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========= Binutils Maintainers =========
This is the list of individuals responsible for maintenance and update
of the "binutils" module, which includes the bfd, binutils, include,
gas, gprof, ld, and opcodes subdirectories. The home page for binutils
is and patches should be sent to with "[patch]" as part of the subject.
Note - patches to the top level and config.sub scripts
should be sent to and not to the binutils list.
--------- Blanket Write Privs ---------
Nick Clifton <> (head maintainer)
Richard Henderson <>
Ian Taylor <>
Jeff Law <>
Jim Wilson <>
DJ Delorie <>
Alan Modra <>
Michael Meissner <>
--------- Maintainers ---------
Maintainers are individuals who are responsible for, and have permission
to check in changes in, certain subsets of the code. Note that
maintainers still need approval to check in changes outside of the
immediate domain that they maintain.
If there is no maintainer for a given domain then the responsibility
falls to the head maintainer (above). If there are several maintainers
for a given domain then responsibility falls to the first maintainer.
The first maintainer is free to devolve that responsibility among the
other maintainers.
ARM Nick Clifton <>
AVR Denis Chertykov <>
CRIS Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
HPPA elf32 Alan Modra <>
IA64 Jim Wilson <>
i860 Jason Eckhardt <>
ix86 Alan Modra <>
ix86 COFF,PE DJ Delorie <>
ix86 H.J.Lu <>
ix86 INTEL MODE Diego Novillo <>
MN10300 Eric Christopher <>
MIPS Ulf Carlsson <>
PPC Geoff Keating <>
SH Jรถrn Rennecke <>
SH Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
SPARC Jakub Jelinek <>
68HC11 68HC12 Stephane Carrez <>
DWARF2 Jason Merrill <>
x86_64 Jan Hubicka <>
x86_64 Andreas Jaeger <>
--------- CGEN Maintainers -------------
CGEN is a tool for building, amongst other things, assemblers,
disassemblers and simulators from a single description of a CPU. It
creates files in several of the binutils directories, but it is
mentioned here since there is a single group that maintains CGEN and
the files that it creates.
If you have CGEN related problems you can send email to;
The current CGEN maintainers are:
Doug Evans, Ben Elliston, Frank Eigler
--------- Write After Approval ---------
Individuals with "write after approval" have the ability to check in
changes, but they must get approval for each change from someone in
one of the above lists (blanket write or maintainers).
[It's a huge list, folks. You know who you are. If you have the
*ability* to do binutils checkins, you're in this group. Just remember
to get approval before checking anything in.]
------------- Obvious Fixes -------------
Fixes for obvious mistakes do not need approval, and can be checked in
right away, but the patch should still be sent to the binutils list.
The definition of obvious is a bit hazy, and if you are not sure, then
you should seek approval first. Obvious fixes include fixes for
spelling mistakes, blatantly incorrect code (where the correct code is
also blatantly obvious), and so on. Obvious fixes should always be
small, the larger they are, the more likely it is that they contain
some un-obvious side effect or consequence.