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/* read.h - of read.c
Copyright 1986, 1990, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999,
Free Software Foundation, Inc.
This file is part of GAS, the GNU Assembler.
GAS is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option)
any later version.
GAS is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with GAS; see the file COPYING. If not, write to the Free
Software Foundation, 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA
02111-1307, USA. */
extern char *input_line_pointer; /* -> char we are parsing now. */
/* Define to make whitespace be allowed in many syntactically
unnecessary places. Normally undefined. For compatibility with
ancient GNU cc. */
{ \
if (* input_line_pointer == ' ') \
++ input_line_pointer; \
#define SKIP_WHITESPACE() know(*input_line_pointer != ' ' )
#define LEX_NAME (1) /* may continue a name */
#define LEX_BEGIN_NAME (2) /* may begin a name */
#define LEX_END_NAME (4) /* ends a name */
#define is_name_beginner(c) \
( lex_type[(unsigned char) (c)] & LEX_BEGIN_NAME )
#define is_part_of_name(c) \
( lex_type[(unsigned char) (c)] & LEX_NAME )
#define is_name_ender(c) \
( lex_type[(unsigned char) (c)] & LEX_END_NAME )
#ifndef is_a_char
#define CHAR_MASK (0xff)
#define NOT_A_CHAR (CHAR_MASK+1)
#define is_a_char(c) (((unsigned) (c)) <= CHAR_MASK)
#endif /* is_a_char() */
extern char lex_type[];
extern char is_end_of_line[];
extern int is_it_end_of_statement PARAMS ((void));
extern int target_big_endian;
/* These are initialized by the CPU specific target files (tc-*.c). */
extern const char comment_chars[];
extern const char line_comment_chars[];
extern const char line_separator_chars[];
/* Table of -I directories. */
extern char **include_dirs;
extern int include_dir_count;
extern int include_dir_maxlen;
/* The offset in the absolute section. */
extern addressT abs_section_offset;
/* The label on a line, used by some of the pseudo-ops. */
extern symbolS *line_label;
/* This is used to support MRI common sections. */
extern symbolS *mri_common_symbol;
/* True if a stabs line debug statement is currently being emitted. */
extern int outputting_stabs_line_debug;
/* Possible arguments to .linkonce. */
enum linkonce_type {
extern char original_case_string[];
extern void pop_insert PARAMS ((const pseudo_typeS *));
extern unsigned int get_stab_string_offset
PARAMS ((const char *string, const char *stabstr_secname));
extern void aout_process_stab PARAMS ((int, const char *, int, int, int));
extern char *demand_copy_C_string PARAMS ((int *len_pointer));
extern char get_absolute_expression_and_terminator
PARAMS ((long *val_pointer));
extern offsetT get_absolute_expression PARAMS ((void));
extern unsigned int next_char_of_string PARAMS ((void));
extern void s_mri_sect PARAMS ((char *));
extern char *mri_comment_field PARAMS ((char *));
extern void mri_comment_end PARAMS ((char *, int));
extern void add_include_dir PARAMS ((char *path));
extern void cons PARAMS ((int nbytes));
extern void demand_empty_rest_of_line PARAMS ((void));
extern void emit_expr PARAMS ((expressionS *exp, unsigned int nbytes));
extern void emit_leb128_expr PARAMS ((expressionS *, int));
extern void equals PARAMS ((char *sym_name, int reassign));
extern void float_cons PARAMS ((int float_type));
extern void ignore_rest_of_line PARAMS ((void));
extern void discard_rest_of_line PARAMS ((void));
extern int output_leb128 PARAMS ((char *, valueT, int sign));
extern void pseudo_set PARAMS ((symbolS * symbolP));
extern void read_a_source_file PARAMS ((char *name));
extern void read_begin PARAMS ((void));
extern void read_print_statistics PARAMS ((FILE *));
extern int sizeof_leb128 PARAMS ((valueT, int sign));
extern void stabs_generate_asm_file PARAMS ((void));
extern void stabs_generate_asm_lineno PARAMS ((void));
extern void stabs_generate_asm_func PARAMS ((const char *, const char *));
extern void stabs_generate_asm_endfunc PARAMS ((const char *, const char *));
extern void do_repeat PARAMS((int,const char *,const char *));
extern void end_repeat PARAMS((int));
extern void generate_lineno_debug PARAMS ((void));
extern void s_abort PARAMS ((int)) ATTRIBUTE_NORETURN;
extern void s_align_bytes PARAMS ((int arg));
extern void s_align_ptwo PARAMS ((int));
extern void s_app_file PARAMS ((int));
extern void s_app_line PARAMS ((int));
extern void s_comm PARAMS ((int));
extern void s_data PARAMS ((int));
extern void s_desc PARAMS ((int));
extern void s_else PARAMS ((int arg));
extern void s_elseif PARAMS ((int arg));
extern void s_end PARAMS ((int arg));
extern void s_endif PARAMS ((int arg));
extern void s_err PARAMS ((int));
extern void s_fail PARAMS ((int));
extern void s_fill PARAMS ((int));
extern void s_float_space PARAMS ((int mult));
extern void s_func PARAMS ((int));
extern void do_s_func PARAMS ((int, const char *));
extern void s_globl PARAMS ((int arg));
extern void s_if PARAMS ((int arg));
extern void s_ifc PARAMS ((int arg));
extern void s_ifdef PARAMS ((int arg));
extern void s_ifeqs PARAMS ((int arg));
extern void s_ignore PARAMS ((int arg));
extern void s_include PARAMS ((int arg));
extern void s_irp PARAMS ((int arg));
extern void s_lcomm PARAMS ((int needs_align));
extern void s_lcomm_bytes PARAMS ((int needs_align));
extern void s_leb128 PARAMS ((int sign));
extern void s_linkonce PARAMS ((int));
extern void s_lsym PARAMS ((int));
extern void s_macro PARAMS ((int));
extern void s_mexit PARAMS ((int));
extern void s_mri PARAMS ((int));
extern void s_mri_common PARAMS ((int));
extern void s_org PARAMS ((int));
extern void s_print PARAMS ((int));
extern void s_purgem PARAMS ((int));
extern void s_rept PARAMS ((int));
extern void s_set PARAMS ((int));
extern void s_space PARAMS ((int mult));
extern void s_stab PARAMS ((int what));
extern void s_struct PARAMS ((int));
extern void s_text PARAMS ((int));
extern void stringer PARAMS ((int append_zero));
extern void s_xstab PARAMS ((int what));
extern void s_rva PARAMS ((int));