P1 0x80
#define UNW_P2 0xA0
#define UNW_P3 0xB0
#define UNW_P4 0xB8
#define UNW_P5 0xB9
#define UNW_P6 0xC0
#define UNW_P7 0xE0
#define UNW_P8 0xF0
#define UNW_P9 0xF1
#define UNW_P10 0xFF
#define UNW_X1 0xF9
#define UNW_X2 0xFA
#define UNW_X3 0xFB
#define UNW_X4 0xFC
#define UNW_B1 0x80
#define UNW_B2 0xC0
#define UNW_B3 0xE0
#define UNW_B4 0xF0
/* These are all the various types of unwind records. */
typedef enum
prologue, prologue_gr, body, mem_stack_f, mem_stack_v, psp_gr, psp_sprel,
rp_when, rp_gr, rp_br, rp_psprel, rp_sprel, pfs_when, pfs_gr, pfs_psprel,
pfs_sprel, preds_when, preds_gr, preds_psprel, preds_sprel,
fr_mem, frgr_mem, gr_gr, gr_mem, br_mem, br_gr, spill_base, spill_mask,
unat_when, unat_gr, unat_psprel, unat_sprel, lc_when, lc_gr, lc_psprel,
lc_sprel, fpsr_when, fpsr_gr, fpsr_psprel, fpsr_sprel,
priunat_when_gr, priunat_when_mem, priunat_gr, priunat_psprel,
priunat_sprel, bsp_when, bsp_gr, bsp_psprel, bsp_sprel, bspstore_when,
bspstore_gr, bspstore_psprel, bspstore_sprel, rnat_when, rnat_gr,
rnat_psprel, rnat_sprel, epilogue, label_state, copy_state,
spill_psprel, spill_sprel, spill_reg, spill_psprel_p, spill_sprel_p,
spill_reg_p, unwabi, endp
} unw_record_type;
/* These structures declare the fields that can be used in each of the
4 record formats, R, P, B and X. */
typedef struct unw_r_record
unsigned long rlen;
unsigned short grmask;
unsigned short grsave;
/* masks to represent the union of save.g, save.f, save.b, and */
unsigned long imask_size;
unsigned char *i;
unsigned int fr_mem;
unsigned char gr_mem;
unsigned char br_mem;
} mask;
} unw_r_record;
typedef struct unw_p_record
struct unw_rec_list *next;
unsigned long t;
unsigned long size;
unsigned long sp;
unsigned long psp;
} off;
unsigned short gr;
unsigned short br;
} r;
unsigned char grmask;
unsigned char brmask;
unsigned int frmask;
unsigned char abi;
unsigned char context;
} unw_p_record;
typedef struct unw_b_record
unsigned long t;
unsigned long label;
unsigned short ecount;
} unw_b_record;
typedef struct unw_x_record
unsigned long t;
unsigned long spoff;
unsigned long pspoff;
unsigned int reg;
} where;
unsigned short reg;
unsigned short qp;
unsigned short ab; /* Value of the AB field.. */
unsigned short xy; /* Value of the XY field.. */
} unw_x_record;
/* This structure is used to determine the specific record type and
its fields. */
typedef struct unwind_record
unw_record_type type;
union {
unw_r_record r;
unw_p_record p;
unw_b_record b;
unw_x_record x;
} record;
} unwind_record;
/* This expression evaluates to true if the relocation is for a local
object for which we still want to do the relocation at runtime.
False if we are willing to perform this relocation while building
the .o file. */
/* If the reloc type is BFD_RELOC_UNUSED, then this is for a TAG13/TAG13b field
which has no external reloc, so we must resolve the value now. */
((FIX)->fx_r_type != BFD_RELOC_UNUSED \
|| (FIX)->fx_r_type == BFD_RELOC_IA64_PLTOFF22))
/* VMS backtraces expect dwarf version 3. */
#ifdef TE_VMS
#define DWARF2_VERSION (dwarf_level < 3 ? 3 : dwarf_level)
#define md_single_noop_insn "nop 0"