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#define NO_CORE_COMMAND /* No command name in core file */
#if 0
#undef ALIGN /* They use it, we use it too */
/* Does not exist on BSD 4.3, it uses machine/machparam.h.
Whatever it is, it's included by <sys/param.h>, which trad-core.c,
the only place that uses this (I think), already includes. */
#include <machine/param.h>
#undef ALIGN /* They use it, we use it too */
/* Note that HOST_PAGE_SIZE -- the page size as far as executable files
are concerned -- is not the same as NBPG, because of page clustering. */
#define HOST_PAGE_SIZE 1024
#define HOST_MACHINE_ARCH bfd_arch_vax
#define HOST_STACK_END_ADDR (0x80000000 - (UPAGES * NBPG))