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/* Definitions for TI C6X assembler.
Copyright (C) 2010-2021 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
This file is part of GAS, the GNU Assembler.
GAS is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 3, or (at your option)
any later version.
GAS is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with GAS; see the file COPYING. If not, write to the Free
Software Foundation, 51 Franklin Street - Fifth Floor, Boston, MA
02110-1301, USA. */
#define TC_TIC6X 1
/* For TI C6X, we keep spaces in what the preprocessor considers
operands as they may separate functional unit specifiers from
operands. */
#define TARGET_ARCH bfd_arch_tic6x
#define TARGET_FORMAT (target_big_endian \
? "elf32-tic6x-be" \
: "elf32-tic6x-le")
typedef struct tic6x_label_list
struct tic6x_label_list *next;
symbolS *label;
} tic6x_label_list;
/* Must be consistent with the enum in tc-tic6x.c. */
/* Unwinding information state. */
typedef struct tic6x_unwind_info {
int personality_index;
symbolS *personality_routine;
symbolS *function_start;
segT saved_seg;
subsegT saved_subseg;
/* NULL if table entry is inline. */
symbolS *table_entry;
char *frag_start;
valueT data;
/* 0 before .cfi_startproc
-1 between .cfi_startproc and .handlerdata
>0 between .handlerdata and .endp */
int data_bytes;
offsetT reg_offset[TIC6X_NUM_UNWIND_REGS];
bool reg_saved[TIC6X_NUM_UNWIND_REGS];
int cfa_reg;
int return_reg;
unsigned safe_mask;
unsigned compact_mask;
unsigned reg_saved_mask;
offsetT cfa_offset;
bool pop_rts;
/* Only valid for UNWIND_OP_POP_REG */
int saved_reg_count;
} tic6x_unwind_info;
typedef struct
/* Any labels seen since the last instruction or data. If not NULL,
a following instruction may not have parallel bars, but must
start a new execute packet. */
tic6x_label_list *label_list;
/* Whether compact instructions are forbidden here. */
bool nocmp;
/* If there is a current execute packet, the frag being used for
that execute packet. */
fragS *execute_packet_frag;
/* If there is a current execute packet, a pointer to the
least-significant byte of the last instruction in it (for setting
the p-bit). */
char *last_insn_lsb;
/* If there has been an SPMASK instruction in the current execute
packet, a pointer to the first byte in it (for processing
||^); otherwise NULL. */
char *spmask_addr;
/* The functional units used in the current execute packet, recorded
by setting the same bits as would be set in the 32-bit SPMASK
instruction. */
unsigned int func_units_used;
/* If an SPLOOP-family instruction has been seen, and a following
SPKERNEL-family instruction has not yet been seen, the ii value
from the SPLOOP instruction (in the range 1 to 14); otherwise
0. */
int sploop_ii;
/* Bit N indicates that an R_C6000_NONE relocation has been output for
__c6xabi_unwind_cpp_prN already if set. This enables dependencies to be
emitted only once per section, to save unnecessary bloat. */
unsigned int marked_pr_dependency;
tic6x_unwind_info *unwind;
tic6x_unwind_info *text_unwind;
} tic6x_segment_info_type;
#define TC_SEGMENT_INFO_TYPE tic6x_segment_info_type
typedef struct
/* Whether this machine-dependent frag is used for instructions (as
opposed to code alignment). */
bool is_insns;
/* For a frag used for instructions, whether it is may cross a fetch
packet boundary (subject to alignment requirements). */
bool can_cross_fp_boundary;
} tic6x_frag_info;
#define TC_FRAG_TYPE tic6x_frag_info
#define TC_FRAG_INIT(fragP, max_bytes) tic6x_frag_init (fragP)
extern void tic6x_frag_init (fragS *fragp);
typedef struct
/* Whether this fix was for an ADDA instruction. If so, a constant
resulting from resolving the fix should be implicitly shifted
left (it represents a value to be encoded literally in the
instruction, whereas a non-constant represents a DP-relative
value counting in the appropriate units). */
bool fix_adda;
/* The symbol to be subtracted in case of a PCR_H16 or PCR_L16
reloc. */
symbolS *fix_subsy;
} tic6x_fix_info;
#define TC_FIX_TYPE tic6x_fix_info
#define TC_INIT_FIX_DATA(fixP) tic6x_init_fix_data (fixP)
struct fix;
extern void tic6x_init_fix_data (struct fix *fixP);
#define md_after_parse_args() tic6x_after_parse_args ()
extern void tic6x_after_parse_args (void);
#define md_cleanup() tic6x_cleanup ()
extern void tic6x_cleanup (void);
#define md_cons_align(n) tic6x_cons_align (n)
extern void tic6x_cons_align (int n);
#define md_do_align(n, fill, len, max, label) \
do { \
if (tic6x_do_align (n, fill, len, max)) \
goto label; \
} while (0)
extern bool tic6x_do_align (int n, char *fill, int len, int max);
tic6x_convert_symbolic_attribute (name)
extern int tic6x_convert_symbolic_attribute (const char *);
#define md_end() tic6x_end ();
extern void tic6x_end (void);
#define md_parse_name(name, exprP, mode, nextcharP) \
tic6x_parse_name (name, exprP, mode, nextcharP)
extern int tic6x_parse_name (const char *name, expressionS *exprP,
enum expr_mode mode, char *nextchar);
#define MD_PCREL_FROM_SECTION(FIX, SEC) tic6x_pcrel_from_section (FIX, SEC)
extern long tic6x_pcrel_from_section (struct fix *fixp, segT sec);
#define md_start_line_hook() tic6x_start_line_hook ()
extern void tic6x_start_line_hook (void);
#define TC_CONS_FIX_NEW(frag, where, size, exp, reloc) \
tic6x_cons_fix_new (frag, where, size, exp, reloc)
extern void tic6x_cons_fix_new (fragS *, int, int, expressionS *,
#define tc_fix_adjustable(FIX) tic6x_fix_adjustable (FIX)
extern bool tic6x_fix_adjustable (struct fix *);
#define tc_frob_label(sym) tic6x_frob_label (sym)
extern void tic6x_frob_label (symbolS *sym);
#define tc_init_after_args() tic6x_init_after_args ()
extern void tic6x_init_after_args (void);
#define tc_unrecognized_line(c) tic6x_unrecognized_line (c)
extern int tic6x_unrecognized_line (int c);
/* We want .cfi_* pseudo-ops for generating unwind info. */
/* CFI hooks. */
#define tc_regname_to_dw2regnum tic6x_regname_to_dw2regnum
int tic6x_regname_to_dw2regnum (char *regname);
#define tc_cfi_frame_initial_instructions tic6x_frame_initial_instructions
void tic6x_frame_initial_instructions (void);
/* The return register is B3. */
/* Registers are generally saved at negative offsets to the CFA. */
#define tc_cfi_startproc tic6x_cfi_startproc
void tic6x_cfi_startproc (void);
#define tc_cfi_endproc tic6x_cfi_endproc
struct fde_entry;
void tic6x_cfi_endproc (struct fde_entry *fde);
#define tc_cfi_section_name ".c6xabi.exidx"